Mastering the Transition: A Guide on Switching from FPP to TPP in Pubg

Are you a PUBG player looking to understand the difference between FPP and TPP and make the switch between the two perspectives?

In this article, we will delve into what FPP and TPP mean in PUBG, the steps to change from FPP to TPP, the benefits and disadvantages of playing in TPP mode, and how to adjust your gameplay after making the switch.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you navigate the world of PUBG with ease.

What is FPP and TPP in PUBG?

FPP (First Person Perspective) is a view inside a video game which simulates the in-game character’s viewpoint. In PUBG, FPP means you look through your character’s eyes during the battle. TPP (Third Person Perspective) is another viewpoint where the camera is placed off to the side from the viewpoint of the active character. In TPP view, you can see the face and back side of your in-game character. PUBG gamers switch between these two viewpoints depending on different variables that suitability changes during the gameplay.

Why Switch from FPP to TPP?

Switch from the First Person Perspective (FPP) to the Third Person Shooter (TPP) in PUBG Mobile when you are playing for fun, want improved situational awareness, or to compete in a mode where cheating is harder.

When a game is played in FPP mode, the player can view the game world from the in-game player’s eyes and cannot see the in-game character in the player’s own field of vision. When PUBG Mobile was launched in 2017, FOV (Field Of View) setting was introduced only in the FPP mode. This means that the maximum FOV for PUBG Mobile is visible in FPP mode (for the eyes of the character that is). This provides an unfair advantage to a lot of players as opponents can hide in the edges of a player’s vision in an FPV room.

While it is now possible for all players to match with Tangi PUBG Mobile, this was not possible in the beginning when the game was only available in FPP mode. Now that there is greater choice, PUBG Mobile players should turn to the Third Person Perspective (TPP) in order to prevent opponents from gaining an unfair advantage by engaging in cheats.

This reason is perhaps not as applicable as it used to be. Up until the 0.6.0 version, PUBG Mobile only had FPP mode and as such TPP switching for this reason was quite common. With the additional introduction of TPP modes later on, this reason is comparatively less likely.

How to Change from FPP to TPP in PUBG?

To change from FPP to TPP in PUBG, tap the Mode over the Start button at the bottom right corner of the home screen. Choose one of the many modes and Tap on the Custom button. Select the Empty 1 setting. Scroll down to the Advanced Mode Settings section and change the View Mode to Search. Scroll back up and press the Create Param button. a. Select the TPP/Spin/Redo card. Tap on the Save button. Select the Custom Room 1. Press Start to go back to the home screen. Open the Custom Room 1 that you created and start the game. Note that the default FPP (First Person Perspective) mode makes it simpler to locate foes and shoot far distances while playing.

Step 1: Open the Game Settings

Open the game settings easily accessible through the gear icon located at the bottom right on the main lobby screen. In the right section of the “Basic” settings portion, “FP/TP Field of View” is shown.

There is a third selection marked “Both“. For features common to both FPP and TPP such as the visualization of safe zones on the mini-map, this setting allows you to keep them separate from other features such as map and compass settings. By default, FPP is the same as TPP but the slider can switch one or the other or each independently.

Step 2: Select the Perspective Option

Upon load of the plain loading screen without a server in PUBG PC, PUBG Xbox, or PUBG PlayStation, there is an eSports section where players can select their perspectives. It will allow them to choose the third-person perspective option. In the mobile versions of PUBG, TPP can be chosen at any time and for any game.

If a player is already in a match and must change from FPP to TPP mid-game and not at the start of another match, navigate to the Settings menu that can sometimes be found in the upper right corner of the screen and will sometimes be found hidden under More at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Choose TPP Mode

Go to Classic Mode and you will see Dynamic list recoil and TPP options. At the top-right corner of the screen above Search for Room there is a Gear button to access controls. It is good to check your scope options before you switch from FPP to TPP. Many players prefer their FPP scopes different from their TPP scopes. But be aware that a higher sensitivity to see all around you while in TPP view may be disorienting if you use your scope a lot.

Step 4: Save the Changes

After you make the necessary changes in the Basic and Controls settings, you will see a notice on the top right of your screen that says Save Changes?. The game will immediately download the new settings and the settings will take effect the next time you start a match.

To get the changes to take effect on the current match, you will need to exit to the lobby and enter the next match.

After adjusting any additional settings you want in the Graphics or Sound sections, be sure to click the SAVE (floppy disk icon) at the top right of your settings screen to save the new settings.

What Are the Benefits of Playing TPP?

The benefits of playing TPP can include the following. 1. A different degree of visibility under specific conditions. 2. More relaxed and fun gameplay. 3. An expanded choice of weapons in the previous update. 4. A more enticing and faster playstyle that is more user-friendly. 5. More diverse environments and experiences. 6. Decreased camping as players are unable to hide. 7. Increased possibility of escape as players may see enemies coming from every direction.

Better View of Surroundings

A third-person perspective offers a better view of surroundings behind and around entities that first-person does not provide by default. While a player may have the option to rotate their field of view in first-person to face representations of entities not directly in front of them, this is much easier to do in third-person mode. If you are mainly trying to watch your surroundings or getting a feel for the overall positioning of several affected entities, third-person is more advantageous than first-person.

Easier to Spot Enemies

In Third Person Perspective (TPP) mode, players are able to spot enemies far easier before they spot you. Spacing is the biggest advantage of TPP mode compared to FPP mode. FPP mode has few ways to peek effectively, whereas it is often easier to shoot at opponents without exposing your full body in TPP mode. You have a clear advantage in the sightline game when using TPP mode, making it easier to take down enemies who do not know your location.

More Comfortable for New Players

Playing via TPP is usually preferred for less capable players who cannot adjust to the overly fast and constantly changing nature of FPP. The sloped viewing angle in combination with slower in-game movements gives an overall less aggressive gaming experience when playing in this mode.

Staying in the TPP mode offers newcomers a fresh perspective on controlling the gaming pace since they can see around corners without being seen and adapt to the fast coordination requirements. It will feel more natural to aspiring PUBG players if they are already used to playing TPPperspective shooting games on their mobile devices as most are.

What Are the Disadvantages of Playing TPP?

The disadvantages of playing TPP in PUBG are as follows:

  1. Cheating from behind cover and extreme peeking. Cheating is one of the main disadvantages of playing TPP. Specifically, cheating by seeing and shooting players from behind cover since the movement from FPP to TPP is much smoother in TPP. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about this. For players who are annoyed or worried about cheating, the only option would be to stay in FPP matches even if playing in third-person is preferred. Players who get disappointed by these disadvantages can adjust more to their PUBG settings. Lowering your Vertical Sensitivity multiplier can help those quick character movements prevent sneaky third-person peeks on characters camping on different parts of the map.
  2. Harsher damage from behind. Although this was not the typical player experience, a study conducted by PUBG graduate students at the IT University of Copenhagen found that 6.2% of participants did not like the harsher damage received from behind, and due to peer pressure from other players, continued to play with it. In other words, when playing in third-person view, it is easier for another player to punish you for exposing your character, as they can see you when you cannot see them. As a result, one must be extra cautious regarding one’s positioning in TPP matches.
  3. Most difficult disadvantage of adjusting to the Nuanced Aim System. The most difficult disadvantage for players adjusting to TPP is the difference in aim when looking down their in-game sights across the two modes. The Nuanced Aim System in TPP requires that you remember the various Pose Angles for the weapons you use so that you can move and stand behind cover more safely without sticking yourself out too far, but still be ready to pull out your weapon and shoot your enemy if necessary.

Limited Field of View

In TPP perspective (third-person perspective), the player’s viewpoint is outside and behind the character. This viewpoint allows the player to have a larger field of vision, which Melding Article defines as the area around and behind a player that they can see while not directly looking there.

FOV is significantly limited in FPP (First Person Perspective) games. The TPP viewpoint gives players an additional advantage in that they have a third-person perspective they can look at their character’s surroundings when opponents are not visible in first-person sight.

Players can gauge better when to remain still when they know their flank is clear and when they can flank without being spotted when they know their ambusher is preoccupied. In short, when players operate in the TPP viewpoint and are not immediately under fire, they should have an almost 360-degree awareness of where all potential opponents may be.

If they suddenly switch to an FPP perspective during a firefight or game of hide-and-seek. They require more versatile responses from the player, as their previous awareness of opponents outside of their FOV suddenly disappears.

Less Realistic Gameplay

The move from FPP to TPP also holds some strategic and design drawbacks, with the most important being the loss of realism within the game environment when choosing to switch between both modes. Progressively have seen FPP and TPP grow as more players understand their various strengths and weaknesses. There are loyal fans of both, with the majority of players likely enjoying both depending on the situation.

How to Adjust to TPP After Playing FPP?

To adjust to TPP play in PUBG after only playing FPP, play some rounds of first person mode for close-ranged combat. This will give a safe feeling without having to build reflexes and instincts for the new viewpoint. Additionally, in a standard game of squads with friends, watching their play drones will adjust you to the new positioning of glancing around corners and understanding the map.

Practice with TPP in Training Mode

The first step in switching from FFP to PUBG is to get used to the third person perspective in the game. Practice playing on TPP by selecting the appropriate settings in the game’s settings before you start playing. Focus on improving your cognitive load and situational awareness outside of cover to examine your preferred viewpoint perspective.

Training mode is a specially designed playing area that helps you practice with both third party and first party perspectives. Utilize the time there to see how to improve your situational awareness skills when in third party. The training map is a 2 km x 2 km island with many training facilities and the following features:

  1. Up to 20 players can practice together
  2. Up to 5 players can use voice chat with each other
  3. The Mastery tier from the last session is maintained
  4. Players will lose rank points, but in Training Mode, you don’t receive any rank points – positive or negative

When trying to switch from using FWP to TPP, practice your head-levering skill against fixed targets. First Audio Positioning in Zoomed Hip is a simple skill to assist in locating un-cloaked enemies. To adjust to the increased vulnerability from third person, choose a more aggressive playstyle, positioning yourself more frequently on the attacking in front of a defensible position rather than letting an enemy push.

Adjust Your Playstyle

Once you have practiced against bots in FPP, paying a casual mode or two against real people will be a helpful way to at least become somewhat more accustomed to the changes between FPP and TPP. There are some big differences to get used to. The biggest change in gameplay between FPP and TPP in PUBG is that a player’s view is no longer locked at the point of their screen. If you can’t get that FPP chicken dinner right away, remember it is normal to still be working on TPP skills while also working on improving your FPP. Players should also know if they are left-eyed or right-eyed, as that affects what shoulder view they should use. Ianara Natividad’s piece in thegamer on some bad habits players fall into when playing FPP vs. TPP is a good guide on behaviors to change when switching between the two perspective modes in PUBG.

Use TPP to Your Advantage

Player Unknown Battlegrounds allows players additional ways to observe their surroundings using the third-person perspective mode. Once in third-person perspective mode, PUBG players gain a significant vision advantage over obstacles they can use to avoid risk while moving through unsafe regions.

Peeking, lean function, and cover. A benefiting aspect of switchable third-person perspective mode is when the player leans around cover. This shows you where other players are without exposing yourself. Hold down Q to lean left and press E to lean right. When you are behind cover in TPP, you can rotate your camera around the cover to detect if other players are around. When your camera/web shoulders are facing toward the other players, they can see you, and when your camera is turned away from the other players, you can’t see them. So make sure you move only if your back is turned to them. In the last stages of the circle where there are few hiding elements available, take advantage of FPP as it restricts skeptical gameplay. In FPP you must use helmets and armor to protect yourself which you cannot see the state of if you are killed. Therefore in TPP, you are able to peek around doors, behind trees, and around corners keeping yourself out of sight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch from Fpp to Tpp in Pubg?

To switch from Fpp to Tpp in Pubg, follow these steps: 1. Open the game and go to the main menu. 2. Click on the “Settings” icon in the bottom right corner. 3. In the Settings menu, click on the “Game” tab. 4. Look for the “Perspective” option and change it from “Fpp” to “Tpp”. 5. Click “Apply” to save the changes. 6. Exit the Settings menu and start playing in Tpp mode.

Can I switch between Fpp and Tpp during a game in Pubg?

Yes, you can switch between Fpp and Tpp during a game in Pubg. Simply follow the same steps as mentioned above, but instead of clicking “Apply”, click “Save and Exit”. This will apply the changes and switch your perspective in the current game.

What is the difference between Fpp and Tpp in Pubg?

Fpp stands for First Person Perspective, where the camera is positioned behind the character’s eyes. Tpp stands for Third Person Perspective, where the camera is positioned behind and slightly above the character’s shoulder. The main difference between the two is the view and the gameplay experience.

Is it possible to change the perspective in Pubg Mobile?

Yes, it is possible to change the perspective in Pubg Mobile. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, but instead of clicking on the “Settings” icon, click on the “Perspective” icon on the main screen. From there, you can switch between Fpp and Tpp.

Can I switch to Fpp or Tpp in the middle of a match in Pubg Mobile?

No, you cannot switch between Fpp and Tpp in the middle of a match in Pubg Mobile. This is to maintain fairness and prevent players from gaining an advantage by suddenly changing their perspective. You can only switch perspectives before starting a match.

Do I need to have a specific device to switch from Fpp to Tpp in Pubg Mobile?

No, you do not need a specific device to switch from Fpp to Tpp in Pubg Mobile. The option to change the perspective is available on all devices and can be accessed through the game’s settings. However, it is recommended to have a device with a larger screen for a better viewing experience in Tpp mode.

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