A Quick Guide: How to Change Flag in Pubg

Are you a Pubg player looking to personalize your gaming experience by changing your flag in the game?

We will explore what Pubg is, the significance of flags in Pubg, and why someone might want to change their flag.

We will provide a step-by-step guide on how to change your flag in Pubg, along with some helpful tips for choosing the perfect flag.

We will discuss any restrictions you may encounter when changing flags in Pubg. Let’s dive in!

What is Pubg?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by South Korean video game company Krafton. The game was developed by Brendan PlayerUnknown Greene from Ireland as a modified remake of his earlier 2013 ARMA 2 mod, DayZ: Battle Royale. The game was released in March 2017 for Windows via Steam’s early access beta program, with its full release in December 2017. Subsequently, it has also been released on various gaming consoles including Xbox and PlayStation, as well as on iOS and Android devices.

PUBG was one of the initial battle royale games that came to prominence around the same time as Fortnite, taking off in popularity as e-sports and live-streaming of games exploded. As of Fall 2021, PUBG still has millions of daily users worldwide but is eclipsed in visibility by Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite. The games popularized the modern form of the virtual contest that was seen most memorably in the Japanese movie and book Battle Royale.

What is a Flag in Pubg?

The flag is called a title frame in Pubg. A flag is a small graphic that appears next to your character’s username in the upper left-hand corner of the display screen. This is shown whenever anyone is in the lobby, which is the area where players wait for the match to begin. The title frame displays flags.

The term Title Frame is a more precise term as various images or graphics other than flags are used here, such as a profile photo, a tag of the player’s rank in previous seasons, or previous RP (Royal Pass) purchases. Custom Title Frames show the character’s flag which is a symbol of either nationality (113 countries are represented), local region, or organization.

Why Would Someone Want to Change their Flag in Pubg?

  • Expressing national pride: This is the most prevalent reason as players often want to represent their country or a foreign country they are fond of and identify themselves with. Many players believe that the national flag in PUBG gives them their own game identity.
  • Personal branding: A significant minority of players choose a PUBG flag for their own personal branding, often featuring a logo showing their picture or favorite color.
  • Game strategy: I.e. if one is targeting an English-language market, then they may choose a flag of an English-speaking country to befriend others of their nationality and reduce the language barrier.

How to Change Flag in Pubg?

You can change Team or Country as your flag in PUBG Mobile by logging in via a different account (although user feedback to Google, Apple, or PUBG Mobile’s support system might provide an easier solution in the long-run to toggle back and forth between accounts via just the PUBG app). To change your PUBG Mobile flag, sign up and log-in using a new Google Play, Apple, or other third-party accounts. After switching your PUBG Mobile account to one in another country, the flag shown while in class selection will be changed.

To change the flag of the PUBG Mobile account, sign in with a new account (such as Apple or Google Play) created in the region you wish to display. After changing the PUBG Mobile account to a different region, the flag will be changed to the displayed flag shown in Team-Up in the event, the displayed flag during a match, and in the king of the hill mode.

Switching PUBG Mobile accounts between flags can sometimes be a good mechanism to help hide and protect sensitive location data during traveler users away from home. Once in the new location, change the flag of the account to reflect the nation you are located in. This is helpful when using games/hobbies as a form of cybersecurity protection – users can opt to hide their home country for safety purposes. Battleground Mobile India does not offer the ability to change the country’s location or any related data.

Step 1: Open Pubg Mobile App

Click The Pubg Mobile App icon. It can be found on your phone’s home screen or in the app drawer. You will be brought to the home screen of the Pubg Mobile app. After logging in if you are required to, you can navigate quickly by clicking the player avatar in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Go to ‘Inventory’ Tab

After accessing the main menu, go to the ‘Inventory’ tab. Tap on the ‘Inventory’ button which is generally on the bottom-left corner. You will be able to see your owned () titles and skins, which can be equipped and unequipped depending on what you desire. Skins are for guns, vehicles, and helmets. These items for your player, weapons, vehicles, helmets, backpack, and parachutes can all be modified based on the skins and equipment you have unlocked.

Step 3: Select ‘Appearance’ Tab

After re-entering the basic section of the settings menu, select appearance on the left corner. It automatically directs you to the screen where you can change your flag, title, gender, avatars, and frames. Under the each of the above mentioned tabs, the game will show you the available options before you purchase/switch (if you have unlocked any of the options — if not, the game will prompt you to make in-game purchases to unlock the selected flag, title, etc.)

Step 4: Choose ‘Flags’ Category

Following the Procurement Business category, a page shows up where corporation names that fit the category are recommended, with space to add the corporation’s nationality. In my case, no names were shown, so I followed the path with the best match on the map. From the TENCENT button on the left menu, I pressed the PUBG MOBILE button in the Corporations subcategory and then the country India. From the Corporations category, the PUBG MOBILE button on the left was pressed, followed by the Flags subcategory.

Alternatively, you can search for the answer. From the main menu, tap the More (three-dots icon) on the bottom right, followed by the Help Lapu Lapu Mobile, then At the top of the support list is a Search box icon. Tap it and you can type how to change flag and country in Pubg new State in the search field. The first result that comes up gives you the solution. Tap the blank rectangle below your flag on the profile page or the view player profile. If your account is over seven days old with registered email accounts, you can change the number of changes by purchasing the country/flag change.

Step 5: Select Desired Flag

After tapping OK on the select country page with the list of all 200 flags in PUBG Mobile, the app automatically returns you to the Player Name Page. The name input area is still the last one you used located at the bottom of the screen. Your chosen country’s flag, and code with the country name will be displayed to the left.

If you open the Inventory under your username at the top right of the lobby screen, you can see the vast number of flags you would have to choose from. Upon opening and searching the PUBG Mobile inventory, it becomes apparent that all 50 US state flags are included with the flags of the 5 US island territories and hundreds of national flags.

Flags from every corner of the world are included, such as the Martinique flag. A selection of national flags are available with smaller provinces and territories included from strategic locations boasting many players such as the Greenland flag. Unofficial PUBG Mobile flags representing regions such as Transnistria and even fictional nations like PUBG’s representation of the Civil Administration of KBG are included in the game.

Step 6: Confirm the Change

Having successfully followed steps 3 through 6, a confirmation message should appear. The confirmation message states: Your Country/Region has been updated successfully. The Flag page will be displayed after close this window. Closing the pop-up window reveals the Registration and Flag Setting screen with your newly selected flag. Regardless of your region, you can only change flags after 4 weeks of registration.

What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Flag in Pubg?

  • Size: Choose a flag from your backpack that has the largest number of copies (regardless of your style, others see general trends when distinguishing friend or foe). Players report that the Flag of US (Desert) is often chosen as this is a common flag to find. Small flags appear nice but for gameplay, bigger is better.
  • Style: Make sure to read the description in the store and consider where the flag is from. Is it from a PUBG mobile partner, real-life event, Crate, Twitch, Rank and Country Spend Event, ID Card Event, Classic Coupon Scrap, or other?
  • Pricing: Check all regions in the store as sometimes the high price is only in one region. For example, one flag was available with a bundle right underneath it making the price much cheaper.

Consider Your Nationality

The first step before changing your flag in Pubg is to consider your nationality. If you are playing Pubg from America, the United Kingdom of Britain, Canada, Belgium, Thailand, South Korea, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Turkey, or Australia, you can opt to have the flag of your country appear above your name in the game, as well as in your banner or profile picture. If your country is not in the list of available allied flags maintained by your government, then you should use the pubg allied flag associated with your country. This is the most common form of change to a new flag when users undertake the flag change process in PUBG Mobile.

These flags represent countries players are likely to encounter as they play PUBG. If you are not from one of these countries and want to change your flag anyway, consider using the flag of your friends or team members in Pubg. Changing your flag to match those you are often playing together with is a way to create a sense of camaraderie and alignment with your squad or partners-in-crime.

Think About Your Favorite Team or Country in Sports

Elite sports teams, regardless of sport, have endangered life and limb journeying around the globe to represent a city, country, favorite university, or region even as a matter of esprit de corps. Team flag avatars as in NBA or NFL jerseys on PUBG can represent the esprit de corps and mutual comradeship that everyone bounds with a team participating in a tournament. So while choosing an avatar that represents your favorite team, you might look at how teams and players interact off the field.

Choose a Flag That Represents Your Personality

There are 195 flags in PUBG Mobile, embracing a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, representations, and meanings. Here are some basic color meanings you might want to consider:

  • Red: Passion, anger, danger, excitement
  • Blue: Trust, calm, stability
  • Green: Nature, freshness, growth
  • Yellow: Energy, hope, happiness
  • Black: Elegance, evil, mystery
  • White: Purity, innocence
  • Orange: Creativeness, determination, enthusiasm
  • Purple: Peace, power, luxury
  • Brown: Earth, protection, nature
  • Pink: Femininity, romance, love
  • Dark-gray: Security, intelligence, reliability

You can select which flag represents you by simply choosing a shape and color that you like.

Avoid Offensive Flags

Offensive flags refer to those icons that are associated with certain countries or ethnic groups. Keeping in view the general idea in the background, it is advised by official PUBG support channels to avoid such controversial and politically charged symbols and country flags to foster a peaceful environment. Users are free to choose most benign icons on the PUBG list including the Game-Mechanic related companions like Mr. Schnauzer or Croissant, Burger, Donut etc.

While controversial and politically hot flags are not banned, PUBG official guidelines do advise users to be respectful and choose content that is considerate and non-offensive. Remember that part of the idea rather than the rules of the game is interaction in a peaceful and non-threatening arena.

One generally cannot choose an offensive flag that is the most taboo or controversial on PUBG as they do not have ISIS flag, SS Flag, or Nazi Flag for historical reasons. But numerous other non-offensive choices are available in PUBG’s collection.

Are There Any Restrictions for Changing Flags in Pubg?

There are no restrictions for changing flags in Pubg. If you wish to change the country flag displayed in the game frequently, the process is quick and easy through the player info screen. The language user interface of Pubg is automatically set to the in-game chat language the system detects you are in. The flag of the country changes accordingly. When you change flags, it will revert to your default system language settings. Players have found some unusual ways that the language settings work. For example, in some games, choosing the US flag and language settings inadvertently set the chat messages to Russian only, often making communication during gameplay quite difficult.

Limited Number of Flag Changes

Number of name changes: 10. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds permits users to change their name a total of 10 names. After that, you are stuck with the most recent name. Flag changes: none. Flag changing within Pubg Mobile is permitted a maximum of 5 times. This is ample opportunity to be able to change your flag to another country’s but not so many times that players are abusing the feature.

Some Flags May Be Unavailable in Certain Regions

Some flags may be unavailable in certain regions, although the reasons for this are not entirely clear. Pubg does not make all its cosmetic options available in all environments. For unknown reasons, certain countries and regions do not have some flags in the game despite very clear player demand for them.

There are many consistencies based on predominant colors and images. If you see one nation’s flags outside of a game, there is a high probability they will appear in the game. Infrequently shown in the game, some countries with little international clout or global acclaim will not appear. Only a limited amount of censorship appears in the form of national flags in the flag selection area.

There may be some flags unavailable in certain regions. These are the countries with complex or controversial relations. So excluding these flags is a way to avoid problems. For example, the Palestine flag is not available in the game and will not be available due to its controversial status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my flag in Pubg?

To change your flag in Pubg, follow these steps: 1. Open Pubg on your device. 2. Go to your profile by tapping on your avatar in the top left corner. 3. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner. 4. Go to the ‘Basic’ tab and click on the ‘Change’ button next to your current flag. 5. Select your desired flag from the list and click on ‘OK’. 6. Your flag will now be changed in Pubg.

Can I change my flag in Pubg to any country?

Yes, you can change your flag in Pubg to any country that is available in the game. However, please note that some countries may not be available due to certain restrictions.

How many times can I change my flag in Pubg?

There is no limit to how many times you can change your flag in Pubg. You can change it as many times as you want, as long as you have enough BP (Battle Points) to do so.

How do I earn BP to change my flag in Pubg?

BP (Battle Points) can be earned by playing matches, completing missions and challenges, and ranking up in Pubg. You can also purchase BP using real money if you wish to change your flag immediately.

Do I need to pay to change my flag in Pubg?

No, you do not need to pay to change your flag in Pubg. You can use BP (Battle Points) that you have earned through playing the game, or you can purchase BP using real money.

What happens to my previous flag when I change it in Pubg?

Your previous flag will be replaced with the new one that you have chosen. It will no longer be visible on your profile or in-game. However, your previous flag will still be saved in your account and you can change it back at any time.

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