Learn How to Enter Practice Mode in Valorant With Friends

Are you looking to sharpen your skills and dominate in Valorant? Practice Mode with friends might be the key to unlocking your full potential.

In this article, we will explore how to access Practice Mode in Valorant, create a practice session with friends, and the various activities you can engage in while practicing together.

From improving communication and teamwork to experimenting with different strategies, Practice Mode with friends offers a dynamic and interactive way to enhance your gameplay. Let’s dive in and level up your Valorant skills!

What is Practice Mode in Valorant?

Practice Mode in Valorant is a special game mode where players can freely explore maps and develop their playing skills in a non-competitive environment. During match, gameplay in practice mode is the same as other game modes. However, because of AI being disabled, the game is unavailable to free agents. The primary feature of practice mode is that player health persists during rounds.

How to Access Practice Mode in Valorant?

You can access Practice Mode in Valorant by typing F3 on your keyboard or by selecting Practice in Mode Selection under the Play tab. You can choose which maps you wish to practice.

The following are the Practice Area settings that you can adjust:

  • Mode: Choose from Deathmatch, Spike Plant/Defuse, or Range.
  • Map(s): You can choose from five maps in Valorant: Breeze, Haven, Bind, Split, and Icebox.
  • Map Time: Choose the time of day on the legacy map to play.
  • Map Mode: Choose which of three maps to practice on – standard, no bots, or infinite ability. Bot Mode: Choose no bots, easy bots (they don’t shoot back), hard bots (try to kill you), or set up to 12 separate hard bots.
  • Bot Armor: Bots can be played with normal armor or heavy armor (won’t die in one shot to the head).
  • Bot Weapon: Bots can use normal weapons or have infinite knives for the lulz.

How to Create a Practice Session with Friends?

To create a practice session with friends in Valorant, the creator must be the 100 Thieves Content Creator Cash App member or a player added to their “Team A” family. If you or your friend meet that requirement, right-click on your name to bring up the menu. Create session will be an option among the settings. A local practice tool is what you need if you want to go into a practice session in Valorant.

Inviting Friends to the Practice Session

Friends are invited to the practice session from the Valorant client by completing the following steps. Open the VALORANT and connect to the main game menu screen if not there already. To open the main game menu screen, click the area around the Play button where the game’s current Season, episode, and rank are displayed at the top of the screen. This client screen will display player symbols along the left side of the screen to represent friends playing the game. If none of the users’ friends are online, scroll down a bit on the left side until the player search bar appears. Enter the username of the friend and then click the + button to add them to their list of friends. Once added, invoke the main social panel when in the main menu screen by clicking the + near your profile badge. Click on the friend that you want to add to the practice session who is showing as Online and then a triangular Play button will appear near the top of the social panel.

This triangular Play button is meant for creating a party with the friend. One can right-click the play button to access the option to choose Practice Mode. Once the player is selected in the social panel, an invite friend to a party Play button will appear at the top of the panel and the three dot Options button can then be clicked to reveal another option for Practice > Go to practice.

Choosing a Map and Game Mode

When hosting a Private Game all players must be on the same Map. You will be required to choose a map after the game starts and can do so by going to Modes and selecting Default next to custom. There are 5 maps to choose from in game. Some maps have multiple bomb sites. Below is a list of all the maps in the game and the number of bomb sites each one contains. You can only choose one map option for everyone to practice on. Name – Bomb Sites Map – Number of Sites Breeze – B Ascent – A B – 2 D – 1 Split – A B – 1

Customizing Game Settings

Players have the option of modifying the weapon purchasing and ammunition levels, as well as our personages ability charges in Practice mode. Players wanting to alter the setup for their practice mode game should click on the Preferences button in the Practice mode screen to access and modify additional settings. There are three different training exercises: open range, robot shooting, along with spike plant/defuse exercises.

What Can You Do in Practice Mode with Friends?

In practice mode with friends in Valorant, you can improve your gunplay, learn the spray patterns of each gun, make sure your crosshairs are set up correctly, understand the economic system in the game and how important it is, and so much more. There are a ton of YouTube videos, tweets, Reddit threads, and other platforms with valuable tips for practicing these skills. Use practice mode with friends to test out these new skills learned and improve at them.

Practice Shooting and Aiming

Valorant’s practice mode is best used for practicing shooting and aiming with your guns of choice. The two main weapons most players choose to warm up with are the Ghost and Sheriff pistols. Ghost and Sheriff pistols are only one-shot weapons. This concentrates the target and aim training on a single shot to learn events quickly and get a feel for the initial speed of one-tap weapons.

In Valorant’s practice range, set up a passage of bots that will pass you while running. Try to eliminate the passing bots using only the aim of firing one shot by firearms such as the Bucky, the Marshal, the Ghost, or the Sheriff. Work on snapping to the target and aiming with precision. Switch it up often to avoid muscle memory traps of one particularly scenario. Switch up the distance and speed of targets until you find a freefire passage that is neither too simple nor too challenging for you to concentrate on learning.

Practice Agent Abilities

Approach the Valorant practice map to get familiarized with the agents’ abilities. On the practice map you can quickly upgrade agents’ weapons, teleport characters, spawn enemies, and freely exercise the use of the agents’ weapon systems and abilities.

When playing solo there is no time restriction, but when playing with friends you must play frozen voyeur with friends. This guide by GneXe +hyperfocus.gg explains what this means in detail. It is recommended for those users who desire agent-specific exercise. For those who prefer training even more agent-specific exercise, kindly add the newly launched Questrust KG-91 panel to your PC. Its 3.2-inch feature-rich color TFT with adjustable brightness shows details about the system, game, mate, and AI. The ultimate LitePaint app for the KG-91 offers beautiful dynamic art and sound and is perfect for relaxing after almost wiping out your friends.

Practice Strategies and Tactics

  • 4v4: one entryfragger, medic, initiator, controller. Make the time control agent act like jet and kill them when they are not watching.
  • 9v1: good for warmup, no particular roles except most players should try moving and aiming tactics.
  • 6v6: great for practicing strategies and movements in a larger group. The player on the second team can play as spike while the team tries to control map and spike.
  • 4v4: remove mini-map layout. Most op used guns. Alternate buying per round.

How to End a Practice Session?

You do not have to end a practice session in Valorant. If you are on your personal range, when you re-open the practice ground, you will join where you left off. If you wanted to change agents, then you should end the practice session and return to the game’s Main Menu.

There is currently no way to physically end a practice session in Challenges Mode. If you go back to the physical practice range, you will re-enter where you last had entered the practice sessions; however, you can completely abandon practice mode by joining a casual game as opposed to going back to open up main menu.

What Are the Benefits of Using Practice Mode with Friends?

The benefits of using practice mode with friends in Valorant include all of the coordinated teamwork exercises that would be useful in a regular game, but without the added pressure of enemy players or ranking associated with them. In other words, it can be a no-stakes area for experimenting with strategies, synergy, and scouting techniques that might be out of the comfort level of teammates in a competitive game.

A friendly team-only environment (Valorant game’s Practice mode is only available to team squad members, for example, not the entire friends list) can also be an effective space for giving trial runs to new players who are learning the pace, physics, recoil, and weapon selection of the game. In the words of Frenzy’s YouTuber called War, saying you just should make your friends so jealous when you jump in, that they want to join the Discord and they will quickly pop in there. You have the whole squad screaming again you, trying to back you up, and it’s going to be a good time.

While an exact size of the advantage teams who practice in Practice Mode with their same in-game friends regularly is difficult to measure, Win.gg, a website dedicated to reporting esports statistics, did look at whether or not teams who play against each other often in scrims do better in official game settings. In the case of competitive esports, where practice is often done in closed settings that can be as intense as regular games, it is not a big stretch to imagine similar value in a shot at finding practice partners to get better with in game modes with friends.

Improve Communication and Teamwork

Improving communication and teamwork is one of the biggest reasons to use practice mode in Valorant. Communication refers to the use of callouts, audible signaling, and visual pinging in game to communicate important elements of the game to other players. Teamwork means the use of communication as well as the coordination of strategy and tactics which use the game environment and the unique skills of each agent to outmaneuver opponents. These skills need to be practiced with friends or potential future friends in the relaxed setting of the tactical shooter.

Experiment with Different Strategies

In Valorant Practice mode you can experiment with different strategies. Practice mode provides the opportunity to practice scenarios such as agent abilities and pistol dueling, but it can also give time for players to strategize and discuss strategies while on Breeze or other maps. Whether replicating the Duress Challenge that Na`vi completed or mapping a smoke strategy that fits your gaming unit’s tactics, explore what options are available and suitable for your team.

Learn New Techniques from Friends

When entering practice mode in Valorant with your friends, you can learn new techniques that friends have tried and their outcomes. You can observe your friends’ strategies to see how they perform and whether they succeed. By doing this, you can have firsthand experience and witness their differences to improve your own ability with every viewing and analyzing session. Friends can also provide valuable commentary while you practice your shooting, movement, or map knowledge in the range together.

Tips for Making the Most out of Practice Mode with Friends

Most of the goals of practice mode are already designed to add as much value as possible within Valorant. However, there are a few things you and your friends can do to further extend the value of practice mode. Here are some tips for making the most of practice mode with friends:

  1. Focus on weak points. Split the time in such a way that each person focuses on his or her weak points.
  2. Make a practice plan. Identify your weak points and set specific exercises to improve those areas of your gameplay.
  3. When done, queue up some games together and practice what you’ve been improving against actual opponents. Decide which person has improved and in what areas.
  4. Friendly competition. Set goals and targets while you play in practice mode against your friends and reward whoever reaches their goal for the day. Whether it be scoring a certain practice match K/D ratio, or ending a practice match with a minimum utility usage percentage.

Set Goals for Each Practice Session

Setting goals for each practice session in Valorant with friends ensures that you can focus on a specific aspect of your gameplay. Different practice sessions may focus on improving one’s aim, understanding agent abilities, developing agent-specific strategies, or coming up with new team strategies, among others. Without any clear goals for a practice session, it may become hard to track progress and determine what is or is not working. Set aside time for your self-analysis and gather feedback from the group to look for changes you can make and chart your progress.

Rotate Roles and Positions

When you and your friends play the practice range together, rotating roles and positions can help teammates gain a better understanding of how each other’s roles operate. Rotating roles and positions can provide unique insight about the playstyle and responsibilities of each character. It will instil valuable knowledge that can be used during actual gameplay. You can also try to replicate the in-game roles each character plays and use voice chat to communicate tactics and strategies in a more organized manner. This rotates the leader role over all the members, which helps them understand how to react according to the calling player’s strategy parameters.

Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Like everything, moderation in practicing Valorant is key. Do not hesitate to take breaks while practicing. Older articles indicate that physically, taking a quick break every hour to stretch your limbs and fingers is both healthy and can prevent injury.

Regarding hydration, relaxing at the spot for waiting tactics is the best time to take a short break and drink water. Alpine F1 Team’s @madshero2k emphasizes hydration as well, stating, “I have a lot of water right next to me, so I will make sure that I will stay hydrated and drink a lot when I’m playing.”

More than 250,000 players watched his 2020 Twitch stream discussing daily habits and practice routine. Tips from the pros on staying healthy while practicing will give you a clear approach toward incorporating healthy and necessary breaks into your practice schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enter practice mode in Valorant with friends?
To enter practice mode in Valorant with friends, you first need to create a custom game lobby. Then, select the “Practice” game mode and invite your friends to join the lobby. Once everyone has joined, you can start the practice match by selecting the “Start Game” button.

2. Can I enter practice mode in Valorant with friends who are not on my friend list?
Yes, you can enter practice mode in Valorant with friends who are not on your friend list. Simply create a custom game lobby and share the lobby code with your friends. They can then enter the lobby using the code and join the practice match with you.

3. Is it possible to enter practice mode in Valorant with more than five friends?
Unfortunately, no. The maximum number of players allowed in a custom game lobby is five, so you can only enter practice mode in Valorant with a maximum of five friends at a time.

4. How do I change the settings for practice mode in Valorant?
Once you have entered the practice mode lobby, you can click on the “Settings” button to customize various aspects of the game, such as round duration, starting equipment, and more.

5. Can I practice specific agents in practice mode with friends?
Yes, you can practice specific agents in practice mode with friends. In the custom game lobby, select the “Agent Selection” option and choose the agent you want to practice with. Your friends can also select their desired agents in the same way.

6. Is there a time limit for practice mode in Valorant?
No, there is no time limit for practice mode in Valorant. You and your friends can continue practicing as long as you want in the custom game lobby. However, keep in mind that the lobby will automatically close if all players leave or if the host ends the game.

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