Removing Someone From Popularity in Pubg: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re an avid player of PUBG, you may have encountered situations where you need to remove someone from popularity.

But what does it actually mean to remove someone from popularity in PUBG? And why would you want to do it?

From avoiding harassment to preventing cheating, there are several reasons why players choose to take this action.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can remove someone from popularity in PUBG and discuss the potential consequences and how to handle the situation with grace.

Let’s dive in and find out more about this important aspect of the gaming community.

What Does It Mean to Remove Someone From Popularity in PUBG?

Remove someone from popularity in PUBG means to ignore or block them if they are bothering you, to see fewer opponents in the game with them, or to deny them the satisfaction of engaging you in battle. Blocking another player will not remove them from being in matched lobbies with you, but you will not receive notifications or friend requests if they have been bothering you. This means you have a better chance to meet the criteria of avoiding them in person. A common reason for users to block someone in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is that they are subject to aggressive or offensive behavior from others.

Why Would Someone Want to Remove Someone From Popularity in PUBG?

Someone would want to remove someone from Popularity in PUBG to prevent the opponent from knowing important aspects of their teammate’s PUBG game profile, who might get streamed by the opponent. Remove someone from Popularity in PUBG to wipe out your past data against the user.

Popularity includes stats like Recommendation Team, Last Time Found, Total Time Found, Last Matched, Total Matched, and boundary crossing. Popularity lets an opponent know if and how often their enemy gets streamed. It also informs the opponent on which gamers on their friends’ or clan’s list can provide even more personal advice on a particular user playing PUBG. This makes the process of taking out a rival from a PUBG match pertinent if there is somebody in the enemy’s network who can give them hints.

The best way to prevent this is to simply prevent others from knowing who you are. This will not change the basic statistics provided by Pubg, but it will keep one’s recent statistics from being seen or shared by other connected users. This can be easily removed by unfriending via the opponent’s PUBG user interface.

To Avoid Harassment or Bullying

If you are given an award to the Player with Most Kills, Player with Highest Average Kills, Player who has won the Skorpion Challenge, or other types of extra awards for player skill, you can request that they not appear in the game if you do not wish to receive these awards. The request should be submitted using the active ban button on the match end screen. These requests are currently handled via a ticket system and not the place where all nations of the world can vote on it.

News articles and court cases can also limit PUBG user’s popularity. For example, this YouTube video and others like it could inform the world about the behavior of a popular PUBG user. Such articles and videos could depict a history of harassment, bullying, and obscenity, leading to fewer awards for player skill from the users and the world in general.

How exactly someone is removed from being popular is controlled in aggregate by PUBG user behavior on Battlegrounds Community Behaviors. When users have a user feedback score less than 60% with more than 100 rated matches, they are banned from appearing in the game, which will lower their popularity. Entire OS user populations from a domain who are behaving poorly can be banned when they attain an aggregated score of 60%. This is how one bad apple is removed from the orchard of popularity.

To Prevent Cheating or Hacking

To improve the overall interest in the game and solve the problem of cheating, it is imperative to remove the person from popularity in PUBG. With high stakes, money and prizes have all kinds of players fighting in the new mobile game. Unrealistic requirements of battle royals like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are making some turn to abnormal ways, like hacking and cheating. Destroying the game atmosphere and irritating users, these irregular actions undermine player trust and cause physical and economic damage to gaming companies. Therefore, these acts must be effective and quickly combated to reduce the gaming public’s loyalty to such players and discouragement against their behaviors.

Gaming Protection Authority (GPA) calls for users and gaming companies to give the power to and practice active fighting and prevention. Properly using reporting and vote off features, educating users, and remarkably punishing those caught cheating. Keeping up with updates and security improvements is also necessary for companies to stay one step ahead of cheaters. Small, brief bans from the game could affect users who have played for long hours or have developed a lucrative profile. This can make users think twice about cheating or partaking in other unfair means within the game. The implementation promotes a fair playing field and additional help from surrounding players as they will benefit from exposing cheaters and hackers.

To Protect Personal Information

A major reason to remove someone from popularity in PUBG is to protect personal information. Personal data (Name, Home Address, Family Photos) can sometimes be stolen from people’s accounts. While PUBG would not be the first place to look for someone’s personal data, it could serve as a stepping stone. Many people use the same email and username and password across their apps because it is easier to remember and one would not expect to have their personal security compromised while playing a video game.

If you need to remove someone from PUBG popularity statistics for your personal security, contact PUBG Privacy directly and say this is much more dangerous than the others. Follow the typical steps of searching the player’s nickname in-game, clicking on their profile, and manually blocking the player if they have not been found toxic in your direct gaming experience.

Create a Complaint for them and then submit the necessary proof, follow up on your complaint, and have PUBG Privacy directly handle the removal. This process will make sure their presence is isolated, and hence the chances they can access and misuse one’s personal data will be diminished.

How Can You Remove Someone From Popularity in PUBG?

You cannot remove someone from popularity in PUBG. However, penning an article on Templateish on the topic of how to remove a player from popularity was found to provide the most helpful guidance through the setting of new differing goals and helping to expose others to those goals as a means to effect change. If whoever you want out of popularity in PUBG was meriting this type of negative influence, this article could help spur support against them as they fall out of favor.

Blocking the Player

Blocking somebody on mobile PUBG prevents them from joining your matches later on and interacting with you on PUBG’s internal social media platform. Their character most a similar guy as they were if you again meet them in PUBG. Instructions to block a friend/enemy’s PUBG character on PUBG Mobile.

  1. Open PUBG » Click the Friends icon on the top left-side corner
  2. On the Settings Screen, Go to the Friends icon in the lower-bar menu
  3. [Block PUBG member] Locate the Profile of the Member you want and click the heart icon, which is located at the upper-right corner of the screen. A pop-up window will appear for the option to block or temporarily disable that member.

Currently PUBG does not provide an option for users to block others on the PC version of the game, but there are third-party desktop apps and services where users have found workarounds to prevent certain players from joining their games.

Reporting the Player

Reports can be made by clicking on the exclamation point with the red triangle inside. Then, select cheating/modifying the game environment from a list of reasons, and then enter information about the player. Enter Tens of Thousands for Other players who were affected. Assist them in their investigation by providing an explanation of how to easily spot a real versus a fake account; ask them to check the player’s maximum kill count to check for a bot account. The player will be barred from gameplay if they are found to be trying to increase the popularity of another account, or if they are found to be subverting the leaderboard in another way. The PUBG Mobile team strongly encourages players to have a sufficient arsenal of messages and expressions to fight the misuse and Jio PUBG India provides daily activities to earn BP for free for users, providing the incentive to get there.

Changing Privacy Settings

People may want to remove someone from popularity in PUBG if they want to lower their chances of being voice banned or if they are experiencing issues with not being allowed to speak freely in chat. The friends privacy setting and the follow privacy setting both allow users to restrict who they allow to choose them as a friend or follow them. Choosing this setting restricts the option to everyone or to friends only and may lower the chances of being found by the undesired player.

What Are the Consequences of Removing Someone From Popularity in PUBG?

The consequences of removing acclaim to the popularity of a player in PUBG can be positive or negative.

  1. Negative Consequences of Removing Popularity in PUBG
    • Deletion may leave the account at risk of breach.
    • The exemption of an individual may cause them to become irritated and hostile.
  2. Positive Consequences of Removing Popularity in PUBG
    • It is easier for an account owner to manage an account that has lost popularity.
    • Popularity loss may make an individual less important to their adversaries and ensure they are targeted less frequently.
    • Loss of popularity may also allow the player more freedom to switch accounts or aids since their account will no longer be as valuable or sought after.

The Player May Be Banned

Players in Pubg may be removed from popularity if they violate the game’s rules (Community Policy Section 4 and 8). This includes those prohibiting hacks and cheats. Players obtain zero popularity rating very quickly immediately after they are banned. The most recent ban announcement by Pubg Corp. came on July 30th, 2020 with an average of 116,000+ accounts banned for cheating in days leading up.

Pubg Global community technical operations lead Maethawee Chiraphadhanakul says 97% of the banned accounts are from within one of the twelve most cheating-infested countries around the world including China, Taiwan, Korea, and Vietnam. In China alone, 53,000 accounts get banned every day. While there is no official statement on whether past popular accounts have had their popularity bolstered by cheated, removing a player’s popularity can be a signal that they were probably cheating.

The Player May Be Blocked

Blocking the player that you do not want to play within PUBG is an alternative method instead of waiting in the lobby. Blocking the player stops any of their actions and the player appears in the Block List. If you hunt for them again the player appears as Blocked, but their former status (teammate, friend, or clan member) will not appear on the block list.

To launch PUBG agent theaters that can block a player and stop them from ranking in the same match, follow the route shown in the following images. It is a similar route to unfriending.

Click on the FRIEND tab in the bottom left-hand corner of the home screen. Select the TEAM tab, then click your profile. Click on the SETTINGS icon right above the player’s profile photo — the three horizontal lines that are on a downward slant. Then select Invite to Clan. To block the player, click Block.

There is no specific way to remove a player from popularity based on statistics, but to attempt to do so play a friendly custom match instead of regular matches. The skill band of 2 rungs should slightly decrease if a new player from an APAC Custom Room ID is recruited and then played casually and kept for a random lobby. This time in the APAC region, the opponents and casual mode playing games may help ensure a different playing session while keeping the status as much as possible. Always remember, the criminal growth remains until a block from friends happens. If the user remains as a friend, intermittently collecting data statistics may cause the growth to increase again.

The Player May Be Reported

In the worst cases where players want to remove someone from popularity on PUBG once and for all, they may wish to report users who exhibit bad behavior or cheat. During the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Crucci 2020 celebrity event, top-tier Brazilian professional PUBG player Rustyzera was accused of using hacks to play against other professional players. After taking a beatdown one too many times from his opponents on the battleground, the game’s anti-cheat system windows popped up. The PUBG corporation banned Rustyzera on Twitch while the tournament was still going on, which painted an embarrassing and negative image |of him in the eyes of users and the world at large.

These are the steps for reporting a player’s inappropriate behavior on a device. Click on one of the following that fits with the improper behavior of the player that needs to be reported. It is cheating / hacking. or It is a form of illegal use of assistant programs. or It is using an unauthorized program to connect to the game. or It is exploiting a bug in the game. or It is teaming up with users in order to play against the system.

How to Deal with Someone Who Has Been Removed From Popularity in PUBG?

You can do the same thing to people who have been removed from popularity in PUBG as you would to gain favor in certain situations. There are plenty of ways to deal with these people. You can either ignore them, for they are irrelevant, or you can be more aggressive in reporting such matters to help protect yourself or others. Whatever you do – BE SUPPORTIVE! Always stay on the side of fairness and equality and treat such reports with the proper respect and consideration they deserve.

Respect the Player’s Privacy

Find the question, how do I deplatform someone on PUBG? is already difficult to find in search. By removing deplatforming agent in the question people have asked instead about how to stop being shot which is more suited to gaming but too light for real-world applications.

In almost every Battle Royale game it is not possible for players to fully remove accounts and player information from the service. So hiding them goes against the assumption of privacy. However, the most someone may be able to do is consider changing their privacy settings to avoid the user, and a public announcement agreeing to respect their privacy to a degree.

Avoid Harassing or Bullying the Player

  1. An acquisition of players own popularity is NOT the only way to avoid competitor popularity.
  2. Player harassment and bullying will lead any player outside of formal competition to remove player from popularity on a platform because the said player will not be able to show the mentality and quality that people will like. The gaming community is least hesitant to pounce on and cancel those who exhibit harassing or bullying behaviors.

Report Any Inappropriate Behavior

  • If a user in PUBG is exhibiting inappropriate behavior, such as targeting or harassment, one can report this activity to the game developers. In the past, video footage has been required to prove this behavior is occurring.
  • When reporting a player or players, be sure to include detailed information that helps prove the behavior is unsportsmanlike. The official killing orders of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds advise taking the following steps to report:
  1. Ensure that the official replay function is turned on.
  2. Hit the “ESC” key on the keyboard to bring up the system menu and select “Report“.
  3. Fill in the necessary information and submit when done. It used to be possible to send an email to [email protected] or, but be sure to double-check their website in case of an update to their reporting system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove someone from popularity in PUBG?

To remove someone from popularity in PUBG, follow these steps:

  • Open the PUBG app and go to the popularity section.
  • Tap on the player you want to remove from popularity.
  • Click on the options button (ä) next to their name.
  • Select “Remove from Popularity” from the menu.
  • Confirm the action by clicking “Yes” (ü).
  • The player will now be removed from your popularity list.

Can I remove someone from popularity in PUBG without them knowing?

Yes, you can remove someone from popularity in PUBG without them knowing. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, but make sure not to notify the player before removing them.

What happens when I remove someone from popularity in PUBG?

When you remove someone from popularity in PUBG, they will no longer appear on your popularity list. This means you will not be able to send them popularity points or receive points from them. However, they will still be able to see you on their popularity list.

Why would I want to remove someone from popularity in PUBG?

There could be various reasons for wanting to remove someone from popularity in PUBG. It could be because you no longer want to receive points from them, or you simply want to keep your popularity list limited to a certain number of players.

Can I add someone back to my popularity list after removing them in PUBG?

Yes, you can add someone back to your popularity list after removing them in PUBG. However, you will have to send them a friend request and wait for them to accept it before you can add them back to your list.

Is there a limit to how many times I can remove someone from popularity in PUBG?

There is no limit to how many times you can remove someone from popularity in PUBG. You can add and remove players as many times as you want, as long as they accept your friend request again.

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