A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change Name in Pubg Mobile

Are you a PUBG Mobile enthusiast looking to give yourself a fresh start in the game? Maybe you’re tired of your current username or you want to switch to a different language for a unique gaming experience. Follow this guide on how to change name in Valorant to get started.

We will explore the reasons why someone might want to change their name in PUBG Mobile and discuss the various methods to do so, whether through in-game options, using UC or a Rename Card.

Discover how to get UC, what a Rename Card is, and some tips for choosing a great name in PUBG Mobile.

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile – the precursor to Battlegrounds – is the mobile version of the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game, where individual or team players go all-in and fight to the death against other teams until one team emerges victorious. The exciting gameplay in battlegrounds is made more approachable in PUBG Mobile because of the simple, finger-friendly touch-screen controls of the average smartphone. That is one of the reasons the game has been so enthusiastically received. With the exercise of skill becoming much easier, players can concentrate instead on drama and intensity of experience, allowing them to more fully identify with the fun game playing scenario.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Their Name in PUBG Mobile?

Someone would want to change their name in PUBG Mobile for aesthetic reasons, i.e not liking the style of the name, for security reasons, as adding strangers on gaming can have potential security risks. Another reason is to improve their game experience by creating better group dynamics. Naming themselves as in Will Eat Enemies Will Reboot Opponents Will Shower Hideous instead of Jennings, McCune, Stennett, Munzinger, Cox, Falkner, Jerkins, Draheim, Southworth, Carr, Seigler, Underwood, King, Lisi, Charbonneau, Christian, Kulik, Hitchcock, Dolan, Vallas, Leger-kerus, Kerslake, Blankenship, Neiman, De putron, Gumm, Turnock, Rash, Baez, Dauz, Kornbluh, Kohl, Dooley, Vroman, Trautman, Moyle, Schaper, Casperson, Fabian, Chamness, Freitag, Trinkle, Medlin, Freer, Dickert, Outlaw, Breece, Tzeng, Gooden, Nenner, Maurer, Hook, Poling, and Kraft.

To change their name in PUBG Mobile, users must pay a fee of 180 UC which they can do as often as they want via USSD or within the game app. Another alternative is to get the benefit if changing name that comes under a different feature as well. The identity distinctive ID feature allows users to get a unique PUBG ID that consists of a special ICON + Tag and distinct ID. This can be done using the Rename Card.

Bored of Current Name

If you changed your name in Pubg Mobile via the rename card once but still want to change it, you might be just a little bored of your current name. It might have been too fancy or not fancy enough. Players change their name every day because people like to use different names when joining different clans. It’s easy to get a new name on the official website or several other online game name generators. Click up to refresh if you’re having trouble thinking of a name.

Want to Start Fresh

If you have taken your PUBG Mobile account all the way to the top and are no longer interested in playing with stats that far behind you, it may make sense to change your name so that new stats reflect your more mature skills.

Making a new account isn’t such a bad idea from my own personal experience (I made a new account with a new name while testing this). Newer servers match you up against others that are only a few tiers higher, so you avoid having to play against a large number of hackers or people with absurdly high weapon proficiency skills.

Remember, though, if you link a new PUBG Mobile account to the same Facebook or Twitter accounts, you’ll keep the in-game currency of the older account. But link it to your original Google or Apple account (based on the original phone’s operating system) if you want to start completely fresh.

Want to Use a Different Language

If you do not know the language of the colonization of the game, use an online tool such as LanguageIdentifier.com to try and determine the language(s) spoken in the game. It is critical to know what language you need to change to, as there is a significant amount of misinformation online about PUBG Mobile’s ‘language server’ setting. Ingamer explains how the language server setting and feature in the game work. And according to the information, As soon as you select your language in the settings menu, you can only be matched with users who have selected the same language. This may lead to difficulties in finding a match for any game mode other than the most popular ones. It is not recommended that players use the server setting to find national or regional servers. You will be automatically routed to the nearest game server with the best connection. Go to the PUBG settings menu and select your language from the General tab to have the best possible game experience.

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile?

You can change your name in PUBG Mobile by going to the profile section from the title page and clicking on the Change Profile button which is represented by half filled Edit at the bottom of the page. Then you may click the Change Character button which will allow you to pick a character picture and input a new name.

This allows you to change both your name and image. However, it will cost you quick guide on changing flag in PUBG. UC or Unknown Cash is the primary currency in PUBG Mobile which can be obtained primarily by purchasing with real money.

If you do not have UC, you can obtain it by:

  • Participating and winning in local tournaments
  • Downloading paid games and applications
  • Participating in Elite Royale Passes
  • Getting Premium crates Or Special Crate coupons
  • Subscribing to the Prime and Prime Plus memberships
  • Get UC as a bonus by sharing PUBG with others

Changing your name in PUBG Mobile adds a unique touch and allows you to assert your independence with a different identity. It helps identify you by a name that you prefer, and separates you from other players who have the same in-game username.

In-Game Method

Steps to change your name in PUBG Mobile, using the in-game method, are as follows:

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile app on your device.
  2. Sign in to the game if required.
  3. Tap the ^ icon in the bottom right corner of the Home screen. Alternatively, you can open the Settings icon to access the Internal Chat Control settings.
  4. Tap the Profile tab. Scroll down and you will see the ID and name you used to set up your account. To change your name, tap Edit next to your current name. An input box should appear.
  5. You will now have the option to change the first and second names. You can include space, numbers, and letters in various languages to make a unique name. There may be a fee that you must pay before you are allowed to change your name. Tap the OK or SUBMIT icon according to the instructions on the screen once you have paid the amount.
  6. When your new name has been approved, your new name will be displayed to other players. The whole process takes less than 5 seconds and does not require you to log in or play any matches. The user interface (UI) will differ depending on the specific version of PUBG Mobile you are using.

Using UC (Unknown Cash)

Another way to change your name in PUBG Mobile is to bet TO (coupon units) or UC (Unknown Cash) on matches. Once you have enough UC, click on your current avatar on the top, right-hand side of the PUBG Mobile dashboard, select the Rename card icon, and enter your new name. UC lets one change one’s PUBG username cheaply, with costs ranging from 200 to 1,800 UC, depending on the number of times one has already changed.

Using Rename Card

Changing name in PUBG Mobile using Cheojis are quickie methods, but an alternative for those who need to change PUBG name not using Cheojis frequently but also not binding it to every match for 60 days is by using Rename Card. PUBG Rename Card is a game component that is provided at random intervals as rewards to players. It can be received as part of ongoing events or loyalty rewards as well as being gifted to you by other friends while playing PUBG.

To use Rename card to change PUBG Name, you have to navigate through the inventory to the Rename Card and select the Use option which will bring up an interface to game information. Simply type in the desired new name, click the tick box, then input the current account password in order to change the pubg name successfully. It is also changeable in stock settings but it takes a longer and convoluted route. The Rename Card is PUBG’s official and preferred way to change name in PUBG mobile. If this doesn’t work often, they even store in-game support for failing games where you don’t receive Rename Card.

What is UC in PUBG Mobile?

UC (Unknown Cash) is a virtual currency in PUBG Mobile. Players can acquire UC in the game by making a purchase using real money. It is used for the in-game purchase of Royal Passes, packs, outfits, AKM skins, and other accessories.

The cost of UC is based around the price of Royal Passes. When buying a basic Royal Pass, the exchange rate is 70 UC per US dollar. Currently, the PUBG Mobile season is updated every 2 months and airing on May 21, 2021, for Season 19. Royal Pass cost is shown in the image.

Paying for UC can be done using the in-app store on your mobile PUBG game after you have entered your birthday. You can also see the prices and click on the plus for the UC prices to purchase when working to begin your first match. Real money is the way you can get UC. However, players can have the chance to win UC. You can use the Daily Lucky Draw, and you can get Royal Passes if you have good luck. You can also enter the Lucky Invites with your friends to get UC. There is a funny way for you to get free UC. Get a bunch of your friends to play and set matching outfits to find each other. If you all win against each other and make it to the end stages of the game, try spinning a bottle in real life to determine who wins. The one chosen wins the other player’s leftover UC.

How to Get UC in PUBG Mobile?

UC (Unknown Cash) is the currency in PUBG mobile. To get UC in PUBG Mobile on iOS or Android, perform the following actions:

  1. Earn step-by-step guide to changing your name in PUBG: This option helps you earn free UC by completing in-game missions, Payload 2.0 missions, purchasing Royale Pass, and so on.
  2. Buy UC in PUBG Mobile: UC in PUBG Mobile can be obtained by paying through different in-game methods. UC usage and other options can be taken under consideration before you decide to do this.

Prices of UC and methods to buy them using both Android and Apple devices are listed once you select the required amount of UC. Check country-specific payment methods and price payment gateways for additional methods to buy UC.

Purchase from In-Game Store

As of June 2, 2021, it is not possible to purchase a name change in PUBG Mobile in any server. A name change card used to exist called the Nickname Change Card that could be purchased from the in-game shop and used within the settings section of PUBG Mobile. However, it will no longer be available after the transition to *New State* and the card’s use was stopped in the original game long before its shutdown.

Participate in Events

One of the benefits of frequenting #pubgnamechangefail on Twitter is a high-profile user base owning up to name mistakes. PUBG itself often promotes #hashtag challenges for players to share videos of their gameplay online. This is an opportunity for high-visibility redeployments of identity via name. So remember how important it is to choose a name that suits you and your online gaming persona best.

PUBG Mobile hosts plenty of events for players, offering players rare gear and items for completion of weekly missions. Some even provide assistance with a name change, particularly if the event is tied to special gear or status that may require a new badge name. So, those players who find the default name they were assigned lacking should look at participating in one of the many events PUBG Mobile offers.

Use Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps that can bypass in-game conditions come with substantial risks. Some require your phone to be rooted, which is a process similar to jailbreaking an iPhone and can have the same warranty and security issues.

When you jailbreak your iPhone, you’re defeating the standard privacy and security features of iOS, according to cybercrypt.co. The vast majority of iOS hacking communities recommend against jailbreaking, as it makes any future security updates, fixes, or security patches vulnerable. The same dangers of privacy, security breaches, and device bricking suggested by others are relevant for those using applications to root their android devices.

What is a Rename Card in PUBG Mobile?

A Rename Card in PUBG Mobile is a special kind of item that allows you to personalize your character’s profile by changing its nickname. Players receive a Rename Card as a reward when they complete certain tasks or they can purchase Rename Cards for 180 UC (Unknown Cash) units. Usages of these cards are limited, especially with each name change requiring at least one new card.

A Rename Card has a PUBG Mobile equivalent of 80 silver fragments. The way to access Rename Cards on PUBG Mobile differs depending on whether someone is using a new account for the first time or is changing the name of an existing account. Whenever a new account is set up on PUBG Mobile, as part of the initial tasks, players are given one free Rename Card or can spend 200 BP for one card. This card can then be redeemed, allowing players to change their current new account profile name in the app.

How to Get a Rename Card in PUBG Mobile?

A rename card in PUBG Mobile is a one-time free reward for the Achievement Exchange Center. Once you reach level 10, go to your profile and tap on the SHOP tab at the bottom. Tap on the Achievement Exchange Center tab, which is on the right. If you have met the requirements to claim the free rename card, it will show up as a reward there. You can view it and go back to the map for more tasks if you need to complete others first. As of this writing, a rename card costs 200UC.

Purchase from In-Game Store

If you are looking for a way to change name in PUBG mobile and your current name is a default one, you are in luck because you are eligible to change your name once for free. Go to the PUBG mobile Friends option, then the Inventory option which is available right below the avatar shown as a man with a bag icon at the top right corner of the lobby. Click on the Change name card which is shown as a man with a bag and pencil. Drag the card onto the one-time rename slot, type in the new name you want. Select OK, and enjoy your new name.

After the first time, name changes in PUBG mobile require a reputation card. These can be purchased from the in-game store.

Participate in Events

This option is less ideal than the initial one of changing PUBG Mobile name with UC/BP – but if you are unable to get the required UC or BP for changing names, one of the other good ways to change your name in PUBG Mobile without costs.

Participate in different PUBG Mobile in-game events that offer renaming cards as rewards. Sometimes such events can last days or even up to months – but keep close track and jump at the chance when they arise.

As of November 2021 ineradicating hunger, the Global Peace in PUBG Mobile event where renaming cards can be earned has been going from April with no end date in sight per the new PUBG Mobile Target 2030 promotional campaign, so be on the lookout!

Use Third-Party Apps

Renaming your account in PUBG Mobile can sometimes be accomplished through third-party apps. A start-up app, characterized by Rennamed as it refers to the renaming og PUBG usernames, can only change usernames of 5 users in total as of late 2021. To date, this is the only application available that masks inside PUBG settings through third-party apps on iOS, although more such encryption software may become available in the future.

Most likely, there is little change to the process of using third-party applications to remedy the issue of not being able to change usernames within PUBG Mobile settings on Android devices or on other games entirely. You install the app, connect your PUBG Mobile account. create a new name, and log out and back in. The application will save your new name and log in the pre-set rules, ensuring that your display name will appear as desired.

What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Good Name in PUBG Mobile?

Some tips for choosing a good name in PUBG Mobile include:

  • Search for unique unclaimed names among PUBG player lists.
  • Use a word generator with filters to come up with ideas.
  • Make sure it is a name you remember and like, as you cannot change it easily.
  • Avoid offensive or trolling names.
  • Use your name as an opportunity to build brand recognition.
  • Base your name on a hobby or interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Name in Pubg Mobile?

To change your name in Pubg Mobile, follow these steps: 1. Open the game and go to your profile page. 2. Click on the “Edit” button next to your current name. 3. Enter your desired name and click “OK.” 4. You will be prompted to purchase a Name Change card, which costs 180 UC. 5. Confirm the purchase and your name will be changed immediately.

Where can I purchase a Name Change card in Pubg Mobile?

You can purchase a Name Change card in the in-game shop for 180 UC.

Can I change my name for free in Pubg Mobile?

No, unfortunately changing your name in Pubg Mobile requires the use of a Name Change card, which costs 180 UC.

How many times can I change my name in Pubg Mobile?

You can change your name as many times as you want, but each time you will need to purchase a Name Change card for 180 UC.

Can I use special characters or symbols in my name in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, you can use special characters and symbols in your name in Pubg Mobile. However, there is a limit of 14 characters including spaces.

Will my friends still be able to find me after I change my name in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, your friends will still be able to find you and add you as a friend even after you change your name in Pubg Mobile. Your unique ID number will remain the same.

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