Mastering Valorant: How to Join a Team and Dominate the Game

Are you looking to take your Valorant gameplay to the next level by joining a team?

We will explore what Valorant is and how teams function in the game.

Discover the benefits of joining a team, how to find teams, and the requirements for joining one.

Get tips on how to impress a team and advice for successfully integrating into a team.

If you’re ready to elevate your Valorant experience, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a first-person shooting FPS that blends core components of hero shooters and tactical first-person shooters. Made by Riot Games, it is free-to-play and officially titled Riot Games’ Valorant.

The game pits two teams of five players against each other. One team plays as the attacking side, attempting to plant a bomb called a Spike at one of several predetermined sites. The other team plays as the defending side and must stop the attacking team before the bomb explodes. If the Spike is planted successfully, the defending side must defuse it before it explodes. If even one attacking player is still alive when the Spike explodes, the attacking team wins. Matches consist of a series of 25 rounds, first team to win 13 rounds wins the game.

What Are Teams in Valorant?

in Valorant, teams refer to a particular set of players that play matches together. Teams in Valorant generally have a group of 5-6 players who either play together all the time in scrims and tournaments or matchmake with ringer players to make up a 5-person team for a single competitive game. Many of these teams are part of larger organizations called clans or gaming communities. It affords the members various benefits of belonging to a team such as training partners, friendships, resources, financial support, and access to scrim opponents.

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Team in Valorant?

The benefits of joining a team in Valorant are having the ability to play in the amateur or professional leagues where matches are structured to be as fair and competitive as possible, earning prize money and sponsorships, and having the potential to play at higher levels against well-established esports organizations.

Do not feel compelled to join a team. Solo queueing offers its own unique advantages including limited time commitment, and it is also used by professional teams as a way to discover new players. Nevertheless, if one is committed to playing competitively and wants to quickly progress in Valorant’s esports world, joining a team is key.

How to Find Teams in Valorant?

To find teams in Valorant, you can search the Discord Teams page, ask for help on the GameBattles community forums, reach out to players on the official forums or sites like The Spike, search LinkedIn, sign up at community and college events, or check for opportunities to improve your career in esports and competitive gaming that may help you find a team.

TL;DR: Utilize the online resources listed above, create or join in-game and community Discord servers and participate in their communities, make sure to network, watch out for tweets from Verified Gamers, attend community events, perform online keyword searches through search engines and chat boards, register at Player Wanted, reach out to random ranked-tier contacts in the Valorant interface, and give back to the community in positive ways.

Use In-Game Tools

The most straightforward way to join a team in Valorant is to use the in-game Team Finder tool. Players who upgrade their Riot ID to Premium for 1k Radianite Points can enjoy the LookingForGroup tool which helps you find a specific team based on certain indicators such as purpose. The game currently lacks a player-to-player proximity text or voice communication system LFG can assist you with the basic process of finding a team. It is accessible via the button at the top left of your home screen or the V shortcut.

Join Discord Servers

Join Discord servers of organizations such as Tournament Organizers (TOs) and content creators for Valorant teams. Valorant TOs such as VCT,, and Sportsfest have numerous channels to help you find teams to join. Look for the recruitment, lfg, tryout channels in their servers. You can even reach out to team managers, sharing your achievements, and expressing your interest in joining a team they may manage.

For professional and rookie teams, check out the Discord servers of Valorant content creators and streamers. For example, the Myth Discord server has recruitment channels to help you find players and teams respectively. Steps for joining Discord servers:

  1. Download Discord from its website or app store.
  2. Click on the ‘Register’
  3. Fill in the details and an email, a Discord Username, and a password to join.

Utilize Social Media

Social media represents one of the few options alongside expert communities for players looking to join Valorant teams. The largest portion of teams placing ads for new players generally do so on services like Twitter and Facebook, while other recruiting organizations and players mostly use Discord for these activities. Discord is particularly favored because it has in-built voice and text chat capabilities, the ability to create dedicated servers, and is user-friendly in comparison to other text chat services commonly used by gamers. On Twitter and Facebook, you can follow Valorant and esports groups and keep track of their posts for #lookingforateam or similar hashtags, which are often used when people are looking to join new teams. To request a team invitation on Discord, you can find other players using platforms like Leet or T1 and follow the same protocol as described in the Gamer Communities section of How Do I Join a Valorant Team in block 1 above.

What Are the Requirements to Join a Team in Valorant?

The first key requirement to join a Valorant team is actually finding an existing one to join. This is a multi-step process that breaks down to determining what type of team to join, identifying these teams, engaging with these teams, building a profile on platforms and socials that reflects your competitiveness and ability, and finally making the most of tryouts.

Three main factors go into what makes up a team that you join. The first is whether it is semi-professional or casual. Compared to other esports, Valorant’s esports circuit includes a lower number of what would be considered semi-professional teams. The second major factor in the category of what makes up a team is the geography of where the team is based. The final factor determining what makes up an esports team is the age group and focus of the team (casual or semi-professional).

There are no technical requirements specific to Valorant regarding error rate, bandwidth, or frame rate as with some other games. Whichever type of teams you are looking to join, there are some core critical requirements and suggestions that are helpful. These include a good attitude, solid communication skills, reliability, a competitive drive, skill, and knowledge of the game. They also include consideration of local and online communities, growth of one’s personal brand, and leveraging public platforms to contribute to player value as seen in professional teams.

Skill Level

Skill level is a major factor noted by most players when joining a Valorant team. An immense amount of game knowledge, such as the role of each agent, their abilities, and map layout, is essential if players are eyeing a spot at Radiant level.

The general skill level of every player at different tiers according to the percentages of Track.R Preview players is as follows. Radiant (0.36%), Immortal (1.27%), Diamond (4.71%), Platinum (8.05%), Gold (8.97%), Silver (26.06%), Bronze (24.08%), Iron (14.26%), Unranked (12.64%). If you are struggling to raise your ranking by improving your individual skills and show positive results, try joining a team of people who may be facing motion problems like you. Valorant makes it easier to find a proper team these days, which should make it easier. If you wish to play good Valorant with lower-skilled friends, it may be annoying to compete with people of a higher skill.

Skilled players are found at all levels according to Tim “MagicTurtle777” Morton, so the key is to find teammates on voice chat who know how to play as a team. Morton, who has hopped between Platinum and Diamond, but at his best was rated in the top 7% of diamond players in North America says, “Keep a positive attitude and always be willing to learn from losses. Look for occasional high moments of success; those are signs the team is capable of meshing well and capable of climbing ranks quite well”. Mattias “handii” Jimark, a Swedish player and an AWPer for nolpenki says it is important to “work on your aim, make a lot of deathmatch routine and then go on a team. Hopefully, you can become a successful player in that team”.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are paramount if you wish to join a team in Valorant. Good communication in Riot’s tactical shooter includes everything from discussing effective strategies before the match begins and working to achieve them to calling out opponents’ positions, asking or providing help, and raising awareness when something on the map changes.

Having players with complementary communication repertoires can be the key to good team communication, according to Chiron Ramphal’s piece on How important is team communication in Valorant? One or two characters who excel at sharing key information across all members of the team are a must-have for optimal communication, keeping other spectators up to date and raising alerts for game-changing developments. Having a general communication strategy can also help, such as calling out everything that is happening with the opponent, keeping quiet until a team member dies, or assigning roles within a team for strategic decisions.

Availability and Commitment

The third factor Shadow Agent says he considers important for joining a team is availability and commitment. He recommends you sit down and have an open discussion with your coach so they understand your other commitments, your availability, and how much time you actually have to commit to the team. If you only have a couple hours per week for the team, then you may not want to join a structured team until you have a more open schedule.

How to Impress a Team in Valorant?

You can impress a team in Valorant by providing information or tactics about opponents, giving feedback in a friendly and constructive manner, participating in voice chat when useful information needs to be shared, and so on.

To attract the attention of teams, post videos of your skills, such as the ability to clutch round or pull off impressive Ace rounds. The Player2 YouTube channel produced a video titled Valorant Pros Explain How They Got Noticed which features Team Liquid‘s ec1s and scream, TSM‘s hazed, Luminosity Gaming‘s Ksiaze, Team SoloMid‘s wildturtle, and T1‘s skadoodle talking about how social media and impressive game skills helped them get noticed and picked up by professional teams in the esports community.

Showcase Your Skills

Make your intentions known before trying to join a team in Valorant by showing your best performance in solo queue games. Broadcasting your intentions will also help you network with others. Create non-confrontational ways to show off your skills, such as hosting community pugs with your friends or playing Valorant in-house tournaments. Creating a Valorant sample portfolio like a resume that has your data, provides competitive history, highlights team chemistry, and has your best in-game moments is a good talking point that you can present to team managers.

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication in Valorant means not just calling the position of your killed target or the location of an enemy player you’ve spotted. It means engaging with your team and being sure you can reach them if you get into a tight spot. Not everyone has a keyboard or microphone to relay team info in Valorant, but players can use the in-game control ‘Z’ to send quick tip messages to teammates on their screen, or the game’s ping system to create waypoints showing both friend and foe locations. Ensure that you have established a plan with your team regarding which way to cover, the route to the bomb site, and other aspects of the match. Inform your team of your location at all times so they can better provide support if needed. Repeat instructions to make sure everyone fully understood them. Be the first to talk and ask your team for feedback on your decisions and strategies so that together you can fine-tune your skills.

Be a Team Player

Once you have joined a team in Valorant, if you want to prove you have what it takes to stay on, make sure to be a team player. This means giving voice cues when enemies are spotted (“enemy here, careful!”) and apologizing to the team for mistakes (“I miscalculated that one, my mistake!”). Teams love when new players join and want to be in it, and being a team player makes the gameplay process much smoother.

What Are Some Tips for Joining a Successful Team in Valorant?

  • Change your username which originally contained negative numbers.
  • Mind how you access social media. (i.e. do not have any friends on Valorant team).
  • Retake the Ranked ladder.
  • Manager Eric The Red calls out the fundamental benefits of this strategy in his web article. Seeing the performance and behavior of teammates at different competence levels provide valuable insights as to the different attitudes and structures.
  • Do not forget to network at progressively higher levels of play.

Be Open to Learning and Improving

Tryouts by asking casually in the gaming group if you can play with them are typically very casual and are often competitive. This is excellent preparation for operating in a competitive Valorant environment before joining an official Valorant team.

If you are confident you have the skillset to play with a team, it is always possible to provide clips of your gameplay to the team captain when you reach out to join. In Valorant’s discord channels, many members will provide their Twitch stream link where you can check them out for yourself. Make sure you are engaging and social with the community. Your ability to fit in with the rest of the group and develop a camera as well as gaming relationship can be more important than pure skill.

Be Active and Reliable

Show your dedication and reliability. If you tell your team you will be there at a certain time, make sure you show up. If you are unable to, send a message informing them. Remember that communication is key. For important games where all team members are expected to be present, reliable members should be given priority to lax members.

Have a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is one of the most important aspects of becoming a better team player in Valorant. Instead of choosing to flame, provide your team with solutions for how you can win rounds or make the best of a difficult situation. It helps to be the player saying “nice try” after failed rounds or offering one or two minor suggestions to do better next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join a team in Valorant?

To join a team in Valorant, you can either create your own team or join an existing team. To join an existing team, you can search for teams on online forums or communities, or you can ask your friends if they are part of a team.

2. Can I join a team in Valorant if I am a new player?

Yes, you can join a team in Valorant even if you are a new player. Many teams are looking for new members to join and improve their gameplay. You can also join a team as a beginner and learn from more experienced players.

3. What are the requirements to join a team in Valorant?

The requirements to join a team in Valorant vary depending on the team. Some teams may have specific rank requirements, while others may focus on a player’s skills and communication abilities. It is best to communicate with the team leader to understand their requirements before joining.

4. How can I showcase my skills to potential teams in Valorant?

There are a few ways you can showcase your skills to potential teams in Valorant. You can create a highlight reel of your gameplay and share it on social media or online forums. You can also participate in tournaments or join open scrimmages to display your abilities.

5. Can I join multiple teams in Valorant?

No, you cannot join multiple teams in Valorant. Each player can only be a part of one team at a time. If you wish to join a different team, you will have to leave your current team first.

6. How can I ensure a smooth joining process when joining a team in Valorant?

To ensure a smooth joining process, it is essential to communicate with the team leader and understand their expectations and requirements. You should also be willing to adapt and improve your skills to fit the team’s playstyle. Additionally, maintain a positive attitude and be a team player to build a good relationship with your new teammates.

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