5 Tips to Prevent Scope Movement in Pubg Mobile: A Guide

Are you tired of your scope moving uncontrollably in PUBG Mobile?

Discover the reasons behind scope movement and practical tips to prevent it.

From adjusting sensitivity settings to improving device performance and checking your network connection, find out how to enhance your gameplay and eliminate scope movement for a smoother gaming experience.

Why Does Scope Movement Happen?

Scope movement happens in PUBG Mobile when your fingers are too oily or moist. The touch screen sensor does not work well because of the moisture and can cause the gun scope to move or not to work well. It may also jitter back and forth with your target position. The issue when the scope moves in PUBG Mobile is prevalent in high-end smartphones because of the Super AMOLED or LCD Display panels. So, when there is too much moisture on the fingers, this leads to inaccurate or high sensitivity movements on the phone screen.

Sensitivity Settings

Decide what is comfortable for you when using your sensitivity setting in PUBG Mobile. Test out low, medium, and high sensitivity settings and pick one that keeps your phone balanced. Low settings move the scope less in the direction you move your phone, while high settings move the scope more in the direction you tilt your phone.

For example, Shroud has his sensitivity settings at 120% as he chose to have a mobile setup similar to PC controls.

Device Performance

Device performance problems can cause scope drift in Mobile PUBG. Scope drift happens when there is not enough power driving the phone. Charger/Cord connections can establish poor connections with the device’s charging port, which can lead to scope drift. This is particularly common when playing PUBG Mobile while charging the battery and frequently adjusting the device’s position according to the charger’s cord length.

The best solution for ensuring scope drift on Mobile PUBG is caused by low-power connections is to use a high-quality charger. If there is no improvement in scope sway once a high-quality charger is paired with the device while playing PUBG, then users can try easing stress on the changer to phone connection. Users should lay the phone flat when placing it on the charging cable, in effect requiring the cord to be able to pivot on the charging outlet rather than on the charging port.

If the device is underperforming and there are regular lag or glitches, the excess processing requirement may lead to the scope shifting issue. It is advised to try closing background applications and lowering the graphics settings in the game.

Network Connection

Having a slow Internet connection is another likely factor for needing scope movement in PUBG Mobile. A slow network can cause a reduced frame rate. This reduction causes noticeable lag in aim tracking, which interferes with precise aiming as one must accurately predict movement and shooting direction far in advance.

Check if you have weak signals, slow Internet, and high network latency (ping), and try to move to a location with a stronger signal. Common causes of poor Internet performance include too many people accessing it at the same time or using up the allocated data limits. Turn off background data activity that is not required. Network optimization aims to improve how data packets flow to reduce lag. Solutions exist in the form of VPNs, which assist in finding the shortest, quickest, and least packet loss-prone path to the game server. Some mobile applications that help optimize network traffic can be used, including Tweakware, APN Changer, PdaNet+, and others.

How to Stop Scope Movement in PUBG Mobile?

Technically, you cannot stop scope movement in PUBG Mobile as of the current version. Scope ADS (aim down sight) sway occurs only while a player is standing as the swaying is caused by the character breathing. Scope idle sway occurs even when a player crouches or lies prone and is used to simulate the inability to hold perfectly still but is exacerbated by the way thumb movements are magnetized by the mobile’s touchscreen.

The best way to reduce scope movement in PUBG Mobile is to select half or quarter screen controls in the Settings tab to minimize sensitivity and other control factors on mobile.

Adjust Sensitivity Settings

To stop scope from moving in PUBG Mobile, you can adjust the sensitivity settings. Sensitivity settings are within the scope of PUBG players to adjust to their specific comfort level as they try to find the best way to stop the screen from moving in PUBG Mobile. You can access them by opening the Settings of the game, finding Basic Settings, and then choosing Sensitivity.

Here are the three major sensitivity settings for PUBG mobile that affect the scope according to PUBG player Nova Pubg Shroud: Low/High Scope Sensitivity. In close combat with a red dot or holo sight, a high sensitivity will give a more flexible and quick aim on the enemy. With scopes higher than 4x, it is ideal to reduce sensitivity in order to stabilize responsiveness. Camera Sensitivity. This is the speed that a player can move around the map and aim. It’s essential to have smooth and glitch-free sight so it should be at a decently low level. 3rd Person No Scope. This is the middle of close combat and long-range scope sensitivity. Keeping close to the halfway point of the marker is typically good interfering or allowing movement. A general rule for Hunter PG by PUBG Pro Sensitivity Settings is to decrease settings

Improve Device Performance

Another option to prevent the scope from moving is to try improving the performance of the device in use. FPS lag is a very common issue seen on devices when they switch to a low-performance mode. In addition, applications running in the background can consume a lot of memory and can result in an increase in latency and jitter. Try to close applications, disable other phone features, and reduce settings to be able to get smooth performance from your device.

Check Network Connection

Check your network connection if the scope in PUBG Mobile moves too much. Poor network connectivity is one of the major factors causing unintentional movement in PUBG Mobile. You can check your network connection using the tools available on your device to identify connectivity issues if you are experiencing difficulty, and you can also run network diagnosis and ping tools with the game open to identify any issues. Improving your network connection will help to stabilize scope movements.

Other Tips to Prevent Scope Movement

  • Don’t move: If the scope is moving on its own, just stand there and try to see if it stops because you are standing on an Unbalanced/Sensitive Area which can cause scope movement when you move.
  • Clear the scope: If you are still seeing an issue, double-check that there are absolutely no fingers on the screen within the scope radius.

Use a Stable Grip

Even if the game and your controls are stable, you will still have trouble maintaining scope stability if your grip on the mobile device is not stable. For example, if the mobile device is wobbling as you hold it, this will affect the scope, even if everything else is perfectly stable.

There are two factors to make sure you have a stable grip: make sure the mobile device itself is secure in your hands and you have a grip that is steady. Find a position for your elbows and arms that props your hands holding the mobile device into a comfortable and secure position. Make sure your arms and posture during gaming are comfortable and help you maintain the same position ‘naturally’ without tensing the muscles. After setting up, avoid moving around too much since this will undo all your careful arrangement.

Keep Your Device Charged

Your mobile device’s battery level significantly impacts device acceleration, which in turn causes the scope to move in PUBG Mobile when micro-adjustments are made. To ensure that device acceleration is consistent and does not alter muscle memory when PUBG Mobile’s sensitivity is adjusted properly, maximize your battery life. Additionally, frequent charging can increase battery life and how well acceleration of the device is managed.

Use a Good Quality Scope

A good-quality scope is better optically and should not only give a better focus but should have better lockdown on the tightening of the movement adjustment screws which can be used to fix movement if that is the case. The internet is filled with hardware lists about the best scopes in PUBG, so you will find one of higher quality that fits your playing style and setup.


To stop scope from moving with gyroscope in PUBG mobile, turn it off, or adjust sensitivity settings or custom gyroscope settings. Sensitivity settings let you adjust the speeds at which your firing or non-firing gyroscope aims move, while custom gyroscope customized settings create separate baseline speeds for firing and non-firing aimed scopes. Users in most internet forums report these are the best settings to stop scope from moving with gyroscope.

Bridging Question: Can Scope Movement be Completely Eliminated in PUBG Mobile?

No, scope movement cannot be completely eliminated in PUBG Mobile. The apps and methods described in this article can be used to reduce scope movement down to the point where it is almost indistinguishable.

Even so, some movement is likely to remain, as the default game settings will not allow for complete stabilization. If an absolute minimum of scope movement is necessary, one can use a glitch method where aiming upwards to get control of the bottom of the screen is then used to reduce the scope movement to the point where it is hardly noticeable, but still eerases any view of one’s lower two-thirds of the screen.

This is a highly irregular gameplay method and should only be used as a measure of last resort if zero scope movement is necessary. This method of dealing with scope steadiness has been called scoped thumb walking in the WinPUBG Mobile blog from December 2020, though FlipArt Media had warned that the aim button could turn partially defunct. So scoped thumb walking is classified as a glitch since it was never the developers’ intention, does not work for everyone, and may result in later issues.

Contextual Vector: How to Improve Overall Gameplay in PUBG Mobile?

You can improve your overall gameplay in PUBG Mobile by utilizing various settings in the game, reducing unnecessary movement of the scope, and ensuring a good internet connection while playing. Three easy adjustments to settings are to adjust scope modes, switch to a comfortable control scheme, and adjust graphics and sensitivity settings.

To prevent scopes from moving too much and losing sight of your target while aiming down sight, your graphics settings should be decreased so there is less terrain and background for the game to render while you have the scope aimed. Jonathan Jumper advises turning down graphics and sensitivity and manually adjusting position immediately out-of-scope before entering it in order to reduce movement.

Practice and Familiarize with Sensitivity Settings

Familiarize yourself with Scope and 3D Touch Sensitivity Settings. Visit the Setting area of PUBG Mobile and get an understanding of the Camera Sensitivity slider’s impact on the speed and range of gun movements in first-person-shooter (FPS) and third-person-shooter (TPS) modes.

This is common knowledge, but a lower sensitivity setting will result in fewer accidental over-movements by the user and a smoother game experience. According to numerous Reddit forums and members of the TouchArcade mobile gaming community, certain low sensitivity settings are uniquely beneficial on scope view, so don’t be afraid to dial them down until the settings feel comfortable.

Optimize Device Performance

Optimizing device performance is another important method to help with stability for reducing lag when playing PUBG Mobile. Device performance is important because how well PUBG performs on a device can change according to device performance. For example, after a device’s internal storage has been filled to the brim for an extended period of time, apps and games may start to have trouble starting – which can affect scope stability.

Another by-product of having a full internal storage is that it slows down the device – which may cause it not to run PUBG as smoothly as usual. Game stability and scope stability are directly correlated. These types of software-based or system maintenance-induced frame drops can make it harder to hold aim by either the player moving their hands, or the snap-to-movement feature if its scope is activated. Often the first simple step that can prevent this from happening is to check the storage settings of the device and make sure there is around 30-40% free space. This can help PUBG to have enough disk space to write actions to even if cache data is getting old.

There are other device performance factors that can affect scope stability. Two of the most commonly utilized are:

  1. To prevent lag or stuttering in PUBG, you can force GPU rendering. This can be accomplished by navigating through a device’s Settings > Developers Settings and tapping on the ‘Force GPU Rendering’ option to turn in on. This will enable 2D hardware acceleration in the device, removing the extra load from the 2D hardware of the device.
  2. If screen recording or any such external software is not essential while playing PUBG, then closing it can lighten the load on CPU usage and help in minimizing lag, and its subsequent effect on scope stability.

Know the Map and Strategies

You must know the PUBG map to find acceptable attachment locations prior to moving, scopes to defeat people in those positions, and areas of the map advantageous to having scopes.

You must know when to push or pause, anticipating opponents and strategically using scopes when pushing towards them. Remember that RDSs and Holographic Sights give you the ability to move quickly while still able to aim, and Red Dot Scopes give better situational flexibility for short and medium-range activities.

Assessing areas for player light and movement before taking scope shots, moving and constantly changing your position, vary firing timings and patterns, and utilize the minimap to identify the likelihood of encountering opponents.

– Tips for scope movement in PUBG Mobile: Scout and have an idea of attachment positions, know when to push, and vary firing techniques and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent my scope from moving while playing Pubg Mobile?

$You can use the ‘Lock Scope’ feature in Pubg Mobile to prevent your scope from moving while aiming. This can be found in the game settings under the ‘Basic’ tab for mastering scope usage in Pubg.

What does the ‘Lock Scope’ feature do in Pubg Mobile?

$The ‘Lock Scope’ feature in Pubg Mobile allows you to fix your scope in one position while aiming, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately.

How do I activate the ‘Lock Scope’ feature in Pubg Mobile?

$To activate the ‘Lock Scope’ feature in Pubg Mobile, go to the game settings, then click on the ‘Basic’ tab. Scroll down until you find the ‘Lock Scope’ option and turn it on.

Can I use the ‘Lock Scope’ feature in all game modes in Pubg Mobile?

$Yes, the ‘Lock Scope’ feature can be used in all game modes in Pubg Mobile, including Classic, Arcade, and Sniper Training.

Why is my scope still moving even after I have activated the ‘Lock Scope’ feature?

$This could be due to a bug in the game. Try restarting the game or your device and see if the issue persists. If it does, you can report the bug to the game developers for a fix.

Can I customize the position of my locked scope in Pubg Mobile?

$Yes, you can customize the position of your locked scope in Pubg Mobile. Go to the ‘Scope’ tab in the game settings and adjust the ‘Lock Scope Position’ option to your preference.

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