Mastering Bp in Pubg: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to PUBG and wondering what BP is all about?

In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about BP in PUBG, including how to earn it and what you can use it for in the game.

From purchasing crates to unlocking skins and cosmetics, BP plays a crucial role in customizing your gaming experience.

Stay tuned as we guide you through the process of using BP to buy event passes and more in PUBG.

What is BP in PUBG?

BP stands for Battle Points. PUBG Battle Points are points players earn in the game by doing certain tasks, such as killing opponents, enjoying chicken dinners (winning the match), or picking up point awards that are scattered around players on the islands. Battle Points are a measure of the time of survival and efficiency of the game. Accumulating Battle Points (BP) has been a way for players to use them to purchase clothing, accessories, equipment, and weapons that can be cosmetic but preferable to the minimalist army gear available for free. You can look at BP as where V-Bucks are Fortnite, the in-game currency of Garena Free Fire.

How to Earn BP in PUBG?

You earn BP in PUBG by choosing the game mode of your choice and playing there. There are three main game modes in PUBG:

  1. Solo
  2. Duo
  3. Team (usually with four squad members)

All modes can be played on Third-Person Perspective (TPP) or First-Person Perspective (FPP). According to the X-PUBG staff, it is generally acknowledged that if you have a high survival capability, avoiding confrontations, and entering in the late-game, and doing good in late-game so your Tier and Ranks go up, you will automatically receive more BP rewards.

Playing Matches

To play servers with a higher BP bonus for top ten finishes, click on the mode selection dropdown arrow on the top center of the main menu. Top ten refers to the highest game finish ranks – whether that is number one or the ninth remaining player. Solo only locks you into a single battleground where it can take from five-and-a-half to around fifteen minutes to reach the top ten. Solo tends towards short rounds due to the small target of just needing to kill one player quickly. Duos play host to squads can take up to around lockdown time of around 20 minutes at 40 minutes. This means more points can be earned, a bigger target can give a player more padding if there is an early loss, and a longer game means better shot at either more entertainment or competitiveness with the same wager per round. Maps range in difficulty, but for the best BP/Hour earning, the Sanhok map is typically the quickest, which allows for faster requeues than other large maps.

Completing Missions

Players can earn BP by completing missions. The missions in PUBG typically require the player to play a certain way or to complete certain challenges during gameplay. As the player’s rank increases, they will gain access to more challenging and rewarding missions.

The mission boards are located on the lobby screen between live matching and partner matching. You earn rewards by completing missions and new missions will appear when tasks are completed. The Mission Board has different cards that represent different challenges. Each card is the mission and has requirements such as total play time, number of weapons used, and number of teammates knocked out. At the completion of the given task, a prize is awarded ranging from 30-50 POINTS depending on the challenge faced during gameplay. Depending on the level of challenge and the player’s individual skills, missions form a valuable part of the experience at PUBG, returning feedback in the form of BP rewards.

Ranking Up in Seasons

Every competitive FPS shooter game releases a variety of seasons that usually last for 2 or more months, during which new content is introduced along with character and weapon balance changes. Implementing BP purchases throughout a season can be strategic when done at the right time. You can wait for a long time to buy new weapons and then purchase them when the price is low to improve ranking scores.

Be aware that if you do not purchase weapons with BPs, your BP score will increase. However, BP weapons are an important part of your arsenal, so you must make a selection that develops your strategic shooting skills as well while also keeping you leveraged within budget.

From changes made on November 2019, prior to that of BP 3.76, weapons and consumables were listed separately and not purchasable with BP. A player could accumulate Battle Points to purchase crates, which contained these items, but players could not rely on them being available frequently or containing newer items.

Categorizing in-game merchandise makes the value-added power of BPs critical. After November 2019, BPs were used primarily as a means of purchasing more crates.

First introduced in PUBG 3.1, the RP system allows players to rank up during a season. RP is available for both elites (paid) and free players and can be leveled up by completing special tasks during the season, such as chicken-hunt events. To redeem BPs, use the RP shop, which allows players to unlock exclusive gear and new purchases by spending BP. An easy method for using your BP to rank up in PUBG seasons is by buying BP crates to unlock BP skins from the shop. Each Scar-L’s Desert Digital Camo Skin adds 4000 RP points which is the perfect BP RP ranking up conversion for fans of the desert collection from premiums to the cool collection category.

What Can You Use BP for in PUBG?

Battle Points (BP) do not matter too much in PUBG. In versions of the game earlier than New State, where BP accelerators like AWM and pan skins were popular, BP offered ways for players to buy cosmetic items with no off-hand benefits. With the loss of the AWM accelerator, finding new BP methods in PUBG mobile has become redundant as the game is shutting down, according to its developers.

In PUBG New State, developers already cut down on BP earnings by removing the login rewards system and players no longer earn BP just for playing. They now only earn it when a new Season starts. New State replaced BP with > as the default currency, causing BP to lose value and no longer be necessary. This effectively redefines BP as never being useful, allowing it to be phased out as no longer necessary.

Purchasing Crates

In October of 2021, present in the game, BP crates contain items on the battlefield, from weapons to clothing to parchment to poses. They can be clicked resulting in increased BP XP. Different crate content is available for different BP quantities such as Premium and Regular crates. The Premium crate is around 7,000 to 13,000 BP with a weekly cap of three minimum guaranteed Pesticide items.

The Regular crate is around 700 to 2500 BP with a weekly cap of no guaranteed premium content. We recommend focusing on these if they are Rage, Zima, Harrington, Scavenger, Swamp Monster, Predator, Ancient Cult, White Shark, or Ocean Marauder suit content to maximize chances of achieving all content. According to, this will cost you around 7 million BPs per claim earning. Over twelve million BP is needed for this play strategy over the two-weeky period.

Unlocking Skins and Cosmetics

You can use BP in PUBG to unlock a wide variety of skins and cosmetics through purchase of the premium PUBG Survivor Pass and additional BP spending to upgrade down the pass’s unique cosmetics levels. Unlocking cosmetics for specific weapons or for characters is a great way to show off in the game or to create characters with your own unique flair.

PUBG Survivor Passes offer time-limited premium missions that reward players with BP when they are completed. Players can earn new in-game items in the three ways if they play on weekends. (1) Watching a PUBG competition (use BP to buy coupons when watching, match your bingo board with coupons, earn rewards when you match a line, and earn different levels of coupons, and get BP awards when you are completed). (2) Listening/watching a special live stream content (same as above, use the rules and coupons to get the rewards). (3) Playing matches and finishing missions using coupons (same as the above two solutions, use coupons to make interesting moments in-game and get rewards). And at the end of the week, make a fresh start every Saturday, said PUBG in one of its blog post from March 19th, 2021.

Buying Event Passes

Event passes allow you to take advantage of additional games and activities during special limited-time expansion game events. Passes can only be purchased by users. Bp can be used to purchase these passes.

  1. Players must go to the Royal Passes tab in PUBG Mobile.
  2. Options available will be listed on the pass screen, including Royale Pass Plus purchase.
  3. Complete the purchase using BC or UC. BC can be earned through various activities in PUBG Mobile while UC can only be obtained using real money. You need 600 UC to buy a Royale Pass Plus, which comes with 84 goods and costs 600 UC.

Battle points are not able to be used as Google automatically makes the decision between these two currencies when purchasing products in a mobile game, and the “Use” option is removed in the store. Battle points can only be used to purchase the standard pass. Bp to purchase the pass does not instead require real-world money as the case is for Royale Pass Plus.

Event passes and Royale Passes operate on a seasonal basis. Each season of Royale Pass runs for a period of two months. In Royale Pass, players have Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Missions that they must complete in order to maximize the RP Level and purchase items from the pass.

How to Use BP to Purchase Crates in PUBG?

You don’t really use Battle Points (BP) to purchase crates in PUBG. Crates were available in the game for BPs, but on July 15, 2020, the developers completely got rid of the BPs requirement for any crate in the game. As it is no longer needed nor possible to use BPs for scrapping in PUBG, the only real use for BPs in the game as of the mid-2020 update is to use them as a form of currency to buy premium items and user-interface items or appearances.

Go to the In-Game Shop

    Steps to find Bp in Pubg Mobile:

  • Open the game, go to the main screen, and click the Shop icon on the bottom right.
  • The In-Game Shop will open and show listings with BP prices. Select the item you’d like to buy and you’ll be shown the amount of BP required.

Battle Points/VP (Bp) are the main form of in-game currency in Pubg. Bp are awarded to players after completing matches and vary based on both match performance and social factors. The biggest factors in the amount of Bp you receive are personal kill points, team rankings, and game time. The more kills you have, the longer you and your team survive, the more Bp you will receive. Additionally, Bp is given out to players for the completion of missions and tasks. Every day numerous new missions are updated and players can keep track of them by visiting the missions tab on the main screen of the game. Requirements vary from killing a certain number of enemies to sustaining longer life or even reviving teammates. Upon completion, you are awarded Bp.

Select the ‘Crates’ Tab

After purchasing a Battle Pass, navigate back to the Home Screen and select the Store button. In the Store, Galleries for Cosmetics, Bundles, General Offers, and Crates can be viewed and purchased. Regardless of the type of Battle Pass purchased, Premium or Elite, the crates tab is where the item rewards are found.

Rewards from the first Level 1 (Battle Dress) and Level 10 (Siberian Survivors) Reward Crates from the Classic Section of the Elite Pass are featured. The Reward Crates contain a customization item such as uniform, headgear, or weapon finish. Those in the Progress Gift Crates give out victory emotes and other unlocks as RP increases. Progress Gift Crates do not need keys to open them. To claim the items in crates that need keys, the player selects the crate of choice, taps on the Unlock button, and then hits the Open Now button.

After claiming items from crates, they can be automatically equipped by selecting the Utility tab in Inventory(by selecting Utility) and tapping on Use All. Equipped items can also be accessed by selecting the Customize tab in Inventory. (Players can also receive BP in crates).

Choose the Crate You Want to Purchase

To use BP in PUBG, decide what type of item (weapons and clothes) you would like to buy. Head over to the shop button at the bottom of the game. Once in the shop screen, there will be a row of buttons at the top that correspond to the types of in-game currency you can use to buy items (BP, cash, and G Coin). Press the Battle Points button to filter items you can buy with BP. They will now all show the BP prices.

You can choose to buy expensive items directly using BP currency. To purchase these costly items, follow these steps open the shop button at the bottom of the game, head to the item you want to buy, select it, click purchase, select the amount of money you would like to pay using B, and go ahead and buy the selected item. When you achieve a certain level in the game you can open a Random Crate as a reward. Be careful when opening crates, as there is usually a $2.50 fee associated with opening it. Pick the crate you want to purchase, click buy, and voila! You have spent your BP on items you can use.

Use BP to Buy the Crate

You will see the chance for either an Soldier’s Crate, an Eliminator Crate, or both at any given time in the shop. The Reset Timer shows how long it will be until it returns, and its pants icon shows you how long it has left in the shop. Crates refresh every week and provide the majority of the non-free UC or Money currency items.

Soldier’s Crates are bought with Classic Coupon scraps, while Eliminators are bought through the Shop Redemption feature. Opening crates is the only way to receive any of the listed clothing items, with the exception of the few Zero-tier items in the No Pants category.

Crates are the least effective and least efficient way to purchase clothes in-game. If you wish to receive a certain item, purchase it directly through the shop as listed above for around the same price as a random crate opening.

How to Use BP to Unlock Skins and Cosmetics in PUBG?

In PUBG Mobile, BP can be used to unlock all s That includes items such as Skulls & Skins, Paints and upgrading gear during the responsive c-1 to level 7 items from supply boxes such as crates, soldier’s crates, pubg crates, premium crates. A soldier’s crate guaranteed to contain 3 items and costs 700 bp. A PUBG premium crate is guaranteed to contain around 6 items and can be opened for 1,400 bp, or in the premium section in unlocks for daily categories.

Opt for UAZ Updates, such as unlocking UAZ jeep skins. But remember, the drops for skins are somewhere around 0.16% of getting an Epic skin which is approximately less than 1 item drop in 591 time-trained boxes. This following table illustrates the various items that can be acquired/upgraded using PUBG Mobile BP.

BP is acquired during games, by player kiosking, and through daily events. Players can earn daily 100 bp for the first time that they play in a day (though it is only 50 bp after they’ve played 3 games). Watch videos ads to earn a further 20 bp once independently per day. Additionally, surviving long in matches, completing tasks, achievements, and progressing every day with more than 1,000 Royale Pass points allows you to earn Battle Points.

Go to the In-Game Shop

To access the BP or Battle Points shop, tap on the shop icon as shown in the image below.

BP stands for Battle Points and stand for in-game followers. These are the same as silver coins, coins, and other legitimacy obtained while participating in competitions, including those earned by following competitions. They have the ability to acquire new skins, boxes, and items if they are reworked for both types of coin and for micropayment.

You can utilize BP in PUBG by visiting the in-game shop. Battle Points, or BP, are used in PUBG to purchase a variety of items such as soldier box crates, armor, weapons, and other accessories. To purchase items from the BP shop, follow these steps

  1. Log in to the PUBG application.
  2. Click on the Shop icon located on the home screen.

Select the ‘Items’ Tab

Once you click on the BP icon in the main PUBG lobby, a ‘Backpack And Excange’ inventory sorting command tab appears allowing you to select the items tab. This will allow you to choose between your crates to exchange items manually or see what your crates currently contain.

Choose the Skin or Cosmetic You Want to Unlock

When you click on the VIEW ALL button in the recipe box, there will be a list of all the backpacks for all the categories. Click on the backpack for the slot of tier or type you want to unlock.

Here is a sample image showing the backpacks to choose from in the slot of TIER 1 (Random tier), and the TIER 2 slot of Operations 1. A way to expedite is by going straight to the Cerulean mask in the list without having to scroll and seeing an example with the backpack unavailable instead of unlocked. In that case, click on another random lever and try Cerulean mask again.

Use BP to Purchase the Item

After buying a BP item, tap the green PURCHASE box. This will immediately equip the items in your inventory, and they will be available in your match. You can’t save BP for future purchases, and there is no Increased BP storage capacity for energy storage perks. Teams earn BP for different objectives in addition to the survival time and special awards like leveling up or for the game’s first chicken dinner, which they can use in purchases for the game to be completed immediately.

How to Use BP to Buy Event Passes in PUBG?

To purchase PUBG in-game currency, you must buy and earn what is known as Battle Points. Upon completing the daily mission, players receive 100 to 300 BP. Players will receive 100 BP for the first kill of the day and 100 BP for his first fight of the day. The number of BP rises the more you play, and by the end of 2021, those who log in often can get 1,000 to 3,000 BP per session.

A PUBG Event Pass can be bought using BP, but these are available only a few times a year. PUBG opens up new experiences for players through Event Passes. An Event Pass costs 1,000 BP, or players can buy the Premium Pass which costs real money and gives more features to earn up to 1,000 G-Coins.

Go to the In-Game Shop

To use BP in PUBG, go to the in-game shop. The in-game shop can be accessed by going to the top of the main menu and clicking on the row of four boxes. They can also be accessed by clicking on the airplane at the left end of the main menu. Another way to access is by clicking on the “SHOP” button in the top main menu and then spending just about wherever you would like. Not all items need to be purchased with real currency, and many can be purchased with BP.

The two location availability store refreshes and in-store currency changes purchases can help players get skins they like by waiting until they can purchase it with BP or constantly checking the store to see if it is BP eligible.

Select the ‘Event Pass’ Tab

After selecting the ‘PUBG ID’ menu option in PUBG mobile, select the ‘Event Pass’ tab. The ‘Event Pass’ is an in-game event that usually lasts for a month and has its own challenges for earning rewards. Some of the challenges may be related to normal Royal Pass missions, and sometimes every normal mission will give you points for the Event Pass (both common and premium event pass missions).

The aim of this Event Pass is to earn free gun skins and other items through Event Pass points. Because Event Pass items are often seen as the Adelaide Machine gun skin by users, some do not accept it is a legitimate gameplay activity and believe it is a scam. This Event Pass is not a scam, it is a free alternative to the main Royal Pass to earn unique rewards but serves the same purpose of encouraging users to complete missions and spend as much time as possible in the game. Therefore, by selecting this ‘Event Pass’ tab, PUBG players can utilize the same methodology under a different brand to earn Battle Points (BP).

Choose the Event Pass You Want to Buy

The PUBG online stores, which are available in certain countries, will display the event passes as soon as new passes are available. From here on the BATTLE BOSS Full Experience Pass is a special feature, which they already know they want to buy. Until a player finds the pass that best meets their needs, they can check the screen by logging onto PUBG. Keep clicking the tabs to see the available options.

Use BP to Purchase the Event Pass

Players can use Battle Points (BP) to purchase the season’s Event Pass in PUBG Mobile. The Event Pass is equivalent to the Royale Pass in that it provides rewards including weapon skins, insurgence tools, backpacks, outfits, emotes, and currency payment to the players. Progress is achieved with missions usually similar to those of the Royal Pass, including daily missions, weekly challenges, and more.

To open those advantages you must purchase the pass which costs 1500 UC or BUY WITH BP for each stage of the pass. There are 50 Tiers in the current Event Pass. Each pass comes in two different passes which includes the Free pass with more basic prizes and the Elite pass priced at a higher level which includes premium prizes. The free version without a UC can be bought for 5000 BP and the premium version for 2000 UC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Bp in Pubg?

What is Bp in Pubg?
Bp stands for Battle Points, which is the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items and crates in Pubg.

How to Use Bp in Pubg?

How do I earn Bp in Pubg?
Bp can be earned by playing matches, completing daily missions, and participating in events in Pubg.

How to Use Bp in Pubg?

Can I use Bp to buy weapons or advantages in Pubg?
No, Bp can only be used to purchase cosmetic items and crates in Pubg. It does not give players any in-game advantages.

How to Use Bp in Pubg?

Where can I find my Bp balance in Pubg?
Your Bp balance can be found in the top right corner of the in-game screen. It can also be viewed in the inventory section.

How to Use Bp in Pubg?

Are there any other ways to obtain Bp besides playing matches?
Yes, Pubg occasionally offers Bp as rewards for completing certain challenges or participating in events.

How to Use Bp in Pubg?

Can I trade Bp with other players?
No, Bp cannot be traded or transferred between players in Pubg. It can only be used by the account that earned it.

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