A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change Name in Valorant

Are you considering changing your name in Valorant but not sure where to start?

We discuss the reasons why someone might want to change their name in the popular game, such as wanting a new identity or removing a controversial name.

We will guide you through the steps to change your name, any restrictions you should be aware of, and provide tips on choosing a new name that suits your style.

If you’re ready to give yourself a fresh start in Valorant, keep reading!

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider changing your name in Valorant if you want a new persona, have a controversial name, or want to redefine your player identity.
  • To change your name, log into your Riot Games account, go to the website, click on “Change”, enter desired name, and pay the fee (if applicable).
  • Restrictions on changing name include availability, 30-day limit, and no offensive language. Choose a short, memorable, and theme-based name without numbers or special characters.
  • Why Would Someone Want to Change Their Name in Valorant?

    Someone would want to change their name in Valorant if they decide their name failed to impress or is no longer relevant or they want a more formal, age-appropriate, or less identifying name for their actual account. Players may want to change their name if they were too quick to choose in their first attempt and are dissatisfied with the one they have chosen. Or they may have chosen a name that they thought was cool at a younger age but is no longer relevant as they mature.

    Changing a bad name in Valorant is necessary because if others do not like the Ignorant69 or the Haxorz username they see, players will likely get unwanted attention and complainers. Additionally, a username that imposes personality values that can associate with negativity can ruin the reputation. Changing a bad or inappropriate virtual name can be particularly beneficial for children who frequently select usernames that are more childish or silly, which may no longer fit their age.

    Though, as mentioned in the PAI News article, some usernames have been granted exemptions from the new standards, believe me when I say that gamers reporting you will NOT help you get a pass.

    Wanting a New Identity

    The primary reason to change your name in Valorant is that you want a new identity. A new identity can represent an updating of yourself and your activities. If you have outgrown your previous name or attached new meanings to a new name, getting a new Valorant ID may mean you are better representing your playing experience.

    Wanting to Change a Controversial or Offensive Name

    If you want to change a controversial or offensive name in Valorant, you should change it immediately. Riot Games has investigating powers to determine if a name is a violation of its terms or services and can penalize users with inappropriate or offensive names. If they find it inappropriate, they can make you lose the right to choose your name and give you a randomly selected name (e.g. “Valorant#name Idnumber”) for violating the petit nature of their dropping action or altering it so that it no longer is in violation of their policy.

    For offensive or controversial names or user-generated content, their policies regarding cheating in valorant, examples of previous incidents, and terms of service provide information and guidelines for behavior at various tiers of scope and severity. You can go to [email protected] to report offensive or inappropriate topics such as names, user-generated content, or in-game behavior.

    Additionally, you can submit a ticket to Riot Games to report inappropriate behavior by clicking on the “?” in the top right corner, then click on “submit a request”. Thereafter, you can select “Report a cheater, spammer, or abusive person fill in the required information, and write the report in the “Write your request for help here” section.

    Wanting to Change a Name That No Longer Represents the Player

    If you want to change your name in Valorant because your old name no longer represents you, you need the most compelling reasons to convince Riot Support to make the change. These reasons can be as simple as the fact that you have changed since you created their current username, as @BerylOsiris asserts, or as complex as the reason provided by former pro player, Scientist.

    Scientist had formerly gone by the synonymous gamer tag of n00bley, but after having to stop playing for several years due to the pressures from becoming one of the best PUBG players in the world, wanted to start fresh with a new identity and new appeal. Correct proof of identification and revealing the real reason for your desire to change the Valorant name is in the best interest of the company for faster processing.

    What Are the Steps to Change Name in Valorant?

    The steps to change name in Valorant are as follows:

    1. Log in to your Riot Games account
    2. Change your Riot Games username if necessary
    3. Log in to Valorant
    4. Request name change
    5. Pick your new Riot ID (name) and Tagline
    6. Purchase/name change for 3750 Valorant points

    Log in to your Riot Games account. You need to make sure that you are first logged in to your Riot Games account should the need arise to change your username, email, or other account-related details.

    Change your Riot Games username. After signing in, go to your Riot Account Settings. You will need to change your Riot ID (name) to something else, waiting a month for the next possible change otherwise.

    Log in to Valorant. Start Valorant and go to the main menu, click on the Riot ID, and look at your current Tagline. This is a good time to update your name in Valorant with a new name and tagline if you so desire.

    Request Name Change. You need to then go to the Riot player support page to ask for a name change for the first time. If you have changed your name within the past month, the update will be free.

    Pick your new Riot ID (name) and Tagline. After getting the go-ahead from Riot support, return back to Valorant to enter your new name as well as tagline. These are the names that will show up during your play sessions and may be different from the Riot account-wide name and tagline you set earlier.

    Purchase Name Change for 3750 Valorant Points. Click VALORANT NAME CHANGE in the options menu before your play session to change your profile name. This part costs 3750 Valorant points, which is around $30.

    Log into Your Riot Games Account

    To change your name in Valorant, first log in to the account that you use to play Valorant. For many accounts, this will be your Riot Games account, so go to www.riotgames.com in a web browser. At the top right, there is a blue sigm in button. Press it and enter your details.

    Your Riot Games account is used to manage your user account on Riot games as well as other games, so there are multiple fields that you can choose to edit based on the game you play.

    You can access the profile name and ID change pages directly with the web addresses https://account.riotgames.com/riot-id and https://nametag.riotgames.com/. The name change process will be the same on both pages.

    Go to the Riot Games Website

    Once you log in successfully, you may click the arrows button in the top-left corner of the valorant home screen to access the in-game client menu.

    1. Click the Settings (Gear) icon.
    2. Go to Riot ID.
    3. Click on the Pencil (Edit) button below your current Riot ID.
    4. Click on the Pencil (Edit) button next to your name to input the new name.
    5. Click SAVE.
    6. Enter your new Password and click SUBMIT (you may switch back to your old password after the name change).
    7. Go to your in-game account and log off and back in again to see if your name has been updated.

    It can sometimes take time for the name change to take effect in the game, do not worry if your previous name still appears.

    A name change should never cost more than 10$. If it does, put the money towards something else and keep The New Queens Order as your Riot Vanity URL.

    Click on ‘Change’ Next to Your Current Name

    After entering the customized name in the names pane displayed in step 2, the Enter the old name field will become editable in the center of the screen inside the account pane. If SWITCH NICKNAME is clicked and the old name entered is accurate, the new name will be saved and the old name input field will become user-friendly.

    After saving your new name, if you decide you want to change your Valorant name again simply navigate to the account pane in the Riot Games Launcher and find the Pubg Mobile name displayed front and center. In the set name field, delete the Sapphire and JN222 and enter the new desired tag. This will add the full new display name, only the part you want to change should be adjusted.

    Click on the Switch button located in the center of the screen to change the old name to the new one and confirm the old name quickly as helping ensure the process will be quick and simple. To complete the process, you will need to access your email if you have two-factor authentication configured with an email address that is confirmed for your account. You may even need to create a new email and sign up for two-factor authentication if you would like to name it again.

    Enter Your Desired Name and Confirm the Change

    Enter the new name into the input field on the RIOT ID dialog that opens. The name should have 3-12 characters and up to one underscore as of a point of time in 2022, though it may change in the future. When entering your desired name, you will notice that each letter is worth a different amount of points. Click absent letters repeatedly to almost immediately discover which letters are valid within the limits of the number of points available. Note that the cBREWERTv name in the example above is 2 characters over the point limit, hence the red x.

    If the name is either available, the right number of points, and has no illegal characters, the CONFIRM button will turn from grey to green. Feel free to choose a specific server it will show you if the username is available. Confirm it and you’re all set as of the typing of this guide in early 2022.

    Pay the Required Fee (If Applicable)

    Riot Points (RPs) are the in-game currency of Valorant. A name change in Valorant usually doesn’t need RPs since most users already have some amount of RPs bundled with their account, and they can be earned through gameplay and rewards. If a user does not have enough RPs for a name change, they can be bought or earned before they can change their name. Elements such as name style, whether there are RPs bundled with your account, and the pricing model of the game can all have an effect on the price to change a name.

    Are There Any Restrictions on Changing Name in Valorant?

    Yes, there are some restrictions regarding the changing of the name in Valorant, or rather changes costing Radiante Points (RP). Users cannot change their name more than once in 30 days. Because of this restriction, more RP are unable to be spent immediately for another name change in the free name change period and users either have to wait or can simply pay with the same 1750 RP cost. While Riot Games noted initial kinks with name change opponents to make this known, it is not clear if this is a bug or an intended mechanic. One costly mistake by someone who wanted to simply wait 5 minutes and use the name they decided to can be avoided by going with the Free Options.

    Name Must Be Available

    To change name in Valorant, the most important thing is to find a new name that is not already in use by someone else in the game. This is done by checking if the name is available. The agent contract screen when you are selecting a buy range for your agent provides an easy way for a player to check if the name is taken. The only way to confirm that a name is available is to try and change to that name and see if Riot allows it.

    Cannot Change Name More Than Once Every 30 Days

    Your Valorant account display name can only be changed every 30 days in order to detect when one player is abusing the display name change feature to impersonate their friends when they enter the game. This restriction also encourages players to take care to choose a name they like for a consistent 30-day period.

    Cannot Use Offensive or Inappropriate Language

    It is understood as per Riot Games’ Local policy for Content Publishing disseminated within Valorant that you MUST select a new name or user-id to change a Valorant name to one that does not contain Offensive or Inappropriate Language.

    Essentially, if your current riot name uses inappropriate language, you will have to change your name before it is allowed to change in the system. You can then choose your desired name option and hopefully this time it will be the one accepted and displayed in-game. If you feel it is an error that your name was reserved before being confirmed, you can contact the appropriate Riot Games Support network.

    Tips for Choosing a New Name in Valorant

    The most important starting point for any player looking to choose a new name in Valorant is to choose one that is not already taken. Beyond that, here are some additional tips for choosing the best name for you in the game.

    • Familiarity: Pick a username that is easy to remember.
    • Original: A name should be easily identifiable as yours, so that people can shout it out accordingly when referring to you.
    • Charisma: Try to pick a name that is memorable and carries with it some charisma.
    • Give the name some time to grow on you: Many people pick their names with a cursory thought. If possible and if you have time, give it some thought even a few hours assure it is a name you can enjoy long term.

    Finally, choose a name that is easy for you to tell to someone. Nothing is more embarrassing than picking your name doctor12345 and when the doctor asks you to spell it and then you have to say c-d-o-c-t-o-r-1-2-3-4-5. Stick with something simple. If your name is John, just be John.

    Keep It Short and Memorable

    Keep it short and memorable. A short and memorable name makes it easy for people to remember the username and identify with it.

    Numerous studies on the cognitive factors of working memory at the University of Arizona and the University of California have concluded that the working memory and attention of individuals are finite resources that can only handle a limited number (about four items or little over if those items are short) amount of items before the mind spins off. A username that exceeds this mental capacity to remember the characters will naturally be harder for individuals to remember. The study Match-Up Consistency and Speech Perception by Psychologists Xiao-xuan Han and Jeffrey Graff at McGill University discovered that people note match-up of sounds (including the start and end of a name) to aid in working memory. Applied to choosing a username, this means that adjusting a name to create a match or contrast with an audio-semantic name that is easy to remember and smaller will enhance the odds of it being remembered. The following are the three smallest Valorant Top 10 player names.

    1. &nbspDEV
    2. &nbspmedOOo
    3. &nbspsimMo.n

    Consider Your Favorite Characters or Themes

    Your favorite Valorant agents or themes in the game can provide excellent options for name changes! You could pick an agent as part of your display name if you feel especially connected to them. You could pick a display name with your favorite color, like Agent Blue in the trending names above. Maybe choose a display name for Valorant inspired by your favorite movie or TV show, such as calling yourself Showdown King if you are a fan of the movie Mission Impossible. Shortlist your favorite agents and themes you would like to metaphorically link yourself with, and then brainstorm words or expressions that will aid in making an attractive display name for Valorant that fits your chosen agent or theme.

    Avoid Numbers or Special Characters

    Avoid using numbers or special characters in your name when personalizing your Valorant account. Numbers may make it tough for your friends to remember the new name after you have changed it. Special characters look out of place and do not make much sense. Accordingly, it is a best practice to stick with letters only.

    Conclusion: Changing Name in Valorant Can Be Easy and Fun

    The Valorant ID system remains inflexible, offering no native means for players to change their names at will. Despite this inconvenience, players can still easily change their name in Valorant quickly and inexpensively using Riot Points. Riot Points can be earned during play to reduce or eliminate the cost of a name change. Given that the price of a name change varies from server to server, players can choose to only play on servers where their name in Valorant is free.

    In general, when players are looking at how to change their name in Valorant, the zero-cost method, although it takes longer, is likely the best in the long run. It is typically easier to change the name associated with the Riot Games account because the overall requirements and costs are lower. And, in any case, changing names in Valorant for your Riot account, using the Pubg name change guide, is the first thing any player should do.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to Change Name in Valorant?

    To change your name in Valorant, follow these steps: 1. Open the game and go to the main menu. 2. Click on the settings icon at the bottom right corner. 3. In the settings menu, click on the “Riot ID” tab. 4. Click on the pencil icon next to your current name. 5. Enter your desired new name and click “Save”. 6. Your name will now be changed in Valorant.

    2. Can I change my name in Valorant for free?

    Yes, you can change your name in Valorant for free. However, you can only change it once every 30 days. After that, you will have to pay 1000 Valorant points to change your name again.

    3. How often can I change my name in Valorant?

    You can change your name in Valorant once every 30 days for free. After that, you will have to pay 1000 Valorant points to change your name again.

    4. Can I use special characters in my Valorant name?

    Yes, you can use special characters in your Valorant name. However, there are some restrictions. You cannot use any special characters that are offensive or violate the game’s terms of service.

    5. Is my Riot ID the same as my Valorant name?

    Yes, your Riot ID is the same as your Valorant name. This means that if you change your Riot ID, your Valorant name will also change.

    6. Can I change my Riot ID without changing my Valorant name?

    No, you cannot change your Riot ID without changing your Valorant name. Your Riot ID and Valorant name are linked and changing one will automatically change the other.

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