Unlock Kingdom Credits in Valorant: A Guide to Earning Rewards

Curious about Kingdom Credits in Valorant and how to earn them? Look no further!

We explore the various ways you can accumulate Kingdom Credits, from completing daily challenges to participating in tournaments.

Discover what you can use these credits for, such as unlocking new skins and agents. Get tips on maximizing your Kingdom Credit earnings and making the most out of your Valorant experience!

Key Takeaways:

  • Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn Kingdom Credits on Valorant.
  • Participate in tournaments and events for additional opportunities to earn Kingdom Credits.
  • Refer friends to play Valorant to earn Kingdom Credits that can be used for unlocking new skins, purchasing battle pass levels, and more.
  • What are Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

    Kingdom Credits are a type of Valorant currency that became available with the introduction of the Episode 4 Act 1 update. They are valued symbolically at one cent each, with the price of each VBUCK varying with the number of them in a bundle pack. Besides their role as in-game Fortnite currency, VBUCKS on Hyper Scape can be traded for crypto.

    This mode of acquiring Valorant in-game items first became visible in the game’s out-of-client store, where Radianite Points are bought with real money. The currency has not yet been activated in the client itself, and transactions are limited to a $50 buying cap. Valorant has not announced when this popular premium currency known as VBUCKS will have this transaction cap removed.

    How to Earn Kingdom Credits?

    To earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant players need to play the game and watch Valorant esports content on Twitch, as this is the only way to get access to GCoin (Kingdom Credits). During select scheduled watch times, the VALORANT Director will unlock a new feature on Twitch that can be activated by pressing a button called ‘Click to claim Portal Pass’ within the game’s watch tab. Pressing this button will activate the Twitch drop feature which will inform the player when they have been awarded a random quantity of rows of G-Coins.

    As of now, the only thing players who have received a Twitch drop of GCoin can do within Valorant is to use their points to tip creators and watch Valorant matches that appear in the Watch tab of their account. The ability to use GCoin to obtain traditional Valorant skins within the game, as well as convert earned points into US dollars and use them in the real world, is expected to become much more widespread in the future as the metaverse becomes more solid and widespread.

    Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges

    You can earn kingdom credits in Valorant by completing your daily and weekly challenges. This is one of the most lucrative methods for the average player. Here are some examples of what challenges may look like. For completing the task of planting or defusing 5 devices in Unrated, Spike Rush, or Competitive (0/5) you will earn the reward of +1000 XP. For completing the task of surviving in Unrated, Spike Rush, or Competitive (Win Match) once while surviving at least once you earn +1500 XP. Run Routes with a friend Challenge. Complete this challenge before May 13 to earn +13 777 Valorant Points. Bonus Tip. If one of your daily challenges involves something you’re just not good at (e.g., trying to get 7 headshots), you should skip this mission in order to save it as a reroll for a hard weekly.

    Playing Matches and Ranking Up

    To earn Valorant Kingdom Credits, players play Competitive Mode matches that allow them to rank up. Whenever a player ranks up in Competitive Mode, Spike Rush, or Deathmatch Mode, they receive Kingdom Credits.

    Successfully complete Contract Skins to rank up and get more Kingdom Credits. This is the best way to ensure an income flow of Kingdom Credits. Completing Contracts to unlock agents, weapon skins, and gun buddies frequently is another way.

    Participating in Tournaments and Events

    The third way to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant is participating in Tournaments and Events. Although the system is still in its pilot period and network stress tests are ongoing, Riot has hosted several Ignition series events that give drops to viewers. According to Theogo Souza of VCT Brazil (as reported by dailymail) the only way to get the drops during the live streams is to keep watching.

    Fans watch in `drops-allowed` assigned streams, and if there is an issued drop, their Riot account is automatically tied to the service. This way they receive notifications. Riot Games has not confirmed how the drop rate mechanics work, and they implemented the `Rewards Redemption Service` to focus on watching broadcasts instead of farming.

    You can earn 20 to 100 Kingdom Credits in Valorant per match, this method adds variable rewards depending on how much extra time you have to watch streams outside the minimum of 5 rounds per dropped broadcast.

    Purchasing from the In-Game Store

    The fourth method to earn Kingdom Credits is to purchase them through Riot’s in-game store. There are frequent rotating packs available for purchase, generally cheaper than the map packs for Episode 4 of Valorant.

    The Value Edition, for example, contains 1,025 Valorant Points along with the ZED-01 Origin Spray, Rising Phoenix Card, and Flaming Spirit Card. The cost of a Kingdom Carry pack in the in-game store is 785 Valorant Points.

    Referring Friends to Play Valorant

    Referring friends to play Valorant is an indirect way to earn Kingdom Credits. You have the opportunity to bring your friends into the Valorant community and introduce them to the game you enjoy during your downtime. Referring Valorant to friends may help you raise your account score if they share your enthusiasm and play daily. The Valorant account has a Rank Progression System that is updated every three weeks, providing a common goal to strive for.

    Riot Direct Player Support notes that when you refer Valorant and your friend applies your referral code, they receive two Radiant Poro Coins to their account while you receive three Radiant Poro Coins for the referral. These do not appear to be credited towards a particular status or reward but only as a friendly, community-building incentive.

    What Can Kingdom Credits Be Used For?

    Kingdom Credits (KC’s) are used to obtain locked Radiante Points (RP) and to activate player-designed Valorant skins. As discussed in the How to Get Kingdom Credits in Valorant? section above, every team that plays in an Ignition Series Event receives Kingdom Credits (KC) based on placement.

    Deciding the exact values of these so-called Radiante Partnerships is up to Riot Games. A good guess is that each level of Radiante Weapon Skin will cost the following in KC’s and that activating them will grant the following amount of locked RP’s.

    • 100 KC: Open the 100 RP
    • 1000 KC: Unlock the 1000 RP
    • 7000 KC: Unlock the 7000 RP

    Unlocking New Skins and Cosmetics

    You earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant through in-game purchases, but not through unlocking agent contracts. Unlocking new exclusive skin bundles in the Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass and previously purchased Kingdom skins requires spending Kingdom Credits.

    Kingdom Credits can be earned in free ways like doing microtransaction purchases of Valorant Points, and more expensive ways like spending real money. Players earn Valorant Points by engaging in the game development process, such as unlocking their valorant account, linking a Riot account to them, regularly playing matches, playing either the conservative or riskier economic strategies, and in the other ways that the game developers reward.

    Purchasing Battle Pass Levels

    Kingdom Credits can be used to purchase the Valorant Battle Pass (Standard and Valorant Prime), where additional custom skins and other cosmetics can be won. The eight levels of the Valorant Battle Pass can be purchased with real money with the amount needed multiplied by the number of levels to calculate the required expense.

    The following shows how many Kingdom Credits are earned when using the following levels (noted with both the additional money spent as well as the total cumulative spent):

    1. Advanced Pass (Cost: $330.61 in Episode 3 Act 3), 4944 Kingdom Credits
    2. Elite Pass (Cost: $294.28), 4416 Kingdom Credits
    3. Intermediate Pass (Cost: $178.00), 2676 Kingdom Credits
    4. Basic Pass (Cost: $99.47), 1492 Kingdom Credits

    Based on the number of levels completed, here are the number of Valorant Points required to purchase the remaining levels in the Battle Pass (though this will require real money).

    Upgrading Weapon Skins

    The Valorant Battle Pass does not allow for the upgrading of weapon skins. The premium battle passes have weapons that are already skin-laden. They can go from minimalist skin presentation to very much the opposite, getting louder and more complex as they grow.

    Entry-level weapons on the Premium Battle Pass have but a single skin. Upgradeable weapons in the Valorant store usually offer the choice of at least three or more different skins on the same gun. The tier system increases rewards just by wielding the weapon live in a user’s hands. Advancing to the next tier makes the skin more ornate.

    The premium contracts weapon giveaways, meanwhile, are fine exactly where they start. The silencer and the rear come at a default level of ornate and they never change.

    Unlocking Agents

    Unlocking Kingdom Agents – A Question of Strategy You can earn Kingdom Credits by unlocking Kingdom agents. There are some agents that can be unlocked using these credits although the exact information on this has been concealed by Valorant. Information from Valorant says any agent available prior to unlocking Yoru requires the player to play two weekly missions to unlock Yoru. Whether this means the player will receive credits each time they fulfill a requirement is not clear, Veraofferskingdom credits when you finish factions battles daily. However, it is assumed players receive their credits when they first unlock the agents which range to 25 agents.

    After no further credits are received and all agents are unlocked, Valorant does provide an option to earn additional credits at a cost. As seen in Figure 7, on the agents tab there is an option in the bottom left to buy agents for 1,000 Valorant points which equals approximately $10 US dollars. This substitutes for spending 235 radiants acquired through the battle pass or premium type currency as we have discussed earlier.

    Are There Any Limitations to Earning and Using Kingdom Credits?

    There are no limitations to earning Kingdom Credits other than the fact that any acts of dishonor make a player ineligible to earn credits until their suspension is lifted. In the software review VHP Field Admin Projects, Web-based Project Management and Scheduling, issued by softwareadvice.com mentioned earlier, the user described being blocked from earning these credits during their suspension.

    How a player is suspended or for what reason this happens was not explicitly stated. There is no official information available on whether they will receive remaining credits after being suspended or if those will be cleared out to 0. However, from official information available until the writing of this guide, after completing the review the user reported the ability to earn Kingdom Credits although it did not discuss the balancing of those either before or after previous instances of suspension.

    Maximum Amount of Kingdom Credits That Can Be Earned per Week

    The maximum amount of Kingdom Credits that can be earned per week are as follows:

    1. 8 Kingdom Credits – Weekly Mission Card
    2. 15 Kingdom Credits – 500 Exp mission (weekly to first win)
    3. 15 Kingdom Credits – 5 x 200 Exp missions (weekly to two wins)
    4. 12 Kingdom Credits – 3 x 200 Exp missions (daily to two wins)
    5. 24 Kingdom Credits – 6 x 200 Exp missions
    6. 5 Kingdom Credits – Each tier of reputation upgrade
    7. 15 Kingdom Credits – Battle Pass premium tier, 10th Battle Pass premium tier
    8. 55 Kingdom Credits – First tier of reputation upgrade & first tier of premium Battle Pass upgrade
    9. 99 Kingdom Credits – All possible King of the Hill event mission completions (50 Exp and 4 x 250 Exp)


    During an average week in Season 5 you can expect to be able to earn 194 Kingdom Credits if all mission types are completed (Valog, Master Secret, agent-specific mission cards). Maximum possible Kingdom Credits are 1477 if all criteria are met.

    Restrictions on Purchasing Certain Items with Kingdom Credits

    In Valorant’s Kingdom points system, individual items only have one of three statuses: either they are free, always available for purchase with Kingdom Credits (KC), or restricted from KC purchase. The last category is currently the smallest, listing only the OP, Purchase Commander Operator, and the Classic Pistol KO.

    OP stands for Overpowered. In this context, these restrictions are in place for items that are too commonly purchased using KC. Players purchase and use these weapons (most notably the Classic Pistol KO) approximately the same number of times that they use them in normal gameplay as they do when they find that item on the trashdrops, unlike all other items on the map that are meant to be taken at anywhere between 3-5% the rate, according to Valorant’s Director of Development DrZaber.

    If players wish to purchase these items, they must first purchase them with Valorant Points before they can unlock them for KC purchases. After that, it could be best just to comprehend theorem’s public statement on the subject by saying Why would you even purchase the op with KC? It’s not that expensive!

    Tips for Maximizing Kingdom Credit Earnings

    The three best tips for maximizing your Kingdom Credit earnings in Valorant are to buy less expensive items and get more expensive items via credit upgrades, don’t buy things you don’t use on a regular basis, and play competitive mode more often. Purchasing lighter armor and less impactful weapons that you regularly use on a contrary basis will leave you with more money to carry over into your next round and purchase more impactful weapons. This will give you the chance to both win more matches and make more money earning you more Kingdom Credits. Try to end rounds with credit upgrade bars for an easier next round.

    In addition, unused credits at the end of a match are not worth as much as more useful things during a round. If you haven’t used grenades or armor during a round, it may not pay to buy them during the next round either. Play competitive mode more often than the Breachlight missions. A win in competitive play earns you extra credits in the current act whereas the other game modes earn you more XP which can be used for the entire battle pass. The game devs have even stated this, “Battle pass and agent contract rewards are preset, the quicker way to advance them is through getting XP… Match wins give off symbolic kingdom points.” As such, play in competitive mode to earn more Kingdom Credits.

    Focus on Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges

    At this time, the only way to earn Kingdom credits is by focusing on completing daily and weekly challenges. The daily challenges can collectively earn 1,000 Kingdom credits, while the weekly challenges can collectively earn another 2,000 Kingdom credits. You can also earn daily bonuses for completing all of your daily challenges. These bonuses add 400 additional Kingdom credits per day.

    Participate in Tournaments and Events

    Tournaments and events are another way to earn Kingdom Credits. These events are run and hosted by official Riot Games partners in various regions. Partners will often award Kingdom Credits as redemption points, such as the JoeWo King of the West tournament in the NA region which exchanged Gold Passes for Kingdom Credits.

    While the number of official Riot Games partner tournaments that serve Valorant are low, they are gaining in number and prominence.

    Play Regularly and Rank Up in Matches

    The most consistently rewarding way to earn Valorant Kingdom points upon unlocking your account to Level 5 is through regular play in competitive or unrated matches. To maximize point gain, focus on matches where you rank up as regularly switching to other activities without earning involvement points based on loadouts will reset match involvement bonuses.

    Additionally, keep up with regular playing as a new progression system specific to you has been launched in Episode 4, Act 3 of Valorant. Turbo Shuriken epically reveals that a consistent level of recent play upgrades the number of Kingdom Krags you earn in any match. Continuing to frequently define your abilities, calling cards, and loadouts raises your calculation of Kingdom Credits.

    Refer Friends to Play Valorant

    Introducing friends to the game is a simple way to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant. By referring a friend through the Refer a Friend service, assistance is provided in becoming acquainted with the fundamentals of the game as well as the option of selecting a free character. Additionally, friends who are referred by another player will earn a discounted price of 1000 Valorant points instead of the regular price of 1200 Valorant points for one Battle Pass.

    To refer a friend to Valorant, you can use the drop-down menu to access the “Refer a Friend” option. You may begin referring friends by clicking the “ADD FRIENDS” button, where you will be prompted to input their email addresses. If your friends opt to accept the invitation to play Valorant, they must accomplish a pre-determined set of tasks in order to make it active.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

    There are several ways to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant. The most common way is through playing matches and completing daily and weekly challenges. You can also purchase them with real money or redeem them from promotional codes.

    2. Are there any free methods to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

    Yes, there are free methods to earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant. As mentioned, completing challenges and redeeming promotional codes are both free ways to earn credits. You can also earn credits through watching official Valorant streams on Twitch.

    3. What are the daily and weekly challenges for earning Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

    The daily challenges usually involve completing certain objectives in a match, such as getting a certain number of kills with a specific weapon. Weekly challenges are more extensive and can include completing a certain number of matches or achieving a certain number of wins with a specific agent.

    4. Can I purchase Kingdom Credits in Valorant with in-game currency?

    No, Kingdom Credits cannot be purchased with in-game currency. They can only be acquired through real money transactions or by completing challenges and redeeming codes.

    5. What are the benefits of earning Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

    Earning Kingdom Credits allows you to purchase in-game items such as weapon skins, player cards, and agent skins. It is also a way to show off your achievements and dedication to the game.

    6. Is there a limit to how many Kingdom Credits I can earn in a day or week?

    There is no limit to how many Kingdom Credits you can earn in a day or week. As long as you complete challenges and redeem codes, you can continue to earn credits. However, there is a limit on how many daily and weekly challenges you can complete, so make sure to check them regularly and prioritize which ones to complete.

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