Mastering PUBG Texting: Tips and Tricks for Effective Communication

Are you new to PUBG and wondering how to effectively communicate with your teammates through text chat?

We will explore the different ways to text in PUBG, including using in-game text chat, the quick chat feature, and voice chat.

Discuss the importance of texting in PUBG, the different types of text chat available, tips for effective communication, changing text chat settings, and common texting abbreviations used in the game.

Enhance your PUBG gaming experience!

What is PUBG?

PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is an online battle royale multiplayer game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It was released in March 2017 for Microsoft Windows as part of its beta testing phase and released as an early access title in December 2017, with intended full release on December 20, 2017. The game was adapted for smartphones and launched for Android and iOS in February 2018.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game in which up to one hundred players fight to be the last one standing. Players can choose to enter the match solo, as a duo, or a small squad of up to four players. PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of South Korea’s video game company Krafton Inc., organizes official tournaments around the world in which popular esports teams compete. The game is one of the best-known popular battle royale games that was used to promote esports.

How to Text in PUBG?

Texting in PUBG Mobile on your smartphone allows you to communicate and plan strategy with your team, discuss the best gear, and organize matches. Open the message box via the small mail icon in the lower left of the screen. Select who you would like to text to from the Teammate visible menu above your message history. Then type text and send. You can also mute or block other players. Other players’ texts during combat can be annoying and distracting.

To disable enemy app messages in PUBG Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select the basic tab.
  3. Click on Quick chat.
  4. Select the Disabled option.

If you do not want to play PUBG on a mobile device, then you can play PUBG on your computer. Communication in-game will be slightly different. Players will use their computer keyboards to type. To open the text entry screen, one would press one of the buttons B,G, or Y while playing the game to select the correct option and enter the desired message. After sending make sure to close the message selection screen. Changing the action while removing PUBG PC Hot Keys and Handler will interfere with your gaming.

Using the In-game Text Chat

Using the in-game text chat is easy. To mute or unmute chat in Pubg you can either tap your opponent’s icon while parachuting or choose the Speaker Icon when they are shown on the left. Then tap the Speaker Icon to mute. When you want to chat, simply press Enter or Swipe Up depending on your device, to pull up the text box with the virtual keyboard on the screen.

Using the Quick Chat Feature

Quick Chat is the easiest way to text in Pubg Mobile. The game developers, Krafton, introduced this feature for live communication while playing the game. With the Quick Chat function, players can chat with other players and respond to questions and conversations with a bunch of various useful key phrases. These phrases are quick responses to some of the most common in-game communications.

To text in Pubg Mobile, press the Quick Chat Bubble displayed on the screen to open the quick chat menu bar. Choose your desired quick chat phrases. Start playing the game and press the quick chat bubble as required to interact with the in-game players. The quick chat feature will switch between English to the detected country language for better communication.

To use the Quick Chat Mode, the Pubg player needs to ensure that the system is automatically translating into the detected country language. Players can then manually change the language in-game by tapping the bubble on your messaging bar. Pubg allows up to 5 recent conversations in Quick Chat Mode but the old conversations will be replaced by the new ones as you play more games. Simple chat conversation in Quick Chat feature requires a lot of effort but the following steps might help in engaging in short chats.

  1. Keep it brief and to the point
  2. Make sure your messaging game is on point by using the symbols
  3. Always thank your teammate(s)
  4. Coordinate strategies
  5. Let your teammate(s) know you have their back

Using Voice Chat

Using voice chat in PUBG Mobile is as simple as tapping on the microphone icon right next to the text box at the bottom of the screen near the number keys. This allows players to talk real-time with their teammates, but you should be careful with using it if you want to stay quiet to remain stealthy in the field. We advise you to customize your chat settings beforehand to avoid trouble.

Why is Texting Important in PUBG?

Texting features in PUBG are important because they are the only way of communicating with other players inside the game without using audio. In scenarios where using voice for verbal communication is impossible, the texting feature is a useful alternative. It can be used to pass on any tactical info not everyone needs to know, or to send hallmarks of good teamwork like a time to meet up.

In some major e-sport competition regions such as India, players have different mother languages, although the servers will be the same. Especially for these types of reasons, written communication similar to chatting applications is quite suited as it allows players to communicate while keeping other tasks on hand. You could text in alphabetical headphones if you wanted to remain silent. Texting in PUBG may also serve as a compensatory mechanism for the hearing impaired in order to use maps and strategies. Texting is important if you want a way to communicate non-verbally or adjust settings if you have a disability that using the voice chat requires.

What are the Different Types of Text Chat in PUBG?

There are 5 different types of text chat in PUBG. Text chat is a chat interface that shows players’ messages in real-time in bubble speech icons located on the top left of the video screen for other players to see. The following are the 5 categories of PUBG text chat imparting information in the game.

1. All Chat: Speaking in all chat allows all players in the entire PUBG match to hear communication. All chat is generally left off to avoid vulgar language, misinformation, or other unwanted sounds. All chat can be used at the beginning or end of games to shout good game, but then should generally be turned off.

2. Team Chat: The team chat option only allows players on a player’s team to hear their communication. Team chat is turned on at the beginning of matches to allow teammates to strategize.

3. Voice Chat: Another feature of the team chat category is voice chat. Voice chat allows teammates to communicate verbally via microphones rather than typing messages in the text chat interface.

4. System Chat: System chat provides players with real-time updates and feedback on match information. For example, pop-ups keep players informed of useful information such as other player’s kills, circle locations, and weapon and ammo availability.

5. Quick Chat: Quick chat is a categorization of situational chat phrases available as options in the PUBG user interface. They are selected with the touch of a button and allow easy, rapid communication among teammates when typing is not an ideal means of communication.

Types of PUBG Text Chat

  1. All chat
  2. Team chat
  3. Voice chat
  4. System chat
  5. Quick chat

Team Chat

Team chat in PUBG can be used to talk to all players who are on your team. By default, team chat is active all the time once you have entered a squad, and will mix in with All chat if the player has this activated. You may deactivate All chat (or team chat) by clicking on the headphones icon in the upper-left corner of the mini-map next to the chat channel buttons. PUBG Mobile and PUBG lLITE for mobile do not have team chat, only All chat.

All Chat

All chat in PUBG is for both teammates and opponents to speak to one another. It is used purposefully, either during gameplay to speak to opponents and distract them, or to chat and joke around with players during a match. There is an all chat box on the left side of the game when in a mobile game. Some headsets do not have the ability to communicate with other teams or only send and receive one-way communication. Make sure your chatting headset is set to communicate with all other teams.

What are Some Tips for Texting in PUBG?

  1. Do not spam. Only write a message twice with a delay if you think it is important information
  2. Read the room. Never use public chat in PUBG if the team already seems tense. This does not mean just say safe area has shrunk if someone is heading toward you without knowing it, but also to read teammate moods. Try to get people to have fun if they seem unhappy with the game
  3. Text structured information to save time. Instead of having to repeat instructions like ‘go to area xyz’, send it to everybody in a single message and have them read the instructions instead of having to say it multiple times. This works in scenarios like ‘who has a first aid kit?’ and prioritizing looting items for faster strategizing
  4. Screenshot important information. If you have a lot of information that was discussed in a match, screenshot the chat to quickly review that information
  5. Never argue. if you have something negative to communicate, only do it once synchronously verbally then drop it when players do not acknowledge your point. They are likely busy

Keep Your Messages Short and Clear

Keep your messages simple. If you want to communicate something complicated that needs a specific answer or interaction, switch to voice chat via the audio chat option. Short and simple messages are better for ensuring clear communication is successful.

Short messages still allow for the two basic paradigms of text channel usage in PUBG: chat and call. If you keep your messages brief but still need them to be understood quickly, pair them with a call. Sending “baddies 096” as an urgent gamer call type message is a good example of a short and simple call/text message synergy. Sending “need boosters” along with a voice chat is another strong example. When you send text messages, you can switch what you’re sending under Chat and Call heads. Always make sure to keep it brief and clear enough that the recipient can multitask with the message and still keep responding to the game.

Use Quick Chat for Important Messages

To text in PUBG on Android, in addition to typing on a mobile keyboard or using voice chat, players can select from a set of prepared messages created by the PUBG development team. These are known as Quick Chat messages. Quick chat messages frequently used in PUBG and What they typically stand for are summarized in the following chart. As can be seen from the table the messages range from basic hello/goodbye messages and reporting on the status of in-game finds of all types to emojis for reporting the status of all team members.

Quick chat is a popular way to send automatic messages in PUBG without having to type much. So connect to quick chat when you do not want to use the mic or chat with the text keyboard. Players can press the right chat icon in the dialog button on the upper right corner of the display and choose the quick chat option. These quick chat messages allow to send 25 standard automatic commands via voice input and are in the native language of whichever country the user is playing in. Players can gain access to the messages by selecting the quick chat icon at the top of the chat screen Tencent’s Game Buddy emulator has support for quick chat.

Communicate Effectively with Your Teammates

Once you have decided how to use the Aim Assist and Leaderboard texting feature, the next most important texting in PUBG issue is how to communicate with your team. The best practices to communicate effectively with your teammates in PUBG are:

  1. Keep it simple. Keep messages brief and to the point so that your teammates understand your direction immediately.
  2. Give frequency and context in communication. Called shots and feedback should be minimized to when they can truly benefit the mission.
  3. Understand who you are typing to. If you are in a squad game with members on different devices and access to different amounts of text messages, your typing will reflect the strategy.
  4. Report to your team what you are doing frequently. When you reach significant progress in your duties, reply promptly to other players so that a constant analysis of team status is maintained.

Avoid Spamming the Chat

In PUBG, everyone has a voice and text chat button. Engaging in active spoken or written conversation using text or voice chat is a recipe for disaster in the War Mode, playing solo or team matches, or the popular arcade war variants.

Create a mute chat button and once you’ve used your WPNS HOT or WELL DONE, mute your emulation of the Declaration of Independence in chat.

You lose the advantage of being able to hear footsteps and other sounds, and you become an easily located target. Muting yourself is a simple way to use text chat, it eliminates confusion and misinformation in multiplayer matches, and it doesn’t disrupt the effectiveness of the team.

Avoid entering into political, religious, urban legends, or local/national disputes.

How to Change the Text Chat Settings in PUBG?

To change the text chat settings in PUBG Mobile, press the Settings icon at the top of the screen, then go to Basic followed by Channel and Mode.

Note that the Team channel, Proximity channel, and Radio channel can only communicate via text messaging. Select your desired type of chat mode. Modes include All, Team Only, and Mute All. You can then select Text Only messaging or use Mic and Speaker.

Adjusting the Voice Chat Volume

The audio volume for voice chat can be adjusted on both mobile and desktop PUBG from your control settings. Select Setting, then Audio, and change the Voice Chat Volume by accessing the option at the bottom of the mobile screen menu, moving the slider left or right to decrease or increase the volume respectively. On Desktop, the process is the same, but the options panel will appear on the left of the screen instead of across the bottom. You can choose to disable voice chat by adjusting the option down to zero, or by tapping on the speaker icon next to the Minimap. To enable voice chat again, adjust the chat volume control back to a desired level.

Enabling/Disabling Voice Chat

If you do not want to enable or disable the PUBG Mobile text chat, this is disabled automatically when activating Mute. Muting on PUBG Mobile will turn off text chat while muting the player’s microphone feed.

Follow these steps to mute in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Find the player you want to mute on the game’s main screen.
  2. Tap on their avatar to send a friend request.
  3. Go back to the main screen to find their name.
  4. You will see a chat icon allowing you to mute (down by the friends button).

Changing the Text Chat Keybinds

If you want to text in PUBG, make sure you know how to change the keybinds for the Text Chat. To change the keybinds for the Text Chat, press ESC to open Game Menu, click Settings, then click Controls. Under Hotkeys, look for the Chat section and scroll down to find Text Chat. Here you can click and assign a new keybind.

What are Some Common Texting Abbreviations Used in PUBG?

Some common texting abbreviations used in PUBG are LOL (Laugh Out Loud), OMG (Oh My God), WTH (What the Heck), BRB (Be Right Back), AFK (Away from Keyboard), GR8 (Great), GG (Good Game), and FTW (For the Win). More texting acronyms can be found at digitaltrends. These are just English texting abbreviations – PUBG has a global following, so there are likely acronyms used in other languages as well

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Text in Pubg?

1. How do I text in Pubg?

To text in Pubg, simply open the in-game chat box by pressing the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Type your message and press “Enter” again to send it.

2. Can I customize my text in Pubg?

Yes, you can customize your in-game text by going to the “Settings” menu and selecting “Controls.” From there, you can assign specific keys to open the chat box and send messages.

3. Are there any quick chat options for texting in Pubg?

Yes, there is a quick chat feature in Pubg that allows you to send pre-set messages to your team or opponents. To access this feature, press “V” on your keyboard.

4. How can I mute other players’ text in Pubg?

If you want to mute other players’ text in Pubg, you can do so by going to the “Settings” menu and selecting “Audio.” From there, you can adjust the “Voice Chat” volume to your preference.

5. Can I text in Pubg while using voice chat?

Yes, you can text in Pubg while using voice chat. Simply press the “Tab” key on your keyboard to switch between voice and text chat.

6. Is it possible to text to all players in Pubg?

No, you can only text to players who are on your team or in close proximity to you. However, you can use quick chat options to communicate with all players in the game.

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