Mastering Keyboard Controls in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a PUBG Mobile enthusiast looking to up your game? Have you ever considered using a keyboard to enhance your gameplay experience? In this article, we will explore the world of PUBG Mobile and dive into the importance of keyboard usage.

From connecting a keyboard to your device to recommended keybinds and customizing controls, we will cover it all. Join us as we uncover the advantages and disadvantages of using a keyboard in PUBG Mobile. Let’s get started!

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Mobile) is one of the two mobile versions of PUBG, a multiplayer battle mode game developed by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of Krafton (formerly Bluehole Studio). In PUBG, a player is a soldier, parachuted onto an isolated island with 99-999 other online players depending on the mode, and everyone fights to be the last player or team standing.

PUBG was created in 2017 by Brendan Greene, a game developer from Ireland who is also known as PLAYERUNKNOWN. It has since become popular with fans accruing over 700 million downloads by 2021. PUBG Mobile was created as a version tailored for mobile users allowing them to play the game on the go. Playstyles range from killing everyone in sight to stealthily avoiding combat and coming out only at the end, leading to a win. Overall the mobile version offers the same thrilling solo, duo, or squad-based gameplay experience with realistic graphics and terrifying sound effects.

Definition: Public Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) is an online game where a player is a soldier, parachuted onto an island with numerous other online players, and they scavenge the map for weapons and avoid being murdered and a shrinking deadly force. The last person or team alive wins versus everyone else. NPCs are not destroyed in the game. Mobile PUBG has downloadable objects for you to purchase from independent gaming studios like Tencent.

The Rules for PUBG: 120 players parachute onto an island. Gamers will use their gaming abilities to defeat the other players. Every match player fights until only one player (or one squad) remains. Gamers have to move quickly to avoid being caught in the circle while the game is progressing (a lethal force field that shrinks over time). So as the game progresses, players are pushed closer and closer to each other. The mobile version of PUBG is an essential and classic shooting game that allows you to enjoy the experience of fighting with firearms both online and offline.

What is the Importance of Keyboard Usage in PUBG Mobile?

The importance of keyboard usage in PUBG Mobile is significant. Using a keyboard grants a distinct advantage over opponents, enabling faster, more accurate controls and expanding viewing angles. Similar to how high-technology footwear provides versatility in changing landscapes, keyboards mandate players come prepared and promote versatility in reaction time based on the gaming situation.

Research by scholars at the multimedia Lab, University of Maribor (2016) titled Comparison of Mobile Game Input Methods revealed that use of the keyboard was second best for D-pad input selection (‘move’ task), providing a higher speed of movement when things get tense. Getting cornered and trying to escape out of sight within seconds requires rapid moves which, with the touch of a button, become easier. Keyboards make it simpler to play on larger tablets as touchscreens typically turn them into awkward monstrosities.

How to Connect a Keyboard to PUBG Mobile?

Connect a wired or wireless keyboard to PUBG Mobile by going through your device’s bluetooth settings to link your external accessory. Now open the PUBG Mobile app, click into settings, turned on Use Wireless Headphones, then you can use the external keyboard. If the device does not have a headset shared port, the sound output of the mobile phone will be muted during the keyboard operation. PUBG might not have any key and keyboard binding feature requiring you to download third-party apps such as Octopus gaming studio.

Using Bluetooth

Some people do not have access to Bluetooth or are unable to connect their phone via Bluetooth with the keyboard for PUBG mobile. Bluetooth is a wireless technology, and it may be impossible to connect a device to a phone if the technology is not supported by the device. Find out if your keyboard has Bluetooth capability by seeing the presence of the Bluetooth logo on it.

Follow these instructions to connect the keyboard with PUBG Mobile via Bluetooth:

  1. Open your Android Device ‘settings’ app.
  2. Scroll down to and open the ‘connected devices’ menu.
  3. Tap on Pair new device or a similar option.
  4. On the keyboard, ensure Bluetooth is enabled. Usually, you should see a blinking light to indicate the Bluetooth transceiver is active and searching.
  5. Your Android Device should discover the keyboard. Tap on the device to connect to it. Enter a password or input the suggested keyboard code if prompted.
  6. After the keyboard is connected, test its functionality.

Here are some important things to remember about connecting your keyboard to PUBG via Bluetooth. Remember that there are a variety of ways to access Bluetooth settings on Android devices. Make sure the keyboard is charged or working on its own batteries. Be sure that the Bluetooth keyboard has been previously connected to another device, as initial connections might be difficult.

Using an OTG Cable

To use a keyboard and mouse with a mobile device using qiway flex, qiway TB1, or using Mumu emulator or BlueStacks emulator, you will need to connect it with an OTG (on-the-go) cable. The basic purpose of OTG cables is to connect your mobile (or any USB-peripheral device) to another USB device.

On one end, OTG cables have a micro-USB connector that plugs directly into the host device, and ports on the other end to plug in additional USB devices. There are also some newer USB-3.0 types that have a Type-C plug. As well as connecting a keyboard and mouse to a mobile, another useful way to use an OTG cable is to connect a keyboard and/or a mouse to standard USB 2.0 or 3.0 slots on a desktop computer or laptop with a non-responsive built-in keyboard. Unlike the options previously mentioned, OTG is directly supported by all Android/iOS devices, according to How-To Geek.

What are the Recommended Keybinds for PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG Mobile, “Tencent’s official emulator GameLoop” recommends these default keybinds. Players who spend a lot of time on the computer find it easy to use since the emulator business was developed with the keyboard in mind. The game’s default controls give players who hadn’t previously played a user-friendly introduction for players who didn’t spend a lot of time on the computer. Below are GameLoop’s recommended keyboard commands for PUBG Mobile.

  1. W/A/S/D: Move forward, move left, move backward, and move right.
  2. Space Bar: Jump
  3. C: Create crouch/Go prone to the ground
  4. Shift: Stroll slowly (default), hold breath while aiming scopes, sprint when running
  5. Z/Y: To wait or go prone
  6. Alt/Right Mouse Button: Free-look when aiming(i.e. Control the direction of the aim without changing your character’s orientation)
  7. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10: Gear up 1-10
  8. M: Map open/close
  9. B:: Open backpack/inventory
  10. F: Connection object, getting in the car, opening the door, leaping through the window, beginning, taking off the pin, gear up
  11. Left Mouse Button: Fire or engage
  12. Right Mouse Button: Open the top and middle sights (Iron sights remove the need for right-clicking. Just fire.)
  13. Equals or hyphen key/Scroll wheel up/Scroll wheel down: Alter the scope (gearing up zoom in patter), change pace, adjust the position on the sight (hold breath while aiming or shift leaning position) RPG settings (controls, etc..)

Plus the Gear Up and Gear Down lines stated above, gaming monitors recommend adding buttons for the keys in the line 56/- to 89/0.

Movement Controls

By default, the mobile keyboard controls PUBG for movement are the AWSD keys and SPAM toggles for forward, backward, strafing left, and strafing right. These keys can be changed to whatever a player prefers. You can find them in the settings under Basic Settings. Look in the Controls section and select a setting based on personal preference. To make the choice easier activate the Show Control Setting option. The best keyboard controls for PUBG mobile vary from user to user.

Combat Controls

Combat controls determine how you aim, shoot, and fight in PUBG Mobile. You can set them up to be the same as movement controls or have entirely separate settings. The following are the default combat controls in PUBG Mobile using a keyboard in the keymapping mode with advanced settings enabled.

  • Firing Mode (Left-Click and hold) is the same as movement it uses keyboard movement controls for aiming and/or ADSing.
  • Fire (Right-Click). Right-click selects the best way to reproduce on your screen. When you spawn, located over your shoulder, behind you, etc.
  • ADS/Aiming. The default for aiming or ADSing is to click the Right-Click.
  • Scope. Changes zoom with the scroll wheel of the mouse – default Right-Click

Inventory and Map Controls

Inventory and other interface controls in PUBG Mobile are accessible for both launching the in-game store and tweaking the player’s gun scopes, dropping weapons or ammo, not to mention going through the player stash, weapon-loadout, attributes, and other menu items. On the PC, the equivalent of the Down Arrow Key on the game interface is used to open the in-game inventory. The following keys below will also help you open certain interfaces when inside the inventory panel.

  • Tab switches between the inventory and map tabs and shows player stats with a user-friendly icon-style HUD layout.
  • 8 / Y switches among M416 and UMP9.
  • 9 / P allows a sniper rifle to be in the player’s backpack when it is equipped.
  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 0 allows you to use health and adrenaline to bring back on HP.

On the mobile version, the Back Pack icon (that looks like an Indian lunchbox) needs to be tapped in the top-right corner of the home screen. The Backpack has several sections under which different parts of the Inventory can be managed. Each bag has a 2 by 3 luggage grid and the typical luggage weight limit is between 80-100. Items ranging from clothing, guns and melee weapons, health packs, grenades, sniper accessories etc., can be added and stored or utilized based on the user’s playing strategy. On the side of the panel there are options to throw away, use, share, load, and discard items.

How to Customize Keybinds in PUBG Mobile?

To customize your keybinds in PUBG Mobile, open the Settings menu and go to Controls. From here, you can make adjustments to both Basic and Vehicle control layouts. The game comes with two default on-screen layouts, the default is the best pubg key mapping. The Left Type-A option is for users who prefer a closer layout, ideal for one-handed play. The Right Type-B layout is for gamers who prefer in-game buttons more spread out for easier reach, with some fingers on the right hand and some on the left hand.

You may change the default layout to customize your own PUBG keyboard map. Options to modify the Speaker, Graph or Audio settings can be found in the menu that opens from the top right corner, beneath the number of RP.

In-Game Settings

Click the Keyboard and Mouse icon above the settings options (gear icon) to get to the controls tab. Use the Gamepad tab to change the settings for the AIMO feature of the K70 RGB Mk3 and K95 Platinum Keyboards, although note that not all settings listed as gamepad can be changed through the AOIM.

The control tab will have several options. You will be able to set a custom mapping for every in-game movement, function, action, or inventory command. If you are uncomfortable with that high level of customization, or unsure what commands you want to map, you can use the already created profiles of popular PC Games such as Skyrim and World of Warcraft for already established keyboard and mouse layouts. If you do not see a profile you like, you can create a new one and map your Keyboard and/or AIMO settings to be just right for you.

Editing the Game Files

The PUBG mobile game files can be edited with a root file manager such as ES File Explorer. To edit Keymapping.xml which has a binary code for keys, one can just add or remove lines of code for key functionalities, as long as the game itself is root access protected and users have control of rc.

To open KeyMapping.xml the PUBG mobile application has to be closed. However, it is tricky to find this file as the file system of Android devices varies between devices. The path to finding the file is approximately – data/data/com.tencent.ig/shared_prefs, but it is not accessible to all. Editing the file using a script is an automatic way to add extra keys. There are Android applications such as MacroDroid, which can be used to create and run scripts to bind a particular key. The binary code has to be referenced to assign proper keys.

Currently, PUBG and Android have multiple security layers which does not even allow access to this root file manager to modify files. Note, editing the PUBG game files is a violation of the terms and conditions of the game which could result in penalties.

What are the Advantages of Using a Keyboard in PUBG Mobile?

These are the advantages according to Plateau Engineer, a Source Player, and Fenway Gamers team member:

  1. More buttons for easy customization
  2. Not restricting fingers to thumb use
  3. Releasing thumb pressure caused by long gaming
  4. Making easier to take cover, jump, and switch between weapons during a battle
  5. The PC version has always shown a more smooth and faster performance as compared to the Mobile version of PUBG

Faster and More Precise Movements

The movements of QWERTY keyboards are much faster than touchscreens and joystick controllers. The constant and effortless functioning of the keys on a physical keyboard creates a superior impression on the gameplay results of PUBG Mobile. A keyboard’s ability to offer much finer grain tuning of navigation, in the form of short bursts of touching or releasing a key while striking other keys, can be helpful in loot gathering, map navigation, or driving.

While this argument is still anecdotal and contested in discussions on PUBG Mobile, the general consensus as reflected in a PhoneArena survey shows that 63% of 500,000 answers believe that a keyboard and mouse player can defeat a touchscreen user on a game that is also available on smartphones. The survey also showed that 75% of respondents felt that the use of keyboards and mouse controls offered an unfair advantage on mobile devices.

Easier Access to Inventory and Map

Another added benefit of using a keyboard and mouse while playing PUBG Mobile is that it allows easy access to the Inventory and Map. These are features that players do not use as often while in gameplay, but they are nonetheless important and as such they should be easily accessible. Right now, these features are somewhat difficult to access in PUBG Mobile.

Better Combat Controls

PUBG Mobile requires an average of 60 control taps per minute, says Gian M. from mobile gaming blog Tap. For keyboard controls, aggressive changes can help reduce wasted motions, increase efficiency, and make complex maneuvers easier. These changes can be made in the game, though the customization depends on the game. Typically, to access the keyboard settings tap on the gearwheel icon on the bottom right corner of the main screen, and then hit the keyboard icon.

PUBG Mobile fans generally agree on various hotkeys you should not change such as default hotkeys and hotkeys that you should not change. Gamer and Gadget YouTuber Whink tech’s top list includes the following: W, A, S, D (movement), Space (jump), Ctrl (duck), Shift (sprint), F (pick up/interact), Numbers 1-5 (use item) Reload, Planes, Cycle weapons, Voice chat, Mute/unmute mic, Scope, Walk/Aim (Right Mouse Button, and Equalizer). The best keyboards for mobile gaming are not specialized as their main draw is typically customizable key remapping. Hotkeys used in mobile games are primarily the typical WASD movement keys, weapon switch number keys, and other keys for actions like jumping or crouching which are all standard.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using a Keyboard in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, there are disadvantages of using a keyboard in PUBG mobile. The gameloop emulator will increase your chances of winning as the mouse and keyboard controls offer a much more precise control method over the game, thereby improving your chances of hitting your enemy and being able to quickly build structures. The Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator offers robust customization features meaning you can optimize the controls and display to your specific needs.

These advantages while a disadvantage for opponents who are using normal touchscreen controls are a disadvantage regarding gameplay and you will be matched with better opponents. As mentioned before, if you are someone with limited hours to play the game, getting queues with enemies will slow down the game as well as reduce your chance of victory even with keyboard and mouse.

Limited Mobility

Limited mobility refers to the combination of walking, running, crouching, jumping, and going prone. By adjusting the movement, strafing, controls players can effectively reduce movement of the fingers on the screen and be more tactical. Using a thumbpad or A, S, W, D controls for movement to replace the old WASD button setup is also a good approach if running on emulator instead of mobile. For vehicles, use a thumbpad or mouse.

Possibility of Being Banned

Although PUBG Mobile or other game creators do not officially support keyboard and mouse usage, they are unable to detect players who use hardware for such controls. Each player is responsible for his or her own actions, and there are no instances where we have read that you will be automatically banned just for using a keyboard to play PUBG Mobile. The only possible way to get banned while using a keyboard is if other players complain about it.


Using a keyboard in PUBG Mobile is a fun and effective alternative to a touchscreen or game controller. It provides smoother and more precise control over player movement and actions that aids both high and low-tier players. In high-tier ranked matches, touch-screen players may have a slight advantage, but this disappears in Classic Mode. Using PUBG Mobile keyboard controls is neither forbidden or restricted, according to PUBG Mobile’s terms of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Keyboard in Pubg Mobile?

Can I use a keyboard to play Pubg Mobile?
Yes, you can use a keyboard to play Pubg Mobile on your mobile device.

How to Use Keyboard in Pubg Mobile?

Do I need any additional equipment to use a keyboard in Pubg Mobile?
Yes, you will need a mobile device with a USB port and a compatible keyboard to use it in Pubg Mobile.

How to Use Keyboard in Pubg Mobile?

How do I connect my keyboard to my mobile device for Pubg Mobile?
You can connect your keyboard to your mobile device using a USB OTG cable or a Bluetooth connection.

How to Use Keyboard in Pubg Mobile?

Can I customize my keyboard controls in Pubg Mobile?
Yes, you can customize your keyboard controls in the game settings to suit your preferences.

How to Use Keyboard in Pubg Mobile?

Are there any advantages to using a keyboard in Pubg Mobile?
Some players believe that using a keyboard can give them a slight advantage in the game due to the larger keys and better control.

How to Use Keyboard in Pubg Mobile?

Are there any restrictions on using a keyboard in Pubg Mobile?
Yes, as per the game’s rules, using external devices such as a keyboard or mouse for gameplay is not allowed and may result in a ban.

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