Maximize Your Pubg Experience: How to Use General Character Voucher

Are you a PUBG player looking to enhance your gaming experience with new characters?

General Character Vouchers are just what you need!

Learn how to obtain these vouchers through events, challenges, and in-game purchases.

Discover the benefits of using them to unlock new characters, save in-game currency, and personalize your gameplay.

Be aware of the limitations such as being limited to certain characters and being for one-time use only.

Stay tuned for tips on using General Character Vouchers efficiently!

What is a General Character Voucher in PUBG?

A General Character Voucher in PUBG is an in-game item that can be used to give your character in the mobile game PUBG Mobile and the PUBG New State Battle Royale game new appearances. In PUBG Mobile, the voucher is called the Rename card, and in PUBG New State, the voucher is called the Character change card. Depending on the available selection of cosmetics and toons (personalization and customization items) in PUBG Mobile and/or PUBG New State, the voucher allows a player to upgrade and keep their personal character looking fresh in-game.

Both PUBG Mobile and New State use different types of vouchers for customizing the lobby, clothes, parachutes, and playing around with the character designs and toons. But the General Character Voucher (Rename Card) is unique to just that and it is important not to confuse it with Royale Vouchers. The General Character Voucher is used after and is distinct from buying other customization items and tools such as the season pass, supply coupon scraps, RP points, silver fragments, UC (Unknown Cash), AG (Aegis), BP (Battle Points), etc.

How to Obtain General Character Vouchers?

General Character Vouchers can be obtained occasionally for free or for purchase during PUBG’s in-game events. PUBG’s in-game news feed and official blog on their website will inform players where they can find General Character Vouchers. After updating PUBG, they can find it in the update notes.

One way to consistently obtain General Character Vouchers is to play PUBG Lite, PUBG’s free-to-play PC version, which has much more frequent events and reward most of these rewards in the form of LOG (Lite Opening Gift), which can contain General Character Vouchers up to 4 pieces. LOG can also contain special outfits, guns, and other items which are treated separately from the regular version’s crates and shop items.

Through Events and Challenges

The most common way to use General Character vouchers in PUBG is through in-game events and challenges that earn you Rewards of Honor. Rewards of Honor is the main in-game currency used to upgrade characters and buy premium outfits in PUBG Mobile.

The vouchers can be used to increase the level of any character, at which point most upgrades are automatically obtained. The vouchers tend to be harder to get than directly using other legal tender currencies or the Season Pass, but there are no restrictions on their use, for both Benedict Maplesteed and Sara Brevik balanced character preferences.

Through In-game Purchases

The most common way to use General Character Voucher in PUBG is via in-game purchases. This is how to buy the voucher with UC (Unknown Cash).

To locate and purchase a General Character Voucher in PUBG Mobile, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. You need to open the PUBG Mobile app.
  2. Select the Shop option in the game and navigate to the Treasures section.
  3. Here you can purchase the General Voucher using in-game currency.
  4. Click on Apply to use the General Voucher followed by a click on OK to confirm the use Voucher.

How to Use General Character Vouchers?

General Character Vouchers are used by going to the character section in the workshop. Then, choose either Create General Character or Turn Character. If you choose Create General Character, go to the custom character tab and then select the black and white general character voucher from the options. If you select Turn Character, there will be options for using previously applied general character vouchers or using new vouchers received by the user

The choice parameters are:

  • Select only one character, i.e. either paid character change voucher or deployable character voucher can be used alongside one general character voucher.
  • Select up to five characters, i.e. if only one general character voucher is used without paid/changeable character vouchers.
  • Select of all characters, i.e. General Character Vouchers applied.

Redeeming the Voucher

PUBG has gifts, codes, and rewards that they attach to themed events. In-game items are not the primary rewards, but modest high-value permanent avatar gifts are sometimes available from redeemable reward codes. They are occasionally provided as event prizes or may be won in certain mechanisms.

General Character Voucher is designed for non-Russian PUBG Mobile accounts and can be redeemed in the official PUBG Mobile Turkey Redemption Center. Each PUBG Mobile account may only use the code once. The General Character Voucher can be redeemed at Players can enter their PUBG Mobile User ID and get the General Character Voucher by going to the Redemption Center and entering the General Character Voucher redemption code. These are the steps to redeem the General Character Voucher on PUBG for a permanent character outfit:

  1. Launch PUBG Game.
  2. Go to Inventory.
  3. Once in Inventory, navigate to Events & mails.
  4. Click the Mail button on the bottom-right.
  5. Then the player will get the items they are entitled to because they redeemed their voucher online.

Choosing a Character

A new identical Prey chen Black outfit is being introduced for character selection among all PUBG characters. For free passes, players can choose to unlock a character or skin that best represents them by selecting from the game’s existing characters. General Character vouchers or Andy (AN1) vouchers cannot be used to unlock a character-only skins. The only option as of the intro of the new version yesterday (February 16, 2022) is the new constantly running version (9007741).

Customizing the Character

You cannot customize the XP earned by the character

, but you can customize the time of recording of XP through active vouchers. You can customize your character by using chicken medals that are bought with money earned by chicken draws or by buying them with UC money in different seasonal spendings.

The avatar of the character can be slightly customized in terms of its power and speed. You can purchase character vouchers with UC credits and RP levels which will lower the credits necessary to upgrade your character. They range from increasing armor and speed to improving their plasma field information.

What are the Benefits of Using General Character Vouchers?

The benefits of using general character vouchers in PUBG Mobile is in changing or upgrading the player’s character appearance. The cost of using general vouchers is less than paid UC. For example, buying the saluting 2-Year Parachute costs 300 UC credits, while EP rewards have a cost of 200 RP points available for General purchases. Carrying Mascot vouchers for upgrading the appearance of characters, the same cost is behind each. Players who do not wish to invest in UC credit can try to accumulate RP points, which might take a while, and use General Gacha vouchers for outfitting their character as needed.

Unlocking New Characters

The General Character Voucher is a coupon currently available to Indian PUBG Mobile Lite players. The voucher can be used to unlock the following General Characters from the shop: Character 302, Character 303, Character 304, and Character 305. Scroll through the list of characters to find those tagged as ‘Using Voucher Qualified’. Players receive 500 Character Voucher Points on purchase and can unlock additional levels by earning performance points from winning races or battles in Mission Ignition mode.

Saving In-game Currency

If a player lacks enough in-game currency to purchase character vouchers, they can save the vouchers they receive for free. Generally character vouchers in PUBG are handed out for free occasionally after updates. Participating in PUBG charity campaigns or doing well in free events are common ways to receive free character vouchers. If a player wants a new item but they do not have the available in-game currency, they can opt to save their vouchers for that special occasion.

Personalizing Your Gameplay

Personalizing your gameplay with a general character voucher is important as a vehicle to success. Play it Cool by using a general character skin to appear less threatening to enemies. This can help allow players to consider various strategic objectives with adapt-or-survive perceptions rather than kill-or-be-killed. atos5xlsx reports that when a general skin is used, the hitboxes on Karma are the same as with characters from other seasons.

What are the Limitations of Using General Character Vouchers?

The limitations of using general character vouchers in PUBG are that they can only be activated for default male and female characters. Availability of vouchers is limited. It takes a long time to find a character voucher in the proper tier you need.

Character vouchers allow you to change your character’s appearance without having to spend money, thereby giving you the opportunity to discover if a different look will increase your in-game success or just for fun. The general character voucher benefits include increased choice in characters, easy to activate, and availability across time-sensitive (PUBG crate) and unlimited store (Coupon Shop) vehicles. The character voucher drawbacks are having few choices beyond standard male and females, voucher scarcity, and lengthy time commitment to find the proper voucher type for upgraded characters.

While it appeared there was some options for features beyond the standard bodies in the early days of character vouchers, PUBG began restricting new and existing character vouchers to the two standard models making them fairly useless for a vast array of the other types of looks available via the PUBG shop. Availability of character vouchers is random, with the best chances according to PUBG being in the shop, in crates, and in attendance rewards. PUBG further heavily restricts the voucher criteria beyond the standard male and female models making it very time-consuming for players wanting to avoid real money purchases to find the proper vouchers for upgraded characters.

Limited to Certain Characters

The General Character Voucher has limited utility as it can only be used on characters that have appeared on a seasonal or time-limited basis. This means that the vouchers are not usable on normal characters or their costumes, only on characters with unique appearances that were previously unavailable.

The General Character Voucher can be used on reappearances of characters that were once premium. Unavailable characters from Royale Pass, Elite Pass, Lucky Spin, and Crates all qualify now. These include, but are not limited to character sets such as Vector Timeline (with the iconic anti-gravity Motorbike Set – first released in the Gamescom Invitational 2017), Grand Theft Auto collaboration, Zombie mode maps, The Walking Dead collaboration, Old Timers set and Mr. Death, the UN Cleopatra collaboration, and Dauntless collaboration.

One-time Use Only

The General Character Voucher in PUBG is a one-time use only reward item. Users will see this only one time on their character select screens and will need to select the character skin they wish to have forever. At this time there is no way to change character voucher character edition without buying new character vouchers for ~$25 according to the PUBG store.

Tips for Using General Character Vouchers Efficiently

Here are two tips for using General Character Vouchers more efficiently in PUBG Mobile.

  1. Make sure you are not spending any other Vouchers for the unlocked character. This is because you will only gain the ability to unlock additional benefits at the end of the Heroic Acceptance Event if all the pieces of gear are obtained via hero wall movement.
  2. Check progress frequently to make sure you are using all prime chances that are available.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and begin thinking about how the General Character Voucher in PUBG will help you out most, especially if you have multiple accounts. Determine which ID you could use and choose it immediately instead of thinking about it when you are short on time later.

Decide what the best fitting time is to use the voucher. If someone you are playing PUBG with gets a chance to avail a variant of the voucher, this time out of your play session may be the best time. You can all play games until you return, and then on a signal, you all use a General voucher to merge and carry on playing. You’ll have a consolidated account awaiting you with the number of UC points you had.

If you don’t have the General Character ID, and you would like to try acquiring it, decide how best to obtain it, open one account at a time to try to utilize it with each new purchase. Another strategy is to open a large number of at once. Possibilities include using Google Utilization codes, logging in to Facebook, using your social security number as an identifier, logging in to a specific e-mail, and so forth. Once you’ve checked a large number, then log out and delete one or more accounts until you log into a new one, to test them all at once. Save time by not creating passwords, instead just override. You will have to purchase the UC for each account you open, so test them with just one account at first to save.

Choose Characters Wisely

Choosing characters wisely means choosing the right combination of characters to fulfill the requirements of a character release mission in different matches. Listen and look at the track missions icon in the top left corner of the team up screen to see the required number and type of characters you need in the next match & select characters accordingly. This is not just restricted to a single game mode; you might want to choose different characters based on which game mode you are playing (E.g. with red Guncam shoes jumper bundle characters would be equipped with special guncam shoes which would best suit in FPP, Solid Gold or Matrix Mode to increase the chances of their success versus in traditional Hide n Seek mode)

Choosing characters based on the match ahead helps in fulfilling the mission requirements faster. Making sure that character choices align with the overall PlayStyle gets you characters you will want to use often and probably already know. This will assist in quickly completing General Character voucher missions and earning rewards faster.

Wait for Sales and Discounts

When using Free Fire and PUBG, wait for sales before using your General Character Vouchers. Certain events or promotions feature multiple outings and reductions in the in-game stores, including the Premium Crate Store. Double-check the store to see if there are any discounts that you can use in combination with the PUBG Free Skins.

These discounts frequently lower the cost of an item, making it more accessible and effective to use your general voucher for certain PUBG Free Skins items. It is recommended to begin with regular crates before moving on to the more costly crates to try your chances with the IDMC crate. You will need more General Character Vouchers for higher-priced crates. Because PUBG IDMC skins often allow weapons to take on the peculiar identity modifier, users should make a certain number of draws on their trying crates.

The exact % probability of receiving any skins is always published in the game itself during the same playing season. On average, most players recover 10-20% of their cash when they cash in PUBG Free Skins vouchers. Players should anticipate saving up to match the total cost of unlocking between as few as three and eight more crates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a General Character Voucher in Pubg?

A General Character Voucher is a type of in-game currency in Pubg that can be used to purchase character customization items.

How can I obtain a General Character Voucher?

General Character Vouchers can be obtained through in-game events, promotions, or by purchasing them with real money from the in-game store.

What can I use a General Character Voucher for?

General Character Vouchers can be used to purchase a variety of character customization items such as clothing, accessories, and skins.

Can I use a General Character Voucher to unlock new characters?

No, General Character Vouchers cannot be used to unlock new characters. They can only be used to purchase customization items for existing characters.

Do General Character Vouchers have an expiration date?

Yes, General Character Vouchers have an expiration date and will become invalid after a certain period of time. Be sure to check the expiration date before using them.

Can I trade or sell General Character Vouchers to other players?

No, General Character Vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be traded or sold to other players. They can only be used by the player who obtained them.

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