Unlock the Secret to Getting Free Characters in Pubg

Are you a PUBG enthusiast looking to enhance your gameplay with a character of your own?

We discuss the various ways you can get a character in PUBG for free. From completing daily missions to participating in events and challenges, there are multiple avenues to acquire a character without spending any money.

Learn about the benefits of having a character in PUBG, as well as the potential risks and limitations associated with obtaining one for free. Find out how you can level up your PUBG experience!

What Is PUBG?

PUBG is an acronym for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a multiplayer online battle royale game created and published by the South Korean video game company Krafton (formerly PUBG Corporation). In PUBG, players are parachuted onto a remote deserted island and have to fight to be the last person or team alive. The game has both free-to-play and premium versions. PUBG is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows PC via Steam, Android, and iOS.

What Is Character in PUBG?

A character in PUBG consists of a player’s in-game physical appearance, clothing, emotes, special moves, and anything a player uses to represent themselves. A player’s character can be upgraded during game progression in PUBG to give the player different advantages even if their in-game character remains cosmetic.

This includes skills and progressions for the character, which can be raised to give characters greater strength or power during a game. The notion of character is defined by the game creators at Krafton. Players want to understand this so they can make decisions about how to get character in PUBG for free versus paying for it, the effort required to get different types, and the game advantages they can enjoy as a result.

How Can You Get a Character in PUBG for Free?

You can get a character in PUBG for free by taking advantage of these listed ways:

  • Veteran Rewards for PUBG Partners and Mobile Devices sends you a free advanced character every month
  • Progressive Missions earn you characters of varying complexities as your progress
  • Chroma Cypher rewards the player after filling out surveys once every season
  • Trying your luck and waiting as a potential method for acquiring free characters

(source: 2 Ways to Get Rare PUBG Mobile Characters in 2021)

Veteran Rewards for PUBG Partners and Mobile Devices

Veteran rewards are daily login benefits that reward players with premium in-game currency or a variety of purchases. With a PUBG account created 30 days prior to the current date, players become eligible for rewards. The number of login days and which rewards they earn – such as advanced characters – can be seen as you click through daily login rewards in the game. For PUBG mobile, over 30 days, the player will have earned multiples of 200 UC. Veteran benefits differ by country and may have disqualifications based on player purchase history.

Progressive Missions

Progressive missions encourage users to progress. Character skins, rewards, and accessories will be given away based on mission completions. As freemium scenarios, these can be strategic to play as well.

Chroma Cypher

The Chroma Cypher event allows players of PUBG to fill out an online survey in return for receiving a free character at the end of every season. You should look for this event to be announced on the official PUBG website or by signing up for the Chrome Cypher email list.Becca stressed that Chroma players who complete the survey have an extremely quick period to obtain their gift, so don’t forget to check the email list for calls to claim your free season prize. The character is only available for free for a limited period of time according to the event, and the player must visit the main PUBG page to sign up for the survey.

Trying Your Luck and Waiting

Players should contain their impatience as the game promises free character skins. PUBG has issued many free skins throughout the years through various clinics, activities, and live streams. Rewards differ and the quickest way to free skin may be saving your money and waiting until the next promotion.

Complete Daily Missions

You can get Character Vouchers or Emotes in PUBG Mobile by completing your daily missions. The above image shows an example of daily missions such as participating in a Classic match, using the Matrix Warehouse and Parachute Factory 1 time. Completing these missions gives not only Battle Points (BP) but also Silver Fragments, which can be used to acquire various items.

Participate in Events and Challenges

There are special events and challenges from time to time where winners can get rare items and in-game currency for use in the Royale Pass. To get PUBG character for free, these events need to be followed and the application for them should be submitted. Some of the challenges that are often run are easy to complete but they are not available all the time. It is important to keep track of daily tasks because there are often resources that can be converted to in-game currency. You can keep track through a PUBG account on your mobile phone status page.

Use Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are built-in sets of numbers and letters fed into the game. These codes contain a particular character or set of characters and are an effortless way to obtain character clothes and accessories.

  1. With the main menu page open, tap on the ‘Load My Code’ button.
  2. A new menu will open on the screen asking you to input a redeem code.
  3. Input the code using the character selection options and press Enter.
  4. If the code has not been entered before, and if the codes are still functional (they usually are for several days to several weeks at Universal’s discretion), the included characters become available in the game and notify you that the load was successful.
  5. There is always a reliable source that provides brand new PUBG codes. Check them frequently or follow the game’s official social media accounts for the latest codes.
  6. You can also try unofficial channels, PUBG rewards on discord, and reddit for newly discovered codes.

Limitation: Redeem codes have a particular character or set of characters and are only valid for a certain period.

Pros of using Redeem Codes to get Character in PUBG FREE:

  • Easy way to get characters or sets of characters.
  • Codes can be entered in just a few clicks on the PUBG menu.

Cons of using Redeem Codes to get Character in PUBG FREE:

  • Need fresh codes to be announced regularly.
  • There is a limit to the number of times codes may be used (usually between 50 and 5000).

Buy Character Vouchers

Players can get character vouchers by buying clothes boxes. You can purchase these boxes for 5,000 BP, 3,000BP, 2,000BP, 5,000 BP, or 4,000 BP as per the daily offer. Buy the boxes from the in-game shop on your home screen. These vouchers can be redeemed for in-game currency to purchase funny PUBG outfits, character faces, and premium clothes.

Some PUBG character outfits need character vouchers to unlock, which is why you can redeem BC for character voucher crates. Open PUBG Mobile, go to ‘Store’, under the tab ‘Treasures’ you will find a plethora of PUBG outfits.

Check the insides of the costumes onstage to see if they need a character coupon or not. PUBG appears to lack the feature of making in-game clothing purchases. It is likely they will add this as fans have requested it. Another PUBG shop feature can be avatars and Legendary Outfits. Some of these items can be purchased with a character voucher to participate in racing or arcade games.

PUBG Mobile does not offer character vouchers for free. Using this PUBG cost money to save your mobile budgets by selecting a quick way of buying character outfits. PUBG in-game Benefits: PUBG Mobile has a shop where you can browse a variety of items including Outfits and Mythic outfits.

Win Tournaments and Competitions

Winning tournaments and competitions in Pubg does not in and of itself provide additional character. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team is known for coordinating large international tournaments with prize pools of up to 11 million USD. The largest console tournament had 36 million hours watched over a week.

According to the Esports Earnings website, on the PC platform, the player with the most money won is Canadian Kaymind, with 231 thousand dollars. The player with the most money in mobile tournaments is Teoh Vincent Hou from Malaysia, earning $134,414 to date. World champion Yeik Nai Phyo, better known by his in-game name Victor, won $50,000 as the winner of the mobile esports tournament Pubg Mobile Star Challenge 2018.

You can earn the best weapons and equipment entirely through gameplay. It appears that character-themed gear is only available through Royale Pass or direct purchase, so any winnings in tournaments would most likely be used to purchase character costumes rather than gear. For this reason we do not list Pubg tournaments as a method of earning Pubg characters.

Use In-Game Currency

Buying character in Pubg is not technically possible, however, you can use Pubg Lite’s Your Shop to purchase in-game currency which you can use to buy character items such as clothing or unique emotes. These items can also be unlocked as rewards from the Royal Pass. A wider selection of character skins can be found on the Steam Community Market. This is the place where outside developers can sell their in-game skins directly on the marketplace.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Character in PUBG?

The benefits of having a character in PUBG Mobile are that they provide a variety of customization options and help you stand out from the crowd. They were monetized by Tencent as a perk for RP members, a shield for military ranks, but Tencent does not make requirements of players.

Character customization helps you link emotionally with your gaming profile and boost your enjoyment of the game. It adds a social gaming element as you can share your distinctive Player ID with friends and this allows you to form your own identity within the community.

Having a character provides a way of making your in-game likeness distinct from the player base. In a game where you start without equipment, openings require careful planning, and you make life-altering decisions each moment in-game, having a memorable outfit for your avatar to wear is the least you can do for yourself.

Customization Options

The best way to get character for free on pubg Corp‘s lineup of Battle Royale games is by choosing from a wide range of customization options. The process to customize your character is exactly the same for all three of Pubg Corp’s Battle Royale titles though the exact features and number of available cosmetics vary between the three of them.

The player will be provided with a number of presets to choose a character between male and female. There is a red-and-black tshirt image above the jump-in button that you can click to access character customization. From there, you have your choice of heads, hairstyles, faces, and facial hair regardless of the underlying gender of your character. Different outfits with different colors and textures that you can choose from are generally found in loot crates or can be bought in the shop via real-world money. Pubg Corp also releases new cosmetics to its various maps on a regular basis, so if you don’t find a look that excites you now, you are likely to find one you do in the near future.

Unique Abilities and Skills

Unique abilities and skills in PUBG include Gas Cans, the character abilities of Lucky Kid, Electronic Engineer, Time Traveler, and Medic Vampire. Improving the playability of PUBG Mobile, the developers have offered such unique characteristics as faster reviving buddies with lower HP, temporarily increasing damage at the expense of the character’s health, and resistance to headshots.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

Character in PUBG MOBILE is affected by the weapon, reward, and damage values set on the character. Generally those are the game dynamics determined to create balanced and fair gameplay, but enhanced character may bring reduced balance to game dynamics and change for the worse the experience of the game for a substantial part of the player base.

For this reason characters in PUBG MOBILE are not enhanced in every way possible. This is by design, as the game was created to be fair and balanced for all players where only skill determines who wins and based on the experiences in season 2 of Fortnite Player Unknown knows what turmoil, confusion and resistance change can cause. User experience and user buy-in are important aspects of game design, and the strength of PUBG MOBILE lies in its accessibility and appeal to casual and new players.

To develop greater character and strength in the PUBG mobile game, users need to enhance their gameplay experience by paying attention to their opponents’ tactics and teams, gaining more game time practice, and forging relationships with other gamers. Other modes of interaction that the PUBG MOBILE app permits, like Voice Chat or Analysis of Game Metrics may help enhance PUBG MOBILE user character in the eyes of other teammates.

Are There Any Risks or Limitations to Getting a Character in PUBG for Free?

While there are no risks to getting a character in PUBG for free, there are limitations in the number of free characters players can get. A base player character and a slow but steady build-up of in-game currency can be used to unlock new characters for free. However, PUBG Corporation intentionally designed the collection of this currency to be slow. Though some rewards during daily and weekly missions include currency, players are required to pay to unlock the full collection. Monetary transactions will be a necessity to unlock more characters quickly.

Eventually every player can get characters in PUBG over time if they play consistently. Optionally, they can invest in currency purchases to speed the process along.

Limited Availability of Free Options

Not many free options are available to get character in PUBG, and limited options for acquiring game variants for free continue to decline. Free versions of games fall into two general categories: those that initially were for sale but then later developed into a free-to-play version (with the opportunity to purchase extras of features of the initial game), or free-to-play games for which free elements historically have complemented features that had to be purchased.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground falls into the latter category. According to a 2019 column in USgamer, in the golden age of multimedia marketing beginning in the early 1980s, three revenue streams evolved as games were designed to involve users as long as possible. This is true even in the mobile gaming era of the late 2010s and 2020s. The options for getting character in PUBG free have constantly become less than they once were; even temporary free elements such as free BP events or temporary official streaming to earn rewards have become infrequent supervents.

Risk of Account Suspension

Another con to using character services in PUBG is that the risk involved may be too high. If PUBG determines that you did not play the matches to grow your character or realize that you did not attend to additional money to the character they may simply suspend or even ban your account. Gamers like BEEBOM’s Dhruv, and P1K Gaming’s Ayush have publicly talked about this occurring so this is definitely more than just an urban myth.

May Not Have Access to All Features

This is a potential disadvantage, and little research has been published on eSIM management to verify that eSIMs function in all of the ways the traditional SIM does. However, it seems likely that eSIMs could have device access limitations compared to a physical SIM.

Cellular technologies are constructed for exchanging user data through complex signaling procedures. This user data resides on the USIM (UICC) of a physical SIM card; hence the SIM card is a crucial part of authenticating the user. Operators around the world set up their phones, i.e. set their local Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM) personalization (ISIM) application on the UICC before users are able to utilize services and applications on their device.

The main role of these embedded SIMs in an eSIM is to establish the roots of a unified SIM (USIM) platform for M2M devices and to allow users to switch between multiple mobile operators. There are endless possibilities right now because this is an innovative technology. You may discover issues regarding local service support which might result in your device being partially functional. But these issues will smooth themselves out in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways to get free character in Pubg?

There are multiple ways to get a free character in Pubg. You can either complete daily missions, participate in events, or use redeem codes to obtain a character for free.

How can I use redeem codes to get a free character in Pubg?

To use redeem codes for a free character in Pubg, first go to the game’s official website or social media pages. Look for any ongoing promotions or giveaways that offer redeem codes for characters. Once you have the code, go to the in-game store and click on the “Redeem” button to enter the code and claim your character.

Is it safe to use third-party websites to get free characters in Pubg?

No, it is not recommended to use third-party websites to obtain free characters in Pubg. These websites may be fraudulent and can compromise your account’s security. Stick to official sources for obtaining free characters.

What are the benefits of having a character in Pubg?

A character in Pubg not only adds a personalized touch to your gameplay, but it also comes with unique outfits and emotes that can enhance your gaming experience. Characters also have special abilities that can give you an advantage in matches.

Can I transfer my free character to another account in Pubg?

No, characters in Pubg are bound to the account they were acquired on. It is not possible to transfer them to another account.

Are there any limited-time free characters in Pubg?

Yes, Pubg often releases limited-time free characters during special events or collaborations with other franchises. Keep an eye out on their website and social media pages for any announcements about these characters.

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