Mastering the Art of Finding Your Id in Pubg – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a fan of PUBG but unsure about what a PUBG ID is and how to find it? Look no further!

In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know about PUBG IDs. From understanding what a PUBG ID is and how to find your own, to searching for specific player IDs and even changing your own, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the purpose of a PUBG ID, its benefits, and how to protect it from hackers. Let’s dive in!

What is PUBG?

PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a computer game from the Dublin-based producer Krafton. It is best known for allowing 100 players to competitively jump off of an airplane and search for weapons to fight each other on an island. The last player or team to survive is considered the winner and champion of the game. It can be played individually, in pairs, or in teams of four. PUBG’s minimal system requirements and enjoyable gameplay make it attractive to numerous users worldwide.

What is an ID in PUBG?

An ID is a unique identifier in the Tencent mobile game PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) for each player. This PUBG ID is used by players to find each other in the game or on social media and is used to send friend requests.

In PUBG Mobile, one can access their PUBG ID by clicking on the Profile button on the top left corner of the game (displayed as a portrait photo and exclamation mark in this version) and can find their ID below their profile photo. The PUBG Mobile ID is a 7 to 15 digit number, depending on the player, and is used to fill in the unique ID players want to search for. Users can change their PUBG Mobile player ID by using the Rename card in the inventory section.

What to do with the PUBG ID? One can use their PUBG ID to track personal performance stats using an online tool such as Trakteer. More importantly (at least for the purpose of this search guide), they can use it to find other gamers. The only requirement to look for other players is knowing their ID. There is no additional, in-depth search or discovery function. Without knowing a user’s PUBG ID, one cannot look them up.

How to Find Your PUBG ID?

Your PUBG ID is your in-game name/alias in PUBG, and you can find it by doing the following:

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile app.
  2. Choose Basic Info.
  3. Find your PUBG ID in the Profile Section.

You do not need your PUBG ID to play the game as it is never displayed during gameplay. It is mainly used to locate and friend other players, as opposed to the username or nickname which you create for the game. Note that changes to your PUBG ID are limited and it is important to choose a unique and easily remembered name.

In-Game Method

The easiest and most convenient method to search ID in PUBG is to look for it in in-game data. The following easy steps allow the user to search ID in PUBG from in-game data.

  1. Start PUBG Mobile application.
  2. Login to the account in which you want to find or search the ID.
  3. Take this information directly from the app or click the profile icon.
  4. This pop-up will be triggered which will display the desired ID.
  5. Click here to access the ID you want to search for in PUGB.

Through the PUBG Mobile App

If you don’t own a copy of the full version of PUBG and would like to play in a mobile environment, you can search ID in PUBG mobile this way. If you are new to PUBG, this is a free alternative to PUBG. To find the ID in PUBG Mobile, you must first have the application installed on your phone. After installation, start the application, enter the User Center tab by pressing the user button in the top right corner.

How to Search for a Specific Player’s ID in PUBG?

Search for a specific player’s ID in PUBG by going to the main screen and clicking the “Find Friends” button. This lets you order your friends list by searching for a specific player’s name, or by looking at recently played with lists.

According to the help section on the PUBG site, for players on PUBG PC, friends can see your PUBG license plate but cannot get your file. Only chat to them via chat or shout to them in PUBG voice in PUBG. It makes PUBG smartphone secure.

Using the In-Game Friend List

To look up an ID from the in-game friend list in PUBG, follow these steps on Android or iOS devices:

  1. Start the game and click on the pause button in the bottom right corner.
  2. Click on the friends list in the top right corner.
  3. Click the Search icon next to the PUBG logo.
  4. Enter the full or partial Player ID, nickname, or profile name to find a match.

If the desired player’s ID is in the search results, clicking on it will display their profile information.

Through the PUBG Mobile App

There was a way to search for an ID through the PUBG Mobile app, but that feature appears to have been removed in the current versions of the app. Searching for an ID is no longer listed as an option when add friends from the social bar. Here is a quick summary of instructions as to how to add a friend from a PUBG Mobile profile:

  1. Select the search bar from your friends’ list near the add friend button
  2. Type the name or ID of the player you are searching for
  3. Tap the search icon next to the player profile
  4. User information will pop up in PUBG Mobile if you search properly
  5. Press add friend

What is the Purpose of a PUBG ID?

The purpose of a PUBG ID is to track and display individual player statistics such as name, number of games played, number of kills, number of wins, and most importantly, the K/D rate to help players assess their and others’ skill level. The PUBG ID is unique to each account and is visible to other players in the beginning of a game when waiting on the plane and in the final results after a player is eliminated.

The PUBG ID occupies the upper half of the screen with the player’s avatar and personal message or motto. It is also used to access and change the clan name, clan badge, clan perks, and clan shop, and is seen within the game on the competition tab. The PUBG ID is used as an individual player identification for purchase of in-game items and currency at any time.

How to Change Your PUBG ID?

If you wish to change your PUBG ID, do the following:

  • Lunch PUBG Mobile.
  • Go to the Profile section.
  • While there, tap the New Nickname button to buy a Nickname Change Card for 180UC or buy it with Royal Pass Badge.
  • After selecting a new name, tap the OK button.

Your PUBG ID (should) have changed and you will see your new PUBG ID in the profile header.

If you have been using the same PUBG ID for a while, some bases may not update on other people’s devices or screens. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Russian professional PUBG Mobile player Hyskeee Jerold was able to change his name quickly and said the change appeared within minutes after logging out completely.

Using Rename Card

To find your Player ID in PUBG you must first go register for the so-called rename card which is located on the PMIS inventory menu. It allows the player to adjust their alias (name) so that everyone on the leaderboard can see their name without having any connection to their e-mail.

Player ID in PUBG can be found underneath the name. This card is given to players only once for free. The player must then switch out their old character name for the new nickname that they want and press the rename button. Finally, the player’s new name will appear in the PUBG profile section. As the name in the Rename Card webpage is the same as the player’s PUBG account name, if they do not remember what it is, this is another way to determine their player ID.

After finding the PUBG player ID following these steps, if players wish they can then use it on the Nordic Game website to participate in announcements or giveaways. For example, by entering this information on the official website site, they can claim game-round prizes such as piece of felt or discounts in games.

Through the PUBG Mobile App

You can search for an id tag in PUBG by using the PUBG mobile app for iOS and Android. You need to have an active PUBG account in order to use the app. Every time you open the app, you would be required to enter your email and password.

Tap on the friends icon at the bottom of the screen which will open the friends list. Tap on the search bar, then type out or paste the PUBG id name you wish to search for. Hit search and the app will show you the user ID number in the results.

What are the Benefits of Having a PUBG ID?

  • It benefits you by allowing you to create and supply new avatars, titles, and profiles with it.
  • It benefits you by displaying ID medals, companions, and currency for your PUBG account profile.
  • It benefits you by having a unique ID for faster matchmaking.
  • It benefits you by distinguishing yourself from other players who have the same user name.
  • It benefits you by protecting your user name from other players who may use the same name.
  • It benefits you by allowing you to display your character’s and team’s history and growth.

Your PUBG ID begins with

  • PC – kapkan66725
  • Console (including Stadia) – Isometiss69
  • PUBG Mobile – RichardNoob
  • PUBG’s main benefit is that it is unique to you. Every player can have the user name john, but only you have the ID john-43160 or another number.

    There is not much online information about PUBG ID because it is not required for play except in the mobile version, and PUBG does not seem to prioritize promoting players to get them.

    What to Do if You Cannot Find Your PUBG ID?

    If you cannot find your PUBG ID, know that there is still a way to help you achieve your goal. Follow the steps in these guides and you should be able to quickly figure out your Request ID and your ID in PUBG Landmarks.

    1. If you cannot find your PUBG ID, you may not have launched the game in the last 30 days. Launch it on your computer or mobile phone to create it.
    2. Our pop-up app on Android will make sure you get your Request ID. Pay attention to the prompt that begins with PUBG ID.
    3. Reach out to PUBG’s help center on their site if you still cannot access your PUBG profiles.

    How to Protect Your PUBG ID from Hackers?

    You protect your PUBG ID from hackers by making sure your phone and email address are secure, not downloading material onto your phone, and being cautious with free downloadable software. Using the PUBG guest account option can also help secure your account.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I search my Id in Pubg Mobile?
    To search your Id in Pubg Mobile, go to the game’s main menu and click on your profile picture. Your Id will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen.

    2. Can I search for someone else’s Id in Pubg Mobile?
    Yes, you can search for someone else’s Id in Pubg Mobile. On the main menu, click on the search bar and type in the player’s username or Id to find their profile.

    3. Is there a way to search for specific Ids in Pubg Mobile?
    Yes, there is a way to search for specific Ids in Pubg Mobile. Go to the main menu and click on the search bar. From there, you can enter the exact Id you are looking for.

    4. How do I find my Id in Pubg Lite?
    In Pubg Lite, your Id is displayed on the top right corner of the main menu. You can also click on your profile picture to view your Id and other information.

    5. What if I don’t know my Id in Pubg Mobile?
    If you don’t know your Id in Pubg Mobile, you can ask a friend to search for your profile using your username. You can also click on the “Forgot ID” button on the login screen to retrieve your Id.

    6. Is there a way to search Ids on different platforms in Pubg?
    Yes, you can search for Ids on different platforms in Pubg. On the main menu, click on the platform icon in the top right corner and select the platform you want to search on. Then, enter the Id you are looking for in the search bar.

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