Mastering the Art of Styling Your Name in Pubg: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your Pubg gaming experience? Styling your name in Pubg can be a fun and creative way to express yourself in the game. From using special characters to fancy fonts, there are various ways to make your name stand out.

In this article, we will explore the importance of styling names in Pubg, how to do it effectively, tips for choosing a stylish name, and how to change your name in the game.

Let’s dive in and level up your Pubg persona!

Why is Styling Names Important in Pubg?

Styling names is important in Pubg as it enhances player identity, creates a fun gaming environment, and makes gamers stand out. Designing a Pubg name entices others because it signifies your skills and playing styles. Spider_Pubg_gaming tells others that he may play aggressively like a spider or may use spider’s tactics in the game. A cool and scary name like sayrendor for the better players out there may raise their opponents’ heartbeat just a bit or give them a better kill challenge when in battle since they are scared in exchange for a name.

A Name is a person’s identity. Pubg is a game of war where virtually every player meets face to face with death. They may repeatedly refresh their identity by refashioning their name. As they continuously refresh their game identity and strive for a creative identity to distinguish themselves from others, the term style name in Pubg is an important talking point for them. And names easily done out there on the world’s biggest styles and how to name in pubg and related forums, codecs, and YouTube to find what they are looking for.


This is the most important area to capitalize on when determining how to style your name in PUBG or any other game. You can keep it simple, if you choose, or create a more complex style. This is the best area to create a style from, as your player name is distinctly you and can be varied as you see fit. Personalization can come from your interests or hobbies, a nickname from friends, an online name you often use on forums and bulletin boards, or whatever else you wish.

Stand Out in the Game

Styling your name can help you to stand out in the game by making your PUBG username more appealing than typical usernames. Unique names can be easier to remember, which is helpful for friendly in-game communications, and can help in pubg codes to remember who you played with in the past. Additionally, colorful and flamboyant names are more eye-catching in the game’s interface than a normal white or light grey name. While not Pro-Gamers, the following video titled PUBG Moments That Keep Me Alive showcases various styles for how to get your name to stand out.

Show Off Achievements

If you have played the game for a while, your style is to show off your match and RP achievements. PUBG on mobile has achievements ranging from connecting an account to a social network to run over a certain number of players in a vehicle. UI update 1.4 displays a merit point icon to the left of a player’s name, indicating their level based on their total points score. The higher your level, the more difficult the total points are to gain. The following values are required per week, indicating the level of effort. Remember, merit points can be lost, so maintaining a high total will truly indicate your skill. Similarly, RP can serve as an indicator of your battle pass purchase behavior and success rate. This is the battle pass of the game which has both free items for completion and paid items that can be earned. It is a tool for personalizing your game avatar and profile name with an ever-changing look via newly unlocked clothing, weapon, and item appearances.

How to Style Names in Pubg?

Styling names in PUBG is easy and doable by anyone. Any player can decorate his or her PUBG name with symbols and fonts on their own or with the help of online name creator tools. As per PUBG Mobile Indonesia’s Tweet, the game’s font image called font.textures can be used to change the language used in the game. The easiest way to make decorative names is to find a name creator on the internet and then input the desired name into the text box to automatically generate the edited name.

Another way to change name styles is to input the desired string of text (the player’s original name) into one of several symbol-letter replacement tables. PUBG game supports a variety of different letter styles and characters in several different fonts, which can be tested by copying into a PUBG-related document as justification (CV, cover letter). The steps to make a stylish name in PUBG are to simply Google ‘PUBG Name Styles’ and try out the various name styler tools to find a simple online editor with unique symbols or distinctive fonts.

Art of War Heroes is an apt example. It only requires copy-pasting these more complex names using a text manipulation tool to set-up the name you want. This is a frequently asked question on the PubG – Top Player QQ Group on Facebook, where fans exchange the results and techniques of their style and name experiments.

Use Special Characters

In PUBG, special characters means alphabets not on the English keyboard. Special characters are vast, including alphabets from diacritics to Greek characters to symbols such as emojis. To style a name in PUBG, just find the aesthetic style you like the most and copy-paste it into the Rename box.

The are a limited number of special PUBG Unicode characters. Included among these are emojis such as ❗, ♠, ⓻, ⓼, and many more. You can add special Unicode characters to your PUBG name easily with the help of websites such as Mega Emoji on desktop or the Ipart Finder app on mobile.

The most common are diacritic Unicode characters, which are accents and markings placed on top of letters. As previously explained, these mark vowels in different ways in languages around the world. For example, ê using a cap-Circumflex Unicode marker after an e is the chevron circumflex marking equivalent to English acute accent marking á to give a name a more elegant and visually pleasing look.

Use Fancy Fonts

Fancy Unicode fonts look cool and unique. The Unicode font population is large and diverse, with thousands of fonts to choose from ranging across Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Hebrew, and other character sets. Because of this diverse font population, every gamer’s PUBG name will display differently on various Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. An example Unicode fancy font that works for PUBG is the Scriptina Pro font, which adds a sophisticated air to your gaming name.

When selecting a Unicode font, make sure it can display all the characters (both Latin and Greek) and then generate a proper fancy font name that includes these characters. If it does not have a font that some devices support, the font will default to the operating system’s application, creating an inconsistent look.

Use Symbols and Emojis

Another option is to use symbols and emojis along with the letters to break the text into separate parts. Mobile eSports brand Herbal OG does this for their daily giveaways and challenges using emojis and symbols to divide the text up. For example, they will divide the names of the days of the week and insert fire emojis.

If you are using your real name and it incorporates enough characters to make it creative by altering the appearance of actual design, you can leave extra spaces between characters or even use completely different characters. For example, using different digit characters instead of Roman characters. The next section covers legal ways to change your name to incorporate special characters even though this does not apply to styling your IGN on PUBG. Note: For all platforms outside South Korea, players are only allowed to add a maximum of 15 characters.

Use Name Generators

Another way to style your name in PUBG is to use name generators available on various websites to create styles which cannot be typed using a standard keyboard. For example, ScreensPeakers have a cross-platform PUBG name generator. Here is a demonstration of a name generator from a tool on

Steps to changing the name on PUBG according to your generated style:

  1. Locate, Open and Login to your PUBG app on your mobile or computer.
  2. Click on the Settings gearbox in the lower-right corner of the main menu to the app. Click on Basic Settings Tab. This opens up your Account Details.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to your current name and enter the new name you generated/styled in name field. Make sure to verify using the in-app Namecard Name Change option, as the change is not permanent.
  4. Exit settings. Your new name appears in the top right corner of the game where the old name was. For security reasons, you can use the in-app option to further verify/log your name change permanently.

Tips for Choosing a Stylish Name

Choose a stylish name in PUBG by using your own creativity while considering mastery, authority, motivation, positivity, and similar pronunciations of the chosen name. When you attempt to create a motivating environment for success and the name Angel, instead of Devil which is more motivating, you can find more successful results.

It is wise to choose a name that encourages a positive psyche to get better in your game. pubg styler name with four chinese characters called mandarin four-character idioms.

Choosing names whose length is 5-8 characters and which can be easily pronounced are more successful. NexX(six) has the advantage of being easily read and pronounced no matter which country or culture you come from. Agents like popeye, ricky, milo are recommended with their easy pronunciations.

Keep it Short and Simple

Short and simple is almost always a good idea for your name in PUBG. The optimum length for names in PUBG is 2 to 3 syllables (between 4 and 6 characters). This allows it to be memorable and unique, while also enabling visualization and communication by filling out only a small part of the avatar box on a small screen. Based on the viewing preferences of those playing with you, having any stylization one is happy to include could also add to the memorability of the name. But a name that is memorable or fun for friends who are new to playing the game will not be fun if they are frustrated or confused by the business of the PUGG world. Casual gamers and those more focused on having fun or opening boxes should keep the name short and simple. Adding numbers, hieroglyphics, and emoji to PUBG names is fun if those you’re playing with can easily read and remember the paired name. Youth may enjoy stylized names with numbers, older players may have a hard time remembering the correlation.

Avoid Offensive or Inappropriate Names

If you have anything remotely offensive or inappropriate in your PUBG profile, now is the time to change it. Battlegrounds Mobile India has no word-based language filters in place, which means that players cannot communicate using text or voice within the game and they should be especially vigilant in ensuring that their own and other players’ names that appear on the screen are free of offensive language. Battlegrounds Mobile India reports that it has taken steps during the pre-registration process to encourage users to adopt appropriate names by blocking the use of certain words and phrases, including those of a sexual nature. If you attempt to use one of these forbidden words either in your PUBG or Battlegrounds Mobile India name or your BGMT clan, a message will appear that says ‘Sorry, this tags name is blocked because it has not alerted types’. Not all bad words are blocked, so be vigilant and remember if you don’t know it is a banned word, change it now before your account is limited or suspended.

Consider Your Gaming Persona

If you want your actual gaming persona to reflect one of the TIP formulations, you could consider creating a gaming name based on some of the names in our lists. There are many different aspects of an online gaming persona.

  • Localbit….arg switching called campen outside excamps
  • fer405 gwf225
  • Vrooom 101
  • RDxCSquared
  • criceca1259

Models are our columns, meanings are our playing style, features are our streaming voice. Top online gamers often do not change their PUBG names to keep the same identity as they increase ranks. The gaming persona and TIP assist different personalities to choose names that represent them.

Choose a gaming name like Pegasus to personify or Unicorn because you deliver dope or power gameplay like TIP (Tsm Vrooom) or work undercover like Localbit. If you notice an incoming shot, utilize FER405 gmail. To get on the map of the royal pass, choose Populariae from our list of trending names, or time-passers like RDxCSquared to keep the game less serious.

A good way to exit a conversation. k-bye, goodnight simply text them LOL. Spectacular sceneries need criceca1259. Other personas may be awarded after purchasing a PUBG name. Artsy personas want a best-fit username, celeb-warriors want famous pop-art PUBG names in honor of their favorite artists, daydreamers… the rest we let express in their PUBG name.

How to Change Your Name in Pubg?

To change your name in PUBG Mobile, you follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings in the bottom right of the lobby screen
  2. Press the Basic tab on the top left side
  3. Tap on the Edit button which is to the right of your current name under Personal Information
  4. Input your new nickname
  5. Then select the currency that you are going to use to purchase the rename card
  6. Type in the Rename Card if you have one that has been previously purchased. At the time of writing, the pubg mobile rename card is free and you get it as soon as you complete your basic profile such as choosing the name of your character.
  7. After making this purchasing decision, make this choice by selecting the purchase card button. Make the payment located below the rename card to complete the transaction.

Note that once you have selected a name you are stuck with it, as PUBG Mobile permits only one name change per day. Please select the new name for your account accordingly and verify when entering it.


The pubg name style requires the maximum possible characters of mynameinpictures within 6-11 letters or digits. If pubg players are able to access Twitch, Discord, or another platform that lets them show their name in full 20-24 characters – this is preferable. Something is better than nothing and players can still use the app to see if the name font style gets them close to the desired amount.

Because the name can have almost any appearance, MVION would actually be a simpler, catchier, and more memorable acronymlike alias of the above name suggestion My Name Is on Screen TPMQ 8. This concise version might go over well with some users who dislike the long final part of blending numbers and letters.

The pubg name style formula has evocative words, brand names, or catchphrases as the base name followed by a measure such as Name Suggestion Noun such as Favorite Foods, Favorite Animals. Additional elements can include purpose of why the name was chosen such as Business Name, Colorful Skin, Music Names, Nationality or a memorable action added at the end such as blending words with numbers and emblem symbols. Name style formulas vary and are ultimately up to the personal tastes of the player.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change my name in PUBG?

To change your name in PUBG, you can go to the “Inventory” tab and click on the “Crates” section. From there, you can purchase a “Rename Card” using in-game currency and use it to change your name.

2. Can I use special characters in my name in PUBG?

Yes, you can use special characters in your name in PUBG. The game allows for a variety of special characters, such as letters with accents, symbols, and numbers.

3. How can I add a unique style to my name in PUBG?

To add a unique style to your name in PUBG, you can use special characters and symbols to personalize it. Additionally, you can choose to use a different font for your name by using external font generators and copying the result into your PUBG profile.

4. Is there a limit to how many times I can change my name in PUBG?

Yes, there is a limit to how many times you can change your name in PUBG. You can only use a “Rename Card” once, and you can only have a maximum of 10 “Rename Cards” in your inventory at a time.

5. Can I have different names for each game mode in PUBG?

Yes, you can have different names for each game mode in PUBG. To do this, you can create a “Nickname” for each game mode in the “Settings” menu and choose which one to use before entering a game.

6. How do I make my name stand out in PUBG?

To make your name stand out in PUBG, you can use a combination of special characters, symbols, and fonts to create a unique and eye-catching name. Additionally, you can also try using different color combinations for your name to make it more noticeable.

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