Unlock the Grappling Hook in Pubg: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to enhance your gameplay in PUBG with the grappling hook but don’t know where to start?

This article will cover everything you need to know about the grappling hook in PUBG, from what it is and why it’s useful, to where you can find it and how to use it effectively.

Learn about the tips for using the grappling hook, its limitations, and how to counter it in the game. Let’s dive in and level up your PUBG skills!

What is a Grappling Hook in PUBG?

A Grappling hook is a PUBG tool that players use as a method of quickly ascending or descending. The Grappling hook is the same as the climbing hook and is available in both classic mode and arcade mode in PUBG Mobile. Once a player finds and equips a Grappling Hook, they can throw it onto the roof of a building or anywhere to ascend there at a faster pace than a ladder or stairs.

Why is a Grappling Hook Useful in PUBG?

A Grappling Hook is useful in PUBG because it allows for quick vertical movement to high buildings or through large windows where staircases are sparse, ventilation shafts that lead to a roof, or perhaps a quick way to descend a tall mountain or mountain pass. Jumping from high terrain will not inflict as much large damage with a grappling hook as compared to a jump. Grappling hooks can be used while jumping to move large distances quickly as their maximum range is 20 meters.

If players do not want to take the time to find good loot, they can use the grappling hook with the wheel, with the option to automatically equip that weapon, and set the grappling hook as the secondary weapon in order to easy switch between a weapon and the grappling hook. Using the grappling hook for quick vertical movement is helpful for reaching high peaks and then parachuting into the second safe zone. However, after the first two safe zones make sure to carry a backup mobile device to avoid getting stuck.

  • Advantages: High tactical mobility, allows for quick repositioning in the last few circles, quick movement in the high ground
  • Disadvantages: Limited-range, poor weapon switching design/construction, must reload after each use
  • Damage: Low grappling damage, 0-4 rappelling damage, 1 internal rappelling decay, 1 impact damage, 10 guard shock damage
  • Particle Reel: 40 range, 1.6 shots per second, basic attack modification, 1200 base damage

How to Find a Grappling Hook in PUBG?

You find a grappling hook in PUBG the same way you would find any other weapon. It’s random, so find it in airdrops or lying around in regular loot spawns. When it does appear, you will find both the Terius and Grappler differently in each of the battlegrounds. As of the PUBG Mobile 1.7 update, the Terius is only available in Sanhok. While the Grappler is available on the Livik battlefield.

Loot from Airdrops

The Grappling Hook is not available on ordinary maps, and the only way to get it is to obtain it from an Airdrop. Gaming Scholar states that calling in an airdrop requires the electronic warfare systems, and in ADS mode, the KE-PDVS electronic light weapon uses will never require one. The Airdrop Aircraft can be shot down by using a variety of ammunition, explosives, or weapons.

Damage of 7 points or more is required, but less than 100% in order to force the airplane to drop crates faster. When it does, a Grappling Hook can be obtained to haul the user into the air and glide to a new location. The grappling hook can only be pulled out for use in unhindered directions, on a rear truck or through windows that have a gap. The number of hook shots fired increases based on the overall distance and damage sustained.

Find in Buildings and Loot Crates

After July 7, 2021, the grappling hook was added to the Sanhok, Karakin, and Vikendi maps as random loot. The grappling hook is only obtainable in these maps as random loot. Teams have an equal chance of finding the grappling hook and do not have to worry about juggling extra pieces of equipment they may not need. The chances of finding the grappling hook seem to be slim, as many PUBG players rarely come across them in matches, despite there being numerous high-tier loot buildings across the three maps.

Pro PUBG player Kleine Tudor of the esports organization Ghost Gaming often struggles to find grappling hooks in streams, highlighting the difficulty she encounters in locating them. Their website acknowledges that as of Season 12 in the year 2021, the drop rate of the grappling hook has been relatively low. The grappling hook is noted as being powerful and having very unique gameplay associated with it reached out to PUBG but did not receive an answer. The PUBG Fandom page highlights different versions of the grappling hook kit that spawn across Sanhok, Karakin, and Vikendi, with 40 available on Vikendi.

Trade with Other Players

The final way to acquire the Level 3 Grappling Hook (L3G) is by trading with another player. A player having the L3G in their inventory can drop it and let their teammate(s) or any other player that is around pick it up and use it. There will then be one less L3G available in the game.

In PUBG Mobile, grappling hooks cannot be traded, but players can drop grappling hooks to allow their teammates to pick them up. Assuming a teammate does not pick it up right away, any player in the vicinity will be able to see and pick up the dropped grappling hook. However, assuming that players are cooperating, they will want to give all grappling hooks to the same player to maximize grappling ability (each hook grants an extra 15 shots of grappling).

There is no way to know how many players are in each game’s unique instances. But a common trick in PUBG Mobile is to use the marker tool and request items from that location, the teammate you need to trade grappling hooks with will be able to see the request alert along with the loot marker on the map. Increasing one’s chances of successful trading even further.

How to Use the Grappling Hook in PUBG?

The grapple gun is a special item in PUBG that allows players to rapidly traverse the map, make risky plays or access remote areas. It is easy to use. Place your desired marker on the map and look to see if you can travel on a grapple nearby, then use bag limit for fortnite v bucks out mouse button to fire the hook in the desired direction. The hook will land where you aimed. After firing the hook, press the Left Shift key to begin moving quickly to the grapple’s landing spot. The maximum range of the hook is 100 meters.

Equip the Grappling Hook

Once Missile Technology Center is upgraded, player can access the tech lab and see the grappling hook category on the research page. Wait 2 hours for it to complete, then upgrade the tech – costs $9,400, and wait for another 4 hours. The user can either research the grappling hook and then build all these workloads themselves, or go to the weapons and grip manufacturers and get them in exchange for a token – which changes the ship’s course.

Aim and Shoot

Aim and shoot the grappling hook by pressing and holding the Left Mouse Button or the Fire Button. Keep holding the fire button for continued movement in the given direction. Normal locomotion takes place if the fire button is released at any moment. The cursor can be moved around to provide direction assistance to the player. In the beginning, developers found it hard to create a consistent firing pattern for the grappling hook, but it was upgraded to meet players’ demands.

Use the Grappling Hook to Climb Buildings

Using the grappling hook in PUBG MOBILE has a JUMP BOOST feature that allows players to jump huge distances. As well, players can use the grapping hook as an elevator to climb buildings. Here is how one player demonstrated his ability to reach higher floors using the grappling hook.

  1. Use grappling hook to reach building rooftop
  2. Jump and fire in direction of desired floor
  3. Fire grappling hook at higher building
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary until desired height is reached

What are the Tips for Using the Grappling Hook in PUBG?

Tips for using the grappling hook in PUBG are to let AI automatically pick up important items for you when you are in a hurry; exploit the fact that you can be just as fast as a motorbike with the hook and you are a small target while moving with it enabled; use it just as much to get down from points as you use it to get up.

Use it Strategically

You should understand the logistics of the pubg grappling hook, which will enable you to best integrate it into your gameplay. The grappling hook has a range of 44 meters with no attachment and 60 meters with the level 3 attachment. It requires a charge time of 9 seconds followed by a cooldown time of 2 seconds. It takes a maximum of 272 kilograms (600 pounds) of inertia to break tethering. The most important thing to remember is that using it when jumping from 105 meters or higher will not cause any fall damage.

So make sure you have it toggled when landing from such a fall as you can easily fall 96 meters within a few seconds after hitting the 9-second button. If possible, save it for a ghillie-guard tower combination. After breaking the association between the grappling hook you can reattach it. Pubg recommends that you avoid making any sharp turns while the association is unbroken. In any access or barracks area, you can salvage two suits which add a wind-resistant layer making the diver suit and grappling hook less prone to breakage.

Practice Aiming and Shooting

Activate a training mode to practice aiming and shooting the grappling hook gun as its trajectory is unique.

  1. Go to the Battle Royale section.
  2. Select Training mode.
  3. Select whether you want to play tactically, heroically, or to custom match settings.
  4. Do the Basic Training to set up the controls and to learn how to get on podiums, killstreaks, and training dummies. This will help familiarize you with mods you have selected and test which ones suits your gaming needs best before playing in real-time.

The speed of use requires doing it in the battle royale mode as Using the grappling hook for mobility during the battle royale will help you get good at aiming the grappling hook and judge where grappling will make the most sense. Practice is key. PUBG Labs describes using the hook to be not so seamless where trajectory mechanics mean that the demands of use are subtly different to using other guns.

Ultimately the only way to get good at this part is similar to being good at throwing a baseball. No twitch (reaction speed) is involved since the animator can warp off-character to give the throw almost no travel-time; it is all about visual upside and repetitiveness and knowing the intricacies which only comes with practice.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings is helpful for better understanding a map, finding new places such as the x pen in scarecrow mode, and seeing who is next to you and how to evade them. If you are indoors and use the grappling hook to quickly leave, the other person you are up against will likely know where you went. If you were able to escape another group with the grappling hook, they can use it to follow you. This strategy means anticipating moves from enemies and having the awareness necessary to avoid threats. Make sure you maximize the speed you move with the grappling hook. You can constantly click to cancel the hook animation and jump about out more fluidly. This is useful if you are at a disadvantage against another player, as outrunning them may lead to an opportunity for a better piece of loot, or to find a safe place to hide and assess the situation further. Many players may not be aware of grappling hook uses in PUBG and may not take full advantage of them, so they may forget to check a space they assume you didn’t go to after using the hook. The Xbox capturing gameplay settings can allow you to further analyze situations presented to you so you are hopefully less surprised when you find an enemy group and are able to get to safety at the last moment.

What are the Limitations of the Grappling Hook in PUBG?

The limitations of the Grappling Hook in PUBG are as follows:

  • Distance is limited to approximatively 30 meters.
  • It may not connect or break while in use if there aren’t obstacles were it can hook onto or between the player and the target.
  • Similar to the crossbow and molotov the grappling hook is a rare item pick up and both the item and the ammo take up space in the player’s bags.

Limited Range

The range of the Grappling Hook in PUBG Mobile is limited to provide a balance between usability and exploitability. The Grappling Hook has a 10m effective range and a maximum range of 15m. Within 10m, the mini-map displays a red target area representing the object or structure being highlighted by the hookshot. At 11 meters or more, the target area is no longer shown on the mini-map. This makes it harder to see if there is a good target anywhere near the edge of its range.

Can Be Heard by Enemies

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the grappling hook can be heard by enemies within a 200-foot (50-meter) radius. You can prepare to eliminate or more strategically engage your enemy when you see them firing their grappling hook, cooked metal, or releasing the metal during a zipline descent.

The focused sound of a player using the grappling hook in PUBG is unique, especially if the player has headphones that support directional sound. Use it to try to determine in what direction the hook shooter would be moving, whether they intend to attack or disengage, and to make sure you aren’t the one getting shot with fierce precision from them.

If they are in a firefight you can zipline to them with your hand weapon ready, or if you are afraid of losing too many frames, you can wait until they progress toward the middle or later end of the competition, and ambush them to steal their hook and other useful gear. Mostly, if there is such a capability available in a PUBG match, utilize it in a way that increases power on the ground but maintains stealth in order not to attract too much attention.

Can Only Be Used on Certain Surfaces

The Grappling Hook can only be used on certain surfaces such as:

  1. Falling down from a height to prevent damage
  2. Quick surface traversal
  3. Stealth routes (like climbing trellises in Europe)
  4. Quick escape from melee situations

The ability to use the grappling hook on any surfaces could easily make it an overpowered part of the game, and it would likely become not only overused by players, but also a part of the game other tools became less valuable. If the grappling hook could work on trees, players could disappear into wooded areas which would make people using it very hard to spot, definitely a bad idea for balance.

According to Gameranx, the grappling hook only effectively works on flat surfaces with hand and footholds or on similarly formed sand/mud walls. ChocoTaco, who is a popular PUBG streamer, demonstrated how the grappling hook could not work on the roof of a structure that slopes downward, even while the character was jumping up and down. You can view ChocoTaco’s experience with the grappling hook on a sloped roof below. This is very useful information for PUBG players who are new to the grappling hook tool and are considering finding or using one.

How to Counter the Grappling Hook in PUBG?

Countering is crucial when the grappling hook is in play as it indicates the enemy has a dangerous mobility advantage over you capable of surprising you in seconds. But countering has its own hazards as seen in the Situation Awareness section. Countering can require spotting a player with a grappling hook out of position, which may be dangerous in its own right. To successfully counter the grappling hook in PUBG, do the following:

  1. Take cover: Make sure the enemy is completely separated from you by at least two walls or a solid vehicle. Maintain this separation so that you have more than enough time to react to them when they appear without risking yourself.
  2. Listen for grappling hook sounds: If you hear the sound of the grappling hook, find safe cover and stay on high alert. Keep watch of your immediate surroundings to spot the hooked enemy personally. If a door opens without you overriding it just after you hear the grappling sound, be ready to engage.
  3. Enemy damage: Location markers or gun firing clues will give the grappling enemy’s position away in time for you to spring your trap.
  4. Move unpredictably: While the sound of grappling alerts you to danger, do not stick in one place or overexpose your ambush position. Stay mobile to prevent the enemy from being able to pre-aim and fire on you once they materialize.

Shoot the Grappling Hook User

The most straightforward answer to the question of how to get the grappling hook in PUBG is to shoot a potential target for the grappling hook. The grappling hook is easy to see when another player uses it and all users are already tagged by the hook itself, allowing you to track your target. It is critical to perform this task with a high-powered weapon, as relying on a light weapon to take down a target already using a grappling hook is unlikely to succeed.

Use Grenades or Molotovs

PUBG Mobile’s throwing retention time is different from its desktop version. This keeps people from shortening the throwing distance by combing throwing motion and movement shortcut. Keep this is in mind when aiming. Know the throwing distances of the grenades and molotovs and adjust the throwing direction up or down to account for possible obstacles/orders when aiming, even when staying still. Unlike guns, they do not require as much accuracy in the aiming direction to hit the target provided the height or sideways viration of the direction stayed consistent with the target’s movement pattern.

On average, players will need to throw and connect with approximately 12-34 deadly grenades (plt vs squad values) in order to receive a grappling hook (one must not have yet gotten a grappling hook). This means that one can increase the chances of acquiring a grappling hook by collecting as many grenades as possible. Grenades can particularly help in close-quarters fighting, and are very useful when the player is trying to clear an entire building alone as an alternative to directly fighting in dangerous situations.

Every player in PUBG Mobile gets an affiliate utility for identifying nearby enemies when they reach certain levels. One supposed hack that players have tried for obtaining a grappling hook sacred flaming crates for a likely chance to obtain a grappling hook in PUBG Mobile. The hack is rooted in theories from gaming underground regarding collecting and preserving lots of materials and spell totems in order to boost the probability of acquiring any new spell to diffuse. Following this theory, the same has been applied to PUBG Mobile to increase the chances of getting a grappling hook. Hack or fact, who knows? You will have to give it a try.

Avoid Open Areas

Do not use the Grappling Hook in open areas, especially when there are enemies around. Using it in open areas makes you a very easy-to-hit target. If you are in an open field, try and find a building, tall grass, or hedge to quickly grapple to and take cover while the hook recharges. This ensures that you are protected. Do not continue to fire, as opponents on higher ground may have a shot at you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a grappling hook in Pubg?

Currently, there is no official way to acquire a grappling hook in Pubg. However, there are some third-party mods that allow players to use a grappling hook in the game.

What is the purpose of a grappling hook in Pubg?

A grappling hook can be a useful tool for traversing difficult terrain or reaching inaccessible areas in Pubg.

Is using a grappling hook in Pubg considered cheating?

It depends on the context. If you are using a third-party mod to obtain a grappling hook, then it can be considered cheating and may result in a ban from the game. However, if the grappling hook is an official feature in the game, then it is not cheating.

Can I customize my grappling hook in Pubg?

As of now, there is no option to customize the grappling hook in Pubg. It is only available in certain mods and may have limited customization options.

Do all players have access to a grappling hook in Pubg?

No, the grappling hook is not a standard feature in Pubg and is only available through certain mods. It is not accessible to all players in the game.

Are there any other methods to obtain a grappling hook in Pubg?

Currently, using third-party mods is the only way to obtain a grappling hook in Pubg. However, as the game continues to update and evolve, there may be official ways to acquire a grappling hook in the future.

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