Mastering PUBG: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Keys Effectively

Are you a PUBG enthusiast looking to unlock exclusive items and rare crates in the game?

We will explore everything you need to know about keys in PUBG. From understanding the different types of keys available to learning how to obtain and use them effectively, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the best ways to make the most out of your keys in PUBG, while being aware of potential risks involved. Let’s dive in!

What is PUBG?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a survival shooter game developed and published by South Korean video game company PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Krafton, Inc. In PUBG, up to one hundred players jump out of an airplane onto a deserted island, where they scavenge for weapons and equipment, and fight to death to be the last player or last team standing.

The game was publicly available in March 2017, has been released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, iOS, and Android, and gets monthly updates. PUBG was central to the battle royale game genre modeling, which has since been adopted by aggressive competitors such as Fortnite, Warzone, and various mobile adaptions such as PUBG New State.

What is a Key in PUBG?

A key is a uniquely serial number required to activate a paid-for game download on the online game hosting and marketplace platform Steam. PUBG requires such an activation and therefore is termed a key game for this reason – to distinguish it from subscription, free-to-play, or pay-per-download & play digital distribution systems.

Keys are resold on a secondary market of game key sellers which offer often discounted but also fraudulent and illegal pirate keys that can be activated or blocked at any time. PUBG being a key game is financially beneficial to its developer Bluehole in that it increases barrier to unauthorized play as all steam users balance are locked to their steam account – and by placing the game in the right marketing search categories with similarly obtained premium game keys.

What are the Different Types of Keys in PUBG?

  • Security card
  • Special access card
  • Lifeguard locker key
  • Bank safe key
  • Cell key

These five keys are the only keys in PUBG to date. They are all related to specific missions and can typically only be found, used, and lost during the duration of that match. If you get access to them, they should be used immediately as they can be taken by other enemies, or you can just forget about ever using that dead key. Meaning to win in PUBG you should easily be prepared to assume that you will never obtain that subsequent key even though there are enough on the map they are difficult to see. Or they might just die or lose the one they obtained already.

Special access card keys are the golden keys of PUBG because they unlock a weapons room. So you will be able to access traditional weaponry rather than just supplies that require first finding and decrypting them. Banks, lifeguard stations, and employee discovered trailers without weapons rooms are red herrings in this regard. Keyboxes can be found at the following location:

  1. The police station in Erangel Security card key. Security card key is a useful key used in different kinds of official building.
  2. The training range in Erangel Special access card key. Special access card key provides access to the Weapon Master room.
  3. A lighthouse in Erangel Lifeguard locker key. Where you can change their swim suits.
  4. The principal building found in Hospital in Sanhok Cell key. Also gives the access to any building that can be locked by this lock.
  5. One of the bunkers found in island on the East side of Karakin Bank safe key. Opens one of the two Bank office safes.

How to Obtain Keys in PUBG?

Keys in PUBG can be obtained in the in-game shop by spending money. Keys can only be purchased at the direct order of PUBG Corporation, either as a one for a single case or as a bulk set which will be deposited directly with a redemption period, into a player’s Steam inventory. If players want to open the weapon or item case(s) they have to purchase them, as all crates locked by a P92 key have already been removed from the game.

Purchasing Keys

From when keys were purchasable, a player could buy a key from other players through the marketplace at a price of roughly $2.50. (less for multi-pack purchases), with about $2.30 toward purchase of a case, and about $0.20 going to the player who sold the key. Once purchased, a key can be used at any time to unlock a single case of the same type.

CSGO case sales are the only way to know likely pricing since no PUBG announcement yet. Even so, for guidance, the PUBG Early Bird Key for purchasing paid crates was at $2.50 and presumably, any new PUBG keys will be within about 50 cents of that price.

Users can get additional PUBG keys at any time by depositing money at any prior time at the same rate of roughly $2.50 ($2.30 actual +0.20 back to selling user). Players do not get keys for free. While weapon and other skins can be found randomly or through paid crates, paid keys are the only way to open such crates. After Bluehole added a paid crate system to the game, a temporary key system was implemented to let all players try it. Called the Early Bird Key system, one crate is earned for free, and keys to open it must be purchased for a time at $2.50 each. Players who bought keys would not be required to buy more for replacement crates that required keys. However, this system was eventually replaced by the free Welcome Reward where players get a crate when they logged in and opened a crate with no key required up to a predetermined amount. In any event, the only way to open a paid crate is with a purchased key.

Finding Keys in-game

Finding Keys in PUBG is not very difficult but getting to the places to find them may be troublesome. Every secret room in Erangel has a can in which a key should be found, and some of the other maps either have or intend to place a can in their secret rooms. Follow the Prime Team’s Youtube videos such as they do on sandhawk.

They provide maps and walk-throughs for various maps as you see in CHOCOTACO spots.”””
You Tube, “IME still messed up ( | ) | 57 fr (ˆ ) | Solo FPP | PUBG Mobile PC”””

Redeeming Keys from Promotional Events

Keys are sometimes used as promotional codes in PUBG Mobile. A well-known example is the Karakin map early access event. Ahead of the release of the Karakin map, and links to any easter eggs and how to find them, there was a pubg redeem code of 3W2R7 FYXKX WZ6JN A3K4G. This promotional code provided a crate containing attire, and usage of the key rewarded you with the eponymous Karakin Mobile Crate.

Another event that could be accessed with a key is Version 16.0 that ran from October of 2020 through January 2021. This event was jointly sponsored by Voot, Cricket Fantasy Expert, and PUBG Mobile. Participants could join by using the pubg mobile redeem code TTZMN and then playing BGMI/ PUBG Mobile. The final scores were calculated by registering the K/D from the players’ top five matches and the chicken dinner wins. A total of 100 million (10 crore) UC (Unknown Cash) were available as rewards for the version 16.0 event. It is a one of a kind redemption event since no other from PUBG Mobile, BGMI, or other Battle Royales have ever provided this much UC with such simple requirements.

Such promotions have appeared frequently for PUBG Mobile, BGMI and PUBG-Corporation developed PUBG. To make sure you do not miss out and to have an interesting gaming experience, subscribe to PUBG Mobile’s social media channels on YouTube, Facebook, VK, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn. Promotions are often announced through these channels.

After such promotions are announced, you can redeem the codes on the official redemption centers of PUBG Mobile, BGMI, or PUBG-Corporation. If key usage takes the form of a code, you can enter the promotional code. Rewards are added directly into the Royale Pass or Mikullee Character Shop and other online game outlets. If the key does not take the form of a code, you can use the key directly from the game.

How to Use Keys in PUBG?

Keys in PUBG are used to open crates created as part of mission scenarios, the most common one being the Weapon Specialist Crate. To use keys, you must first earn one by opening a Weapon Specialist Crate or by purchasing a PCS5 Key Set before the event closes. You will not be able to earn any additional keys after purchasing the key set.

Once you have a key for PUBG, unlock the crate with the fewer number of GS (G-Coins) than the key itself has. For example, if you have a Weapon Specialist Crate with 5 GS price and a Weapon Specialist Crate Key (Number 2) with 60 GS price, use the Weapon Specialist Crate Key as the other key does not have enough GS to unlock the crate.

Unlocking Crates

Keys in PUBG are required for unlocking crates to redeem vouchers. Crates can be unlocked by obtaining keys without the purchase required or by purchasing the according amount of G-Coin with real world money. There are normally three types of keys available for unlocking various crates in the game – the GAMER CRATES KEY, THE SPECIAL CRATE KEY, and THE COMMUNITY CRATE KEY.

A random crate type for a specific item always requires a different type of key so players have to be careful with which key they spend. As of Season 17, purchasing of special crate keys with G-Coins is disabled. Some of the discontinued keys can still be found in player inventories, however.

Trading Keys with Other Players

You can trade keys with players on the PUBG Mobile platform using the functions provided on the game or by inviting them to external platforms such as WhatsApp. Players can use keys as a form of currency, or sometimes to provide a resource to help another player finish an achievement faster. Here is how you can trade keys on PUBG Mobile:

  • Have the player you will trade with become friends on PUBG Mobile.
  • In the chat function, select the friend you wish to play with and choose one of the chat interfaces.
  • After creating a room and inviting them, select the total number of rounds you wish to play, and adjust the standard rate of entry (between 2 and 10).
  • The game will then conduct a winning lottery at the end.
  • Whoever wins will receive the total number of rounds times the entry fee in the form of an entry ticket. This new entry fee can be adjusted to avoid irregular sums such as 10M, 11M, 12M.
  • If someone has to give a key to the other player and you don’t know the amount, calculate how many keys at 3000 UC (2000M) equal the amount you are looking at. For example, 2.5M is the equivalent of 7500 UC. So, if a player wants to provide 2.5M to the other player, the winner may choose (for example) between 4 keys at 2000 UC (8000 UC) or 6 keys at 2000 UC (12000 UC). Then a new room is opened and the winner is chosen to receive the respective number of keys.

In some cases, PUBG players utilize external apps such as WhatsApp to watch Money Heist together. Others trade keys through an exclusive WhatsApp group they created. Post a message to the social group and explain if you want a legendary group or an elite group. If you have to donate keys, then always mention your username with different references to identify you to receive your own share.

Selling Keys for In-game Currency

This feature for how to use key in Pubg is not yet available as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a closed eco-system which means in-game currency and personal property in the game’s digital world cannot be converted to various assets, other game developer’s digital assets (except by selling the entire game account), or real-world money.

However, with the increasing popularity of the blockchain ecosystem in the gaming industry, it is plausible for developers to follow in the footsteps of other games that support non-fungible tokens(NFT). With this approach, players of the game can “own” their digital in-game items which allows players to trade freely with one another and outside the game for digital or real-world money.

What are the Best Ways to Use Keys in PUBG?

The best ways to use keys in PUBG are to play mission ignition to attack other players, open supply boxes for quick loot, get the non-consumable items while they still drop, or open lost & found crates to get your luggage back without waiting days. Including keys is a win-win-win-win strategy in that it gives a boost to each of the players in the game, the game itself, and the game creators.

While each player naturally sees their internal improvement as best, all four are arguably the best ways to use keys for an overall improvement in performance. Having a small amount of extra keys always available allows for strategic and immediate in-game boosts. Plus, keys do not lose their in-game usage utility over time, unlike currencies such as BPs which are ground down when weapons and other usable items must be bought.

Players can do their best to collect keys for obtaining better performance through purposeful engagement in various game activities such as fighting other players, retrieving their luggage, and opening supply and lost and found boxes. However, the PUBG game itself can encourage this through better communication of the keys’ utility when new novices join the game and over the coarse of subsequent game playing. Players should be instructed on how to attack players who are attackers and defenders when playing mission ignition. They should be warned of the consequences of isolation as they look to open supply boxes in danger-zones.

Saving Keys for Rare Crates

  • Go to the ‘Shop’ section of PUBG Mobile.
  • Click on the crate you are interested in.
  • A key icon will be displayed at the top of the information window if a key is required.

Following the Season 16 Update on November 17, 2020, the only crate that needs an opening key in PUBG is the Classic Crate. All other crates get rid of the key system and use UC instead. UC is earned less frequently in comparison with silver fragments by opening them, but they no longer need opening keys.

At this point, the silver scratches which are used to open supply crates and the rare crates which need keys are no longer available. All directly opened crates now make this unnecessary. Opening Keys refer to the currencies required to open supply and rare crates. Supply crates and create crates which require an opening key in PUBG have long since been eliminated. You do not earn keys.

The PUBG wiki defines Keys as follows: Keys are in-game items that can be used to open rare crates in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Some crates require keys. These crates can only be opened with a corresponding key and will need to be purchased within the store. Every key in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS looks the same; it is a matter of what crate they will open.

Trading Keys for Exclusive Items

Trading keys for exclusive items is an area where it is unclear whether the trading of keys for rare, valuable, and desirable in-game items violates PUBG’s Privacy Policy. The policy suggests that it is permissible to trade items retrieved from crates by using keys. There are numerous skins and other items in PUBG which are available only by opening crates with special keys. However, not all items obtained from crates are valuable; some common and less desirable items can still require a key to open them.

Trading keys for exclusive PUBG items has been complicated by PUBG’s partner with POS Cosmetic Items Platform SkinBaron. SkinBaron customers are able to buy PUBG items without the use of a ‘key’. The keys used for in-app item purchases are PAKO and POS. Opposed to Steam wallet or credit card transactions, you can see the clear cost difference between the paid goods

PUBG partners offer boxes of crates such as Twitch Prime with a special key that customers can use to open them. It is legal to trade in these items in third-party Gaming Community Marketplaces since they have not technically opened the crate with the key.

Selling Keys for Profit

Selling keys for profit in PUBG means selling your unused keys for $2.5 US to $3.5 US which is what they are worth on both the OpSkins and marketplaces.

There are countless alternatives to OpSkins for selling PUBG keys for profit, including CheapCSGOKeys, which is a legitimate auction house where you can buy and sell PUBG keys by listing them. However, Chinese buyers on CheapCSOGKeys tend to offer between $1.5 and $2, since cost of goods is cheaper due to them being closer to PUBG key manufacturing plants. Chinese buyers are also wary of scammers and want solid proof that you are a legitimate seller from anywhere else in the world before they even enter negotiations with you.

If you are looking to increase engagement on your YouTube account, you can use OpSkins to set up a marketplace on which your member-only viewers can cash their points in for PUBG keys. Then, rather than selling the keys one at a time, you can sell them in your marketplace. Alternately, you can give away PUBG keys to viewers or use them as prizes for contests that you run in your community.

Are There Any Risks in Using Keys in PUBG?

Yes, there are some slight risks in using keys in PUBG Mobile. The main risk is that the buyers of keys do not often receive the items they believed they were purchasing. Players may receive an item they would rather not have gotten.

The only way to minimize these risks is for PUBG Mobile to increase the transparency of their loot box system, software providers develop better systems to trace and follow the items from loot boxes, and regulators adjust the laws to protect against scams. Currently, the PUBG company does not disclose the odds of receiving each item.

Another less serious risk is that players can be taken advantage of by scammers who pose as people selling keys when they have no keys at all. Users should use the recommended keysellers to minimize the risks. Despite these small risks, for most players, PUBG keys are safe enough and generally offer a net positive experience.

Scams and Fraudulent Activities

Be sure to operate within the law of your country. Selling or gifting in-game items for real money is illegal and may get your Key account banned. In addition, receiving in-game items for paying in real life for them may be illegal where you live.

For instance, in the UK you are forbidden from buying or selling loot with other players that affects a game’s outcome. Although it is not enforced, engaging in this behavior is considered against the law, and decrees a fine of up to 5,000 pounds. You can report fraud and scams to PUBG Mobile using Key, or head over to the PUBG Mobile reddit, where a list of known scammers is posted and players can report further incidents.

If you suspect a friend of foul play, approach them and ask about any suspicious behaviors, such as spending large amounts of money on in-game items quickly. They may offer you a corrupt item for a discount that is way too low for it to be legitimate. Scenario is that they will receive the money, and then you will not be able to contact them again.

Violating the Game’s Terms of Service

When players use the key in PUBG it violates the game’s terms of service. The non-compliant use of the key arises in two ways: The user has gained unauthorized access to it, or they are using bot key spamming software which Pubgcorp categorizes as any script or program that sends excessive requests to the server. The brazenness behind the key is networking and the vypertech along with the paid pubg hack hosters all participate in artificially boosting the records and stats of professional esports players. Pubgcorp does remind players of its vigilant stance against misconduct by means of the key in PUBG and reminds players to report misconduct on the PUBG platform. This can be done by clicking on the exclamation point next to the player’s name in the replay channel to place a report. Additionally, the user is able to quickly access PUBG support internal policy through the following link:

Losing Keys in-game

If you lose your Suitcase or Tunneler keys in-game, they will be

gone for good

. There is no way to retrieve your suit keys once they have been selected and the map is reinitiated. If the Tunneler key item is lost in a similar manner, it cannot be purchased back at the time of writing.

If you are in a situation where you have most of the Suitcase pieces, found the Tunneler key, and are crucially close to escaping only to lose the Suitcase key, your best bet is to either power through and grab another Suitcase key, then return in the future to retrieve all of the missing parts, or restart.

The second option is less risky and is simply to restart and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a key in Pubg and how do I use it?

A key in Pubg is a virtual item that allows players to unlock crates and obtain cosmetic items. To use a key, go to the Inventory section and select the crate you want to open. Then, click on the “Use Key” button to open the crate and reveal your new item.

How can I obtain keys in Pubg?

Keys can be obtained through in-game purchases or by completing certain challenges and missions. You can also trade keys with other players or receive them as rewards for participating in events and tournaments.

What happens if I use a key on a crate with duplicate items?

If you use a key on a crate and receive a duplicate item that you already own, the item will automatically be converted into in-game currency. This currency can then be used to purchase other cosmetic items or keys.

Can I use a key on any type of crate in Pubg?

No, keys can only be used on crates that specifically require a key. There are different types of crates in Pubg, some of which can be opened without a key, while others require a key to be unlocked.

Is there a limit to how many keys I can use in a single game?

There is no limit to the number of keys you can use in a single game of Pubg. However, keep in mind that keys are virtual items that must be purchased or earned, so it is important to use them wisely.

Can I use keys from previous versions of Pubg on the latest version?

Yes, keys from previous versions of Pubg can still be used on the latest version of the game. However, some changes may have been made to the crate system in the latest version, so it is important to read the instructions carefully before using your key.

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