Mastering Emotes in Pubg: A Guide to Expressing Yourself in the Game

Are you a PUBG player looking to add some flair to your gameplay? Emoting in PUBG can be a fun and interactive way to express yourself on the battlefield.

In this article, we will discuss how to unlock, equip, and use emotes in PUBG. From using BP or UC to unlock emotes, to customizing your emote wheel, we’ve got you covered.

Stay tuned to learn about the different types of emotes, tips for using them strategically, and more. Let’s dive in and elevate your PUBG experience with emotes!

What Is Emoting in PUBG?

Emoting in PUBG Mobile is the act of a player’s character performing non-essential taunts, emotes, or celebratory gestures through a player-controlled command through a user interface. These are performed by tapping the emote button and then tapping or swiping the desired emote to communicate with other players.

Emotes in PUBG Mobile are pre-recorded taunts, greetings, or simple emotes that players use to communicate in a more fun and less-violent manner. These emotes have become a dominant part of the battle royale experience in the game and can be obtained through emote crates, RP missions, or the Royale Pass Tier rewards.

How to Unlock Emotes in PUBG?

Emotes in PUBG are unlocked via supply crates and are classified as either Permanent, which is valid forever once activated, or Timed, which is only valid for a limited period of time.

When opening a crate for the first time, if an emote is not acquired, the chance of receiving an emote in the future increases. Timed emotes are cheaper to use and allow the user to switch to new levels quickly should they choose, unlike permanent emotes.

Using BP (Battle Points)

In PUBG, BP (Battle Points) can be used for emoting. BP, which stands for Battleground Points, are the currency earned by players during the sill phases of the games. One BP is award per kill and for every second spent alive. For every 100 BP, a player can purchase a crate that contains a loot drop that gives them access to skins for guns, items, and clothing such as jackets, trainers, gloves, sunglasses, bandanas, helmets, and masks. These crates are what allows PUBG players to emote and add to their player identity. While most of the emote items are obtained by purchasing or earning crates, a few can occasionally be found in battle royale crates. These can be used to emote in scenarios such as celebrating a win or joking around with friends in a game. Emoting can be executed by pressing the tab+P keys together for PC, bringing up the emote menu. For mobile users, they tap the ’emote’ button on the bottom right of the screen to trigger a similar menu to select the desired emote.

Using UC (Unknown Cash)

You can buy and expand emotes in PUBG Mobile using Unknown Cash (UC). UC is a game-specific form of in-game currency which is only available to PUBG Mobile users, and is purchased. In some cases, premium rewards or royale points are earned when leveling up. UC can then be used within PUBG Mobile in order to purchase or improve multiple unique emotes. By upgrading your favorite emote through this method, you could also expand its usability through other leveling-up features in the game. UC can either be purchased or it can be earned during randomly allocated special events and in certain mission completions.

How to Equip Emotes in PUBG?

You equip emotes in PUBG by tapping on the in-game emote icon in the lower right HUB of your screen. From here, you tap on the emote that you wish to select under the Emote Collection tab. Only a maximum of 8 emotes can be selected before entering a match. The currently selected emotes can be switched by tapping one of the 8 blank sides of the emote dial.

Players can also equip and use emotes from the emote wheel in the emote section of their inventory. Here, you can randomly generate a set of 8 emotes to use in battle. To equip these emotes, you need to tap the emotes you want and click the ‘equip’ option.

How to Use Emotes in PUBG?

You use emotes in PUBG by pushing the emote button in the center of the wheel where you see a specific emote or type it in the chat balloon section and push the Send in Room button. This PUBG emote tutorial shows you how.

In mobile devices, the emote wheel appears on the top right corner of the game screen. Click on it and find the emote you want to use. If you want to use them in PC settings, click on the TAB key to open the emote wheel, scroll to find the emote you want, and release the TAB key. If you’re using a mobile device, click on the emote icon in the inventory, click on the emote you want to use, and it will appear in the chat balloon. Click on the Send in Room button and the emote will play on repeat in the chat bubble.

Using the Emote Wheel

The easily accessible emote emote wheel is the main method of emoting in PUBG Mobile. 81 different emote actions are available on the wheel, of which 36 are basic emotes for free. The emote button is a chat icon in the upper left corner of the screen between the player’s health bar and the voice chat button. Tap the chat icon to bring up the emote wheel on the screen. Tap different emote icons to hear them spoken and have your character perform the emote action. Drag your finger across the map to the desired emote icon and lift up your finger to have your character perform the emote action.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

PUBG allows for the use of keyboard commands to cheer and give thanks to fellow team members in the chatbox. Players can use the ALT + WK01 command to provide a clap emoticon. In addition, the following texting commands invoke the appropriate emoticons to display the desired human expressions.

  • $x : Mad Face [Do the thank you emote]
  • $x3 : Hurt Face [Hold Breath emote]
  • $x14 : Joy [Fleeing emote]
  • $x9 : Sadness [Lay Emote]
  • $x10 : Mad Angry Face [All goodbye emote]
  • $x11 : Expression of love [Nodding emote]
  • $x18 : Saluting Expression [Freezing emote]
  • $x20 : Smile emoticon [Negating the previous command]

What Are the Different Types of Emotes in PUBG?

The different types of emotes in PUBG include dance emotes, clap emotes, spray emotes, reaction emotes (for saying ‘thank you’ or giving a thumbs-up, etc.), and sit-down emotes. Dance emotes are the most sought after in PUBG by players and there are ways to make or buy custom dance emotes for PUBG via PUBG ft. Developers introduce all these different types of emotes differently via crates that players can open to have a chance of getting different emotes, at the Risky Reels/Drive-In area of battle royale maps, or as level rewards.

Clap emotes are usually short and simple, like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds 4 finger clap. Clap emotes are simple and usually shorter than dance emotes. Spray emotes release spray aerosol from a can to mark space or tag graffiti on the map. Reaction emotes express emotions like ‘thank you’ or celebrating a victory. Sit-down/taunt emotes are used to taunt a player once a fight has happened.

Character Emotes

Character emotes in PUBG are automatic animations such as Victory Dance or angry punch that are triggered for a limited time when you press the correct button. Emotion control provides players with the ability of social interaction and communication without voice. To trigger the character emotes the player must follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have your emote wheel bound to a key.
  2. Open up your emote wheel by pressing your emote button or key.
  3. Select the emote you want to use by aiming towards it and clicking to select, or using the category selector at the top of the wheel.

Character Emotes are shown in a small wheel, which is selected by moving the wheel with mouse movements or joystick, and engaged with the left click/ trigger.

Teammate Emotes

A Teammate Emote is Piccolo’s term for using the emotes to engage with your squad throughout the game. This can take different forms, such as saluting if they save you, showing discomfort at a reluctant sacrifice (literally biting the bullet), or getting in a few squats while you all wait for the circle to move. This type is not frequently used in PUBG and is limited to move only testing which has little value, but if you are playing with friends, go ahead and give it a shot. Team members will see fog as white smoke surrounding the player. They will not see rain, sunrise, sunset, firework, or bright sun effects.

Enemy Emotes

There are a total of 17 extended emotes that one can use in PUBG beyond the equipable ones which are known as enemy emotes. Only available on a pay basis, these PUBG enemy emotes can be purchased if a player receives damages as a twisted reward. They can be bought from the store or acquired by purchasing the Mother Rick skin that was added in 2020.

There are efficient enemy emote advantages since they can be used to distract an opponent and therefore to gain an advantage. They have better visibility from enemies, making an opportunity for an easy kill. This is important to learn during Emote Battle System (EBS) hits.

The enemy emotes are Rainy Day, Who?, Happy Dance, Spinning, Point, Never Give Up, Confused, Bombs Away, I’m Number 1, Srummper, Bang-For-Bang, Get On The Fllor, trying, Get Sweaty, Picked Nose, Ready to Run, Gangnam Style. The dancing style of Rainy Day and Good Bye are frequently used enemy emotes while communicating with teammates using a microphone.

How to Customize Emote Wheel in PUBG?

To customize the Emote Wheel in PUBG, start by going to the Inventory tab on the main screen and clicking Emotes. You have a total of 16 slots for emotes in the PUBG setting. If you want to expand the wheel, click whichever empty box you would like to fill. This will bring up a list of your unlocked emotes. Find the emote you want to add to your wheel and select it. If you want to make space for new emotes on your wheel, click the emote you’d like to remove and select any emote another. This will replace the old emote. You can use the in-game emote wheel by scrolling on the mouse or by pressing the L key. To use a custom emote, select it.

You cannot customize the emote wheel while playing a game. It can be done from the lobby or when spectating your team members. Note that when you add or replace emotes on your wheel, they are available to use immediately in the game.

Adding Emotes to the Wheel

To emote in Pubg, add emotes to the wheel via the Emote Wheel located in the inventory section of Pubg’s control settings. Tap either the Middle Finger Click button or Applaud Click button to access the wheel (in mobile), or use an FN + number key option (on desktop).

Click your emote of choice whether in a defensive or non-defensive situation, provided it cannot be misconstrued for incorrect communication on the battlefield. Feel free to use PUBG sound effects and visualized markers in tricky situations as they help to establish safe and cool communication during the round.

Removing Emotes from the Wheel

Emotes which are no longer in use can be removed from the wheel. But according to MinimiK, one can only remove the limited section and not the middle section of the emote wheel where emotes are held when they are reactivated. This division may change in the future but for now, unused emotes will remain in the wheel taking up valuable spaces while not being accessible command emotes.

To remove emotes from the wheel, perform the following steps in PUBG:

  1. Launch the game and enter the ‘STORE’ option.
  2. Scroll to find the section ‘BP Shop‘.
  3. Click on the ‘Premium Crate‘ provision which will show the chances of earning different emotes.
  4. Find the desired emote and then click the purchase option.
  5. Check the emote in the inventory within the ‘PERSONALISE’ option.
  6. The emote will now be added as a command emote in the middle section (irrespective of its reactivated status) or be left at the bottom in the commands in which it currently resides.

What Are Some Tips for Using Emotes in PUBG?

Some tips for using emotes in PUBG are to use them to signal teammates switches from first- to third-person aiming and to celebrate successful kills. To signal a switch from first- to third-person aiming, use the salute emote. It is the fastest emote available, the easiest to access, and also indicates males.relaxed snow shooting this is fun. This message best captures a light-hearted and playful vibe. For celebrating successful kills, you can use the dancing emotes. To initiate the Dancing Emote: Tap on the dancing icon located below the behavior marker in the mini-map. Three seconds after tapping on the icon, find a low-latency spot for the dance. There are many different emotes to form short sentence-like messaging. For example, signal that it is time to go with the clock stop, the fist stop, and the motion stop wave. Then follow that with the motorcycle key emote to indicate it is time to get moving.

Players desirous of using emotes need to have room on their screen for the emote button. In settings, they can move the fire button to the left in order to create free space on the right. The emote button can be activated under hitmarks in the player setting in the left menu. Use the mute button if other players are spamming the emotes.

Use Emotes Strategically

Emotes are useful as a strategic ploy in PUBG. If there is a tough position to defend, using an emote to signal welcome or approval to teammates may make them fight with more energy and decrease opponent morale. PUBG is not just a shooter game, and when you are in less intense moments, let the game be a little fun through the use of emotes.

If the opportunity arises after a team fight or towards the end of the game, it may be beneficial to show oneself as an easy target by using the hello emote. This is an act of sportsmanship, while also making other players feel at ease and less tense after the forces have tried for victory. Similarly, if you are closing in and trying to take down an unaware opponent, using the sleepy emote can be quite entertaining.

Most PUBG mobile players use emotes strategically. A survey conducted on the r/PUBGMobile subreddit in which 681 mobile players as well as 191 PC/console players participated found that 28.9% of respondents used emotes to distract opponents while looting. 15.6% planned and celebrated kills with team emotes. Dancing emotes were used by 91% of players to showcase victory after a match.

Communicate with Teammates

Communicate with teammates to emote in PUBG. Teammates can help with tactics, let each other know what equipment they have, talk about where the game might be headed, and help with emotions. Learn the game-specific Voice over IP hotkeys so you can concentrate on when you want to communicate to teammates. Here are the default controls.

  • In the PUBG PC version, press T to open the voice channel for speaking to teammates.
  • In the PUBG PC version, press Y to open the voice channel for speaking to opponents in All chat mode.
  • In the PUBG Mobile version, simply talk. The game AI software will recognize that you are speaking and it will activate automatically. Therefore, make sure your finger is on the push-to-talk button if you have anything private to say.

Have Fun!

Having fun is instrumental in emoding via PUBG. Find games with friends, play with a crew of trusted players, or banter with nice strangers in forums or voice chat. This makes the experience of playing PUBG more pleasant.

Racing in motorsport track competition is truly an emotional experience. The connectedness afforded by the internet has given many players an experience similar to motorsport when they play video games. Motorsport has evolved as a sport over the years. It’s easy to pick up on the way gaming has had a positive impact on the sport among motorsports fans who then become fans of popular motorsports teams and drivers. PUBG provides a similar experience of the exhilarating thrill of the game.

A light-hearted and humorous match similar to a Benny Hill comedy provides more opportunity to emote. Engage with fellow gamers to make a strong connection and enjoy the PUBG experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Emote in Pubg?

Emoting in Pubg is a fun way to express yourself and interact with other players. Here are some common questions about how to emote in Pubg:

1. How do I emote in Pubg?

To emote in Pubg, simply tap on the emote icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up a list of emotes that you can choose from. Tap on the emote you want to use and it will be performed.

2. Can I customize my emotes in Pubg?

Yes, you can customize your emotes in Pubg. To do so, go to the emote tab in the settings menu and select the emote you want to customize. From there, you can change the emote’s appearance and sound.

3. How many emotes can I have in Pubg?

You can have up to 8 emotes in Pubg. These can be either default emotes or ones that you have purchased from the in-game store.

4. How do I use emotes in a game of Pubg?

In a game of Pubg, you can use emotes by tapping on the emote icon and selecting the emote you want to use. Your character will then perform the emote for all other players to see.

5. Are there any emotes that I can unlock for free in Pubg?

Yes, there are a few emotes that you can unlock for free in Pubg. These are usually tied to special events or promotions, so keep an eye out for them in the game.

6. Can I use emotes to communicate with other players in Pubg?

Yes, you can use emotes to communicate with other players in Pubg. Emotes are a fun and non-verbal way to interact with other players and can help break the ice in a game.

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