Discover How to Customize Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile

Are you tired of the default quick chat messages in Pubg Mobile? Want to personalize your in-game communication to better suit your playstyle and team coordination?

In this article, we will show you how to change quick chat in Pubg Mobile step by step, including selecting different languages, creating your own messages, and offering tips for effective communication.

Enhance your gaming experience by customizing your quick chat in Pubg Mobile!

What Is Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Quick chat is a set of preset communications in PUBG Mobile that players can access quickly by tapping the speech balloon icon near the player health indicator. It is intended as a tool for the teams of players where microphones can’t be used. Quick chat can be used to request weapons or health kits, propose strategies, or indicate the location of the player. Originally it was used by players to control from taunting other players or misbehaving.

Why Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Changing quick chat in Pubg Mobile may be necessary as there are no settings to reduce the volume of quick commands. Loud teammates or excessive tactical quick chat can be disruptive and in some serious situations dangerous. Players should have the ability to lower or turn off quick chat. A language setting is also missing to prevent spam quick commands.

How to Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

To change Quick Chat in PUBG Mobile, go to Settings in the main lobby, select Audio and change the voice channel chat to Team.

To switch back to quick chat, go to audio settings and change the voice channel chat to All. This is the best setting for quick chat sending and receiving.

Step 1: Open the Game and Go to Settings

To change quick chat in PUBG Mobile, first open the game. If you are already in a match, wait for it to finish, click Settings such as audio or controls in the top right, then exit to the game’s main menu. Along the right side under the Start button, you will see a social icon that looks like three people. Click on this. This is where you can edit your quick chat.

To see the quick chat list and voice command set up, click the gear icon, then Quick Input. Choose the default or other available quick chat settings or go to Custom to create your own unique team or squad voice commands. You can also use the attention setting to communicate different moods. If you would prefer not to hear what teammates are saying, you can click on the Microphone icon in the upper right of the text box, and the volume will be turned down. To prevent others from hearing your speech, turn off the speaker on your phone or set the game settings to mute the others.

Please note that the availability of features such as quick commands in the PUBG Mobile game may depend on the game region, release date, your smartphone version, or sound transmission problems.

Step 2: Select the ‘Quick Chat’ Option

After opening the Pubg mobile settings, step 2 to change the Quick Chat function in Pubg mobile is to select the Quick Chat Option. You can do this on the Game Assistant, on the bottom right of the screen. The game settings function will open, and you will see content listed under the heading of ‘Quick Chat’.

These options correspond to the Quickchat Wheel and the Message Presets. Selecting the Quick Chat Wheel allows you to edit where the Quick Chat Wheel menu is displayed during the game as well as the Quick Chat Wheel’s transparency. The Message Presets selection allows for editing the messages that are bound to your chat presets, as done in step 1.

Step 3: Choose the Language You Want to Change

Go to the Settings->Quick Chat Interface->Text to Speech language. After you have chosen the language you wish to change, tap on it and then tap save. Whenever you change the Text to speech language in the settings, the shortcut on the main play screen will show the updated Paper and Voice texts. In the case of English to Hindi, please note that you will see English characters on the keyboard. You do not need to change your phone language, the system paper and voice text should change when you select other languages. IOS users have an additional field in the preferences called Preferred Text to Speech Language. Select that. Select the desired language from the list. The selected language will be applied to the Quick Chat interface, and the corresponding language’s text will start appearing on the various in-game elements.

Step 4: Select the ‘Change’ Option

After selecting the option to disable quick chat, a change button appears in the affirmative notification which lets you know that the quick chat option was successfully disabled (or activated). Tap the change button. This will take you back to the personal profile screen where various details for the profile can be changed.

Once under settings, you can access a myriad of options to change your account profile, security settings, friends and crew settings, and control settings. You can control basic in-game settings such as your character’s control settings, the in-game graphic and sound qualities, and whether free fire sends you in-game SMS messages. Scroll down in a similar way as shown in previous steps and click on ‘Change’ to change the quick chat option to the opposite of what is set currently.

Step 5: Customize Your Quick Chat Messages

Quick chat messages are texts that Players unknown battleground (PUBG) players can post in response to defined situations without typing out the text themselves. To set these quick chat messages, go to Basic under the System tab and then tap on Teammate’s name in mission list. Select your preference from Classic or Multifunctional depending on how you like your quick chat responses.

What Are the Available Languages for Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

The available languages for Quick Chat in PUBG Mobile are 142. These are the languages listed in the application’s Quick Chat settings (for version 1.6), and likely cover most of the world’s living languages. However, the number of living languages in the world may exceed the PUBG Mobile list by a few dozen to a few hundred, depending on how one counts closely related languages.

The PUBG Mobile default Quick Chat language is English. To switch to another language, PUBG Mobile Android users can follow these steps. Go to settings in PUBG Mobile. Head to controls. Click on quick chat (displayed as a speech bubble icon). In the quick chat setting, scroll down and select language to choose the necessary language from the list.

Here are instructions for PUBG Mobile iOS users. Go to settings on your PUBG Mobile Pomelo account. Go to basic. Click on quick chat. In the Welcome to the Quick Chat! Setting, click on quick chat messages. Scroll down to see the available quick chat languages and you may click on any of them for changing.

The available languages for the Quick Chat in PUBG Mobile are 142. PUBG Mobile players can talk to their team and send messages in English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Turkish, Indonesian, Korean, and Thai, and many other languages.

Can You Create Your Own Quick Chat Messages in Pubg Mobile?

It is not possible to create your own quick chat messages in PUBG Mobile. You have to select from the default quick chat settings such as I need a weapon, Get in the car, Thank you, and so on.

What Are Some Tips for Using Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Some tips when using Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile are to note when you or the other player is behind cover at higher levels. This is indicated by a footstep icon in place of the directional icon and is handy to determine dangerous spots at short and medium ranges during firefights.

Quick Chat can also be used for humor by inputting phrases such as ‘Bye!’ before shooting rockets, something that would generally translate as ‘Goodbye!’ to the enemy player before killing them. Lastly, use quick chat during the initial release. This can assist in notifying teammates geared in different weapons should you hear an enemy with sound.

Use Quick Chat for Important Communication

The main way to change PUBG quick chat is to use it for important communication only. Important communication includes key call-outs such as two-time – level-3 helmets here in quick chat (standard Chinese) and setting up tactical plays with teammates. Players may choose to do this even at the highest difficulty levels (for competitive gaming) and it will probably improve gameplay more over trying to tell the world whether lettuce is pronounced as ‘letus’ or ‘ledus’ or reaffirming to oneself that one is a ‘cool beer’.

Keep Your Quick Chat Messages Short and Clear

Always use short messages to save time. Write a quick message in PUBG Mobile that contains what you need and says no more than that. Short text communications preserve important seconds while identifying your intentions for your teammates. For example, while driving a vehicle, instead of typing enemy ahead, use the shorter, enemy. The chart below gives all the reasons to be precise and use the shortest quick message possible, rather than typing in PUBG Mobile.

Familiarize Yourself with the Quick Chat Commands

In PUBG Mobile, there are over 30. The choices range from patient phrases like “Be careful.” (to alert your team) to “Okay, let’s rush. Lowering the 30k feet to “Where are you looking over there??” Options are provided within three categories of Commands, Responses and Callouts.

The Commands category consists of phrases such as Yes, No, Thank you, Sorry. The Responses category contains previously mentioned phrases such as Be careful, Follow me, Don’t move, Stop. The Callouts category contains previously mentioned phrases such as Enemies ahead, Supplies here, I got supplies, Let’s go.

These are the quick chat commands available in PUBG Mobile. You can click on the square speech balloon near the chat bar to see them. As an earning and spending energy drink commands, Command: Cheer is the only emote available to you. This is more useful for partners and to show sportsmanship to opponents by enhancing humor in the game.

Use Quick Chat to Communicate with Teammates

The purpose of quick chat in PUBG Mobile is to enable quick and straightforward communication between teammates. From my experience as a player, this function can be extremely useful. Instead of having to take the time to type a message to your teammate during the course of a game which can endanger yourself unnecessarily, you may want to use the quick chat function instead. All the quick chat messages can be sent instantly with one touch of a button. For someone playing with random players, if you do not have headphones, quick chat gives you a necessary means to communicate with your team without disrupting the team during a game.

Customize Your Quick Chat Messages According to Your Playstyle

Some folks like to talk more, some less. Some players tend to use a small number and short length of quick chat messages while others might use quick chat several times in rapid succession. If you do not like too much clutter, you can modify quick chat options the way you want, reducing the number of unique messages available. Or you can even incorporate common quick chat commands into quick chat options customized for different contexts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Can I change the default quick chat options in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, you can change the quick chat options by navigating to the settings menu and selecting “Quick Chat.” From there, you can customize the quick chat messages to your preference.

How to Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

How do I add my own quick chat messages in Pubg Mobile?

To add your own quick chat messages, go to the settings menu and select “Quick Chat.” From there, select the “Edit” option and then choose the message you want to replace. Finally, type in your new message and save it.

How to Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Can I change the order of quick chat messages in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, you can rearrange the order of the quick chat messages by going to the settings menu and selecting “Quick Chat.” From there, choose the “Customize” option and then drag and drop the messages in the desired order.

How to Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Can I turn off quick chat in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, you can turn off quick chat by going to the settings menu and selecting “Quick Chat.” From there, toggle off the “Enable” option. This will disable all quick chat messages in the game.

How to Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Can I change the language of quick chat messages in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, you can change the language of quick chat messages by going to the settings menu and selecting “Quick Chat.” From there, select the “Language” option and choose the language you prefer.

How to Change Quick Chat in Pubg Mobile?

Does changing quick chat messages affect gameplay in Pubg Mobile?

No, changing quick chat messages does not affect gameplay in any way. It is simply a customization option for players to communicate with each other during matches.

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