Unlock Side View in Pubg: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to enhance your gaming experience in Pubg by utilizing the side view feature?

We will explore what side view is, why it is important, and how you can enable it in Pubg.

Get a step-by-step guide on enabling side view in the game settings and tips on effectively using it to your advantage during gameplay.

Dive in and level up your Pubg skills!


Key Takeaways:

  • Side view in Pubg allows for a wider field of vision and better situational awareness.
  • To enable side view, go to settings, select controls, customize the layout, and drag the side view button to your desired location.
  • Use side view in Pubg to check surroundings while running, peek around corners, and practice in training mode for better gameplay.
  • What is Side View in Pubg?

    Pubg’s Side View Mode or Third Person Perspective Mode (TPP) allows players to view their character from the left or right side. This gives players a better field of vision in the leftmost and rightmost labyrinths and provides a tactical advantage on certain maps as players can see behind obstacles easier than people using the First-Person Perspective Mode. People can toggle the view between right, left, and center during the game using adjustments found in the Basic Setting or assigned to a controller button/keyboard key.

    Why is Side View Important in Pubg?

    Side view is important in PUBG because it covers a larger field of view than front view, showing the driver what is happening to the sides and behind them, allowing the player to drive more defensively. Players with lower peripheral vision can also improve their situational awareness and alertness to threats or objectives. WeChat Technologies developed the Side View Mode to improve situational awareness while driving vehicles and is currently only available in the game Game for Peace.

    How to Enable Side View in Pubg?

    To enable side view in Pubg, you go to the Settings menu in the game with the Gear Icon at the bottom. From here go to the Controls setting. In Controls, you need to enable Twins Sticks. This addition of a left thumbstick allows the map to open and the overall appearance of the game to change. One of the most notable parts of Twins Sticks is a change to the classic control look in which the only difference is the map button. The icon located in the left corner next to the health bar opens the newly indented screen size, map, and other tools. In addition with Twins Sticks included, the character controls are more user-friendly, making the game more interactive at all turns. The game should look like this after the switch with two joysticks at the bottom and a tiny map.

    Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

    To enable the Side View feature (which is called peek and fire in PUBG Mobile settings), proceed to the basic settings menu. On the far right of the screen, you will see a bunch of icons, there you are looking for the icon that looks like a gear or a/ hammer and wrench. Tap on it to open the settings menu.

    You may have to enable it first by turning on the Basic settings. On the left side of the menu, you can click and customize the items you want to be visible and clickable which includes the Basic settings.

    If you are looking to increase the size, you will want to decrease the number of visible items in this menu, such as turning off ‘Symbols/Colors for purpose’, ‘Reticle change only on edit mode’, or ‘Symbols for nade clone damage’. This will allow you to use maximum screen room to increase the size of the icons you do want available, such as ‘Fire, seat-switch, scope zoom, alt-aim, crouch, drop, run, prone’ and other in game pop-up icons.

    You can toggle Peek and Fire on and off by locating and moving the Miscellaneous Settings slider.

    Step 2: Select the Controls Tab

    After navigating to the Settings tab, select On-screen Button Display and press the Control Layout Customization button. The new choices that appear are options like moving the fire or jump buttons to new on-screen locations.

    To enable the side view feature in PUBG, there must first be a 3D resolution of 100% used. To modify this setting, go to the Settings tab, select the Basic tab, look for the Graphics category, navigate to the Frame Rate, and change the current 3D resolution.

    Step 3: Tap on Customize

    After tapping on Basic or Lite Mode, the third step is to tap on Customize. In this menu, you can designate what kind of triggers or actions show up on either side of the screen. If you feel that something is taking up too much space on screen, go to the Customize menu and remove it. This was a mandatory step back in the day, but now User Controls can be accessed directly via the gear icon at the bottom right of the game hub.

    Step 4: Select the Layout You Want to Edit

    Once you have selected the profile `Controls` of a specific game, you will be given the option of loading one of the previously saved profiles. If you have none saved or wish to start from scratch, Pubg Mobile’s default `3 Finger Controls` can be selected as a starting point. This calls up the `Layout Editing Screen` allowing you to choose the default side view layout or customize any other layout as required.

    Step 5: Tap on the Eye Icon

    First, open the PUBG Mobile app. Then while in the lobby, follow the sides of the screen which are numbered in sequential order.

    The Eye icon is the ultimate toggle switch to activate off-center view once the feature has been enabled. Where you can get the Battle Royale Mode Options Screen was previously described to find the Quick Scope Switch, which would illustrate why then tapping on the Eye icon is the simple feature required to enable an off-center view.

    Step 6: Drag the Side View Button to Your Desired Location

    Using your touchscreen, hold the newly appeared Side View button and drag it with your finger to the place on the screen that works best for you. It is best used at the left or right edge of the center area of the screen that you activate with your firing and aiming fingers. This allows your firing finger to maintain control of the camera while you use sideview.

    A place below your thumb if you are right-handed, or near the bottom of the left screen if you are left-handed, might work correctly if you choose to use it with the same thumb. But the middle-right of the screen near the top, as shown in the picture as default, is likely the most practical and user-friendly location.

    Step 7: Save Your Settings

    After following each of the above steps, the final step to enable side view in PUBG is to save your settings. The indicator to Notify Me is turned on in the Side Bluezone section to ensure the function is working and you are aware you are in side view. It notifies you if the screen is not wide enough. When you re-enter the game mode, it is off to reduce distraction.

    The indicator on the right prevents the slide left reverse look option in the basic mode from being enabled. It will prevent the need to reverse your view depending on the side view you need to verify. Background color can be used to customize your screen.

    The screen should customly designed as such when you look to the edge of the screen there is enough view and it isn’t a side blackout. Features include the notice (Notify Me turned on), slide look left, slide look right, and background (set to dark grey). Use alternate back color for warning.

    How to Use Side View in Pubg?

    When aiming, two floating thumb controls appear on the screen, the left side of which is fixed in the direction the device is facing and the right side of which is for adjusting the weapon’s position. For those new to PUBG Mobile, the left thumb control moves the player and the right thumb control for aiming the weapon is situated on the right side of the screen. Toggling the fire and side view buttons will cause the controls to reset to center, as seen below.

    Step 1: Tap on the Side View Button

    Post touchdown, tapping on the icon for the assistant or who is around you. Your viewing direction switches to side view. A way to know if side view is enabled is that the screen will already be panning left or right when you land, depending on the relative positioning of your player against the angle the screen was viewing at.

    The steps are easy but the challenge is surviving when switching views. As a new player, you are likely to be killed, so it is best to switch to side view in an uninhabited area where you can get used to controlling your cursor and character with the side view enabled.

    Step 2: Adjust Your View by Dragging the Button

    You can change whether First-Person View (FPV) or Third-Person View (TPV) is open by clicking on the corresponding icons in the mini map. However, the Tencent PUBG Mobile Helpshift dashboard emphasizes that the in-game view should be switched after clicking on the TPV icon in the mini map. The coding on version 1.4.0 and after updates considers the mini map control as the one input for changing views to the side when emerging from vehicles, while shooting, etc.

    It is easier to adjust the view downward to get a visual of the ground when the side view is active by dragging and fixing the fire button downward as shown. Forbidden for long-play use and can result in a ban or drop in competitiveness. Usually left for a few seconds when a player quickly switches between FPP and TPP perspectives. Works on all versions of the game.

    If you want to implement side view while holding your trigger, i.e. simultaneous triggering and panoramic side view, this is how you do it. Hold and drag the firing button to any side to fix it while changing the perspective to side view. Now you can continue to use the trigger while holding the side view.

    Rapid fixing of the buttons left and downward after emerging from a vehicle keeps a player from getting bogged down and quickly reorienting where they need to fire. Helps a general player to fix the camera view quickly to a particular direction while turning. Works on almost all versions of the game.

    Step 3: Release the Button to Return to Normal View

    Step 3 to enable side view in PUBG (or to return to normal view) involves releasing the button that was most recently depressed on the PS4 controller. Tapping the appropriate UI buttons will activate a manual lock on a side or over-the shoulder view, while letting go of the button connected to the previously depressed trigger activates immersive or default view. The PUBG controller setup makes these changes possible with either the following two steps or the following three steps depending on how executives decide to define the interaction.

    What Are Some Tips for Using Side View in Pubg?

    Some tips for using side view in PUBG Mobile include that side view should be used when the player is in 3rd person perspective as opposed to 1st person as the latter significantly reduces the players’ peripheral vision. Third person perspective provides an improved view of enemies due to the wide field of vision this offers. Players have a 270-degree field of vision in third person and provides the ability to see enemies flanking them.

    The side view of the fire button should be positioned at the bottom to quickly access the scopes, backpacks, and health kits which are frequently used during gunfights. The situational awareness PUBG players have in 3rd person perspective justifies the use of side view. The older layout of the game with the side view toward the bottom is more user-friendly as this is the spot towards which users most frequently swipe to read comments.

    Expect that when switching to PUBG’s custom layout, a period of one or two weeks will be needed to properly adjust to it. The side view will start becoming intuitive after this familiarization period. After this adjustment period, the player can start utilizing the side view for their advantage. Side view layout should be adjusted in each individual player’s device settings in PUBG. The players should continue trying out various settings and customizations until they find one which they find most comfortable for playing PUBG.

    Practice Using Side View in Training Mode

    To enable the side view in PUBG, go to the Basic Settings and then the Controls tab. Scroll down to the Display @ White dot / Side dot setting. Tap side dot once to change from white dot to side dot view. Side dot provides a better method for players to maintain a consistent ADS command thumb position which is critical for muscle memory. As a result, many players opt to switch to side dot view as soon as they learn that they have the option.

    Players use the white dot view because it is the default setting with higher Look Gyro = ADS Gyro control sensitivity allowing faster shooting. Players using side dot view either lower or turn off ADS Gyro, allowing for more nuanced control when aiming and firing. Choose the view which suits best for your Playstyle.

    Training mode is the best way to optimize lean in PUBG, according to several pro doctroveej, a PUBG Mobile player who has a Tier 2 Pro player badge, agrees and calls it one of the best options to get better at combat and gameplay in PUBG Mobile.

    Training mode allows you to practice to determine which sights, attachments, and weapon loadouts you are the most comfortable with during gameplay. As you become more proficient with generating muscle memory by switching views and leaning during combat reload, you effectively decrease the time you are exposed during high-stakes battle.

    Use Side View to Check Your Surroundings While Running

    If you are going to enter a dangerous area while running and you want to be sure you are not immediately surprised by a nearby enemy, this is a possible usage for enabling Side View even while running. You will then see everything happening within a 60-degree field to your right, which is at least better than not knowing anything at all.

    If you are running and someone attempts to shoot you from the right without your knowing, you should still appear in Peripheral Vision in time to dodge, based on a study by the University of Utrecht’s Marijke De Goër De Werv. Then again, if you are then very quickly able to recall hotkeys, you can switch to a different corner view to continue identification or peak-shooting before doing the same with side view.

    Utilize Side View to Peek Around Corners and Obstacles

    Using the side view feature to peek around corners and obstacles in PUBG allows you to see more of an enemy or their field of vision before they see you, allowing you to determine the best course of action depending on their point of view. Thunder One provides a good example of being able to see the top of the crate immediately as the side view feature is activated, which someone on the opposite side of the crate might not be expecting.

    Head to one of the corners of the obstacle, activate the side view mode, and slowly scan around to the other side to determine position. Try to keep your eye behind the virtual wall for as long as possible and get as much info as you can from all angles to know exactly what type of enemy you are dealing with, good or bad.

    Do not peak any more than is necessary. Be as quick and effective with your information-gathering as possible, as famine186 points out that if you can see the enemy from the side view, then they can probably see some of you. So be careful, tactical, and quick when peeking around.

    Having enemies able to see this spare bit of you is a warning sign and valuable information that your advantage is not as great as you would expect.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I enable side view in Pubg?

    To enable side view in Pubg, follow these steps:

    – Open the game and click on the settings menu.
    – Select the “Basics” tab.
    – Scroll down to the “Camera” section and enable “Peek and Fire” option.
    – Save your changes and exit the settings menu.
    – To use side view, simply aim down sights and tilt your device to the left or right.

    2. What is side view in Pubg?

    Side view in Pubg is a feature that allows players to peek and fire from the sides of buildings or obstacles. It gives players a tactical advantage by providing a wider field of view and minimizing their exposure to enemies.

    3. How can I use side view to my advantage in Pubg?

    You can use side view in Pubg by aiming down sights and tilting your device to the left or right. This allows you to peek and fire at enemies without exposing your entire body, making it harder for them to hit you. It is a useful tool for strategic gameplay and can give you an edge over your opponents.

    4. Do I need a special device to enable side view in Pubg?

    No, you do not need a special device to enable side view in Pubg. It is a built-in feature that can be accessed by all players. However, make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements for the game to ensure smooth gameplay.

    5. Can I customize the sensitivity of side view in Pubg?

    Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity of side view in Pubg according to your preference. Simply go to the settings menu, select the “Basics” tab, and under the “Camera” section, you can change the sensitivity for “Peek and Fire”. This allows you to fine-tune your side view experience for better gameplay.

    6. Is side view available in all game modes in Pubg?

    Yes, side view is available in all game modes in Pubg, including Classic, Arcade, and EvoGround. However, it is important to note that some game modes may have certain restrictions or variations to the feature. Make sure to check the rules and settings for each specific game mode to fully utilize side view.

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