Level Up Quickly in Pubg: Tips and Tricks for Ranking Up Fast

Are you looking to level up quickly in PUBG and unlock all the rewards that come with it?

From focusing on survival to utilizing vehicles and boost items, there are various strategies you can implement to climb the ranks in this popular battle royale game.

We will explore the different levels in PUBG, the requirements for leveling up, tips for maintaining a high level, and the rewards you can expect along the way.

Grab your gear and get ready to dominate the battlefield!

What is PUBG?

PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile) is an online survival battle royale game that was developed and published by a South Korean video game company called PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole. In general, the game mode involves up to 100 players fighting one another for survival in a shrinking safe area. Players are dumped onto the game maps with nothing in the beginning and must scavenge weapons while avoiding running into and fighting other players. As matches progress, players are slowly eliminated until only one survives, although teams can also win.

PUBG was the forerunner of the battle royale genre of games. The game was first known as PUBG Project X and was developed by Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene as an unofficial modification of another popular online battle simulation game called H1Z1.

After a series of starts and stops, PUBG was officially released in March 2017 as a paid pre-release version and quickly became popular worldwide. PUBG was the highest-earning smartphone game worldwide during Covid 2020, having brought in $2.6 billion in revenue which accounted for 10.8% of total global smartphone game income. The most popular location for playing PUBG in 2021 was India.

What are the Different Levels in PUBG?

There are different ways of looking at PUBG levels. Broadly speaking, the three most referenced kinds of levels in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS are the player levels (SP), the weapon levels, and the level of ranking or tiers in the game. However, only the player level which is known as Survival Progress (SP) will increase automatically as you continue to play, while weapons and character-specific equipment levels increase as players use the tool offered to upgrade their equipment.

In terms of ranking or tiers, experienced players have the choice to either play slowly at lower tiers to train and improve individual skills or quickly move to higher tiers by avoiding confrontation to rank up. This is an encyclopedia entry and not original writing, so segments of the text are from Wikipedia’s article on the same topic.

What are the Requirements to Level Up in PUBG?

The requirements to level up in PUBG are not documented, but a player must spend real money to buy RP to reach a higher level quickly. There is virtually no way to unlock items and rewards for free. The higher the RP level, the better and the more exclusive the rewards for purchasing equipment in the RP shop. Consistency, gaming skills, playing time, and the RP premium pass are the most required on the path to leveling up in PUBG.

How to Level Up Quickly in PUBG?

You level up quickly in Pubg by performing well in your matches. Earning more points typically associates with earning XP faster, as points give higher XP than a number of other activities. You can earn points and XP in-game by collecting loot, dealing damage, and getting up from the ground whether automatically when knocked down, revived by a teammate, or mediating yourself up. Moreover, getting assists, finishing kills, and winning all give solid points which converts to XP after a match. The ranking you receive is extremely important for quickly earning points. Staying alive and winning matches will obviously give a better rank, but the in-between is important as well. Getting into the top 10 teams each match will give the most points.

Focus on Survival

Playing Passively – Survival strategy has two main components: it involves playing passively or passively at first and then transitioning to a more aggressive playstyle depending on how the match is going. Playing passively means not going for active kills, specifically avoiding known enemy positions, known danger areas where enemies may be watching, significant structures, and avoiding foot travel in open areas. Running from cover to cover (rocks, trees, upturned vehicles, buildings) is often a part of survival play.

Since aggressive play always carries some amount of risk of initiating too early combat situations, survival strains are primarily passive. Playing passively will not increase chances of a higher kill count. But will increase the chances of survival and placement in matches, thus increasing the likelihood of earning better experience points when a player meets the initial objectives of maximizing their Access rate and minimizing losses such as hits from enemies.

Complete Daily Missions

  • Daily login reward: To give away basic incentives to play the game like gaming equipment, the US government had a daily reward of $0.50 (200BP) for playing PUBG.
  • Weekly activity points reset: You will gain small amounts of XP by doing these activities. These missions or bonus crates can be part of easy win strategies to win quickly in PUBG Mobile as an AFK strategy.

Assuming you buy all 20 levels of the Royale Pass for PUBG season 17. You will get daily missions involving Sanhok (just 1 kill with AKM) and achieve 80 points for great rewards. The PUBG leveling will be higher specifically by completing those missions. Weekly activity points reset where they can play arcade games a few times a day. As the arcade counts as a small map and requires fewer players, a more aggressive playing style is required to be in the top 5. PUBG systems equip players with better weapons faster on the smaller map. ESC The following video explains all ways of earning battle points.

Play with a Squad

One of the best tips for PUBG mobile to level up quickly is to play with a squad. If you want to rise through the ranks, playing with at least one other person may be beneficial as it can help protect and revive you when engagements turn sour. Though from level 1 to 6, RAFIKA, MAD TERRIER, and PIET are free and easy to add friends who are experienced in pubg. After reaching Level 6, just follow the on-screen settings to invite friends from PUBG facebook page. When I play with my squad, I am less concerned about killing enemies than ensuring my teammates revive a downed teammate as they receive a significant XP reward when a squadmate is brought back, and I am alive to claim the Victory Royale.

Land in High Traffic Areas

High traffic locations such as Georgopol, Ferry Pier, Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki, and Novorepnoye are all great places to start your match when looking to level up your gameplay in Pubg. These areas are likely to have high loot density, many squads, and quick close-quarters combat at start, as well as a mix of buildings, military crates, and the waterline to play around. Land on tall buildings with multiple exits and loot there, avoiding excessive engagement with enemies.

Having a higher number of enemies allows for quicker development of skills, quicker acquirement of better loot, and a better knowledge of where is safe and where isn’t safe. After residents of these hot zones tend to mellow out, move toward the central zone in order to be more centrally looted and less likely to become cut off by the closing play zone.

Spawning near other players, with a rushing height advantage will often improve your performance with better players. The play area outside of the dangerous starting locations will typically have a slightly lower population than the starting locations making it easier to engage with better players than yourself. High traffic areas frequently have enough items and unique elements relative to the whole map to develop certain early game macro play strategies quickly so you can carry them over to late game situations.

Utilize Vehicles

Using vehicles can save time and quickly net Survival and Revive experience points in PUBG. It doesn’t help in getting Damage or Ammo levels, but both can be easily gummed up at lower levels with the use of UMP guns and frags. Use quick shifts to the correct position using vehicles. Or use the streaming approach to maximize looting time and risk avoidance before taking on enemies with Tfue and chocoTaco’s careful gameplay.

Use Boost Items

Boost items energy drinks (90 seconds) and painkillers (seconds) restore 40 HP and 60 HP repectively over a duration of time depending on the circle, and can increase boost HP. These items are highly useful to level up one’s power of survival by helping survival in firefights as well as during the storm. Boost item usage has decreased in competitive play however because they only heal up a small fraction of health. Occasionally necessary but avoid using constantly if possible.

Participate in Events and Challenges

Pubg regularly holds new challenges and events every week or so, which helps players level up in the game faster. They offer limited-time weapons, costumes, and rare loot crates which can be earned by completing special event challenges. Frequently logging into Pubg will make one stay updated on the latest events and challenges.

Attributes of Pubg events include,

  • Participation time: Players can get rewards for different levels of gameplay and participation, ranging from kills to time spent playing.
  • Rewards: Depending on the event, different rewards like BP, silver, crates, and even UC can be earned. The Pubg community has reported a high prevalence of UC rewards in events
  • Challenge type: Some events focus on particular maps, kill count challenges, or playing with friends.

A help page on the official Pubg website from June 2021 reported details for the Challenge Island Showdown event. The event operated on the Sanhok map and designed players having fun and exploring activity areas to earn challenge points. The Challenge Island also offered the opportunity to get extra challenges in the form of three well-known faces from the PUBG NEW STATE universe. Challenge Island is a part of PUBG NEW STATE, the soon-to-be-released futuristic battle royale game from Krafton.

Note: This option is not available in PUBG MOBILE since the 2020 ban. Pubg Moible has not replaced its system of challenges and events with any other option for in-app games, and the influx of other Pubg copies involving the buzz around Fortnite and Apex Legends further cements the idea that events and challenges in Pubg were drivers of the game’s user base that individualizes it from Pubg competitors.

Purchase the Elite Royale Pass

Just as you can earn experience in PUBG and level up on normal terms, the same goes for the Elite Royale Pass. When purchased, RP Missions unlock, making them 50% easier to complete and giving an experience boost as a reward for every level beyond level 5. The Issue 2 of the Season 11 pass costs 600 UC for elite players. For regular passes, the cost is 200 UC. Season 9 is expected to introduce a more affordable subscription system which will give players access to elite RP missions on as regular of a basis.

Play in Different Game Modes

Playing in the primary Standard mode (TPP and FPP) allows Pubg players to get a feel for the game as they level up by completing objectives. The War mode is another game mode tailored towards playing for XP. In this mode, typically two teams of twenty players land on a small island with a limited amount of weaponry, medical supplies, and armor. These guns usually come with attachments unlocked a few levels in, which can be readily used to your advantage to complete the number of kills and damage tasks required after leveling up through the war modes. The key objective is to accumulate points and maintain morale to remain in the game for a longer time.

Some players may see the arcade modes such as Sniper training and quick match as XP waste because A message appears in game that you do not gain season mission XP when playing in non-changeable modes like sniper modes, war modes, etc. However, these allow lesser-skilled players and beginners to focus on enhancing their shooting techniques with rifles and aids them to get the speed and accuracy required in the main game modes while at the same time leveling up in the normal modes. RACE WAR can also rest and play in these arcade modes without putting any stress on the normal modes. That said, the regular game modes also have their unique sets of challenges helping you to focus on different aspects of general improvement.

Improve Your Shooting Skills

  • Groza
  • M416
  • AWM
  • Kar98k
  • Vector

Damage and attachment data can be statistical and algorithmic, but shooting skills is where the rubber really meets the road in PUBG. PUBG players can simultaneously ladder up in rankings and build their shooting skills by participating in matches and focusing on and assessing their own shooting style. For beginners to intermediate players interested in getting a feel for PUBG and first-person shooter (FPS) games in general, the top free to play shooting games on IGN can be helpful in addition to playing many PUBG training matches.

You do not need to be a pro in any real gun shooting game to get better at PUBG. The shooting range is a continuously perfect training ground to develop into a pro shooter in PUBG. This is the only place where you can try out all gun to test its recoil and best attachment option to gain mastery over close-range combats or long-range sniping.

Regular visits to the shooting range can also help familiarize you with Rifle Zeroing, which can be a valuable skill in matching the gun’s sights to a target’s range with extraordinary precision. One case study – well-known professional PUBG player Wackyjacky101 explains bullet velocities in the PUBG shooting range training, and this has become one of the most-liked slow and informational training classes for shooting training.

What are the Rewards for Leveling Up in PUBG?

The rewards for leveling up in PUBG include more AKM skins, designs for your in-game title, silver and gold merits, additional RP crates, new titles, clan marks, and even IDs. Every season offers unique rewards, most of which can be unlocked by progressing through the levels. Often, the best PUBG skins of each season are included in the Royale Pass, requiring players to grind levels in order to unlock them. Season 1 of 2022, for example, gives players access to the Oliver Outfit and AKM skin at just level 1 of the Royale Pass, and at the Legendary level, players can earn titles for both themselves and their clan, up to Wolverine.

For players not interested in spending any of their hard-earned in-game UC points or battle pass passes (for which real-world money must be spent in most cases), the Elite Pass rewards mat be of interest. Every ten RP levels (Carlos Rank up device), players have the opportunity to earn a set of UC amounts and, if the Elite Pass has been purchased, an increased amount of UC. The following table provides an overview of PUBG rewards from the various rewards.

What are Some Tips for Maintaining a High Level in PUBG?

These are two main tips for maintaining a high level in PUBG remain consistent in terms of time and playing habit with at least a couple of games per day. If you need to take a week-long break, you may need to play less competitively for a couple of days until you are back in your groove as the game can age you and your abilities pretty quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Level Up Quickly in Pubg?

What are some tips for leveling up quickly in Pubg?

Some tips for leveling up quickly in Pubg include completing daily challenges, playing in a squad with friends, and participating in events and special game modes.

How to Level Up Quickly in Pubg?

Does playing in a squad affect leveling up?

Yes, playing in a squad with friends can greatly increase your chances of leveling up quickly in Pubg as you can work together to complete challenges and earn more experience points.

How to Level Up Quickly in Pubg?

Are there any specific game modes that can help with leveling up?

Yes, participating in events and special game modes can often offer bonus experience points, making it easier to level up quickly in Pubg.

How to Level Up Quickly in Pubg?

Are there any challenges or tasks that give more experience points?

Yes, completing daily challenges and tasks, such as killing a certain number of enemies or surviving for a certain amount of time, can give a significant amount of experience points towards leveling up.

How to Level Up Quickly in Pubg?

Is there a specific strategy for leveling up quickly in Pubg?

While there is no one specific strategy, some players find success by focusing on completing challenges and tasks, while others prefer to play more aggressively and aim for more kills in each game.

How to Level Up Quickly in Pubg?

Are there any weapons or gear that can help with leveling up?

While weapons and gear do not directly affect leveling up, having better equipment can improve your chances of survival and ultimately lead to more experience points earned in each game.

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