A Guide to Split Screen in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Looking to enhance your Fortnite gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch?

We explore the world of split-screen gaming in Fortnite. Understand what split screen is and how it works on the Switch, set it up, and play with different controllers.

Discover the benefits and limitations of split-screen in Fortnite, and learn how to disable it when needed. Ready to level up your multiplayer game!

Key Takeaways:

  • Split screen in Fortnite on Switch allows for local multiplayer, increased communication and strategy, and a unique gaming experience.
  • To set up split screen on Switch, start Fortnite on both controllers, link the controllers to the Switch, connect to the same network, and start a local co-op match.
  • To disable split screen in Fortnite on Switch, go to the main menu, select “Settings,” navigate to the “Game” tab, and toggle the “Split Screen” option to “Off.”
  • What Is Fortnite?

    Fortnite is an online multiplayer game created and published by Epic Games. Players communicate with each other in a social network. It was initially released in 2017 and can be played on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac platforms in addition to Switch.

    Fortnite boasts seasonal updates, limited-time game modes, new weapons and items, and extensive crossover events, such as the Avengers themed season, a John Wick themed event, Infinity Blade and others. The game is free, but players can purchase V-Bucks– the game’s virtual currency- to buy items, emotes, and character skins that have no impact on the gameplay.

    The game can be played in three modes:

    1. Battle Royale mode: A 100-player free-for-all where the last player or team standing wins.
    2. Save the World mode: It is a game where players need to collaborate to protect themselves and others against AI attackers. This mode is not free-to-play and has different in-game mechanics.
    3. Creative mode: Players can design their games within battle maps, where they host their own games and invite friends to join, with their own rules and conditions.

    What Is Split Screen in Fortnite?

    Split Screen is a feature Epic Games brought to Fortnite on PlayStation and Xbox that lets people sit together in the same room and play the game at the same time. Players can experience the battle royale from different vantage points as they appear on the same maps, can fight either on the same team or on different teams, and can seamlessly switch in and out of split-screen mode. For the Nintendo Switch, there is no split-screen functionality which means that each person needs a separate Switch console. Nevertheless, it is possible for people to still experience the thrill of playing by acting as if they are in split-screen mode and sitting together playing the game from multiple consoles at the same time.

    How Does Split Screen Work on Switch?

    Split-screen works on Switch by simply linking additional controllers and selecting two profiles at the game mode select menu. This will bring both players to a split-screen match where they can play simultaneously in the same match of Fortnite.

    There are two console modes for Switch. If you are using the console/portable hybrid switch as the screen in either docked or handheld mode, you can use the split-screen mode. However, it is reasonable to expect a drop in performance in handheld mode compared to docked mode.

    If you are not using the console as the screen and are linking it to another screen as with the Switch Lite, only one user can be logged in at a time and thus there is no split-screen capability unless another console and television or computer screen is linked.

    How to Set Up Split Screen on Switch?

    You cannot set up split screen on the Switch on your own. The game Fornite was removed from the Nintendo Switch store on September 13th, 2021. Previous to that there was no official SBNFS support on that platform.

    Only two players on the Nintendo Switch can play together on a single screen. Once two Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers are activated, the game automatically enables splitscreen play. Splitscreen on the Nintendo Switch is great as it provides both players with a good amount of screen space and visibility.

    Step 1: Start Fortnite on Both Controllers

    To split screen in Fortnite on a Switch for your local multiplayer game session, you should first ensure each player has their own account and is connected to their own separate controller. Begin loading Fortnite on the primary player’s account and wait until they have reached the lobby. Now press the + or button on the secondary controller, sign in using the second user’s credentials, and launch Fortnite. Both players should now be in the lobby.

    While the secondary account‘s actions are limited and it can only see the lobby for dynamic online play, this is normal. You must still locate the Epic Friends option on the second account and press the “a” button if requested.

    If this process does not work automatically, the accounts will have to be rematched against one another via the settings in order to verify that they are local players. However, this shouldn’t be a concern as shown in the image below. This map by Hikato A in the Fortnite Creative Hub shows the steps players should take when they cannot automatically see other partially or fully signed-in Epic Friends.

    Step 2: Link the Controllers to the Switch

    Take the previously linked controllers and press the Sync button on the Joycons. This is the button on the left side of the Joycon (just under the railing) that is circular and has a single line next to it. Hold the Joycon upright and have this button on the very bottom, then simultaneously press and hold the Sync button on both Joycons. Bluetooth should be turned on again before doing this.

    Step 3: Connect the Controllers to the Same Network

    In the Quick Start Initialization tool, if a headset icon shows up on the controller icon across from a plug then the headband is connected to the same controller power box. When the controllers need to be synced, immediately switch to another power box. For the Fly 2.0 FPV Cradle Head Tracker, any headset icon can be activated to the V+ with the first channel having to be cleared. By activating the headset icon when the controller is turned off, it will automatically sync with the controller.

    Step 4: Start a Local Co-op Match

    When the players to be included in the split screen have all been added to the party, then player 1 (the host) must press the plus sign to bring up the daily and weekly quests menu. Scroll over to the career tab and on the upper-right corner of the screen find and select the Career Profile option. Highlight the Creative option and press it to bring up a list of various islands that are available to use.

    The host must choose any of the islands presented for local split-screen. Once the island has loaded, the host follows the prompts with any of the options for game type and settings suggested by the Fortnite system, or changes them as desired. Once ready, the first player to have joined the party must walk up to the console and press ‘A’ to add their player data. On the second controller (for plugging in the Joy-Cons, add the data for player 2 and walk over to the starting spot a short distance away.

    Press the same button as before and now the console is ready for local split-screen play in Fortnite. Remember that there are some differences and limitations associated with this local split-screen play. It is only possible to play Creative mode. This means there are no storm clouds to worry about, with all the players having access to unlimited ammunition and the ability to fly as desired using the jump and hovering feature. So there is no place to work out strategies or to worry about countdowns or the sudden death experiences that come with storm fighting.

    How to Play Split Screen on Switch?

    You play split screen on the Nintendo Switch by launching the desired game that has a split screen feature, syncing extra controllers, and then selecting the Party mode. If the game supports up to four split screens for local multiplayer, up to four players can participate together as shown in the image above. Not all games on the Nintendo Switch support split screen, but Fortnite is one of those that does.

    This is what you need to do to play split screen on the Nintendo Switch using Fortnite:

    1. Launch Fortnite on Switch
    2. Sync extra controllers to the switch via the home screen.
    3. Press the Home button during linear gameplay.
    4. Select Controllers in the list of options that appears, and connect controllers.
    5. Select the party option on the main lobby screen to open a new party.
    6. Then select join screen with corner icon on the upper right side of the profile of the player you want to join, as shown in the image above. The screens will split horizontally or vertically.

    You are now set up to play together as a team.

    Using Joy-Con Controllers

    With your Joy-Con controllers paired to your Nintendo switch, follow these steps to learn how to split screen in Fortnite on the Switch. Step 1: From the main menu of the Fortnite app for switch, take one controller and press A. Step 2: Using the same controller, you may press L to go back to the game mode menu which should appear as you start any battle. Sign into the same account you want to play split-screen local multiplayer with and then press the + underneath the second controllers profile. Step 3: Switch to a different player’s profile and this time press A. Step 4: After deciding amongst your friends, press Y in order to choose no fills. After confirmation press RT to lock settings.

    The screen should now split vertically and you now have two players playing on the same device in split-screen mode. When one player wishes to exit the game and the other one is still playing locally, they will have to press a series of easy steps. They will have to press Plus on the sidebar menu, return to the lobby, and press B in order to exit the match. If they would not like the other player to continue playing split-screen afterwards, they can press the Exit Fortnite button. For experienced users who want to play in split-screen by themselves, another option is to lock the game mode by pressing RT wasn’t with the second controller. Note that to see both split screens, both players may have to sit close to their screens.

    Using Pro Controllers

    When using a Pro Controller, the steps are the exact same as when using joy cons on the Nintendo Switch, and the Pro Controller is even more compatible with split-screen gaming than joy cons.

    Some people find it easier to control their in-game character using a Pro Controller, while others’ do not mind the flexy control schemes of joy cons.

    Some people find split-screen gaming better with a Pro Controller, and the options for occasional solo play are achieved with simpler controls and one fewer bulky device.

    The view areas offered by the Nintendo Pro Controller are significantly more open than those of the joy cons. For Fortnite, the original Pro Controller that was launched with the Nintendo Switch has button configurations that are the most similar to those on the Nintendo Switch (except for the locations of the thumbsticks).

    Its button and joystick positions are also the same on the Dualshock 4 (PS4) and the Xbox One Controller. This means that when using the Pro Controller, a near seamless transition can be made to either of these two devices as backups to control in Fortnite, especially in solo play mode and emergency situations. The newer Switch Pro Controller models have larger D-Pads.

    What Are the Benefits of Split Screen in Fortnite?

    The main benefit of split screen in Fortnite is allowing local multiplayer where two players can enjoy the game together in the same location. There is some dissatisfaction with the design and functionality of local multiplayer gaming among gamers, but the ability for friends or family members to enjoy a popular game like Fortnite together without the need for an additional device means split screen still has important applications even four years after the feature was removed from computer sets. Moreover, split screen can be a useful educational tool for parents or teachers. Jen Sun, VP of STEM from Zyrobotics, a company that designs educational technology for children with disabilities, asserts that moderate use of touch screen devices can improve fine motor control, using digital visual aids in the learning process.

    Allows for Local Multiplayer

    Having a local multiplayer split-screen mode for Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch would allow for two or more players to play locally on the same system at the same time. This would allow for better communication and bonding between players, particularly friends or family playing together in the same physical location.

    It should be noted that multitasking in Fortnite is already a challenging exercise requiring very good coordination from both players. When both players must focus all their attention to the screen and not to each other’s reactions and movements, it doesn’t make for a great local social experience. As technology brings people further away from each other in their habits, local multiplayer should be encouraged. A local split-screen mode in Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch would be the best way to capitalize on local social interaction and bonding.

    A local multiplayer mode is a potential tool for developers to encourage all-ages participation in the gaming world. Games like Fornite on the Nitendo Switch are ideally suited for that kind of local multiplayer mode. This demographic would be more likely to play games that feature this mode, leading to further growth of the gaming industry.

    Increases Communication and Strategy

    Split screen is cooperative by nature and naturally lends itself to increased communication and strategy. Quite simply the better you communicate and strategize with your partner, the better you will do together at whatever your goal is. This is a perfect way for amateur players to improve their gameplay as strategy and tactics are essential to split screen play. Split screen play can help amateur players learn to work better together towards a common goal.

    Provides a Unique Gaming Experience

    Split screen on Fortnite on Switch provides a unique gaming experience. The Switch is known for its multiple ways of playing games, though users are more limited in the game libraries they can choose from than with other consoles. Some gamers have requested the split-screen feature for the Battle Royale version of the game on the Switch, which was available from 2020 to 2021. However, Fortnite has been historically unable to maintain smooth gameplay on the portable console, and it was one of the game’s first features removed when there were issues related to certain channels. Though split-screen for Fortnite on the Switch Lite offers a trading-off experience, it is certainly unique and loyal users can still enjoy it.

    What Are the Limitations of Split Screen in Fortnite?

    The limitations of split-screen mode in Fortnite are entirely due to hardware vs software capabilities. In Fortnite, everything in split-screen mode is smaller than in single-player mode so that things are less cluttered. Small items and enemy players are harder to see in reduced-screen mode, limiting abilities to make precise shots and decreasing situational awareness.

    In response to a Reddit post titled Epic Can We Get a HUD Size Slider for Split Screen? one player observed, It seems like the items in the game, specifically crafting items have been cursed with hex. From a distance, we know the general direction they are located but we can only get so much closer before they totally vanish.

    Hardware and software limitations of the Nintendo Switch are the most significant gameplay limitation. Hardware limitation is that a second set of controls are needed to play split-screen Fortnite, while in software, voice chat was available on the platform but required using the Nintendo online app, which is a strong constraint in a game consistently heavy on communication. The Switch limits players to touch screens as controllers, rather than offer options for non-touch, which is not ideal for gameplay.

    Reduced Screen Size and Visibility

    FoxNews points out that Fortnite is a game where players will find reduced screen size adversely affecting their gameplay. Generally, the screen is split evenly, which halves the size of each visual screen by 50%. Players’ visibility of the gaming environment is therefore cut in half, giving them a much smaller vision during gameplay. However, the trade-off here is a lack of privacy and alertness to others in the environment because they are still able to see you.

    No Online Multiplayer Option

    According to the official Fortnite Multiplayer frequently asked question post, Nintendo Switch does offer split screen options for its games on Switch using JoyCons only, which is ideal since it has two on the console itself. However, Fortnite on Switch does not have this feature. Instead, Fortnite offers only local multiplayer mode normally available on consoles using different controllers for two players on the same device. And Nintendo does not appear to offer this locally used shared screen feature according to their website and the Nintendo section of the Fortnite FAQ on the Epic games site. The consequence of this is that two players must have a Nintendo Switch and two separate displays operating with two separate games, playing against or with each other over the internet.

    Requires Additional Controllers and Devices

    Split screen in Fortnite mode on the Switch works if you have an Additional Switch Console and Extra Joy-Cons. Here is how you do screen share with two switches:

    1. Each Switch user needs their own Switch console that is connected to a TV. Start Fortnite on both Switches, and pair the necessary number of Joy-Cons to both Switches.
    2. With Fortnite running, have both users select the Duos or Squad Fortnite mode.
    3. In lobby, have one player go to their list of in-game friends. From there, have the other player add them.
    4. Once the friend request is accepted, the players are good to go. Hit the plus on the right Joy-Con to pull up a list of friends. Select the friend who sent you the friend request and then + (zoom in) to quickly link both matches.

    After 30 seconds or so, the connection is complete and you’ll see your friend’s avatar. When you have the connection ready on both consoles, start the game by finding a match.

    Note: While a few other games are split screen, the Switch version of Fortnite is not and only works via linking two different devices.

    Advantages of Split-Screen in Fortnite Mode on the switch using two switches
    Can switch and carry gameplay onto a separate device
    Can split gameplay across two separate monitors
    Potentially smoother graphics compared to running two-player split-screen deal gaming on a single switch.

    Disadvantages of Split-Screen in Fortnite Mode on the switch using two switches
    More costly to have two separate consoles and joy cons
    Might be more complicated to initially set up on two devices.

    How to Disable Split Screen in Fortnite on Switch?

    To disable split-screen in Fortnite on Switch, go to the Pause Menu, click on the Cogwheel Icon in the corner, and under the heading HUD Layout Tool switch the setting to Single Player. This will exit out of split-screen in Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch.

    If you are in Duos or Squads and get a notification stating Mode Change Required and that one of the players is required to play on Split-Screen, follow the instructions in the image below (if on mobile). You may have to change your game or have one of the party members play in Multiplayer mode.

    Step 1: Go to the Main Menu

    To split screen in Fortnite on a Nintendo Switch, the first step is to go to the main menu. Time at the main menu lets players log in, adjust their settings, or select different game types.

    If they are currently in a game, to quickly get to the main menu, players should press either the + or – button on the left controller. Press the – (negative) button and then the A button to Confirm Quit. The game will switch to the main screen. Press the A button then choose the option GAMEMODES (to start) or LOBBY (to return to the session) by toggling up or down with the left joystick. Press the A button to select it.

    Step 2: Select the ‘Settings’ Option

    After logging in and selecting the ‘Wireless Play’ button, the button at the top right corner, touch the gear icon behind your logged in ‘Epic Games’ player profile. The first heading will allow you to choose the ‘Controller’. Choose the appropriate controller for each screen. The second heading allows you to let someone else log in by touching ‘Add used controller’ and connecting another controller.

    Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Game’ Tab

    Once in the Nintendo Switch home screen, press the right direction on the left control stick, A to select the row of System settings and go to the Game Settings. Here you can set up how you split screen, controlling the layout, when the game splits, etc. Under this tab, Screen Layout controls where the split occurs and where different switches are. `Save Up/Down` controls the keys to store the screen layout that can be switched back and forth in the game.

    Step 4: Toggle the ‘Split Screen’ Option to ‘Off’

    Once everything is set up properly, press the + button on your controller to go back to the Main Menu. In the main menu, the last tile you accessed was the tile with the systems and email icons you chose. This is the tile where you now see the Split Screen option in the square directly to the right. Press the A button to select this tile.

    To exit the Split Screen mode that is now engaged, press either joystick on the controller and then press the A button. Hit the with the to toggle down to the option. This is a red box with multiple squares. Press the joystick to highlight this icon. When the icon is highlighted, press the button. You now have the option to toggle mode to off. The red box will turn to plain white unless you are playing against someone who is using Switch Split Screen mode in which case you will be asked if you want to kick the existing player. Use the to access a new menu. Switch the Split Screen button to and hit the button, button, or again to start play in the off mode.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Split Screen in Fortnite on Switch?

    The process of splitting the screen in Fortnite on Switch is quite simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

    What is the purpose of split screen in Fortnite on Switch?

    Split screen allows players to team up and play Fortnite together on the same device, creating a more interactive gaming experience.

    Can I split screen with any player on Fortnite on Switch?

    No, split screen is only available for players who are playing on the same Switch device.

    How many players can participate in split screen on Fortnite on Switch?

    Split screen on Fortnite on Switch allows for up to two players to participate at a time.

    Do both players need their own Nintendo Switch Online subscription to use split screen in Fortnite on Switch?

    Yes, both players need their own Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to use split screen in Fortnite on Switch.

    Is split screen available for all game modes in Fortnite on Switch?

    Yes, players can use split screen in all game modes in Fortnite on Switch, including Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World.

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