Change Quick Chat Voice in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tired of hearing the same voice in your Pubg Mobile quick chat?

Want to add some variety to your gaming experience?

We’ll show you how to easily change the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile.

From American English to Japanese, we’ll explore the different voice options available.

Learn the simple steps to switch up your quick chat voice and enhance your gameplay. Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

  • Changing quick chat voice is possible in Pubg Mobile and Mobile Lite.
  • American English and British English are two of the 15 available voices.
  • In just a few clicks, you can change your preferred quick chat voice in the game’s audio settings.
  • How to Change Quick Chat Voice in Pubg Mobile?

    To change quick chat voice in PUBG mobile, go to settings inside the game, select Language and Region, then Voice Input Method (or Quick Chat Voice in some older versions of PUBG mobile), and then change the voice.

    The easiest and fastest way is to long tap on the speaker button in the upper right corner of the main quick chat interface in the game. Quick chat voice can be changed not only in language – such as from English, Mandarin, Korean to Japanese, Russian, or any of a dozen popular languages – but also in tone (simple, gentle, funky) style and gender. Once the quick chat voice is changed, the new voice is selected for all character appearances and throughout gameplay.

    Step 1: Open Pubg Mobile App

    1. Completely close the PUBG Mobile app by tapping the square overview button on the bottom row or by lightly tapping the center of the screen and swiping up, depending on your device. This will show all running applications, with PUBG as one of the pictures that can be swiped away off the screen to close it there as well.
    2. Open the application up again.

    FAQs about how to change quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile

    How often can I change my PUBG quick chat voice settings on my mobile device?

    Quick chat voice settings can be changed as often as desired. There are no restrictions on when or where these settings can be changed.

    How do I get my quick chat voice back on PUBG Mobile?

    Assuming PUBG Mobile has not been fully uninstalled and the latest version reinstalled, users can retrace settings they previously changed and re-enable voice chat. If their new settings have restricted permissions or must be used only in certain environments, adjustment of these settings as well will be required.

    How do I know if someone has muted me on PUBG Mobile?

    A ‘Microphone Standby’ notification will appear by the person’s username if they have muted you. This signifies that they have muted your chat but have not removed you as their teammate yet. If the message persists, ensure that your teammates do not want to play with you and initiate a search for new teammates. This will help to improve the overall gaming experience.

    Step 2: Go to Settings

    Open PUBG Mobile but do not enter a match. Press the Settings button in the bottom right of the lobby screen. This will expand the PUBG Mobile Basic Settings menu. Here you can adjust many game settings in addition to the quick chat voice including Hearing Type, Graphics, and Control Settings.

    Select the Audio tab at the top of the menu if not already selected. There is a drop down menu option with the simple title Quick Chat Voice near the top-middle of this page. Either drag that option up or down by swiping, or press the button that has quick chat voice. You can select between Mum, Dad, Old Man, and The Survivor voice.

    Step 3: Select Audio Settings

    Proceed to Settings from the Home Screen. Under Voice, you can switch to default robot voices or choose one of the other five human voices heard. Remember to keep in mind that shells in the game cost 60 UC per 3 shells and the mobile version of the voice is not free.

    While these prices are continuing to change, you may be able to listen to the various voices for free by selecting Rookie and entering a match made through Audio Settings. Note that changes made to the voices made through Rookie do not affect the actual pubg voice in the existing account so if you continuously press the back button this will solely be fashion catch.

    Changes will automatically be saved. In PUBG, a confirmation bar appears on the right side when you adjust various audio settings, as shown in Image 1 above. You can lower the volume if you wish to have the guest character voices even quieter. Choose the sources from which you want to listen. For the Chinese Mobile version of the game, you must play the computer version first before logging into the mobile version. The two are connected, so once you choose a specific guest character you are satisfied with, it will then be utilized during the mobile experience.

    Step 4: Click on Quick Chat Voice

    Step 4. Tap on Settings under the user icon on the top right corner of the screen. Click on Sound. Click on Quick Chat Voice. The settings will allow you to choose between Quick Chat and/or Sounds only in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English. Chinese and Korean are female and male character options where Japanese is a deep voiced male. Merely select from the list what you would like from there and resume your game or sound settings.

    Step 5: Choose Your Preferred Voice

    Your preferred voice is triggered after the countdown period and before the match starts. It’s the voice your teammates and opponents hear in the lobby when you send a voice chat message. To set that, start the countdown clock, and in the right corner simply select your quick chat voice by touching Change Voice.

    In the dialog box that opens, locate the voice you just tested and played on My Voice (most recently used) do this by swiping left or right on the volume icon to scroll between the voices and tapping My Voice to play the recording. Once the volume icon matches what you want, select OK at the bottom right corner and it auto-selects Your Team Voice at the top.

    What Are the Different Quick Chat Voices Available?

    The quick chat voices available in Pubg Mobile vary across characters, most unrealistically to the tune of portraying the characteristic or stereotype of the nation. The available characters are as follows:

    1. American men: 1
    2. German men: 2
    3. Japanese men: 1, 2
    4. Chinese men: 1, 2
    5. South Korean men: 1
    6. Indian men: 1, 2
    7. England men: 2
    8. Italian white men: 1
    9. Turkish men: 1
    10. Vietnamese men: 1
    11. Russian men: 1
    12. Mexican men: 1
    13. Japanese white men: 1
    14. American children: 1
    15. German children: 1
    16. Russian children: 1
    17. Canadian women: 2
    18. Australian women: 2
    19. Alexa-like women: 1, 2

    A total of 34 quick chat voices are available ranging from adult males to children, and with a small selection of voices targeting female PUBG players and in the case of the Canadian and Australian characters, English-speaking players. Changes to the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile are made by going into Settings, followed by Audio, and selecting Character Voice then All. Once a voie character has been purchased, players can select a specific character under Character Voice. These changes can be beneficial to communication strategies in-game and add more entertainment to the gameplay experience.

    What Are the Steps to Change Quick Chat Voice in Pubg Mobile Lite?

    The steps to change the Quick Chat Voice in Pubg Mobile Lite are as follows:

    1. Open the game successfully and simultaneously enter the battlefield.
    2. Look for the chat option (usually located on the middle-upper right section of your game interface) and click on it.
    3. Choose the language and accent of your choice from the quick chat voice options in the channel.

    Step 3 is all she wrote.


    New Quick Chat voices were released by PUBG Mobile in collaboration with Madame Tussauds in Thailand. This was aimed towards providing a better in-game experience and increasing growth in Southeast Asia. By having popular Thai celebrities such as Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund, Sombat Metanee, and the hero Prae Ram available for in-game communication, they have been successful in this endeavor.

    The chats designed by these beloved celebrities are available in 24 countries that allow PUBG Mobile users to see and experience their style of speaking. New chat voices include memes that are popular in Thailand, which local users may find more enjoyable. The sina weibo website of PUBG Mobile has a CAGR of 1.95%. This improved in-game experience has played a strong role in this growth.

    There are currently no plans for these Madame Tussards chat voices to be replaced, and existing ones such as Troy KasperTalks, Miss Fortune, and Manao Talker, along with some of the most anticipated celebrity-themed voice chat memes, are expected in the coming months.

    Voice Chat Features in PUBG Mobile has been significantly improved with a wide variety of universally recognized voices as well as new chat features to enjoy. As a result, Quick Chat is now being used by more players than ever before.

    What Are the Different Quick Chat Voices Available?

    The different quick chat voices available in Pubg Mobile are in the following languages according to the listed avatars according to official Pubg social media information provided for Famous Army during Season 1 of the Payload 2.0 game. A voice is a recording of the quick chat phrase in a particular language.

    1. English for Victor
    2. Chinese (Mandarin) for Sara
    3. Spanish for Paloma
    4. Hindi for Andy
    5. Portuguese for Carlo
    6. Indonesian for A123 from Malaysia (although the Pubg site said he was from Indonesia)
    7. Thai for POP from Thailand
    8. Bulgarian for Basco from Bulgaria
    9. Turkish for Jim from Turkey
    10. Italian for Jojo from Italy
    11. Several versions of the quick chat voice which is the default voice

    Until Season 18, you would select your preferred voice simply by choosing the corresponding character. For characters released in Season 19 or later, Victor’s language choice can be made in the character profile. Language choices for A123 of Malaysia, Basco of Bulgaria, Victor of England, Carlo of Portugal, and POP of Thailand cannot be changed if you have selected them as your character.

    What Are the Steps to Change Quick Chat Voice in Pubg Mobile Lite?

    The steps to change the Quick Chat voice in PUBG Mobile Lite are designed to mirror the process in PUBG Mobile. Do the following to change your Quick Chat voice in PUBG Mobile Lite:

    1. Open the Settings panel (gear icon at the bottom of the screen).
    2. Select the AUDIO tab from the settings list.
    3. Play with the Voice parameter.

    Unfortunately, while this should allow you to change your specific Quick Chat voice, we received multiple reports indicating this setting is not currently functioning in PUBG Mobile Lite versions from 0.21.1 to 1.4.0. If this issue is ever resolved, that means that changing the voice system is here to stay at the user level, as the main channel. In the current state of the game today, using the voice chat in addition to text chat does indeed reveal a different voice depending on which chat key you press. But aside from that unfixable issue, most of the effectiveness of toggling or muting your microphone can be restored using system settings as well.


    The quick chat feature cannot be customized in PUBG Mobile for either [Android] or [iOS]. This is because the short Morse code system allows for predictive text-based communication instead of audio intelligent assistant functions capable of bespoke text to speech (TTS) interactions. This does represent a limitation as players have complained about the old robotic male and female voices used in quick chat being too similar.

    However, many other voice chat options are available including speech to text (STT) so that quick text sharers can also speak quickly to their teammates. Google Assistant (only the Android version) can be used to do voice chat while waiting for PUBG Mobile matches to begin, as well as to check statistics. Alexa’s PUBG facts, Bend your Knees, Jump Knee Kick, Jump Punch to Fist bump, Again Please, Roger That, and LOL are examples brought in to show PUBG logo emojis as GIFs.

    The use of speech to text (STT) and text to speech (TTS) applications as well as mobile keyboards can help expand quick chat with additional commands as in the example of a Colombian professional PUBG team. The lack of customization in official voiceovers does prevent anywhere near the same level of options for personal communication customers enjoy with SMS/MMS and even Discord and TeamSpeak. This communication instead must take place verbally in-person, at least until vertical attachments for the headsets are developed to include speech to text and text to speech chat commands while keeping both hands ready for play.

    What Are the Advantages of Using Voice Commands in Pubg Mobile?

    The advantages of using voice commands in Pubg Mobile include the following key points.

    1. Hands-free language input: While you are running or diving, you can safely and quickly send commands to the rest of the squad without the need to type on your phone or take your hands off the screen.
    2. Expressing with voice: While you are running or aiming as using two fingers, without breaking your game focus you can use quick chat in voice throughout the game. For example, congratulate your teammate for ending the opponent immediately by saying ‘Nice!’, or if you have found a vehicle to continue the journey, notify your teammates with ‘Get in the car’.
    3. Voice chat is private: Communication with voice chat is only in the squad, so it has less trolling in terms of communication. Voice chat passes only within the team when you connect with random teams during competitions within the clan, because your opponent will not hear the strategy you use. This minimizes leaks of information between opponents or outside chatting.

    Real-Time Communication

    Real-time communication is speech with no meaning lost in its conversion from thought to sound waves or text on a screen. Real-time communication (RTC) applies to verbal-only communication such as regular phone calls without any augmented voice or video. In the digital age, the inclusion of emojis and interpretative markups detracts slightly from that real-time communication ideal. Communication begins with thoughts formed in the sequence of one’s native language. These are then transformed into sentences by which words are selected, the relationships of these words are noted, and even the intonation as to where extra vocal emphasis is needed to deliver the message most effectively. The words are then transmitted vocally either directly or through media.

    RTC plays a critical role in the development of the human ego and allows one to attain an understanding of one’s image, appearance, presence, and expression. Plus meaning, the tone of the conversation, intent, affection, mix of hurry and pause, choice of words, and emphasis used in saying them, some nuanced ways of talking, and normative translational styles all affect how people understand one to be. When an international business partnership is successful, one shareholder management side in country A might actually feel friendly with the other shareholder from the upper management side in country b without ever meeting her in person. This comes as a result of successful RTC

    Strategic Coordination

    Strategic coordination in quick voice chat refers to members mapping out various strategies or changing tactics in response to dynamic situations that are rapidly developing. For example, sending their team to specific locations within the safe zone as the match progresses or changing from a defensive to an offensive mode based on map analysis of adversary positions.

    This is one area where Pubg Mobile voice chat holds the biggest edge over typing chat methods. Tapping out strategic suggestions would be time-consuming and potentially hazardous given a typical Pubg battle scenario. Quick voice chat makes perfectly clear and effective strategic communication possible in real-time.

    Efficient Team Interactions

    Efficient team interactions: Quick chat voice having equipped with emotional expressions, such as help!, is more fun for solo playing phone-ears who think the voice sounds boring. However, quick chat voice with the Service Adviser and Djing voices used is relatively calmer and may be more suitable for team games where the voice should be heard clearly without any excitement. This may work better for smoother team interactions and strategy planning.

    Exploring Voice Changer Options for Pubg Mobile

    Voxal Voice Changer: Voxal by NCH Software is a casual voice changer used primarily for adding effects to recordings or for changing the voice during streams or VoIP calls. It is not a speech-to-text processor like Pubg Mobile provides users.

    MorphVox Voice Changer: MorphVox by Screaming Bee is another software voice changer that allows users to disguise one’s voice for spells or dares on gaming platforms and VoIP calls. It is also not connected to a live speech-to-text processor.

    ClownFish Translating Voice Changer: Clownfish Voice Changer with its real-time voice-changing features is a good option for pubg mobile players looking for both recorded voice-changing settings and real-time settings tied to a text-to-speech processor. The free-to-use system has been reported to have technical difficulties.

    Enhancing Gameplay with Unique Voice Effects in Pubg Mobile

    Unique voice effects in Pubg Mobile are arranged by whether the user’s device is running before season 18 or from season 18. Pubg Mobile versions before season 18 have unique voices only available during some exclusive lucky draws or for purchasing via the in-game shop. Standard versions after season 18 have unique voices available that can be regularly unlocked for free by completing missions and earning rewards. Including his anonymous spy in Pubg Mobile after season 18, players have various voice-changing options including a

    Step-by-Step Guide to Voice Commands Customization in Pubg Mobile

    Voice commands customization in PUBG Mobile is very simple. Follow these steps to change quick chat voice in PUBG Mobile:

    Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and go to Settings in the bottom-right.

    Step 2: Go to Audio in the right column then scroll upwards to the Quick Chat Voice section.

    Step 3: Select one of the United States male or female voices in English which are the most neutral and intelligible for international play, or one of the French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, or simplified or traditional Mandarin Chinese voices. Different country versions of the game may also have other translations enabled.

    Step 4: Touch the small disk icon near the bottom right with the Save title text.

    Step 5: Test the voice again by tapping just above the Save button to close the dialog, then immediately re-tapping the Quick Chat Voice setting to hear the new voice. There are also options to Mute Quick Voice messages or Mute Quick Voice commands if one finds them distracting, which may be momentarily useful when adjusting settings.

    Step 6: Save changes – no further saving is required. Simply close the menu and all adjustments will be live.

    Accessing Voice Command Settings

    The settings for changing your Quick Voice Chat Voice can be found by:

    1. Starting PUBG Mobile
    2. Going to Settings
    3. Selecting the Sound option.

    There you will find Voice chat at the top of the Sound settings where you can change your Quick Chat voice commands. The Voice chat quick voice setting is the fourth from the top and female announcer is the option to choose the female voice. This option can only be changed if you have already partially downloaded another voice. Just tap start download and you will be able to choose it instead.

    Choosing Voice Modulation Options

    Selecting Modulator when changing your chat voice gives you unique modulation options called Modulator Effects. There are 4 Modulator Effects that randomly cycle through varying degrees of pitch and speed modulation and you cannot customize them. Some PUBG players enjoy the new effects while others find them to be a bit overwhelming. Try it and see if you find one of the modulator effects enjoyable and if you do you can use it frequently, unlike what players could do in the past.

    Testing and Implementing Voice Commands

    After selecting a Pubg Quick Chat voice, one can test the voice by entering a game and trying various commands that fit their desired tone and style to see how well they like it. Repeat this a couple of times in-game until one is certain about the selection. Returned to the Pubg settings menu, one can finalize their choice.

    Mastering Voice Chat: Tips for Effective Communication in Pubg Mobile

    Voice chat in PUBG Mobile is a valuable tool to improve teamwork and live communication between squad members. With voice chat, you can notify friends about enemy location, or the lack of good weapons or equipment. Voice chat not only allows you to strengthen your communication with your squad members but also gives you an outlet to have fun and laugh while playing the game, potentially making the gaming experience more enjoyable and memorable.

    According to PUBG veterans, below are some options for making voice chat more effective. It is worth noting that most players feel Open Mic and Push to Talk are the most useful settings for voice chat. Use the Eye-ping gesture, and adequately use your companion’s titles (Noah, Dynamo, Jonathan) which are all characters that have communication advantages. In Sixth Gear On, your speed is run. Move gently to produce all your listening abilities. Be escorted by your fellow players; it will improve your vision not to hear any sound from your feet if no one is present.

    Optimizing Gaming Experience: Strategies for Upgrading Voice Chat in Pubg Mobile

      Chat with other players in battlegrounds with voice is a default feature of Pubg. It acts as a team-building tool and is a critical part of contacting other players in your team. Communication is meant to offer an affordable experience for game users to bring the game to a more realistic stage. One of the major drawbacks of Pubg voice chat is that some people play the game with the voice chat feature disabled (due to disturbances or language separator adjustments).

      To improve the game experience, developers of Pubg Mobile spent a lot of time and effort. They introduced quick commands that consist of pre-recorded sentences. These pre-recorded commands got huge popularity because it can be heard all the time even someone disabled the voice chat feature. As an example, if you remove the headphones and become free from the noise brought by the game, you can hear the quick command (quotations available for girls to use). It helps the players a lot because everyone knows their own and their opponent’s status in the game with pre-set notices. These are mainly utilized by several players, particularly the U.S players, as a substitute to conversations with the club.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Change Quick Chat Voice in Pubg Mobile?

    In order to change the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile, follow the steps below:

    Can I change the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile?

    Yes, you can change the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile by following a few simple steps.

    What is the purpose of changing the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile?

    Changing the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile allows players to customize their in-game communication and make it more personalized.

    Do I need to use real money to change the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile?

    No, changing the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile is completely free and does not require any real money purchases.

    Can I change the quick chat voice while in a game?

    No, you will need to exit the game and access the settings menu to change the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile.

    Are there different options for quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile?

    Yes, there are several different voice options available for players to choose from when changing the quick chat voice in Pubg Mobile.

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