Mastering Pubg Weapons: Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Pro Player

Curious about how to become a weapon master in PUBG? Look no further!

We break down everything you need to know about weapon mastery, including how it works, how to level up, the benefits of mastering weapons, and the different levels of mastery.

Plus, we’ll share some valuable tips and tricks to help you improve your skills and dominate the battlefield.

Grab your favorite weapon and get ready to level up your game!

What is Weapon Mastery?

Weapon Mastery is a system within Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds that keeps track of a player’s performance with each individual weapon. Performance is based on hits, misses, distance, and kills. Mastering multiple weapons is an empirical representation of a player’s overall skill and desired weapon play style while using a plethora of firearms available within the dynamic game. Formerly the Weapon Mastery system held a meaningful place in Treyarch’s Blackout part of the Call of Duty series, but that game and the decision to remove it are separate.

How Does Weapon Mastery Work?

Pubg’s Weapon Mastery is a gameplay system that provides rewards to players who play skillfully with weapons in both classic and ranked modes. The algorithm behind weapon mastery in Pubg is based on players’ performance in approximately 5-minute chunks of time from the moment they equip the weapon until they die. It marks proficiency with specific weapons as time spent training and surviving adds up, and adjusts the algorithm constantly to keep up with a player’s current skill level.

How to Level Up Your Weapon Mastery?

You level up your weapon mastery by scoring Weapon XP. According to the PUBG Guide, Weapon XP is a special reward that players receive at the end of matches for their personal performance with the gun during the match. A higher amount of XP is awarded based on specific criteria, such as Kills, Assists, Survival, and Heals. As a blend of PUBG individual experience data and player responses, I have put together the following trends that determine how many Weapon XP max points you can earn in a match under the Survival and Match Making criteria.

    PUBG Weapon Mastery Experience Game Criteria

  1. Wins – 5 points
  2. Top 10 (Excluding MVP Score) – 3.75 points
  3. Top 11 – 25 (Excluding MVP Score) – 2.5 points
  4. Kills – 1 kill = 1 point
  5. Daily and Top 10 – For different battle levels obtained or time played

Other actions that affect your score in the PUBG Weapon Mastery Experience category are Losing and Top 10/11-25 finish with combined gameplay actions under different weapons in training. You will need to be among the top performers who secure the finish within at least the top 25 of that beer to increase your Axis more than below-average players.

Currently one is not able to see their progress bar or track their weapons’ mastery. However, PUBG recommends that at least 10 points be earned for new players, and at least 3-4 kills and be among the final 10 survivors in beginners’ game modes so they can start contributing to their weapon mastery level positively.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice conquers tough concepts that serve as a solid foundation for mastery. You can practice mastering the weapon in PUBG by using it regularly in matches. The more you use it, the more you will understand the ins and outs of the weapon, its strengths and limitations, and you can master its ideal use cases.

You can also create your own game modes and practice with the weapon of your choice, only picking it up and using it as much as possible. This can particularly improve your performance and weapon mastery when picking up popular weapons used by the majority of players, such as the UMP, SCAR-L, or Vector.

The spray patterns of machine guns are easy to learn, and when combined with their high ammo availability, are reliable weapons for every player who wants to improve their performance and weapons mastery skill in PUBG.

Play Different Game Modes

Weapon mastery is not limited to using weapons in TDM, Arena, War, Payload, and other non-Classic modes. Each has its own characteristics that allow you to focus on different aspects of weapon usage and practice different skills (click here to expand heading 12 for more). Different weapon ranges, varying footstep volumes, rates of weapon acquisition, and various enemy player force sizes are the type of characteristics that you can practice in the different game modes.

Use Different Weapons

Using different weapons will ensure you are prepared for whatever you find. All G36C and SCAR-L variants are DMRs so also learn to use those if you cannot find sniper rifles. Pistol-Scoped Rifles like the R1895 or R45 can also be a good option if you cannot find DMR sniper rifles. If playing the Sniper Training Battle or the Gun Game mode, you should get used to all rifles and SMGs.

Focus on Accuracy and Headshots

Focusing on accuracy usually means reducing the number of shots taken. This often means preventing the opponent from closing the distance and avoiding situations where the probability of a body shot hitting is low. Such situations include unaimed point-blank firefights. The impact of this strategy is reduced in close combat, but a player is significantly more likely to win a mid-range engagement if they hit rather than miss the first shot. Long-range engagements are almost impossible to play without accuracy, so ensure that every shot counts by only firing when shot placement will likely damage or kill the opponent in a few hits. One of the best ways to increase accuracy in PUBG is by increasing the mouse DPI or decreasing sensitivity. Some special optics are useful for increased accuracy, including 6x, 8x, and 15x scopes. But most experts recommend relying on the 2x, 3x, and 4x scopes for regular encounters so that the player can still see. The bolt-action weapon AWM can use a 15x scope paired with a 1x, 2x, or 3x scope.

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

You can obtain various leveled Weapon Master badges by completing the Daily Missions, Elite Missions, and Victory Product Event Missions usable daily, weekly, and monthly, respectfully (Elite Missions badge only) in Pubg’s Royale Pass.

Progress on these missions can be obtained on Survival, Shooting, Exploration, Social, or Guardian (battling against hackers) missions or on task-specific ones. Most of them are only required to be played, but some require particular achievements such as kills with a specified weapon type (P1/Vintorez Osobrist, AWM, frag grenade, or melee weapons) and even Grenade Kill Master as mentioned above. Apart from free challenges, this badge can also be sped up by spending money, as some missions requiring spending such as playing with a friend or making a purchase.

What Are the Benefits of Weapon Mastery?

The most significant benefits of weapon mastery in PUBG are better aim, the ability to control recoil, improved versatility in weapons, and the improved ability to use attachments properly. Weapon mastery is a key part of PUBG’s tactical and strategic decision making, according to Alexander Ramirez, a professor in applied mathematics at the Royal Military Academy in Belgium. PUBG requires a medium level of accuracy when using weapons. To be able to adapt in battle situations and use weapons at peak efficiency, one has to master the mechanics of the game, which includes the weapons.

Unlocking Weapon Skins

Unlocking weapon skins in Pubg is a direct and rapid way to materialize your weapon mastering abilities in the game. You can unlock weapon skins through the following methods:

  • Career Achievement Crates
  • Store (requires UC or CP)
  • Redeem Code
  • Royal Pass Crates (RP Crates)
  • Auto-match Bonus
  • Royal Pass Missions Be sure to check out the new weapons and bundle – Blood Raven – by Upgrading to Royal Pass <2022>. The wonderful new year exclusive skins for many weapons will help your skills stand out in PUBG matches.

Earning BP and Rewards

To earn BP (Battle Points) and other rewards in PUBG, players can obtain winner winner chicken dinner by being the last one standing. The number of BP received depends on the chicken dinner and damage dealt (kill points are themselves BP). There are three types of rewards in the game: Battle Points, Survivor Pass rewards, and mission rewards. Battleground Points (BP) can be used to purchase loot crates and items (like in the example weapon Master crate above).

Survivor Pass rewards are gained by increasing PUBG ID levels which require gaining experience points based on survival time and lots of damage. Having PUBG ID levels increases a player’s chances of getting better rewards. Mission rewards are daily/weekly/monthly challenges which reward both XP and missions coupons which can be redeemed to earn usable items in the game. The Survivor Pass is an in-game challenge system for PUBG. The Survivor Pass is designed to create a comprehensive progression system across numerous in-game goals. Levy pays, Premium Pass owners and special mission type owners, all have their own set of goals and goals.

Showing Off Your Skills

Winning Personal or Team CHICKEN DINNER matches in PUBG Mobile showcases your gaming skills, including your weapon mastery. How to show off your skills? Every time you beat an enemy that has higher-level equipment or an airdrop soldier, you have a good opportunity. You can show that you swapped equipment to full auto while moving or quickly switched to an SMG after sniping. It can be beneficial to acquire a flare gun and call for an airdrop to show off or meet up with random teammates for a chicken dinner. Pandey’s video with the assistance of clowns academy has some creative examples to add to these ideas for showing off your skills.

What Are the Different Weapon Mastery Levels?

The different weapon mastery levels are levels earned by damage done, headshots, kills, carrying capacity over a game, and time survived during matches in weapon master tier mode on Pubg Mobile.

  1. Beginner
    • Level 1
    • 750 damage
  2. Novice
    • Level 2
    • 1500 damage
  3. Experienced
    • Level 3
    • 2000 damage
  4. 0.3 reward points per damage point
    • 0.4 reward points per damage point
    • 100 headshots
  5. 0.2 reward points per damage point
    • 0.25 reward points per damage point
    • 150 headshots
  6. 0.2 reward points per damage point
    • 0.25 reward points per damage point
    • 150 headshots
  7. Eliminate 1,000 enemies 0.5 reward points per kill
  8. Eliminate 1,500 enemies 0.6 reward points per kill
  9. 0.5 reward points earned per kill
  10. Maximum carrying capacity of 500
    • Maximum carrying capacity of 700
    • Survive 300 minutes
  11. 0.55 reward points earned per kill
  12. Maximum carrying capacity of 700
  13. Survive 450 minutes

Mastery levels 4 to 6 are identical to levels 1 to 3 but with higher requirements. Notably, survival time is more heavily rewarded at the higher levels. Time served, as with most things, is an equally important factor in progressing beyond level 3.


The apprentice stage in the Pubg weapon mastery system involves the following activities. Engage the maximum number of enemies to increase gained XP. Light and Frag Grenades, Stun Grenades, Molotovs, and Smoke Grenades can be practiced here.

Pistols are the ideal tool for short-range encounters at the beginner level, and pistol camos can be achieved at the first two levels. Avoid confrontation with enemies with a significant advantage except in the event of an emergency.

Submachine Guns (SMGs) can equip you with the ability to battle at different ranges in the apprentice stage. UZI Light and MP5K Assault SMGs with 9 mm ammo have great damage and excellent rate-of-fire to get kills.


The second stage toward learning how to weapon master in Pubg is experienced. Here is how a Pubg player can gain experience with each weapon type.

Medicine: Sometimes staying in the laboratory is your greatest defense, allowing you to learn how a weapon works, get an idea of when to use it, and have extra health and ammo. This headshot on the ຫL-1 ປ because of your low health probably wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t rested.

Air Drops (Armored UAZ, UB-32 Rockets): Test out your weapons by sourcing them from air drops whenever the opportunity presents itself, or by using a mobile training account.

Locate the Hot Drops: Ice-cool under the pressure of squads who will most likely kill you until you arrive. When they finally arrive, you should kill them quickly if you spot any and switch to your new weapon of choice immediately in anticipation of further combat. If no one visits the hot spot, you may always gather and change weapons, allowing you to use all sorts of weaponry and identify the ones that are best for you.

Hang out in Zombie Mode: You will give yourself unlimited chances to play with a weapon without dying by using a mobile training account in a zombie mode game. You can gain experience with both a weapon and the game by participating in training and zombie mode games.


Skilled Masters have strength and weakness in all three categories. These players are the average joes of PUBG MOBILE. They will be on a team with players who are adept at both weaponry and strategy and are the support system for the entire Favorite 4. Skilled players improve their strategy and technique on the battlefield. They always have additional resources and utility items with them which enables them to contribute to their team. Plant smoke grenades, electric bombs, and molotovs in your inventory, advises the gaming guide.


PUBG specialists are players that develop a superior proficiency using a coronavirus outbreak game weapon with which they are already highly skilled. In general, it is suggested for specialist players to have a primary and secondary weapon set with options that are similar in reload mechanics and damage. If these two weapons provide no aid for fighting another player at a long or short distance, the player may add commonly available sniper rifles or shotguns to their mix.


The Expert stage of a master of Pubg weapon practice is achieved after being consistently able to reach top 10 on the rankings. At this point, a player should understand the effective range, bullet velocity, and bullet drop of different weapons. A player should have experience with almost all weapons and be able to decide which weapons are best for different situations. Experts should also have high mobility and able to dodge incoming bullets with adequate cover and crouch/strafe as necessary.


Master in PUBG refers to the final part of the game when you have decided on the best approach, weapons, and proper traveling. Sometimes there is nothing one can do, and player-dependent factors like lagging ruin one’s game. Preferably a player reaches the holding pattern relatively early and no later than when there are 15 left in the final circles. To master the game, PUBG provides training grounds that are useful for improving gunplay but less useful than dropping popular locations for learning map strategy.

To improve in the late game, there is no secret weapon master code, strategy, or gimmick. It matters to get to it often to improve and practice it, as the late-game scenarios involve everything a player has learned and require the most kill skill and smart strategy to be successful. To master, the game a player must simply play more games, watch professionals, reduce mistakes, and continually practice to grow. This paragraph is a tragedy and is so brutally honest because while all gamers want there to be an easy way to master the late game, there is no formally agreed-upon way to get good.

As you play and actively practice, do not forget to be learning from your opponents in this final stage as well. Being good also means knowing how other good players play. Drop in more popular locations to bump into more good players and watch recording of your game’s endings to determine smart positional strategies, as well as when and when not to fight in the final third of the game. You can pause and start the recording to see every mistake you made, counsels a PUBG competitive player in a video-combination stream with two others.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Weapons in PUBG

The best ways to master weapons in PUBG are as follows. Choose weapons appropriate to the stage of the game you are at. Use attachments on your guns as they are available. Improve your strafing and aiming skills for any weapon class. Play events such as the Training Mode which was introduced in September 2020 to get unlimited access to weapons to practice with.

It also helps to join custom rooms with friends and use `weapon master` levels to avoid having to hide to keep from being killed. In addition, utilize the Quickdraw for faster reloading and the Thumb Grip which offers reduced vertical recoil to better your odds of mastering weapons. Learn to judge the bullets you have left as evenly as possible because the fewer rounds you have in one weapon, the more throwaway it becomes. Master switching even in combat to avoid being caught flat-footed.

Use Attachments to Improve Weapon Performance

Attachments such as silencers, compensators, and foregrips can boost a weapon’s performance by up to 25% in terms of gun handling characteristics such as recoil, stability, and crosshair bob.

Because the types of weapons and attachments available from game to game change, this table covers every attachment slot category and their weapon-class compatibility which you should look out for when playing:

  • Muzzle Attachments
  • Muzzle Slot:
    • Flash Hider
    • Suppressor
  • Compatible with: All ARs, SMGs, DMRs, Handguns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles
  • Compensator Slot: Compensator
  • Compatible with: All ARs, SMGs, DMRs, LMGs, Shotguns
  • Barrel Attachments
  • Light Grip Slot: Light Grip
  • Compatible with: All ARs, SMGs
  • Regular Grip Slot: Half Grip, Angled Foregrip, Vertical Foregrip
  • Compatible with: All ARs, SMGs, DMRs, LMGs, Shotguns
  • Other under-barrel attachments
  • Regular Foregrip Slot: Thumb Grip
  • Compatible with: All ARs, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns
  • Other under-barrel attachments
  • Scope Attachments
  • Scope Slot: 2X, 3X, 4X, 6X Scope
  • Compatible with: All ARs, SMGs, DMRs, LMGs, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Including Several Handguns
  • Holographic Sight Slot: Canted sight
  • Compatible with: Automatically shifts over from primary sight with no button press required
  • Optic Slot: 8X or higher scope
  • Compatible with: All sniper rifles including the VSS and Win94
  • Weapon Stock Attachments
  • Stock Slot: Tac-Stock
  • Compatible with: Beryl M762, SKS, Mini14, Vector, Vector, AKM, LMGs
  • Chassis Slot (for Win94 only)
  • Add-on slot

Weights reduce your bonus points if used with canted sight (yes, it sounds crazy, but it’s true)

Refer to this Pubg Mobile attachment guide for details on the effects of weapon attachments and detailed strategies for attachment usage in different situations.

Learn Recoil Patterns

Recoil is the process where the weapon slides upwards and to the left or right as a result of each shot’s energy. The recoil pattern of each weapon is different. Recoil can make it difficult to manage shots during rapid shooting and can affect the player’s targeting and hit rate. Recoil is the player’s advantage when firing short controlled bursts but must be more effectively learned to counteract it. This is particularly true for most of those people who find the weapon difficult to control. Mastering the art of controlling the weapon’s dispersion due to the recoil pattern by doing recoil control practice in training mode is highly advantageous for enhancing gunplay. This is particularly essential when fighting in medium or long-distance battles.

Use Grenades and Throwables Effectively

Grenades (frag and Molotov) and other throwables are a major part of various pubg strategies so it’s important you get good at them. Starting with frag grenades, these are intended to clear enemies out of a specific area or behind cover. Simple bounce shots or cooking disruptions are effective Grenade Delhi moves. Molotovs are also intended to either disrupt or force enemies out of an area. When using flashbangs, bear in mind that their primary role is to splash near hallways, stairwells, and corners, so they don’t need to be cooked or bounced when thrown.

Practice in Training Mode

To become a weapon master in PUBG without a substantial struggle against better players, the best way to familiarize oneself with the shooting aspects of the game is to leverage the Training Area. The Training Area is a custom map with a shooting range, various ranges of moving and fixed targets, various weapons and scopes for vaulting and close-quarters-combat with automatic targets, and even vehicle ramps for players to practice driving and shooting with their squad mates.

There is even a customizable waiting area where players can practice with their friends before entering the game. A unique feature of the Training Area and the main reason it is highly effective for practicing weapons is the `Bullet Marker` function. This feature demonstrates where a bullet is expected to hit the target, thereby demonstrating precisely how much gun control is needed. The Training Area is straightforward and now even fun and players need to get a minimum of thirty minutes of shooting practice in daily to improve in PUBG.

Stay Calm and Focused during Combat

During any fight moment, you need to remember to stay calm. Confidence and control will diminish the uncertainty of decision making. Anxiety makes you shaky and nervous, sometimes even the slightest bit of nerves can make you lose control when acting under pressure. Make sure you’re aware of when you’re going to your next fight. A majority of experienced PUBG players suggest not to drop unless there is something nearby to kill. Dropping early to high-risk areas and taking them out can result in some luck dropping down ARs or an SMG, onto which you can get a few early kills and gather some decent gear for fighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Weapon Master in Pubg?

What does it mean to be a Weapon Master in Pubg?
Being a Weapon Master means having a high level of proficiency with all types of weapons in Pubg.

How to Weapon Master in Pubg?

How can I improve my weapon mastery in Pubg?
The best way to improve your weapon mastery is to practice with different weapons in all types of situations.

How to Weapon Master in Pubg?

Which weapons should I focus on to become a Weapon Master in Pubg?
It’s important to have a well-rounded mastery of all weapons, but some recommended weapons to focus on include the AKM, M416, and Kar98k.

How to Weapon Master in Pubg?

Are there any tips for mastering sniper rifles in Pubg?
To become a Weapon Master in sniping, practice aiming for headshots and adjust your sensitivity settings for better accuracy.

How to Weapon Master in Pubg?

Is it better to use attachments or rely on my own aim in Pubg?
Using attachments like scopes, compensators, and grips can greatly improve your weapon mastery, but it’s also important to have good aim and accuracy.

How to Weapon Master in Pubg?

Are there any resources or guides available to help me become a Weapon Master in Pubg?
Yes, there are many online resources and guides that provide tips, strategies, and training exercises for improving weapon mastery in Pubg.

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