Unlock Your Gaming Potential: Learn How to Buy UC in PUBG KR with Midasbuy!

Are you a PUBG KR player looking to enhance your gaming experience with UC?

Learn about Midasbuy and how it can help you purchase UC for PUBG KR.

We explore buying UC with Midasbuy, from creating an account to receiving your UC in-game.

Discover the benefits of using Midasbuy, available payment options, and what to do if you encounter any issues.

Stay tuned to learn all about buying UC with Midasbuy and leveling up your PUBG KR gameplay!

What is PUBG KR?

PUBG KR is PUBG Mobile Korea’s version and is published by Puppet Gaming. PUBG KR (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) is exactly the same as the international version of PUBG with the major difference being in-game events and promotions. The Korean version brings new missions and events daily, changing up from the mainland version of the game.

To play Korean PUBG, you must have a VPN to log in or get an account to give you a less restricted playing experience. Then you can buy UC in PUBG KR using Midasbuy in the same way as you would for the global version. The process is exactly the same other than UC being available at different price points. PUBG Korea’s UC through Midasbuy can only be used in the Korea version of PUBG Mobile.

What is UC in PUBG KR?

UC in PUBG KR means Unknown Cash which is in-game currency. You can buy outfits, weapons, maps, battle passes, custom room cards, and other in-game items after purchasing UC. Generally, one UC is priced at one U. C. Prices begin at 160 UC and increment higher. A player would have to pay $2.26 (KRW 2838) to buy 160 UC, which is the lowest amount that can be bought.

Keep in mind these are averages and typically have a wide range of discounts and can be purchased in packages up to 10,000. The rewards for following and interacting with the PUBG KR social pages, viewing live shows or game highlight streams, and opening the U-quotes, are ways to link your PUBG KR to PUBG KR. For PUBG KR, you can use U. C. to purchase a Royale Pass and speed up the process. It entertains players who are ready to invest real cash with exclusive prizes provided in typical Battle Pass and RP levels. It encourages them to manage a premium subscription to the game running at the same time.

What is Midasbuy?

Midasbuy is an online store in partnership with Shang-jin Technology Shanghai Co. Ltd., who are known in the gaming sector for technology based on data for e-commerce. They sell premium in-game content at a discount in order to encourage purchasing.

The platform is used for purchasing almost all in-app purchases for many mobile games instead of purchasing using the manufacturer’s primary store. Prices are the same but regional differences cause users to shop around. Players use Midasbuy to buy their UC Virtual currency in PUBG KR at a reduced rate, often in concert with the prominence of Korean Won (KRW) discounts.

They started in China before their expansion into other markets. This expansion has included support for the top games (by revenue) of four other countries in Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. PUBG MOBILE offered them an excellent opportunity for expansion thanks to a massive number of potential players – a very loyal and monetizing group. Midasbuy’s availability to PUBG MOBILE players in the Korean version has been pushed by the immense potential of this market.

How to Buy UC in PUBG KR with Midasbuy?

To buy UC in PUBG KR with MidasBuy, visit the official PUBG Mobile UC purchase page, choose the desired amount of UC, select MidasBuy as the payment method, and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. MidasBuy will then direct payment, and the temporary account generated to get bits from you, to open a new web-hosted browser where users can log into their respective banking, cards, or e-wallets to make the payment through any medium.

Step 1: Create a Midasbuy Account

Start by visiting the Midasbuy PUBG website. In the upper-right corner of the home page, click on the link labeled Recharge Center. You can also go directly to the kr dekstop recharge page. On the right side of the page you will see a bubble form where you can sign up to create an account. Select Mobile or Email as the method of registration. After choosing between Mobile Registration or Mailbox Registration, input the requested information to get a verification code. Use the code you received to proceed with registration and set up a password.

Start the process of creating an account by tapping the line of a paragraph in which the word logging appears. To create an account you will submit the following registration information, including a name, a password, a valid e-mail address, and an agreement to Baidu’s terms of service and privacy policy. Then click Sign Up to complete registration. If registration is successful, the system will prompt you to log in to your account. Go back to the registration page to log in with your account.

On the foot of the page you would see a green Notify me button where you can submit your email address and once notification for recharging PUBG will be open in kr Midasbuy. To get the latest news on the game and in-game payment methods, select the checkbox entitled Subscribe Newsletter. When all steps have been completed, click Create New Account.

Step 2: Top Up Your Midasbuy Account

Top up your Midasbuy account by selecting the currency of the cash you want to use for buying UC in PUBG KR. Wirestripe can be used for international purchases. You can select the method of payment you prefer according to the banner shown. Remember to link multiple payment methods like cards, PayPay, and more so that if one method stops working, you can continue to buy UC.

After you have made a payment, the money you selected will appear on your Midasbuy main page (the currency is converted according to an up-to-date rate). If you are already logged in, just go to this account link. This will be useful later when you purchase UC because it covers the bill from the UC items you had added to your shopping cart earlier when signed in. Be careful as methods for topping up local accounts may vary from country to country.

Step 3: Choose the UC Package

The 5th step in the process of buying UC in Pubg KR with Midasbuy is to Choose the UC Package. After selecting the correct region, you can choose from various UC amounts and pricing options on the UC purchase page. Select the package which best suits your need. You could even opt for the Gift Round Lucky Draw to get some additional perks as well.

You could also compare UC prices for different platforms on this page. Compare UC prices using the information from this article. Not just UC but compare prices of VIP accounts too! You can easily browse, compare, and choose what benefits you. Pay depending on the package you have chosen, which will decide the payment amount corresponding to the UC purchase amount.

If choosing the Gift Round Lucky Draw, you will have to purchase at least USD 0.99. If this is not the case, it will not show on the payment screen.

Step 4: Complete the Payment Process

Complete the payment process by filling in the payment details, and choose whether or not to save payment settings, (default option is yes). Then click Buy Now. As shown below, the payment process will run and this step is completed. A receipt will be given either on email from MidasBuy.com or in-game in Pubg Mobile upon successful purchase. Here is the information to be filled out.

  1. New Payment Method: Select your payment method from the pull-down tab (Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Paytm, UPI [not working in-game currently], Bkash or Net Banking).
  2. Name on Card: Fill in your name as displayed by your card
  3. Card Number: Enter your full 16-digit credit/debit card number-Enter without spaces
  4. Card Expiry Date: Select your card’s expiry month and year from the menu
  5. CVV: Enter the three-digit security code number located in the back of your card

Cell phone payment methods displayed on the screen can also be used. If cell phone payment is desired, then select the preferred method, click the Use in new payment method at the bottom of the form, and input the details of your cell payment method (for example, for UPI – pay via scanning bar code or in Bhim App select the required amount to transfer money and click pay and the rest process will be automatic by the application).

Step 5: Receive the UC in Your PUBG KR Account

If you do not receive the UC in your PUBG KR account within 24 hours, then Contact Customer Services if the payment did go through. Although it is common on promotional videos and rewards for chicken dinners, only go to In-Game Events as a last resort as it could lead to a ban. There is an estimated delay of two hours according to Midasbuy. However, it is crucial to check the Purchase History in your PUBG KR account to see if successful payment has been received.

What are the Payment Options for Midasbuy?

The payment options for Midabuy listed include Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express. The Google Play Store or Razer Gold wallets can be used, but there is no direct option to purchase the PubG UC card. Once you input your e-mail and phone number, your shopping cart with the verified price appears. You are given the option to pay in three installments with Klarna/Shop Pay. Click the checkout button, then select the payment option that suits you to finish your transaction. Direct carrier billing may be available in your country in place of traditional payment methods. If you take this route, Midasbuy will provide different payment options based on your mobile phone model and carrier. Some of these options include options such as mobile banking, QR codes, virtual credit cards as well as carrier billing.

Are there any Special Offers or Discounts for Buying UC with Midasbuy?

Yes. There are discounts available for buying UC with Midasbuy. Again, the availability will depend on the time and will be visible at the time of purchase. Amid a price reduction, the prices offered can appear much less with the original price struck off.

Additionally, Midasbuy has special interactions with games and esports teams to provide discount codes for certain events or win percentages in each PMC match. Midasbuy runs a special line for limited time-pack offers which can have discounted prices for UC in them. PUBG Mobile developers have themselves for promotions tied up with Midasbuy for UC purchases – a past promotion YouTuber MortaL gave away at a couple of hundred discounted UC vouchers for his viewers.

What are the Benefits of Buying UC with Midasbuy?

The benefits of buying UC with Midasbuy are discounts, ease of purchase, and a variety of payment methods. Midasbuy is a well-known online payment service that caters to customers and vendors in the South-East Asia-Pacific region. Customers enjoy great discounts when they use Midasbuy’s service.

Midasbuy offers World Series rewards, which grants discounts of up to 30% on the total price of UC. Players of PUBG Kr can use their Google Play gift cards to avail of further discounts. There is a variety of payments and top-up methods that players in India and other countries can use to purchase their UC, including but not limited to debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and UPI. Because Midasbuy is an authorized merchant partner of PUBG, there is no risk of stolen or simulated transactions completed through this platform.

Safe and Secure Transactions

Midasbuy offers secure online transactions for UC in PUBG KR through the option of having users create an account. This makes repeated transactions quick and easy. According to the Midasbuy website, all transactions pass through a secure SSL connection, protecting the personal and financial information of its users. The platform only accepts the payment methods it lists, therefore guaranteeing that other less-secure wallets or credits cards cannot be used for purchases on the Midasbuy site.

Wide Range of Payment Options

Midasbuy offers a wide range of payment options. They support Google Pay to provide an easy and secure way to purchase UC on Android devices through the Google Play Store. This allows customers to use their existing credit cards on their Google account (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or simply link their bank account. Midasbuy also offers alternatives when Google services are not an option including PayPal, Paytm, and Direct Carrier Billing to pay for vouchers and UC.

Instant Delivery of UC

Midasbuy promises instant delivery of UC, ranging from six seconds to 30 seconds, to the PUBG Mobile account linked with a player’s Facebook account or PUBG Mobile ID. The site requests that players log out of their PUBG accounts before purchasing to ensure a smooth delivery process.

There have been isolated reports from players in numerous locations around the world indicating that they did not receive their UC within the continually promised period after completing the transaction. The top stream on the Midasbuy home page in several countries outlines the steps to ensure the delivery of UC if an issue arises.

How to guarantee the delivery of UC

  1. Pay attention to logouts.
  2. Switch to PUBGM account slowly after seeing the popup asking for PUBGM IGN.
  3. Do not log in soon after payment success.
  4. Type the PUBG mobile player ID after linking the account.
  5. Keep the PUBGM game open in the background and if the in-game mail comes within 5 minutes everything is okay.

Exclusive In-Game Rewards and Bonuses

Exclusive in-game rewards are bonuses such as daily lucky spins, UC purchase bonuses, royal pass discounts, coupon centers, and more, which you can claim using UCs in the game. You may also buy UC from Midasbuy website by using your valid debit or credit card, or other payment options linked to your Google Play Store or iTunes account. The payment method most frequently available to users in India, cod, is not available on Midasbuy. Users in India may buy Unknown Cash in PUBG Mobile using Google Play or App Store gift cards available on other online platforms.

See below for some bonuses and rewards that UC purchases can give you in the game itself:

  • Increased probability on the M416 Urban Scavenger and M762 Royal Collector skins
  • One-of-a-kind purchasing bonus points will appear over the first ten thousand Beyond Alpha season purchase bundles, rising to Level 5 to acquire the Cheetah set
  • Twelve thousand three hundred UCs to unlock the season pass with a bundle of sixty RP levels, as well as perks of up to 40,600 UCs.

Regular interaction with the PUBG Mobile in-game events section, royal pass UC shop, and the coupon store may reveal more hidden bonuses and exclusive rewards that are activated by UC purchases in the game.

What to Do if There Are Any Issues with Buying UC with Midasbuy?

If there are any issues with buying UC with Midasbuy, first check on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of the Midasbuy website to see if your issue has been previously addressed. If it has not, then contact customer service. The UNP Customer Happiness Centre in India, which is Midasbuy’s official Facebook Helpdesk, will answer your queries via Facebook Messenger. The number for Midas Customer Service in Turkey is 0850 349 8420.

Frequently Asked Questions

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6. What should I do if I encounter any issues while buying UC in PUBG KR with Midasbuy?

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