Learn How to Block Someone in Pubg and Improve Your Gaming Experience

Are you a PUBG player looking to learn more about blocking and unblocking other players in the game?

We will delve into the world of PUBG and explore the different modes, as well as the concept of blocking. We will discuss why someone might want to block another player, how to do it step by step, and what happens when you block someone.

Discover how to manage your in-game relationships effectively in PUBG!

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a 2017 battle royale shooter developed by PUBG Corporation (formerly a subsidiary of South Korea’s Bluehole Studios and now part of South Korea-based Krafton Inc). Since its initial release on Windows, the game has been adapted for most major gaming platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia, iOS, and Android. The mobile version was developed by 3atis and published by South Korea-based Krafton Game Union.

PUBG puts anywhere from 100 to 150 players on a plane headed to a kmĀ²-sized battleground. Players jump out with nothing but their parachutes and engage in a fight-to-the-death scenario until there is only one player, or team, standing.

What are the Different Modes in PUBG?

There are 3 different modes in PUBG exclusive to the game whose functionality assists in creating the unique PUBG experience that millions of players of the game have come to love. These are the Classic mode, War mode, and Training mode.

The Classic mode is the default game mode in PUBG. It initiates at roughly 36 minutes with the plane traveling from one side of the map to the other. This mode can be played in solo, dual, and squad settings. The War Mode and the Quick Match Mode can be somewhat applied to the same mode, but the quick matches are just a subset of War Modes. War modes provide a unique gaming experience by reducing the overall game time to 15 minutes, and matches are limited to 4 teams of 5 players each.

Lastly, the Training mode is a good way to practice the game and a way to determine how smartphones and systems work with the game. It is a platform where a player can explore the game controls, handles weapons, maneuver vehicles, and understand maps, without the risk of actually facing other opponents. Note that in the past, one of the multiple arcade modes that were frequently rotated out and replaced by popular demand was a team deathmatch mode.

What is Blocking in PUBG?

Blocking in PUBG is a way to prevent a user you don’t want to interact with or play with from communicating with you or trying to join your team in the game. Once blocked, they no longer can send friend requests to you and all interactions can only happen if the player who has blocked them unblocks them. You can’t speak or hear the voice of a player you have blocked. How to block someone in PUBG will vary based on the device and platform that you play on.

PUBG Blocking is a quick way to avoid toxic or offensive users without completely going offline. To block someone in PUBG, you don’t need to send a blocking message. Locations of the blocking feature differ. Blocking a player in PUBG requires having their username and viewing their profile where there will typically be an option to block them.

Do note Frbvco who is a forum moderator for iOS PUBG app forums states that blocked players will still be able to play with you and see your messages in the game. The block is just restricted to the chat section. If anyone is exhibiting aggressive, dangerous, or predatory behavior it is better to report them or even block and delete them to avoid direct contact.

Why Would Someone Want to Block Someone in PUBG?

  • Players may want to block someone in PUBG if the motivation to talk with or be around a toxic player is less than their desire to completely block them on the system.
  • Real-world conflicts
  • If someone followed you or harassed you in any form, blocking them is essential, the PUBG consumer staff recommends that someone furthermore take legal action against them.
  • To maintain an enjoyable gaming experience by blocking out poor and toxic players in the instance of negative play.

How to Block Someone in PUBG?

To block someone in PUBG, you will have to file a report against them in-game, which is handled by BattlEye, the anti-cheat game protection service that PUBG Corporation uses. Users have the option to block and report other players during a match (you will find this under the “Match Report” option in the game).

Blocking someone is not the same as reporting them. When you block a player, you are removing them from your friends list and not allowing them to communicate with you. The BattlEye services will continue tracking this player and their actions in their system to prevent future criminal behavior and for online association with those actions in the future.

If you have been harmed by a player in PUBG, you should use the File Report Against Cheater feature and select the Complaint Submitted option to report your experience with the player. PUBG Corporation takes all reports filed seriously and will work to prevent players who engage in harmful activity from continued participation in the game.

Step 1: Open the Friends List

To block someone in Pubg Mobile, the first step is to first open your friends list. This is accessed by tapping on the squad icon in the top left corner of the screen. This screen will give you icons for squad, duo, and solo matches.

After you have chosen whether to search for your blocked party in their solo, duo, or squad matches to block them there, the next step is to add them to your friends list. You do not have to actually add someone to your friends list in order to block them, but this is often the easiest way to find and report someone in order to block them on Pubg Mobile. You can typically find reports of harassment, cheating, and other offensive actions you want to report in order to block someone in the notifications and feed section of this list.

Here is a video showing how to block and report a player in PUBG mobile (Published 2019)

Step 2: Find the Player You Want to Block

The second step is to find the player you want to block. You can quickly find someone in the FRIENDS LIST or recent teams. In this case, the player can be blocked from appearing any longer in the list of recent interactions.

An alternative for finding the player in Non-Active Friends is to do a search in the FRIENDS LIST section using a search bar. If you have played with the person in the past, you will also find their name in the recent teams. Tap the map next to the selected friend to view where the blocked player is on the map according to their activity. Here is a list of current active blocked players.

Step 3: Select the Player’s Profile

Next, you need to select the player’s profile. You can do this by tapping on the player’s name tag anywhere on the screen which will then allow you to manage the player options. This can include muting them, reporting them, or adding them as a companion.

If your goal is to block them, if you have not already muted or blocked the player in the past, you need to find where you can indicate you no longer want their posts to appear in your feeds. Find this option by looking at the dropdown menu on their profile which is signified by three dots that are normally in the upper right.

In PUBG on Facebook, most users are not aware they can be both friended and blocked like on more common use social media applications. So in this case, adding them as a friend via the three-dot menu is not necessary. But this is where you will find the block player option if you have already confirmed a Facebook friend request.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Block’ Button

Click on the yellow ‘Block’ button that appears when you hover over the player’s box in the dropdown list. You will then see the optino to block the player at the top of your monitor to click. This will remove the person from your in-game chat, as well as remove the person’s view of you on your friends’ list. Once you have blocked them, you will not receive further friend requests or in-game chat as a disruptive player. You can unblock someone if you wish to remove the block. Both the block and unblock options are easy and quick.

Step 5: Confirm the Block

While still in the opponent’s profile menu, open Statistics about their game-playing record that PUBG in-game management collects on all players. The player’s Statistics can reveal how experienced, and good the individual player is, as well as provide useful statistics about how the player has developed over their PUBG career. There is much informative data stored in player statistics such as kill/death ratio, games played, hours played, distance traveled, road kills, and much more. If the statistics show they are advantageous, then the player block will go through and the person will be added to the block list. Return to the blocked user’s profile to see if it worked successfully.

What Happens When You Block Someone in PUBG?

After you block an account, you, as well as the player mentioned above, will no longer receive friend requests from one another. This prevents any form of communication (both text and verbal) with you mentioned above. The blocked user will not be able to see when you are online, as they do not appear on the recent list when blocked. According to PUBG Support, if you block someone in the game, they will not be added to your recent list, and will no longer see your communications, but accounts/services such as Discord or other social media can still be open to receiving their messages.

They Cannot Send You Friend Requests

If you block someone in PUBG Mobile, they cannot send you friend requests. If you have them as a friend before you block them, they are removed from your friend list, and if they search for you they will not be able to find you. Additionally, if someone has blocked you, you will not be able to send friend requests to them nor will you be able to see their profile. To avoid having to block someone in PUBG, be sure to keep your account private.

They Cannot Join Your Team or Invite You to Theirs

In PUBG, you can only block someone in chat and only for the duration of the current match, you cannot actually fully block them from the game. The only time the option to fully block and unfriend someone from the game presents itself is when they have sent you a game invitation.

When matched with another player who is doing something unhelpful to you such as abusing you verbally in immediate chat or replay your voice chat, you would typically block them from all forms of further communication. Besides, blocking does not allow the other person to circumvent your lack of communication channels by teaming together versus others when you don’t want to. As such, you prevent abuse by blocking communication via voice or written chat but the individual can still select you as their partner. Outside of the immediate match, they will continue to send you game invitations and requests as an automated process.

You Cannot See Each Other’s In-game Activities

Not being able to see the in-game activity of a blocked player is another possible indication that you have successfully blocked them. If you cannot see what they are doing in the game at any time (usually meaning you do not see them at all in the game at all), they may have blocked you, or they might have blocked everyone, or they might simply be offline. If you find that you suspect you have been blocked and you can see their in-game activities, then it is either impossible to block or they still have you as a contact that they have not blocked. There is not a lot of information available on the question at the moment, this too is speculative. It is possible that Pubg Corporation could add the feature in the future. For now, take it as an indicator you have successfully blocked their account, and cannot be sure.

The Block is Permanent Unless You Unblock Them

The block is permanent unless you unblock people. As of the latest update in February 2022, PUBG Mobile offers no way to view or manage your blocked list or undo a block. You remain blocked until you use the method described above to add them back to your friends list.

Note that any social media platform you use to add people initially is going to remain linked to your account for interacting with that player again. Using this, you may unblock them and they can be added to your list by sending a friend request. Regaining access to a blocked person by utilizing a different medium not associated with your game account.

How to Unblock Someone in PUBG?

Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile offers no feature to unblock players unless you develop a friendship with them again and request them to send you a friend request. The crew in the game can also be unblocked but players are given -1 Crew Invitation which they can not eliminate, so blocking someone in the crew may not be the best method to stop playing in PUBG.

Step 1: Open the Friends List

First, open the Teams tab on the main screen. The friend list is accessed easiest when you tap the friends text to the upper right of the Team tab.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Blocked’ Tab

After selecting the ‘Friends’ tab as outlined in step 1, go to under ‘Outgoing Friend Requests’ tab. Right beside the ‘Recent’ tab, there is the ‘Blocked’ tab. This tab will load your list of PUBG contacts that you have blocked from being able to communicate with you or see your data. If you have not yet blocked anybody, it will be blank. The point is for this list to be empty Tower your settings as needed for your comfort and situations.

During matches or in chats, you have other ways of blocking contacts should you notice they are not giving up. Under outgoing friend requests there is an ‘Incoming’ friend request tab that will show there are all requests you have from individuals who you did not block properly in PUBG They want to connect. Across the contact list modes, there are blocking requests on each entry. These are overlays and in mobile are normally red with a white cross within a circle. Click it wherever that appears when getting friend requests and from individuals not wanted to block.

If you made a mistake and blocked the wrong person, I do apologize for having nothing but bad news. The support team from Tencent states that if you blocked someone by mistake, there is no way to unblock them. You will not be able to play with them even if done in error. In a worst-case scenario should this happen, you will have to change accounts again or never play with that person again. They do not appear to have a service to change usernames at this time.

Step 3: Find the Player You Want to Unblock

You find the player you want to unblock in Settings – Friends – Chat Channel. Under the Teammates panel, you can see all blocked players. Tap on the green person icon to the left of the player’s name to view the unblock button. Unblock your player by tapping the Square Block icon again. That player is now unblocked and you will be able to view their messages and play together as before. If you need to block someone again in the future, repeat the steps above. Note that channels may vary as Tencent makes changes to the layout of the game between Android and iOS.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Unblock’ Button

After clicking `Block` in the `Report` pop-up, a new `Block player` pop-up appears. If you change your mind or accidentally add the wrong person, this is the time to exit out. Click on the X in the upper right-hand corner of the dialog box. Continuing demonstrates how to unblock someone from PUBG after blocking them. Unblocking will indicate that you have cleared all the previous settings and that user is again able to add you as a friend and connect with you during a match. To exit out of the block process at any time, click the `X` in the upper right-hand corner, or click anywhere outside the block player pop-up.

Step 5: Confirm the Unblock

Confirm the unblock by searching for the player in global search to see if the player shows up. If they do, the player is unblocked. Reporting a player is irreversible. To check that the blocking/modalization process was finalized, change the block/report to a follow state, then exit and rejoin a game, and then check to see if that change is persisted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Block Someone in Pubg?

1. Why would I want to block someone in Pubg?

– There are a variety of reasons why you may want to block someone in Pubg. This could include toxic or harassing behavior, unwanted messages or friend requests, or simply wanting to avoid playing with someone who you do not enjoy playing with.

2. How do I block someone in Pubg?

– To block someone in Pubg, you will need to go to their profile and click on the “Block” button. This will prevent them from sending you messages, invites, or joining your game.

3. What happens when I block someone in Pubg?

– When you block someone in Pubg, they will no longer be able to interact with you within the game. This includes sending messages, joining your game, or being able to view your profile.

4. Can I still see the profile of someone I have blocked?

– Yes, you will still be able to see the profile of someone you have blocked in Pubg. However, they will not be able to see your profile or interact with you in any way.

5. How do I unblock someone in Pubg?

– To unblock someone in Pubg, you will need to go to your block list and select the person you wish to unblock. From there, click on the “Unblock” button and they will be able to interact with you again in the game.

6. Will the person I blocked be notified?

– No, the person you have blocked will not be notified when you block them in Pubg. However, they may notice that they are no longer able to interact with you in the game.

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