Linking Your Accounts in Pubg: A Step-by-Step Guide

Enjoy playing Pubg on multiple platforms and want to ensure your progress and purchases are synced?

Linking your accounts in Pubg can give you access to cross-platform play, exclusive rewards, and events.

We will discuss how to link accounts in Pubg, the benefits, requirements, common issues, and troubleshooting methods.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Linking accounts in Pubg allows for cross-platform play, progress and purchases synchronization, and access to exclusive rewards and events.
  • Requirements for linking accounts include existing Pubg accounts on different platforms, same email address for all accounts, and a stable internet connection.
  • Common issues when linking accounts may include error messages, difficulty with progress or purchases syncing, and accessing cross-platform play. Troubleshoot by checking internet connection, verifying email address, and contacting Pubg support for assistance.
  • What Is Pubg?

    PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by South Korean video game company PUBG Corporation. Launched in March 2017, PUBG is a survival game set on an island where up to 100 players fight to be the last person or team left alive. The game is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, and iOS devices.

    Why Link Accounts in Pubg?

    Players should link accounts in PUBG to restore their account in case they lose their device or data. Progress and purchases made on a specific account are used or linked to another account if needed. Other reasons incude connecting to friends and linking older game accounts for rewards. Linking accounts in PUBG is a way to protect and secure the players’ safety, accounts while at the same time increasing connectivity with other players.

    How to Link Accounts in Pubg?

    PUBG players can link accounts in such a way that they can carry progress from one account to another. Players can link accounts in PUBG by going to Settings & Security inside the game. Choosing the Linked Account option, selecting Link with platform, and inputting specifications. It is possible to link PUBG accounts on PlayStation, Facebook, HarmonyOS, Google, and Twitter according to the game. These linking options do not seem to include all other platforms PUBG can be played on, but this could change.

    It is important to remember that linked accounts in PUBG cannot be unlinked once they have been tied together. PUBG users can learn how to link accounts with the aid of a phone or computer. Currently, there are no known hacks or tricks to play around with once the accounts have been linked or to retroactively link them after being unlinked. PUBG Mobile no longer exists following the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) release on July 2, 2021, meaning that BGMI accounts can be linked using the same techniques noted above.

    Linking Accounts on Mobile Devices

    In PUBG Mobile, you can link your account using profiles from either Facebook, Google Play Games, or Tencent’s Weibo or Twitter equivalent. Here are the steps to link any of these accounts.

    Here is how you link Facebook, Google Play Games, or Twitter in PUBG Mobile:

    Facebook Link
    : To link Facebook, click the gear-shaped settings button on the opening screen after you connect to your desired server. Then click the Facebook Login option or the relevant button of your preferred account. You will be asked if you want to continue as your personal Facebook page and prompted to put in your username/pin if you’ve already logged into Facebook on your device.
    Google Play Link: Following the same instructions as above (Settings > Account > Add Account > Google Play Games account), navigate to the Google Play Games app on your mobile device. You will be prompted to log in or to link an existing account. Link your new account using your email address or phone number, then proceed to launch PUBG Mobile to sync the games.
    Twitter Link: There is unfortunately no easy way to connect your Twitter account directly to PUBG Mobile. Insert your Twitter account information directly into the Tencent QQ app, saving it for easy use.
    Instead of Twitter, Notar acceptance of social media logins with unique player IDs is on the increase. They provide a streamlined assistive alternative to linking mobile game accounts via Twitter.

    In PUBG Mobile, you can link your account using profiles from either Facebook, Google Play Games, Twitter, or Tencent’s Tencent’s Weibo equivalent. Here are the steps to link any of these accounts.

    How to link Facebook. Steps to link Google Play. How to add account to link Twitter in PUBG Mobile. Adding Twitter account to Tencent’s Weibo equivalent. Tips for linking any of these apps to your PUBG Mobile account. Alternative accounts such as Notar to bypass linking issues. Benefits of connecting your PUBG Mobile account. How to secure your PUBG Mobile account.

    In PUBG PC, there are three main and simple options for linking accounts, Facebook, Google Account and Twitter Account. The advantage of linking based on one of these accounts is it makes it easier to recover your PUBG account if it is ever hacked.

    Linking your PUBG PC account is beneficial in case of account hacking. Steps to connect Facebook to PUBG. How to link Google Account. Adding Twitter account. Benefits of linking your accounts. Securing your PUBG account by linking to trusted social media. How to recover your PUBG PC account if you forget password.

    Only two cross-link accounts are possible between the PC and mobile versions of PUBG though, PUBG PC and PUBG Lite. These are PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It is easy to do and doing so will allow your player and in-game progress to be shared between Xbox and PlayStation.

    How to cross-link accounts between PCs and mobile devices. Cross-link PUBG accounts between Xbox One and PlayStation. Migrating progress and in-game player levels.


    Developers are excited about the opportunities Notar’s unique social media and email connections provide on Mira’s platform. Connecting your accounts across different platforms gives in-game benefits, such as viewability, interactivity, gamification, and more engagement possibilities with users.

    Benefits of cross-linking accounts. Notar’s unique connection to social media accounts. Benefits for developers using link systems. Enabling connections across all platforms with the Mira platform. Reach out to link your social media accounts.

    Linking Accounts on PC

    There are two ways to link an account on PC. They are:

    1. Linking computer account to an existing PUBG account on PC.
    2. Linking PUBG Mobile account to PUBG account/Steam account for cross-progression on PC.

    The first option, linking your PUBG account with computer accounts, is done far less frequently than linking accounts with platforms. If linking computer accounts with PUBG you have to install and log in to the game through the PC account you want to link and the account will be automatically linked.

    Linking Accounts on Console

    After completing the PUBG login guest account or PUBG login as guest process, you can immediately link your console account by following these steps for PS4, PS5, XBOX One, and XBOX Series X.

    Link Pubg Mobile to PS4/PS5 account (A required step for sharing Account Data and Season Levels):

    Once in the game, press the PlayStation button > tap the PUBG application > choose Settings > select Linked Accounts. Then, choose an option to link your console to your account.

    What Are the Benefits of Linking Accounts in Pubg?

    • Allows you to preserve and transfer progress. You can preserve your progress while changing devices. When swapped to another device, everything except your in-app purchases, such as achievement, ranking, and win records, remains preserved in the synced account.
    • Completing collaboration tasks. The prime benefit of linking accounts is the ability to enhance your friends’ interaction and game enjoyment. There are numerous missions, weekly giveaways, and challenges that frequently entail collaborating on a PUBG account. This is made significantly easier when two or more users are connected with each other’s accounts.
    • Accessibility advantages. Linking your PUBG accounts helps you organize your friends list and also eases the process of finding and adding friends. Sharing collects skins and accessories between Google Play, Facebook, and PUBG accounts provides ease when selecting a profile.
    • Security enhancements. The PUBG game data will be halted and locked if your unlinked account is ever lost or stolen by a cybercriminal. This will give you ample time to rebuild your game data before the cybercriminal sees it and harms your account.
    • Increases licensed account access. Linking your PUBG accounts gives you instant and protected access to license purchases linked with Google Play and Facebook.

    Access to Cross-platform Play

    From the PUBG main menu, go to Settings. Then go to the Basic settings menu and enable cross-platform play. After enabling cross-platform play, close PUBG and log into PUBG on your new device. Clicking on the Account tab will have the account linked. Having done that, back out of the account window, close PUBG and then restart the game.

    Ability to Sync Progress and Purchases

    Linking your Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile account is essential if you want to sync progress and purchases amongst different devices. Syncing the accounts does allow cross-platform syncing between Android and iOS, with some restrictions. Once setup, your in-game purchases and battle data will continue when logging in to other devices using your account. They will continue to sync if you have linked your new phone number to the account when setting it up.

    Progress and purchases you made to one device will automatically update to other devices and platforms. You will not have to purchase separate royal passes for a separate account. Your friends, crews, and notifications will continue across devices if you linked them to the same account.

    Access to Exclusive Rewards and Events

    There are occasional, limited-time PUBG Mobile Exclusive Events and awards that require players to have their social media accounts linked. These specific events and rewards are often held in collaboration with another organization such as a movie franchise. For example, Grill Your Chicken was a special chicken challenge event that required participants to link their account and join before taking part.

    What Are the Requirements for Linking Accounts in Pubg?

    The requirements for linking accounts on PUBG Mobile is the same as any other game on iOS or Android. You need to have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play account. This requirement is in place because linking accounts means the game should have records of logins to specific accounts. These logins can be provided directly via a dedicated PUBG account, or a pre-existing account managed by companies specializing in account access integrated with PUBG such as Game Center for iOS, Facebook for Facebook, and Google Play Games for Android.

    Account linking features need to be enabled by the development team. PUBG Mobile allows players to link their existing player accounts using these services. The linking process will be different depending on the service used (Game Center, Facebook, Google Play) and they require authentication of the linker’s profile and an API within the game to manage synchronization of account status changes.

    Behaviour Interactive did not connect PUBG Mobile accounts to Twitter or Apple’s Apple ID account. That means that if PUBG Mobile users want to link accounts they are required to have an additional file or Facebook account.

    Existing Pubg Accounts on Different Platforms

    Our Hop topic emphasizes the importance of linking Pubg accounts from different platforms when possible to enable gameplay across multiple devices. There is currently no way as of October 2021 to link existing accounts between existing Pubg platforms. Players on Steam who want to connect with Android, iOS, Tencent PC, or the Nvidia Geforce Now version can set up an entirely new account on one of the different platforms.

    Same Email Address for All Accounts

    Having the same email for all accounts is important. There are a number of accounts and installations running for PUBG and any overlapping email addresses could cause issues, with PUBG Corporation’s Hwanil Cho noting a potential for technical hindrance. If you do not have the same email address listed for the accounts that you want to link, you will need to contact the customer support services for the platforms in order to resolve the discrepancy. In this regard, customer support for PUBG Mobile and PUBG for other platforms appears to have overlapping services. There is no public information from PUBG Corporation on how long a correction could take.

    If you desire to link your PUBG account to another one such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, or other gaming console account such as Xbox or PlayStation, then the connection between your accounts must be through the email used for the PUBG account. The email address set for the PUBG account will be the key identifier for adding or linking with other accounts. Therefore, if you want your PUBG account to operate smoothly no matter what medium it is being accessed through, setting the same email address for all the accounts used by an individual is the best way to center their PUBG usage around a single email ID.

    Stable Internet Connection

    Having a stable internet connection is essential in linking your PUBG account. A poor connection would likely mean waiting a longer time for the server to confirm the linking of the account once the Link button is pressed. In some cases, the user might even get a failure message that results in needing to start the process from the beginning.

    To minimize the likelihood of poor or no connection, play at home (with minimal devices, software, and other things eating up bandwidth), near a known strong wi-fi signal, or while connected to a cellular network with strong 4G or 5G coverage. Starting the process in high signal areas makes for the fastest process but even in lower connections one can still link with enough patience.

    What Are the Common Issues When Linking Accounts in Pubg?

    • Email already linked – this means the email you have entered is already linked to a PUBG account. You need to unlink it before trying to link to a new account, but you need to remember the PUBG IDs to switch between the accounts.
    • Email already taken – this means someone is already using that email as a primary email account.
    • Vikendi downtime – this was a temporary limitation when linking an Xbox or switch account. It has since been fixed as the map is part of this version.
    • Authorization issues – are account linking issues on PUBG MOBILE. They involve the impossibility of one of the accounts (Facebook, Game Center, Google Play, etc) for some reason. When encountering authorization problems using the account linking system, it is best to close the game, close all its background process from your device, then reload. Reload the system in the game and your account should be accessible.

    Error Messages

    If you are having trouble linking an account, pay attention to error messages. For example, if you are seeing the message account is linked to a different account, remember that an email address or social media account can only be linked to a single pubg account.

    If you are seeing only the error (40000010), (40011010), (40000112) & (40000312) in which you are unable to link more than one type of account to the same user ID, the problem can only be fixed by uninstalling PUBG from the device and deleting all files during uninstall.

    Inability to Sync Progress or Purchases

    If there is a problem with syncing your progress between PUBG Mobile versions played on different platforms, players should submit a request to PUBG support in the settings of the game, and then they will have to follow up over email until the progress is restored. Connect your PUBG accounts to make sure your progress and in-game purchases are saved and available across all devices. Log into the account you want to link and open your settings. In the Profile tab at the bottom, you will find the Change account button. Click the Change account button and navigate to the new account to link for all future gameplay on that device.

    If there are any future unsolved issues regarding your PUBG account, you may be asked your account number as shown below

    Difficulty Accessing Cross-platform Play

    Cross-platform play makes it simple. From logging in with different IDs for different platforms, deselecting from separate servers, playing with friends who are using a different platform or referring them to tools that can help manage the connection between different accounts, Turns out the solution is ‘turn it on’, whatever the issue is.

    To link your account in PUBG by having user profiles from different platforms play in the same game, you must strictly make accounts linked by an ID system (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) to ensure both parties have consistent profiles accessible to PUBG. All the players who want to form a team should then establish a party through the PUBG Mobile friend system. Then it is a simple process of inviting other players and starting a game. So if you are having difficulty playing, most of PUBG’s cross-platform woes can be solved by referring to different account ID’s to make sure that where necessary both profiles are identical.

    A uniquely chosen identifier (a simple username would not work) is provided by the platform for users which is represented on all Epic Games’ products. Although the ability to matchmake with all players on Fortnite is set by default to on across all platforms, such functionality can be disabled by playing with friends.

    How to Troubleshoot Common Issues When Linking Accounts in Pubg?

    Common issues such as account linking has failed, the Facebook account name does not match the PUBG account name, QQ already has an account, accounts have already been linked, or account linking was successful but the user is unable to retrieve their PUBG Mobile account appear.

    It is recommended that the bewildered users remain calm. For all issues, PUBG customer support instructions varied in each of the four support answers, but it was ultimately recommended. to exit the game and contact PUBG customer support.

    Check Internet Connection

    Before linking your account in PUBG it is important to check the quality of the internet connection you are using. Make sure your network’s stability is not weak and conduct a test to ensure the signal in the area you are connecting from is strong enough for stable online gaming.

    Play on a mobile network or Wi-Fi which has a good signal in the area you play from in order to not experience excessive lag during online gaming or when linking your account. In the case that the network is weak or operating poorly, consider upgrading to a higher-tier data or broadband plan or ask a network consultant how to acquire maximum connectivity in your location.

    Verify Email Address

    You can link your account in PUBG Mobile by verifying your email address whether you created an account via guest mode or with one of the popular social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, and Google Play Games. These are step by step instructions for verifying your email address.

    After logging in with your PUBG account, find the Start Email Verification button, which in most cases can be reached via the profile updating section of your account. Then, go to your account email inbox and open the email sent from support@( Click on the Verify Email link provided and soon afterwards, you will receive a notification stating you have successfully verified your email address. This will provide additional security for your account because a verified email is required to change the account password or disconnect connected social media accounts.

    Contact Pubg Support for Assistance

    Contacting PUBG Support is another option when you encounter difficulties linking your account. Returning to the Settings Page > Basic, you can click on the link Customer Service to view the FAQ page for PUBG Support. On this page, there may be an answer to your query.

    For example, under the Account section of the FAQ page, they address the issue of the inability to link accounts and make reference to other accounts potentially being linked to the one you are trying to link. This information may assist the user in determining what is stopping the process.

    PUBG players may also wish to contact PUBG Support directly for a solution. You can do this by clicking the submit a request button on the upper right corner of the FAQ page. PUBG support should respond with guidance or a solution for linking your account within a few days of your query. Additionally, visitors to the PUBG FAQ page can speak with other PUBG users experiencing similar issues in order to get advice, share information, or receive support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Link Account in Pubg?

    What is the process for linking my account in Pubg?
    To link your account in Pubg, follow these steps:
    1. Open the game and go to the settings menu.
    2. Click on the ‘Account’ option.
    3. Select the ‘Link’ option.
    4. Choose the platform you want to link your account to.
    5. Log in to your account on that platform and follow the instructions to complete the linking process.

    Can I link my account to multiple platforms in Pubg?

    Can I link my Pubg account to both my Facebook and Google accounts?
    Yes, you can link your Pubg account to multiple platforms. Simply follow the same steps mentioned above for each platform you want to link your account to.

    Will linking my account in Pubg transfer all my progress?

    If I link my account in Pubg, will I lose all my progress and items?
    No, linking your account will not affect your progress or items. All your data and progress will be transferred to the linked account.

    How do I unlink my account from Pubg?

    I no longer want my account linked to Pubg. How can I unlink it?
    To unlink your account from Pubg, follow these steps:
    1. Open the game and go to the settings menu.
    2. Click on the ‘Account’ option.
    3. Select the ‘Unlink’ option.
    4. Confirm your choice and your account will be unlinked from Pubg.

    I can’t seem to link my account in Pubg. What should I do?

    I’m having trouble linking my account in Pubg. What could be the issue?
    If you’re facing any issues while linking your account in Pubg, make sure you have a stable internet connection and that you are logged in to the correct account on the platform you’re trying to link. If the issue persists, you can contact customer support for further assistance.

    Is it necessary to link my account in Pubg?

    Do I need to link my account in Pubg to play the game?
    It is not necessary to link your account in Pubg in order to play the game. However, linking your account allows for easier access and transfer of data between devices and platforms.

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