A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Name in Pubg

Are you an avid PUBG player looking to freshen up your in-game persona?

Learn how to change your name in PUBG, whether on mobile or PC, in this comprehensive guide.

We will walk you through the step-by-step process, including any restrictions or guidelines to be aware of.

Find out if you can change your name multiple times for free and what happens to your old name after the switch. Let’s dive in to changing your name in Roblox!

What is PUBG?

PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – is a multiplayer battle video game that was developed and published by Krafton and Brendan Greene. Parallel to the growing video game industry, requested Popularity of PUBG started growing in 2018. The mobile version has proved even more successful, surpassing 1 billion downloads. The game was released in 2017 and there are nine versions available which are localized for different countries.

A hundred players participate in the game, which incorporates the concept of a last player standing win, a concept called battle royale. Players can choose between a third/or first-person view and play on their own or with a group of two or four individuals. The battleground is an abandoned airfield, but with each new iteration, new battlegrounds are introduced. Players jump out of an airplane and skydive to the ground, where they are not equipped with the same levels of equipment and weapons, but scavenge homes, tools, and cars.

This allows PUBG to create a dynamic gaming environment that is not based on the same template, every single time. The environment in the safe area decreases in size over time, forcing the players to fight in smaller communities to ensure they are alive. The game progresses as players persist in their journey, with each round lasting approximately 30 minutes. While concurrently, the battlefield shrinks by encircling it. As of November 2021, player numbers remained substantial with an average of 75,000 daily players.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Their Name in PUBG?

Someone would want to change their name in PUBG because they are dissatisfied with their existing name or because they believe their existing name has attracted unwanted attention. Users are only supposed to change their name in PUBG, PUBG Mobile, or PUBG Lite if they are affiliated with a game member or esport team. For more legitimate reasons such as the two aforementioned examples, users can send a request to PUBG Corporate Support. There is no official in-game method to do this, although supplements like Pubglookup.com offer users the ability to alter their PUBG name without a corporate reason. For unwanted attention, the best and simplest method is to create a new PUBG account. Kaif’s ranks were not falling because someone wanted to stop him from competing in the PMPL. They put his live location and even his contact number.

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile?

You cannot change your name if you have already created an account in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile does not allow a player any chance to change their profile name once the account is created. If you are playing for the first time, make sure not to make mistakes in entering your password, email, or in naming your account as all are not allowed to be altered once registered.

To change your name, you will need to register a new account with a different name to play from scratch. If you are using a guest account, you can make a new one, but you will lose all statistics, game progress, and skins from your previous account.

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and Log in to Your Account

After opening PUBG Mobile, users can log in to Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Gmail. To change the name and create a new name in PUBG, users need to log in with a platform that allows linking and storing data across different devices (Not as a guest or as a light speed guest). This way, the name change will be saved and appear as desired when playing PUBG Mobile on another phone or PC.

Step 2: Go to the Inventory Section

After opening the game and passing the main screen, you will land on the game’s lobby page. In the lobby, you can see your home page accurately in the upper right-hand corner. Find the inventory section adjacent to or close to the home button as shown in the below screenshots. Clicking on the inventory section will take you to all the items you have in your collection.

Step 3: Click on the Rename Card

After clicking on the Profile tab, you will be taken to a screen that displays Player ID, Player Overview, Recommended Challenge, and Personal Statistics. The player overview will display Player Name with an icon for renaming and the date they are registered. Additionally, down the page, you will have the option to purchase a Rename Card and a line indicating how long until you can next choose a name.

Click on the Rename Card button. You will see the interface displays Rename Card Usage Guidelines as well as countering the argument that name changes should be free.

Step 4: Enter Your New Name and Confirm

To enter your new name and confirm your name change, first select the blank field below your `Old Name` on the main PROFILE page under Basic Information. This is the first thing you see when the PROFILE page loads. Second, input your new name and make sure you have chosen the server correctly. You do not want to see your new name with an old country or region icon. Finally, select the green 200 BC button. If you have enough Battle Cash (BC) to cover the cost of the name change, your name will be changed and you will be rewarded with 0.4 RP on the servers, and 1 on the Tactical Drills servers. The old name change cost used to be 1800 BP. BE SURE TO CLICK THE CORRECT COUNTRY/REGION ICON. THE GAME WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE IT TO YOUR CURRENT LOCATION IF CHANGED MANUALLY.

How to Change Name in PUBG PC?

Your name in PUBG PC is the same as your Steam display name. To change your name within PUBG PC, follow these steps.

  1. Open Steam and right-click over your username.
  2. Select Profile
  3. Click on View Profile, next to your username.
  4. Click on Edit Profile.
  5. A text field will show where you can set your Profile Name.
  6. Confirm your password and click on Save Changes.

You will then need to restart PUBG. There is no in-game setting to change your name in PUBG PC.

Step 1: Open PUBG PC and Log in to Your Account

Launch PUBG PC and log in to your account. If you have not installed PUBG PC before, download the game from the official PUBG site in the quick play section by entering your date of birth and selecting the Download button for the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS version and clicking the BA button for the PUBG LITE version. Enter the folder on your desktop that contains the downloaded file, and run the installer. Accept the licensing agreement and click Install. This will install PUBG PC on your computer. When it is finished, you will see the program displayed on your desktop and in the start menu. Click on it to run the game.

Step 2: Go to the Settings Menu

To change your name in PUBG, go to home screen (lobby) by first exiting any matches you are in, and then clicking the ‘Return to Lobby’ entry located in the upper right corner as shown here.

To navigate to your Profile and Rename Card: click on the ‘Cog icon’ to access the ‘Settings’. The Profile and Rename Card entry is located under the menu subheading, as in the screenshot to the left.

Note: If you are new to PUBG and don’t have a Rename Card, you can purchase a Rename Card in the Shop by paying a fee.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Change Nickname’ Button

When you have your required 60 + UC, go to the home screen and click the ‘upward arrow’/portait tag on to Profile Information. You should see a field underneath your old username with the current number of UC you have. Enter your new username and tap OK. The next screen will verify that you have the sufficient amount of UC and you can press the ‘Change Nickname’ button. Tapping this after entering a new name will result in your old name being switched for the new one.

Step 4: Enter Your New Name and Confirm

After clicking in the box to the right of the New Nickname label, type your new name in the PUBG Mobile in-game Settings, and click the Enter button. If the name you choose is available, the Material Editing Page will open for you to see what your name will look like before you confirm. If you choose a different name, or the name you picked was already chosen by another player, a message will appear in the Material Editing page that says, This name is unavailable. Please try another name. Click the green background dialog at the top to go back to the screen where you can enter a different name.

Once everything is correct, click the green box that appears under your new name to proceed. A popup will appear that shows your new name next to text saying, Your name has been modified successfully. It will be updated after your current game session. Click the green YES button to confirm. Do not worry if nothing seems to happen. Your new name will not be live until after the current game session you are playing.

Are There Any Restrictions or Guidelines for Changing Name in PUBG?

Although PUBG does not disclose any specific restrictions or guidelines for changing one’s player name, it would be reasonable to expect that similar restrictions to those in other games may apply. Most other popular online and mobile games such as Anch and Among Us tend to constrain the frequency of name changes by not allowing it too often. PUBG Mobile, the predecessor of PUBG: New State, does not restrict name changes.

Character Limit

Player Usernames in PUBG are limited to 9 characters. If the new name is longer than 9 characters, the changes will not save. If it is unique and within the limitations, the changes will save, allowing users to do whatever they want, as long as it is within those rules.

Inappropriate Names

In PUBG Mobile, choosing a name that is racist, abusive, sex/blood/violence/gore/evil, political, religion-related, or disrespects specific individuals, groups, cultures, or organizations, is not in accordance with the PlayNice name guidelines and the terms of the PUBG service. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in suspension or a permanent ban of an account.

Users are eligible for a single complimentary rename card if their in-game name is deemed inappropriate while they are logged in. There should be a rename prompt while trying to change the name. Even if a player isn’t changing his/her in-game name, the PUBG support team should be notified by mentioning the player ID found in the profile section and including a screenshot of the offensive in-game name. The ban report should be filled out of the friend or PUBG ID. It will then be reviewed by a PUBG support team member. If it is confirmed the name is offensive, a rename card will be sent. Pubg should also automatically detect offensive names going forward and issue a rename card automatically.

Name Change Cooldown

A name change cooldown for PUBG is in place. From May 17, 2021, through June 30 there is a 1-month cooldown between name changes other than when a player’s previous name demands he or she change the name before the cooldown is up. The previous policy allowing 60 days between changes was put forward with an even longer cooldown period and introduced to prevent name abuses, the company said.

Can You Change Your Name Multiple Times in PUBG?

The Pubg death rate is very high because many of its registered players use hacks and cheats. If a new account is desired but no logs indicate where players are registered, a clean account with a simple PUBG user name can be created multiple times using the same email address. Accounts from registered countries with damaged Pubg career profiles are best if the new goal is PUBG player efficiency.

You can change your name as many times as you want after you use the card. According to the PUBG name concept, Nick name choices (until you hit the limit). You are able to modify your name as much as you would like following the use of the card But the PUBG mobile name changer card is such a ridiculous buy. Mobilize a female voice (it works every time). That’ll be it. The male Pubg account user congratulates you on having a male account. We’re unable to change the name of our account, we say. It’s for players with male characters. And Be aware that the data is lost once you have deleted the PUBG mobile account (unless you’ve achieved 7 days of use).

What Happens to Your Old Name After Changing It in PUBG?

Your old is no longer visible to you or anyone else once you change it in PUBG. According to an official post by the PUBG Mobile Community Moderators in 2018 on the question of can old names be reused, once a name has been changed, it is permanently retired and unable to be reused.

As this move was made, it created the safe and secure environment users at that time were calling for. No harassing messages or search during matches will give you your previous name. The move was in response to user backlash from the game crashing, which was caused by 100,000 players constantly changing names to fix a freezing glitch. Both the freeze glitch and the player backlash due to it are now gone.

Can You Change Your Name for Free in PUBG?

No, you cannot change your name for free in PUBG. When you register for PUBG Mobile or during the installation process, you are given the chance to select a player name. This is your only chance to choose a unique character designator because once a player name is verified, it can not be updated or changed. If you do not like your name or wish to change it, you have to create a new account and delete the old one (Uninstaller).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Name in Pubg?

1. What are the steps to change my name in Pubg? To change your name in Pubg, follow these steps: – Open the game and go to the “Inventory” section – Click on your current name at the top of the screen – Tap on the “Rename Card” option and click “Use” – Enter your desired new name and click “OK” to confirm it for how to change name in Valorant.

How to Change Name in Pubg?

2. Can I change my name in Pubg for free? Yes, you can change your name in Pubg for free by using a “Rename Card” which can be obtained through events, rewards, or by purchasing it from the in-game store. However, each player is given one free Rename Card upon creating their account.

How to Change Name in Pubg?

3. Is there a limit to how many times I can change my name in Pubg? Yes, there is a limit of one name change per day in Pubg. This means that once you change your name, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can change it again. Additionally, you can only change your name if you have a Rename Card available.

How to Change Name in Pubg?

4. What happens if someone else has the same name as me in Pubg? In Pubg, each player’s name must be unique. If someone else already has the name you want, you will not be able to use it. You will have to come up with a different name or try adding special characters to make it unique.

How to Change Name in Pubg?

5. Can I change my name in Pubg using special characters? Yes, you can use special characters such as letters with accents, numbers, and symbols in your Pubg name. However, you should keep in mind that some special characters may not be supported or visible to other players.

How to Change Name in Pubg?

6. Will my friends be able to see my new name immediately after I change it in Pubg? Yes, your friends will be able to see your new name immediately after you change it in Pubg. However, players you have interacted with in previous games may still see your old name until you play another game with them.

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