Unlock Your Victory: The Ultimate Guide to Buying UC in PUBG

Are you a PUBG player looking to enhance your gaming experience?

One key aspect of the game is UC, the in-game currency that allows you to purchase various items and upgrades.

In this article, we will explore what UC is, why it is important in PUBG, and how you can buy UC through in-game purchases, online platforms, or gift cards.

We will also discuss the payment options available, discounts and offers, precautions to take while buying UC, gifting UC to others, and what you can use UC for in PUBG.

Stay tuned to learn all about buying UC in PUBG!

What is UC in PUBG?

UC (Unknown Cash) is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile by which users are able to purchase xxxx in-game items. UC allows players to buy game skins and outfits and even to upgrade to the paid Royale Pass to win Battle Pass rewards. Other advantages to buying UC are that players can set up their own VIP rooms in custom matches and purchase Elite Royal and Elite Pass Plus Royal Battle Wish Crates. Depending on how much UC someone decides to purchase, it can range from roughly $1 to $100 as of mid-2021.

Why is UC important in PUBG?

UC (Unknown Cash) is important in PUBG because it is the in-game currency that players can use across different skins, crates, supply crates, premium crates, PUBG mobile Royale Pass, and Outfits. According to an analysis of average energy consumption, the UC armor set is identical to the Rocketeer armor set when comparing stats on an average per-boost basis. Rocketeer has an advantage on the legs at the cost of a slight disadvantage on the head, but the two sets will perform identically once you have used the same number of boosts to charge up both of their perks.

Basically, players can use UC cash to level up their game-related features and upgrade their armory in the game. Players can also purchase RP (Royale Pass) with UC which in premium packs offer a wide range of rewards and outfits. Another important use of UC cash is to upgrade Emotes and other outfits. While emotes do not provide any gameplay benefit, they have become an intrinsic part of the online psyche world of users.

How to Buy UC in PUBG?

Buying UC in PUBG Mobile is straightforward. Follow these steps to buy UC in PUBG.

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile app on your device.
  2. Click on the UC icon located at the bottom of the screen. This opens the UC Purchase screen.
  3. Select the amount of UC you wish to buy.
  4. Select any offers, if you want to buy UC with bonus UC or with any other loot box or items.
  5. Select the desired payment method including Debit or Credit Cards, Google Pay, or other UPI etc.
  6. Complete the payment, you will receive a pop-up soon confirming that you have successfully purchased UC.
  7. You can also check your UC balance on the main profile screen.
  8. Spent your UC to buy skins, outfits, RP points, or any other in-game items.

You can buy UC using people buying a Royale Pass, PUBG Mobile Prime Plus, and the recommendation for buying UC on Google Play. Royale Pass, and Prime Plus provide much more content than the simple purchase of UC currency. For example, buying Royale Pass will give 4x times better rewards than buying UC and then buying in-game items. With Prime Plus, it includes UC as some other items as well that might require further money to buy. So in the case of desired UC is the only assets being sought after then it might be fine to buy directly without purchasing of RP or Prime Plus, but it won’t be a cost-efficient choice.

Through In-Game Purchases

There are two main ways to buy UC in Pubg. The first is through in-game purchases. In Pubg Mobile, players simply need to navigate to the purchase section, select the desired amount, and then make the payment. Prices range depending on the region and specific device prices, but examples of common price points for in-app purchases are $2, $5, $15, $30, $50, or $75.

Pubg Mobile also provides UC purchase options within the Royal Pass, Elite Pass, and various events they run. Should a player upgrade their Royal Pass from free to Plus, they will earn additional UC. Pubg Console and PC players need to go to the in-game store to make the purchase. Note these methods also are used by players to buy Pubg skins in addition to UC. A quick tip for safe purchases: Players should not make Pubg purchases through third-party sites as they may charge much higher fees and the UC purchased may not appear in the game account. It is safest to do in PUBG directly or via legitimate app stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Play.

To buy Royal Pass in Pubg Mobile, players are prompted to buy UC from within the Royal Pass screen.

Through Online Platforms

One can buy PUBG UC through online platforms such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, and CodaShop as long as one has access to a valid digital payment method such as a digital wallet or a credit or debit card. After opening PUBG Mobile, move to UC purchase and Premium feature section where you can purchase the currency according to your geographical location. Google Play, App Store, and Samsung Galaxy store users will be logged in with their account and the purchase will be made automatically through their wallets.

Through Gift Cards

In PUBG Mobile, UC can be purchased through gift cards from local and international online merchants. Note that different nation’s versions of PUBG Mobile have different e-wallet options. The Google Play Store version of PUBG Mobile as downloaded in the US accepts either Google Play gift cards or directly transacted UC payments. But the iOS version of PUBG Mobile in the US accepts Apple gift cards and credit cards, yet does not accept Google Play gift cards for direct CCD purchase.

Buying with Google Play gift cards in India is currently on hold because of a new regulations pertaining to India’s Goods and Services tax (IGST). They allow players to do Direct Carrier Billing in any country. To buy UC in Pubg using gift cards, go to the Official Pubg Mobile Website, choose Royal pass and RP Points purchase or UC Top Up Service and Check, select the amount, and click Buy. You will then be guided by screens to enter the gift card information.

There are several resellers where you can buy or receive gift cards for select local merchants at a discount price. Two of these are Raise and CardPool . There are many different physical and digital locations where one can buy a Swissborg (CHSB) gift card, a peer-to-peer digital currency that allows users to transfer money at low to no cost. This differs from standard cryptocurrencies since it provides a network of providers who offer their native currency. On their website, one can enter their desired country and see all the options that are available to them.

What are the Payment Options for Buying UC in PUBG?

  • The payment options for buying UC in PUBG include methods such as:
    • Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express
    • Debit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express
    • Mobile wallets/apps – PayPal, Amazon Pay, Paytm, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
    • Direct carrier billing – Google Play and App Store on Android and iOS
    • Gift cards or prepaid cards – PSN, Xbox, Steam, Facebook Game Card, iTunes, Google Play
    • Bank transfer, COD, cash, etc.

PUBG mobile players have a few payment options including third-party top-up websites and online bank cards such as DonatorX, Time2win, Codashop, Midascards, Dundle, and Bitrefill. More payment options can be found by checking the game’s official website. Do note that Korean Android or Apple accounts might require PayPal or Credit Cards only as payment options. Always check the official website of the platform you are using or the Play Store or App Store when making the payment. Given that each region has its own payment options and regulations, and some websites are scams, checking out the appropriate legal and official channels is always best.

Since most platforms use a payment gateway for the transaction, all customer data is encrypted. Therefore, using a credit card or mobile app is usually the most seamless and hassle-free option. Choosing which method to use for payment depends on the region the mobile or desktop account belongs to, the license agreement the game owner has with third-party payment processors, and what method is most convenient for the player.

~The payment options… in PUBG? How to buy UC in PUBG? at jig.network

Credit/Debit Cards

Players can buy Unknown Cash in Pubg with Credit or Debit cards. Both credit and debit cards are equally good but have their Pros and Cons. The advantage of a credit card is that there is generally less need to worry when an unauthorized purchase is made but can be hard to use if you do not have good credit. A debit card is easier to obtain but the security is less if an unauthorized purchase is made.

Net Banking

Net banking refers to the transfer of funds or payments electronically over the internet. The following are providers who have supported payments within PUBG Mobile and are mentioned as alternative payment methods for the game on their official payment channels.

  1. HDFC
  2. ICICI
  3. AXIS
  4. SBI
  5. CITI
  6. YES
  7. Punjab National Bank
  8. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  9. Canara Bank

Customers with a Net Banking account with any of the above-mentioned financial institutions can transfer money electronically and with a high degree of reliability to Battleground Mobile and then use this to buy UC in ancillary apps.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets provide a secure and convenient way to buy UC in the PUBG Mobile game. A digital wallet is a web-based or device-based app that allows registered users to arrange transactions such as mobile recharges, online bill payments, ticket booking, or online shopping.

All types of digital wallets support PUBG UC purchases. Digital wallets include Apple Pay, Chase Pay, Singtel Dash, MobiKwik, FreeCharge, Paytm, Airtel Money, MyWallet, and most large credit card companies. Mobile app stores such as the Samsung Store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store also function as digital wallets. They allow players to deposit funds into their PUBG UC account, which acts as a digital wallet.

Are There Any Discounts or Offers Available for Buying UC in PUBG?

Yes.a There are discounts and offers available for buying UC in PUBG for consumers with an Elite Royal Pass. Time and time again, players have purchased the Elite Royal Pass after the season has started and notified by a pop-up message about receiving their worth in UC a month, or two, after over their purchase.

All one has to do is maintain their Elite Pass for the remainder of the season, and the 600 UC they spend on it gets returned to them in addition to Royal Pass rewards that are attainable in the process.

Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales by game developers or online platforms offer discounts on UC and other items. Make sure to subscribe to the game’s newsletter so you can find out about ongoing or upcoming sales. Stay informed through the game’s different social media channels where they may share details on getting UC at a discounted rate. Keep visiting the platform’s website and the iOS or Play Store to stay current on promotions and discounts.

Special Events

Special events and collaborations are another way to purchase UC in PUBG. Special events are organized by PUBG periodically, and if you participate you might receive UC. Examples of these events are Friendmilling events where you invite your friends, PUBG recruiting campaigns, livestream events, etc.

Certain brands sometimes create specific in-game content which may result in players being able to earn or buy UC at a special price. Most of this UC is not free, but it may be a cheaper way to purchase UC in PUBG at times.

In-Game Rewards

PUBG Mobile regularly rewards players with Battle Points (BP) in several ways. Each player can earn up to 1,500 BP per week for each match. You can use BP to purchase Royal Pass levels in the Shop section of the game’s home interface. By completing daily and weekly missions, collections, and other PUBG events, players will earn points; the more difficult the mission, the more points you receive. No purchase is required to earn these points.

BP are easily valued in US currency terms. PUBG mobile charges $9.99 for 600 UC. In Calvillo in Mexico, a dollar is equal to 20.56 pesos, and basic goods are often the same price (because a Big Mac in the US vs in Mexico are often very close in price), so a value of a US dollar in Mexico is the same value of a US dollar in the following calculation. Therefore, when players want to purchase 600 UC, they need 17,000 BP, implying each BP is worth $0.00059 (or 0.059 cents). This means that the most straightforward way to earn UC is to simply accumulate BP awarded during gameplay and avoid spending on BP-only items in the shop. PUBG mobile developers adhere to a fremium model where everything in the game that can be paid for is also available for free if the player has the time and ability to earn it via gameplay. This includes skins, UC, and everything in between.

What Should You Keep in Mind While Buying UC in PUBG?

  • Changing your country in PUBG might help you get cheaper UC prices.
  • PUBG’s iOS does not allow bundles, which are packs that have more value than what you pay (common in the Android channel). Make sure to buy big using an Android device.
  • Beware of fake and phishing websites when shopping online for UC. Always have anti-virus software on your devices and make sure the payment gateway is a legitimate and secure one.
  • Do not share your PUBG Mobile account or personal details in a chatroom. Do not pay through a websites, chatrooms, or through email that seems suspicious.

Beware of Scams

Is getting UC for free legal? Yes, but it is almost certainly a scam. There is no glitch or hack to get BC for free. Free PUBG UC is a lure to infect your device with malware, syphon off your data, or sell you worthless services. Free UC service websites, generators, and apps all have a 2016-2020 history of fraud by polluting your gaming devices or collecting personal infos in exchange for UC, and big ones like globaltool4u.com, cloudgamecover.com, and esangmamin.tumblr.com have been taken down for fraudulent activity. PUBG and KRAFTON warn against such service and even sell UC codes in offline physical stores.

There is one method to get free PUBG UC, which is to enter a UC giveaway, but the term depends on the particular giveaway. Fake UC giveaways have begun to appear on the internet, and players are coerced to subscribe, share, or download links to enter. In May 2021, PUBG held an anniversary event in which they gave away a 30 UC forever outfit.

Check for Authenticity of Platforms

Check for legitimacy of the platforms that you are checking. The official PUBG app, the Google Play store, and the Apple App store each have descriptions of legitimate UC purchasing platforms and payment methods for PUBG UC purchase. You can always double-check with PUBG after you find a platform to make sure it is legitimate within your region. Only use payment platforms that have a strong history within the gaming community that provides some level of protection, be those credit, debit cards, or platforms like PayPal who offer buyer protection.

Compare Prices

You do not have to pay the initial price of UC before shopping around for better deals from multiple websites. We recommend comparing prices from gaming marketplaces on several websites to find the price you want to pay for UC. Digital game marketplace websites such as Gamivo, Eneba, Crossout, and Cdkeys allow for easy price comparison of UC packs from different sellers and offer purchasing alternatives for those with light wallets who still wish to get better UC value for less premium packs.

You even have the option of tracking the price history of UC purchases on GG.deals and monitoring the best deals that regularly appear on PUBG’s official website.

Can You Gift UC to Others in PUBG?

Yes, you can gift UC to others in PUBG. PUBG Mobile offers the popular feature to Send gift to friends. This is one of the in-game features through which players can purchase a gift card based on certain denominations (e.g $2 or $10). These can be sent to friends using their PUBG Mobile ID, providing them with the gift card value in BP or UC.

What Can You Use UC for in PUBG?

UC in PUBG stands for Unknown Cash and it is used in the game to buy Royal Passes, vehicle skins, helicopter skins, and all in-game elements. UC (Unknown Cash) is the currency that players can get by spending real money. Many people look for answers to questions about how to earn UC points for free in PUBG, because it is a dynamic battle royale game with premium features that players want to access without paying.

There are very detailed answers to questions about how to get UC in PUBG for free, but the gist of it is that UC can only technically be bought with real-world money.ilos video platform.PUBG offers special campaigns in which they occasionally distribute free UC or events with which they give UC in the game to be used within their promotions. By participating in these PUBG campaigns and promotions, it is possible to earn limited current UC points for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I buy Uc in Pubg?

To buy Uc in Pubg, you can follow these simple steps: 1. Open the Pubg game on your device. 2. Go to the store section. 3. Select the Uc option. 4. Choose the desired Uc pack. 5. Complete the transaction by selecting your preferred payment method.

2. Can I buy Uc using in-game currency?

No, Uc cannot be purchased using in-game currency. It is only available for purchase with real money.

3. What payment methods are accepted for buying Uc in Pubg?

You can buy Uc in Pubg using various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, net banking, Google Play/iTunes gift cards, and more, depending on your region.

4. Is there a limit to the amount of Uc I can buy in Pubg?

Yes, there is a limit to the amount of Uc you can purchase in Pubg. The limit varies depending on the country and the payment method used.

5. Can I buy Uc for a friend’s account?

Yes, you can buy Uc for a friend’s account by logging in to your Pubg account and selecting the ‘Gift to a Friend’ option in the Uc store section. However, the gift option may not be available in all regions.

6. Are there any discounts or offers available when buying Uc in Pubg?

Yes, Pubg often runs promotional offers and discounts on Uc purchases. Keep an eye on their social media pages and in-game announcements for any ongoing offers.

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