Unlocking the Secrets: How to Open Bag in Pubg Pc?

Are you a PUBG PC player looking to learn how to effectively manage your in-game inventory?

One key aspect of this is understanding how to open and organize your Bag.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps of finding, equipping, and opening your Bag in PUBG PC.

We will provide you with valuable tips on how to efficiently manage your Bag’s contents.

Stay tuned to enhance your gameplay experience in PUBG PC!

What is a Bag in PUBG PC?

A bag in PUBG PC is an item of equipment that players use in-game that can be obtained from various locations to strengthen themselves. Bags are one of the five types of equipment: helmets, armor, backpacks, and shoes.

These PUBG backpacks are used to save items picked up from the loot area. This equipment can be found in various shapes and colors in PUBG, although the same term “bag” is used to refer to all of them. These bags differ according to their capacity and size. You can use three items of the same category at once; for example, three bags of different shapes and sizes.

The basic bag is capable of storing 50 units of 3 types of items or 150 units of a single type of item. Its total capacity can be further increased by 50 units with two extra bags to store a lot of items. This increases the player’s independence and combat advantage.

How to Open a Bag in PUBG PC?

To open a bag in PUBG PC, you simply follow these steps. Walk or run over the loot bag of the enemy you just killed. Press the Tab key to enter the inventory. In the rightmost column of the inventory, you will see the contents of the bag. Left-click on any items you want to loot from the bag into your own backpack, other equipment slots, or onto the weapon you’re currently holding.

After you press Tab to open the inventory, Shift-click any items from the inventory bag into your own backpack, equipment slots, or the weapon you’re currently holding. This will automatically pick the item up directly into your inventory, bypassing the need to drag and drop or left-click to loot. Control-right-click on your backpack item when you’re looting so that if you encounter multiple items in the loot bag, only the specific loot that you control-right-clicked of that type will move to your backpack. This allows you to move only specific items from a loot bag to your backpack rather than all items of the requested type.

Bags tend to disappear around 10 minutes after coming into contact with the ground when their timer runs, whether they are destroyed by perfect game conditions or picked up by a player. This helps keep the user interface for PUBG clean with minimal background outbreaks to avoid cluttering the screen and advancing CPU load.

Step 1: Find a Bag

In PUBG, bags are bigger than helmets. You can find backpacks in PUBG maps as items. The following is a list of backpacks with their carrying capacity noted beside them.

  • PUBG School Bag – 25 carrying capacity
  • PUBG Waist Pack – 20 carrying capacity
  • PUBG Survival Bag – 30 carrying capacity

Backpacks allow players to increase the amount of loot they can carry before becoming overweight as well as make more efficient use of their inventory.

Step 2: Equip the Bag

The bag in PUBG on the PC must be equipped and has no function beyond increasing the player’s inventory space. Drag and drop the bag from the inventory menu to hotkey bar zone to put the bag into use.

The appropriate location and status of the hotkey bar to the inventory to put the bag into action in twelve steps are as follows. This is for the default control setting for PUBG. Let us say that Player A has found a bag in the game and they need it as soon as possible for when they find more gear and weapons.

  1. Starting at the inventory menu with the game fully loaded.
  2. Click the Character Control to bring up the character page. In the default key settings this is the [I] key.
  3. Take the bag from the inventory using a left click on the item, then drag and drop to the open inventory spaces, and then click and drop it to the active bar.
  4. Exit by pressing the default control [ESC].
  5. Back at the inventory page, click to exit by default pressing the [I] key.
  6. The bag will now appear on the active bar between your inventory and your game control icons. Look below the health and map.
  7. Press the [TAB] key to go back into the menu.
  8. Drag the bag from the inventory into your hotkey bar at the bottom of your screen. You can also press any key between 1 and 0 to map the item to that particular hotkey.
  9. You will want to drag and drop all of your gear from the inventory interface to the hotkey interface.
  10. Equip the bag with it on the active bar by pressing the number corresponding to the bag on the active bar. Now you can head out and find gear without problems.

Step 3: Open the Inventory

There are a few different door control settings available in PUBG, with the default being F to interact with doors. Bring up the Inventory Window/TAB Window to see if a key is required to open a locked door. To get into your inventory on PC, you press the TAB button. If the bag is locked, the inventory window will notify you via a locked sign indicator “🔒”. If the bag is looted with an open sign indicator “🔓”.

Step 4: Navigate to the Bag Icon

Once you have entered your inventory, a single click will move down the eleven slots in PUBG from helmet to ammo and grenades to backpacks. Hit the G or Shift + G key to scroll through to the desired row. For most players, this will be the bag.

The bag is the player inventory control center, where all pick-up items are stored. Visibility to pick-ups or a tactical interface with additional items that cover the appearance of the inventory slot (and would otherwise be quick-acquisition loot) is also handled here. To navigate to it, click the default F3 (or click the rucksack icon) in the center left of the screen.

Alternatively, select the topmost middle left horizontal bar (in a widescreen mode, this may differ slightly): this shows a comprehensive inventory of every item inside the bag. From here, a player can further select to jettison low-grade or duplicative items that bog down the process and slow the computer response time.

Step 5: Right-click on the Bag Icon

After pressing the Tab key, you will see your inventory which includes your player’s equipment, backpack, attachments, consumables, and ammunition indicated by the bag icon. If your character has a backpack, it will show up as the appropriate backpack. If there is no bag, you will not be able to pick up or carry anything in PUBG. Right-click on the bag icon which is located in the inventory list of items to open the bag in PUBG.

Step 6: View and Manage Items in the Bag

View and manage items in the bag by dragging them to different locations within the bag grid. The Pubg PC bag grid has slots available for the following items:

  1. Guns
  2. Throwables
  3. Throwables attachments
  4. Guns attachments
  5. Armor
  6. Backpacks
  7. Health and boost items
  8. Others (painkillers, smoke grenades, scopes, etc.)

Relocate an item by right-clicking the item to select it. While holding down the right mouse button (or dragging with the left mouse button if by mobile or touchscreen), you can move the item by dragging it to the desired location within the bag grid. Release the right mouse button (or left mouse button if by mobile or touchscreen) to drop the item.

Tips for Managing Your Bag in PUBG PC

These are tips for managing your bag in PUBG PC:

  1. Be mindful of bag space
  2. Change the item order category
  3. Maximize your capacity
  4. Look for upgrades quickly
  5. Drop weapons in good condition and similar tactical advantage
  6. Achieve load out when fully equipped
  7. Share resources between team members
  8. Think strategically when moving. Drop items you aren’t likely to use soon.

These PUBG PC management tips are derived from personal experience with the game over the years and strategies employed by battle royale players.

Organize Items by Category

Your character has multiple slots for items ranging from backpacks to vests, helmets, and pants. You can increase the amount of storage for your bag to be opened in the next slots by first continuously searching for a level 3 backpack on the map. You can also organize the categories of what items you put where in your backpack for efficiency. Eg: meds and energy drinks in column 2 row 2, throwables in column 1 row 3, etc.

Prioritize Essential Items

Experience shows how important it is to prioritize carrying only absolutely essential items at any time, especially when the effecting items are close to expiring.

Vests deliver a notable protective benefit in the first few seconds of a firefight. But damaged vests are discarded at best and replaced with new ones. Same as helmets which though easy to replace with newer, safer ones, can be discarded to more easily pick up medkits and boosts. Grenades keep dangerous opponents at a distance for strategic purposes, yet for highly mobile aggressive players, that space is already there. In those situations, it is better to replace the grenades with boosts, medkits, and ammunition. A piece of advice most players acknowledge is to always carry enough inventory space to swap out a fully used vest and helmet for a fresh one. If this is not possible, it is better to switch them out for first aid and boost.

Drop Unnecessary Items

Dropping unnecessary items in PUBG is the most natural way to lighten your inventory. The lighter the weight, the greater your character’s speed and mobility. If you have gummed up inventory space with imprudent bags of loot, discard them on the spot if it is safe or momentarily store them in another bag until a more opportune time.
If possible, avoid discarding healing items as they are often crucial game elements. Heavier gear such as red dot scopes, magazines, attachments can take their place as always being on the lookout for a better bag to store the heavier gear in. An even better bag means more space and better organization for your loadout. Position your character in such a way that equipment will drop directly in front of you without taking time to reorient and gesture towards the item. Hit the ground running and swiftly move during this time of vulnerability. Working this into a broader movement pattern plan will ensure that you are not an easy target.

Keep an Eye on Your Bag’s Capacity

Your bag has a limit on how much it can carry. Once you pick something up while the bag is full, Pubg automatically drops the oldest items. To expedite the open bag process, keep an eye on how much capaicty your bag has left. If your bag is filling up quickly with items you do not want, drop those items and the new items you want will automaticcaly be added to your bag in their place.


Players can open a bag on PUBG using the `Tab` key to access the inventory screen and then clicking backup bag and the user interface will open it for the user as they loot. Only one bag can be applied by the player, so they should be aware of that as well when gathering new loot.

The ability to open a lucky draw bag is being reworked as part of PUBG Continental Series 5, and it will no longer be an item that needs to be used for free. It may appear in PUBG as a unique item that does require its special key to be unlocked. This however will not be any time soon and game producers continue to monitor the feedback from players to determine the best method of executing the new reward system.

Ultimately, all of these possible solutions are just cosmetic and do not change the gameplay in any way, shape, or form. Players can enhance their PUBG gaming experience by opening bags on a nice gaming laptop like ASUS TUF Dash F15, increasing their PUBG Mobile sensitivity to facilitate quicker and simpler looting, and remaining cautious of threats around them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my bag in Pubg Pc?

To open your bag in Pubg Pc, simply press the “Tab” key on your keyboard. This will bring up your inventory screen where you can see all the items in your bag.

Can I rearrange my items in my bag?

Yes, you can rearrange your items in your bag by clicking and dragging them to a different slot. This can help you organize your items for quicker access during gameplay.

What happens if my bag is full?

If your bag is full, you will not be able to pick up any more items. You will need to either drop some items or find a bigger bag to increase your storage capacity.

Is there a limit to how many bags I can have?

No, there is no limit to how many bags you can have in Pubg Pc. However, the size and number of bags you can carry will depend on the type of bag you have equipped.

Can I access my bag while moving?

Yes, you can access your bag while moving by pressing the “Tab” key. However, keep in mind that your character will slow down while your inventory screen is open, making you an easy target for enemies.

How do I drop items from my bag?

To drop items from your bag, click and drag the item to the ground outside of your inventory screen. You can also right-click on an item and select “Drop” to quickly drop it from your bag.

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