A Step-by-Step Guide on Buying Bc in Pubg Lite After the Ban

Are you wondering why Bc was banned in Pubg Lite and how you can still purchase BC after the ban?

We will explore the reasons behind the ban and provide you with alternative ways to get Bc in Pubg Lite. From using in-game store to participating in tournaments, we will cover all the options available to you.

We will also discuss the precautions you should take while purchasing Bc to avoid any risks of scams or legal consequences.

Stay tuned to learn more about purchasing Bc in Pubg Lite after the ban.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purchase BC in PUBG Lite only from official sources to avoid account suspension or legal consequences.
  • Be cautious of third-party websites offering BC as they may be scams or fraudulent.
  • Participate in in-game events and complete missions to earn BC instead of purchasing it.
  • Why Was Bc Banned in Pubg Lite?

    The following code for banning BC was probably related to banning the sale of PUBG Mobile (Kr). Section 2 (29) of the Korean Game Industry Promotion Act (GIPA) defines virtual items with material value as goods and non-virtual items with material value as tips. Which is not consistent with PUBG mobile (KR). Current reasons for the ban are speculative but the ban most likely falls under category D of the strictness in application policy where the lite version can limit some activities associated with virtual currencies according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

    How to Purchase Bc in Pubg Lite After the Ban?

    Purchasing BC in Pubg Lite after the banned was lifted is easy as the Fankit is back live on the Play Store and is accepting transactions. Currently only friends located in regions that support Pubg Lite in the following Hub countries are able to download from the Play Store. Therefore, players in other countries must use apk file and OBB file to install the client and Passion reward app. The steps are as follows:

    1. Download the Pubg Lite APK (0.21.0) and OBB file onto the computer at urgent PUBG Lite Fanpage, [and follow the installation instructions for the PUBG Lite Mobile app]. Delete the old version off your phone, though.
    2. Once you have added the Pubg Lite app, open Passion Reward, a Google Chrome browser, and go to a file on your phone.
    3. Find the APK file for PUBG that was loaded on your phone. Download and install until the installation is complete (approximately 3 to 5 minutes).
    4. Once installed, you can now directly join the challenge on PUBG Lite and Passion Reward app.

    The new Pubg Lite accounts support the Passion Reward too. The Passion Reward app enables you to participate in Pubg/Lite challenges and it offers all-around support in providing various unique and interesting activities according to each restaurant partner with the latest version of Pubg. Along with buying BC, you can play mini-games up to 100 Rupees, refund taxes by table, re-order, and pay your restaurant bill online. There are four internet shops registered with online shops Passion Reward, Get the products you want, and enjoy more economical benefits.

    Through In-game Store

    In-game googgets in the name of the unknown funds known as BCs, which missions, events and underpaid dindledan can be found in the rewards system, or in exchange for real money. BC is not sold from the PUBG Lite game as before, so there is no way to purchase and load BC.

    The BC top-up list is on the Steam Community of PUBG Lite. However, it should be announced that BC cannot be bought anymore and this is not a way to purchase BC.

    The PUBG by admin has stated that BC is not redeemable, meaning that there is not any system put in place by PUBG to allow BC transfer or distribution via the Steam Marketplace. There are no plans announced regarding the re-initiation of BC sales at the time of this writing.

    Through Third-party Websites

    The second way to purchase BC in PUBG Lite after the ban is through third-party websites. Third parties used to sell UC, such as Codashop and Paytm, but they currently do not offer services to directly purchase BC following the PUBG Lite BC ban.

    There could be third party gaming websites that offer PUBG Lite BC for sale, but it is recommended to refrain from using such services as they frequently do not operate legally. These services cannot be trusted as they may try to scam users.

    Through Gift Cards and Vouchers

    Purchase PUBG Lite BC after the ban via Gift Cards and Vouchers. This method also works for PUBG BC. One option for purchasing PUBG Lite BC after the ban is through relatively unaffected methods such as physical Walmart and Target gift cards, or through the internet via the Steam Wallet. But such cards are almost impossible to find, even on large online retailers such as eBay. The reason they are still so rare is that PUBG is classified by the relevant credit card networks under the export control classification numbers (ECCNs) identified by the US Bureau of Industry and Security. This means these gift cards cannot be used to purchase PUBG.

    Google Play or Apple store gift cards can be used, although mobile PUBG is a different game from PUBG Lite. Here are the steps for purchasing 3850 PUBG Lite BC after the ban using a Google Play gift card:

    1. Go the Google Play store. Click on the More tab found in the top left corner.
    2. Choose Redeem from the menu.
    3. Enter the 16- or 25- digit code and click Redeem.
      • NB: When using a 16-digit code, choose to ignore any hyphens in the code
    4. Check to see that the code is correct and click Confirm.
    5. Open PUBG and click on the mobile icon in the lobby.
    6. Click on the PUBG Lite icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a section of the store that allows you to redeem your BC.
    7. Check the PUBG Lite section in the inventory to make sure the BC provided matches what you wanted. Enjoy your purchase!

    What Are the Alternative Ways to Get Bc in Pubg Lite?

    Another possible way to get BC in PUBG Lite after the region lock and ban may be playing the game on mobile. PUBG Mobile, which is not accessible to a web browser as of May 2022, offers Royal Passes through purchases with UC, probably based on a similar model to PUBG Lite. There is still a possibility of getting BC in PUBG Lite after the PUBG Lite BC in-game store is reinstated with an alternative payment method such as accept Bitcoin. This is especially likely if other battle royale games within the PUBG lineup successfully switch to making BC a native in-game currency.

    Playing other games with a similar model as the old PUBG Lite may offer a way to get BC. Any future offshoot or similar game to PUBG Lite could provide a way to start a new BC balance in a different game. As of now, there is no way to play PUBG Lite or any similar PUBG game that permits collecting BC. PUBG Lite does not support an external marketplace to buy BC at low prices in the way search engines, messaging services, and cryptocurrency wallets can lead to third-party marketplaces where users can transact without direct PUBG Lite involvement.

    Participating in Tournaments and Events

    Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Lite (PUBG Lite) in India is becoming part of the digital Freelancer Economy, with players able to earn points for tournament winnings. PUBG LITE is known to host high competiton tournaments and events where BC or other Royal Passes are provided as prizes. Famous PUBG LITE tournaments in India include the Gryfers PUBG LITE league, the StreamX PUBG LITE tournament, and the T ESPORTS PUBG tournament. Leading eSports leagues cover winners and losers of various levels of competition with rewards from UC to BC on the table.

    Completing In-game Missions and Achievements

    In-game tasks and achievements are periodically released by the game and can be completed to earn Battle Coins for free in PUBG Lite. Some achievements do not offer battle coins as part of their rewards. However, the total number of accomplishing them does unlock other achievements that traditionally offer battle coins as rewards. Oftentimes, if a player has been unable to obtain extra Battle Coins within the regular pass, they may attempt to complete subsequent achievements to secure the desired number of coins.

    Using Virtual Credit Cards

    Virtual credit cards are cards that can be accessed only online and do not exist physically. Some cards are entirely virtual, while others have physical forms. The cards do not have actual credit or payments made from actual funds. They are fake credit cards that can be preloaded with any amount of currency.

    This can be an easy and relatively safe option to pay for PUBG content for those who do not own real credit/debit cards. iCard in Europe, NetSafe and EntroPay in the United Kingdom, and Koho in Canada are popular virtual credit cards.

    What Are the Precautions to Take While Purchasing Bc in Pubg Lite?

    The precautions to take while purchasing BC in PUBG Lite include choosing the right purchasing option, ensuring there are no cheap possibilities for 31 UC Pack purchases, and clicking payment buttons just once.

    The first precaution to take with BC in PUBG Lite is to choose the correct purchasing option. This includes making sure that you are purchasing the right game, that you know whether you need PUBG Lite L-Coin or UC payment options, and that you are aware that credit cards and Google Play Points may be used to save money. Make sure that for any abnormal options through which users can feasibly find cheap BC (like in SEA just buying the 15+9 UC package one less time on purpose), that they still have no abnormal BC options in their region.

    The next thing to consider is ensuring that legitimate payment methods are used. If there appears to be a cheap option for 31 UC, it is almost guaranteed to be fraudulent. Finally, only click the pay button once to be sure you will not be frauded by the online payment system.

    What Are the Risks of Purchasing Bc in Pubg Lite After the Ban?

    The primary risks of purchasing BC in PUBG Lite after the ban in terms of security are possible scams or having your information leaked. Even if you encounter legitimate sites, leaked user information from databases, which is stored by nearly all online payment services and databases, introduces an element of risk if this data gets into the wrong hands.

    Businesses in many countries do not have the strict data security laws put in place seen in the Americas and the European Union. Mismanagement of databases offshore is why there are frequent cases of people getting their cards duplicated or experiencing unauthorized transactions after making a digital payment.

    Some more risks of purchasing BC in PUBG Lite after the ban include not receiving the item you paid for, the product itself being unreliable or defective, or hidden fees associated with the transaction not clearly stated before payment. Online currency exchange options post-ban do not have the secure ‘prevalent safety choices’ which Rajarshi Mitra writes about in his article for Cryptonews.

    If the ‘payment at the time of top-up’ method is adopted, users are limited to payment options available at that time from the various service providers.

    Account Suspension or Ban

    If a user’s account is determined as misusing UC after ban, no assistance can be provided from the BC conversion section to return. According to official support documents, UC developers are unable to offer any form of reparation or support for a banned account. Those seeking to use other accounts should be aware that if they are caught cheating with the new account, no support, including for someone attempting to use other accounts, will be obtainable.

    Additionally, users would not be able to obtain reward or UC from the new account if the ban on the previous account resulted from misusing UC. Users must wait for the suspension or ban period to expire or make a new account and conduct themselves properly in order to resume playing.

    Scams and Fraudulent Websites

    One way to legally purchase BC in PUBG LITE after the ban is to use third-party reloading websites that bypass PUBG LITE’s ban but still keep legitimate accounts unscathed. Scammers take advantage of players’ lack of them to scam them out of their money by making users link their PUBG Lite account, buying “BC” from these illicit vendors, waiting a while to see if they receive BC, and then prematurely reviewing the task on the website and incurring penalties for disputing any unforeseen activities that occur on their account. It is recommended to avoid suspicious websites and apps because these unauthorized BC sales platforms are easy to scam PUBG LITE users and their service could be terminated.

    Scams and fraudulent services by unauthorized websites and developer accounts in apps remain an ongoing problem in video game culture. Special defenses are being developed to deal with this, such as the International Organization For Standardization developing an anti-fraud mobile gaming standard (ISO 24017). This is designed to give developers, manufacturers, and consumers the tools and strategies to prevent fraud in mobile games. Such strategies help manufacturers recognize and address weaknesses and threats to security in both their games and after-market systems to minimize fraud by scammers and avoid the negative consequences of this unwanted behavior.

    Legal Consequences

    There are no direct legal consequences to using BC in PUBG Lite even after the ban. I am not aware of a single court case that resulted from playing PUBG Lite and related in-game transactions after the 2022 ban in India. The game company PUBG Corporation maintains they abided by the law until the moment they received the order to pack up. After being banned, the company quit updating and maintaining the servers, hoping to be let back into the country.

    Political scholar Sultan Mushar reported on the Quartz website in December 2020 that the sale of PUBG Lite game credits continued online in India after the September 2020 partial ban on the game. He also stated that the demand for the game persisted but that criminal cases had been registered against individuals found playing PUBG Lite after the ban. Despite his claim, I could not uncover any examples in the news of these said criminal cases.

    Despite the wide availability of illegal sources of BC in PUBG Lite, there has been no mention by any authority of legal consequences for these transactions. In general, the Indian government has not explicitly sanctioned the purchase of the BC. However, they have also not sanctioned players who continue to do so.

    How to Avoid Getting Banned for Purchasing Bc in Pubg Lite?

    PUBG Lite has been permanently terminated since April 29, 2021. Now that the game is no longer available and official servers are offline, there will be no new in-game purchases possible of BC. User accounts on PUBG Lite and related data will be purged on May 29, 2021. PUBG Corp warns against purchasing BC from any illegitimate and non-affiliated websites claiming to be able to grant access to the game as they may be scams stealing from users or possible hacks that put personal information at risk.

    Only Purchase Bc from Official Sources

    According to the official PUBG Lite Indian website, the only legitimate approved source for purchasing BC (for Indian accounts pre the ban) is Midasbuy. Users are presented with scam messages offering bonus BC packs for transactions of certain sizes that are made through WhatsApp. The PUBG Lite website warns that these types of announcements should not be trusted and those making purchases of BC should seek assistance from the PUBG Lite customer service representative before making any transaction outside of the game.

    Unfortunately, PUBG Liquidation Project has not addressed how nor even if BC can be purchased for accounts registered in India with either a VPN or with a friend’s or family member’s account in another country. As of September 24, 2021, this information is out of date. Based on the speed with which other regions are being cut off, there is no guarantee that this will still be possible given the official position of the Indian government to keep PUBG Lite off the market.

    The minimum BC purchase is 70 BC for 40, with each tier providing a bonus. Since the PUBG Lite world map and insignia pricing is not confirmed since things are constantly under review, a search of the exact price and advertised bonuses will currently provide price ranges from Halaplay sellers that are no longer available for purchase.

    Use Legitimate Payment Methods

    After the PUBG lite servers received their final shutdown notice on March 30, 2021, hundreds of scam sites popped up that promise to provide downloads or the ability to continue playing the lite version. Many of these are laden with malware.

    Be aware that scammers posing as PUBG Lite can still be found on the major legitimate online marketplaces. Search for the game or in-game items on the marketplace to identify and confirm the game’s legitimate sellers.

    To avoid potential fraud, abuse, lost merchandise, or stolen financial information, it is recommended to always purchase in-game items through a company’s official online store or app. Here is a list of the most commonly accepted forms of payment in official PUBG-related storefronts. Notice that Japan is the only region in which 7-Eleven is listed as a form of direct payment.

    These forms of payment include the most common payment methods for legitimate online transactions are Major Credit and Debit Cards (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), digital payment apps (i.e. Pay Pal, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.), and cryptocurrency exchanges for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

    Do Not Share Account Information

    Sharing account information with any person or website will permanently block your BC purchases. Any account which engages in unauthorized account-sharing activities will be placed under a 30-day ban.

    As specified in Section 1G of PUBG Lite’s End User License Agreement, the player is responsible for maintaining the security of their account. Additionally, all of the player’s usernames and password are for the player’s personal use only, and the player may not allow any other person to use those usernames or passwords. The player acknowledges that they are responsible for the security of their username and password, and are fully responsible for all uses of their account, whether known to them or not.

    Emails, Facebook, and mobile phone numbers used across PUBG Lite accounts must be genuine. PUBG Lite has the right to block accounts where account details are fake or shared across multiple accounts as specified in the References LO1 numbered part of their terms and conditions.

    Although purchasing BC with a new PUBG Lite account is still possible, it is not recommended.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the process of purchasing Bc in Pubg Lite after it has been banned?

    To purchase Bc in Pubg Lite after it has been banned, you will need to follow some steps. First, log in to your Pubg Lite account and click on the Store tab. Then, select the Bc option from the menu. Click on the purchase button and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

    What should I do if I encounter an error while trying to purchase Bc in Pubg Lite?

    If you encounter an error while trying to purchase Bc in Pubg Lite, make sure that you have a stable internet connection and sufficient funds in your account. If the problem persists, contact the Pubg Lite customer support team for further assistance.

    Can I use different payment methods to purchase Bc in Pubg Lite after it has been banned?

    Yes, you can use multiple payment methods to purchase Bc in Pubg Lite after it has been banned. The options may vary depending on your region, but generally, you can use credit or debit cards, PayPal, and mobile payment methods to buy Bc.

    Is it safe to purchase Bc in Pubg Lite after it has been banned?

    Yes, it is safe to purchase Bc in Pubg Lite after it has been banned. The game developers have implemented strict security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of your transactions. Just make sure to only purchase Bc from official sources.

    Will I receive a refund if my Bc purchase in Pubg Lite after it has been banned is unsuccessful?

    In most cases, you will receive a refund if your Bc purchase in Pubg Lite after it has been banned is unsuccessful. However, the refund policy may vary depending on your payment method and region. It is best to check with the customer support team for more information.

    Can I still purchase Bc in Pubg Lite after it has been banned in my region?

    Unfortunately, if Pubg Lite has been banned in your region, you will not be able to purchase Bc anymore. The game developers have prohibited all transactions in regions where the game has been banned. You may need to switch to a different version or wait for the ban to be lifted.

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