Maximize Your Pubg Experience: Learn How to Download Highlights Now

Have you ever wanted to relive your epic moments in PUBG?

We will explore what highlights are in PUBG, why you should download them, and how to do so on both PC and mobile devices. From kills to wins, funny moments to epic fails, we will cover the different types of highlights you can download.

Discover how you can share your downloaded highlights on social media and video sharing platforms. Find out the system requirements for downloading highlights in PUBG!

What Are Highlights in PUBG?

In PUBG appropriate highlights refer to clips of the best parts of a game that are automatically recorded and can then be shared with others. Since the average length of a PUBG game is roughly 20 minutes, if none of the important events in a match are recorded, a player’s highlight reel could include a maximum of 20, 4-second clips every day. In reality, PUBG’s software generally finds between 10 and 20 highlights during an average match.

Automatic PUBG highlights are selected from clips of gameplay recording which have the following characteristics that were explained in the PUBG setting screen of the Share the fun video.

  • Important events like kills and vehicle jumps.
  • Narrative moments like victories, killing the winner, and damaged vehicles.
  • Good camera work which views the best angle of any moment in a match.

These settings can be turned off from the settings screen, which will allow PUBG highlights to be created from any sources regardless of their importance, camera angle, or length of the video.

Why Download Highlights in PUBG?

You should download highlights in PUBG because users can refer to them as they try to improve. According to a January 2022 post on the PUBG support website about the eSports scene, many professional players, teams, and organizations review footage of their past matches and performances to learn and improve their future game.

This can be a challenging process, according to Fristal, a top coach in the industry. One of the uses of going through the demos and VODs of losses is to take a closer look at the different rounds, performs, comms, and how their standing players change according to situations. In other words, of thorough game replays, killed replays, or submitted footage of substitute games that have highlights, teams can figure out what went wrong and why there were losses.

Downloading PUBG highlights to your desktop makes for faster video review, greater control, and greater saving of resources compared to through gameplay. To give all players an equal chance to see the same feed, game highlights must be downloaded and shared in a variety of file sizes, allowing some viewers to easily view highlights minutes after a level has stopped, while others see them in high resolution a few hours or days after the game.

The reasons to download Twitch highlights or YouTube highlights are similar, however streams are live and recorded videos are only available after the stream is over. Most clips eventually disappear when streams are deleted according to Twitch, therefore downloading them in the moment is critical. They can even be worked on and edited later.

How To Download Highlights in PUBG?

You can download highlights in PUBG by following these 3 steps:

  1. Click on the after action report.
  2. Select the video clip that was just recorded. To be sure to record your highlights, save a recording of all battles in the Replay and enable the killcam feature.
  3. Download the clip that was just recorded and saved.

These automatic recordings are perfect to capture those memorable moments in gameplay, excellent shots, cool escapes, or mysterious bugs footage. While PUBG Mobile allows you to download and share highlights, PUBG for PC or Console does too by generating automatically the saved videos of your key gaming moments. To keep recordings of longer periods of gameplay, users can record by using external applications such as NVIDIA ShadowPlayer or AMD Relive.

Downloading Highlights on PC

1️⃣ Downloading highlights on PC from PUBG goes directly through the Express Video Editor and is used once a match is over. When the Upload Service Refused option occurs, this Service needs to be turned off and back on again. It may also be due to poor server connections. Another option is to submit the issue on the PUBG forum and wait for a response.

Downloading Highlights on Mobile

Here are the steps to download highlights in PUBG mobile.

  1. Win a match, and navigate to the Results tab in the game. Find the match where you won.
  2. Press the Download button. Follow the prompts.
  3. Open the Gary game. Go to the Library and select the match you want to download.
  4. Press the Download button. Follow the prompts.
  5. Find the downloaded MP4 files in the phone’s Gallery.

Clips do not need a note during downloading on mobile. PUBG mobile saves all top 5 best moments of games as default highlights.

What Are the Different Types of Highlights in PUBG?

  • Career achievements
  • Tactical maneuvers
  • Breathtaking shots

Some players associate highlights with their biggest gameplays, where they achieved an important career milestone, such as their first win, significant KDA (kill/death/assist ratio), or significant mission achievements.

Others might highlight a repeatable strategy for common gameplay situations, such as rotating into and surviving blue zone pushes, or utilizing vehicles in unique ways. Some players make a difficult or improbable shot that corresponds to a specific moment, action, or phrase in an audio track, and these highlights emphasize the humorous or cinematic timing between the shot and audio. These highlights are different types of content but will take the form of the same 3-5 second’ish clip.

Kills Highlights

  • Kills highlights are automatic kill replays made by PUBG Mobile.
  • Broadcasts with spectators can create the necessary conditions for the system to activate.
  • Players can change the length of the highlights system in the settings, to make them one kill or five kills long.
  • PC users can manually adjust the desired size of the highlight in the kill feed.
  • PUBG Highlights Duration When a player kills an enemy in pubg the highlight reel starts with five seconds before the kill.

Wins Highlights

Even more prestigious than just individual player highlights are wins highlights, consisting of top-10 finishes only. PUBG has win storylines such as Team Realtree, Team O, The Executioners, and Singularity on its WIN channel to feature some of the world’s best PUBG players who have won official tournaments in their regions and on the global stage. Contestants in the PUBG Mobile All-Star Showdown also compete to have their own WIN episode on the base player’s screen as shown on the right. Tracking your own PUBG win highlights can be done similar to individual highlights, but we are not aware of any tools that notify or highlight a player’s wins on their behalf – only across the PUBG player base.

Funny Moments Highlights

PUBG funny moments are actually the most frequently enjoyed highlights by PUBG players. PUBG Mobile has established itself as a hugely popular game in the mobile esports category.

A professional Indian PUBG Mobile team known as TSM-Entity spends significant time entertaining their viewers both during streams and off-time by simply looking at some PUBG funny moments. Their video of the Top 25 BEST FUNNY MOMENTS in PUBG is one of the most-watched and appreciated videos on the channel. PUBG funny moments revolve around crazy jumps, unlikely kills, funny skins, clown cars, running into other players who are enjoying their time in an unrealistic manner, mischievous game glitches, and much more.

There is some scattered information available about how to submit content to the official PUBG Mobile YouTube channel, but there is no documentation about how viewers may participate. If you want to submit funny PUBG moments for sharing, the best option is to reach out to and share your moments with existing YouTubers or clippers on their social media platforms.

Epic Fails Highlights

These are highlights that capture some of the most jaw-dropping failures from Night Mode of Pubg scrolling through to the jump-out-of-your-seat moments. An example of such a scene was this match from the Peacekeeper Elite Star League 2021 where all four members of LGD get dispatched within the span of 45 seconds.

  1. WhoIsKenny uses only his partner’s car and ends up running them both over
  2. Panda’s Most Epic Fail: Panda unev, of Natus Vincere, lobs a Molly while inside and it lands directly inside baggage storage, lighting him and his teammate up
  3. After a beautiful setup with very impressive teamwork, the final shots to take the win were a comedic disaster as 1EyedBilbo struggles to find the target, ultimately giving the enemy win

These funny moments and gameplay goofs can make some of the best Pubg highlights. According to LetsKraken’s YouTube channel, these are some of the best ways:

  • Running over yourself while driving a vehicle
  • Landing on an enemy roof and being knocked off immediately
  • Any time you fall off a large structure into water from a height too high
  • Any time you run out of ammo and have to desperately try and punch someone out

How to Share Downloaded Highlights in PUBG?

Downloaded highlights in PUBG can be shared in the same manner that purchased highlights can be shared and are shared automatically. Quotes from Dota player Arteezy are the main participants expecting such footage to be shared. Users opt to download highlights of their winning or great moments which they feel the necessity to share. PUBG’s automatic sharing feature allows highlights to be downloaded automatically as soon as they are saved. This makes sharing an instantaneous process for PUBG players.

Sharing on Social Media

Sharing a highlight in PUBG Mobile on Social Media is the simplest way to download it onto your phone. By sharing the highlight with another application, you save the selected clip~! The downloaded video is displayed in the Downloaded folder in the gallery on Android. If the downloaded highlight does not appear in the downloaded folder after sharing it, another folder may be used to store shared media on the phone.

Refer to that folder earlier or go back and download it again if this is the case. These are the steps to download a PUBG Mobile highlight via sharing on social media~.

  1. Open Gamelobby and tap the Play icon.
  2. Find and click the Recent Highlights icon on the right side of the screen.
  3. Choose the clip you want to share and click the Replay button.
  4. Click on the share button, choose an application where you want to share your clip, go to the intended application and press send.
  5. If the highlight does not download on its own, go to the sharing folder and refer there.

Uploading to Video Sharing Platforms

Once you have PUBG highlights saved as a high-quality video file on your device, it can be uploaded to video sharing platforms. Users will have to go to the desired online video sharing platform website or application, select the upload option, and then select the video from your device that you would like to upload. The video will be sent to the website servers where it can be accessed by people who know the link to that specific video on that platform.

What Are the System Requirements for Downloading Highlights in PUBG?

There are no system requirements for downloading highlights in PUBG. The viewing and ability to download highlights are built-in to the game’s menu system for all PC, Android, and iOS users. After creating an event and unlocking the event’s highlights, you can download Uber and/or Snapchat. Users access and download these apps in the same manner that they download any third-party app, by opening Uber in a computer browser and by opening the Snapchat app store on a mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Highlights in Pubg?

What are highlights in Pubg?
Highlights are the most exciting, action-packed moments from your Pubg gameplay that have been automatically captured and saved by the game.

How to Download Highlights in Pubg?

How do I access my highlights in Pubg?
You can access your highlights by clicking on the ‘Highlights’ tab in the main menu of the game.

How to Download Highlights in Pubg?

Can I download my highlights from Pubg?
Yes, you can download your highlights by following a simple process within the game.

How to Download Highlights in Pubg?

What is the purpose of downloading highlights in Pubg?
Downloading highlights allows you to save and share your favorite moments from the game with friends and on social media.

How to Download Highlights in Pubg?

How many highlights can I download in Pubg?
There is no limit to the number of highlights you can download in Pubg, so feel free to save as many as you want!

How to Download Highlights in Pubg?

Can I choose which highlights to download in Pubg?
Yes, you have the option to select and download specific highlights from your gameplay, giving you control over which moments to save and share.

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