Learn How to Join the Best Rp Team in Pubg – Step-by-Step Guide

Are you an avid PUBG player looking to take your gameplay to the next level?

Joining an RP Team in PUBG could be the answer!

We will explore what an RP Team is and why you should consider joining one.

Being part of an RP Team can enhance your PUBG experience by improving your skills, meeting new players, competing in tournaments, and earning rewards.

Learn how to find an RP Team, the requirements for joining, how to impress a team, and the dos and don’ts of being a team player.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Joining an RP Team in PUBG can improve your gameplay skills, introduce you to new players, and give you the opportunity to compete in tournaments and earn rewards.
  • You can find an RP Team through in-game recruitment boards, online forums, and social media groups. Make sure to meet the team’s requirements and impress them with your skills, activity, and communication.
  • When joining an RP Team, remember to be respectful, positive, open to learning and improving, and to avoid being toxic or a lone wolf. Follow the team’s rules and strategies to work effectively as a team.

What is the RP Team in PUBG?

The Rp Team or Registered Players Team is a group of carefully-vetted high-caliber professional K/D players who play regular crew challenges on the PUBG Mobile Campus World Championship (PMCC) channel. To join the Rp Team in PUBG, a professional player first needs to get an invitation from the clan that has joined All Stars PMCC or from the All Stars channel, register on the official Discord server, and receive an invitation to join room 5 of the PMCC hub.

Once in room 5, players are allowed to enter the Rp Team hub only until the draw event is announced. The PUBG PMCC Special Event Draw Discord Bot then creates an Rp Team and the players are assigned. If you already have a guaranteed spot secured for entry, you may skip immediately to the room 5 hub of the event.

Why Join an RP Team in PUBG?

According to Playerzon, joining an RP team in PUBG may earn you 12,000 INR per month. By participating in tournaments, players can benefit financially. Aside from that, players can succeed in the game’s cooperative missions. This method of gameplay is complex, as it involves a great deal of teamwork as well as strategic and tactical planning. As a result, you’ll have more fun and form long-lasting friendships.

Improve Gameplay Skills

To join the RP Team in PUBG, start by improving your gameplay skills. This includes honing your aiming and shooting skills, game sense, and basic understanding of the game’s mechanics. Impressive victories in Solo, Duo, and Squad modes are important to make it into the RP Team. By being generally skilled and experienced, as well as a team player in other matches, you’ll be in a great spot to be considered by team members for the RP Team.

Meet New Players

Teams who are looking for players often hang out in collaboration chats waiting for new members to join them. Upon contacting the team, you will be provided with information about the requirements needed to meet and how to trial for the team. You can network with others with the same interests simply by visiting the alliance channels of your organization of choice, or contacting a player that you would like to get to know.

Compete in Tournaments

Compete in local area network (LAN) or online gaming (WCG, ESL, MLG, etc.) organized or unofficial game tournaments. If Rp teams lack new members or want to compete against the strengths and weaknesses of other players who share a similar style or offer varied gameplay, they mine tournaments in which to connect with players.

Because participating and competing in eSports or gaming tournaments is one of the best ways to interact with potential Rp teammates and scouts who organize teams from LAN competitions. The Tournaments feature in PUBG Mobile will allow players a wider range of connection and tryouts, as well as discord and reddit forums dedicated to PUBG mobile or eSports. Even if you don’t get into a good Rp team, the game will become more competitive as a result of participation.

Earn Rewards and In-Game Items

You can become part of any Rp team in PUBG Mobile by earning rewards and in-game items in the RP system. You progress through levels and ranks as you complete missions and boot camp challenges, which earn you RP points that unlock items.

From clothes and gun skins to paid items like shirt protection, RP is the best way to join an Rp team in PUBG Mobile. Not only do you unlock items, but you also earn points and Royal Pass Coupons which help further develop their RP account. At the time of payment itself, a new RP can be bought in exchange for a certain amount of Royale Pass Coupons, which helps in accessing limited-time or permanent tier rewards.

In each of the nine PUBG tournament regions there are various RP teams that you as a player on your own or in a group can participate in by completing missions. Collect RP points in every game action. There are a lot of small or big missions in PUBG that can be completed with the help of RP points.

Becoming part of an RP team in PUBG Mobile allows you to see the team name on every player tournament slot, helps you earn free items like gun skins, shirts, parachutes etcetera, that are dedicated to players with an RP pass. Further with the help of new updates, there are several emotes that can be collected and used in the game.

How to Find an RP Team in PUBG?

There are several methods for finding an RP team in PUBG:

  1. Use RP group chats in Discord, Line, etc.
  2. Find players in Role-Playing style rooms in PUBG chat servers/stream chatting platforms.
  3. Use Role-Playing words such as RPKJ, RPSquad in the player status setting to find players already in lobbies.

One of the most popular methods for teaming up with other players for any game or other activity is the online communication platform Discord. Discord is built specifically for this purpose, giving people rooms to chat, voice, video call, and collaborate on any topic. To use it to find a team hovering around the RP community, search for PUBG Role Play in the Discord search window. Various servers supporting the RP mode in PUBG will come up. Investigate which one you like the most and follow their registration rules.

For Discord privacy reasons, it is hard to access teams right away without introducing yourself and explaining the purpose of your inquiry. Make a quick yet honest intro to the admins or the group nearby to check in for available teams to join.

In-Game Recruitment Boards

During BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA games, in Com Center > Team tab, players can find Team Recruitment or Player Recruitment sections where they can post and answer posts. Lots of users use this method. Another way to find clan posts for Rp teams currently is to use the in-game Message of the Day boards.

Teams post invitations on these boards. There is a need for discussion on how this recruitment method will be used without May 2021. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE users from India use outdated guidelines which are not relevant to India or messages in a foreign language or when talking about foreign plans. The official BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE help site has some information on that topic, but for some reason, it is deleted so no conclusions can be used.

Online Forums and Communities

The first place you should seek out PUBG Rp servers is in forums and communities dedicated to the game. This is where likeminded individuals who love the game and want more from it than Battle Royale can discuss what they would like to see in a PUBG team or server and share information on what’s available.

Forums where you may find information or people who want to start an Rp server in PUBG: Reddit, Steam, Discord. You can use either the above general places, other PUBG-related communities, or even ones in the genre of Minecraft and other games that have the concept of Roleplay as the main offerings.

Social Media Groups

Another way to join an Rp team in Pubg is to go to a social media platform such as Facebook and join a group. Facebook has public and private groups for all types of interests. Joining an existing group could give you access to other Pubg players.

There are public and private groups that form on virtually any platform that has a group feature. Such platform can be used to form one’s own Pubg group.

What Are the Requirements to Join an RP Team in PUBG?

The requirements to join an RP team in PUBG Mobile vary by team, but some common factors include the following:

  1. Age. Not PUBG controlled, but some RP teams have minimum age requirements, sometimes as high as 15.
  2. English language proficiency. This is crucial if you are an NA or EU member, and either mandatory or strongly suggested for all other teams. Because English is the unofficial international language, it is a key factor for finding RP players who aren’t part of your circle of friends or local culture.
  3. Technical equipment. Reliable high-speed internet, smartphones, and PUBG profiles with good statistics. These can vary by team, but most RP groups are going to require you to have equipment at least as good as those you’ll face during competitions.
  4. Personality. Ability to communicate and cooperate with team members and leadership. Military/police experience and performance, particularly good behavior under pressure, can help you become a team leader.

There are actually few if any actual requirements within the PUBG game itself, but you need to use built-in PUBG team building and selection tools effectively. To be as competitive as possible, you’ll need to ensure that everyone meets your established criteria.

Minimum Rank and Level

The minimum rank and level required to join an RP team in PUBG vary depending on the specific team’s requirements, but most ask for RP 300+ and at least level 60. This serves as an indicator that the player has had a committed track record of playing the game. If the requirements are below this level, the team is less competitive. LumineRP asks for RP >500 since the competition of the tournaments they compete in is quite strong and they want to already see demonstrated strength in controls, tactics in the game as well as emphasis on logistic aspects of potential future team play such as communications.

Availability for Practice and Tournaments

Availability for practice and tournaments and that progress and participation can be demonstrated in terms of time and tragedy. The time and practice devices will vary from team to team, but it is essential to understand the time and style of the individual teams with which one is interested in joining.

One requirement to join the Raptor gaming e-sports team in pubg is to have 20-30 daytime hours a week open for training. Tournaments frequently require extended hours of availability. Others play casually but participate in championships where they may meet for a month before the tournament itself. Make sure you know the level of commitment required from your chosen team. To evaluate teams and their training regimen, you can again take one of two approaches. You can contact the organization’s management and just ask, or follow the team on Social Media and track the hours and events they attend.

For the latter option, you should refer to local and regional gaming and e-sports directories, as well as the event schedule on the official PUBG website. In these directories, you will be able to locate a directory of gaming teams or advertisements for feature events. If you choose to follow a team on Social Media, you should first locate their social pages. Most teams have a personal website which can be viewed to find their social media profile. Generally, it is their organization that will share photos of the day.

Good Communication and Teamwork Skills

When teaming up in RP mode, players should have good communication and teamwork skills, which include the use of emojis, chatting, and the microphone for easy communication with their teammates. Chat and microphone options are also available in-game to allow players to communicate easily without switching between Pubg and other social platforms. They can be used for short supportive messages like good game after the match or can be used for strategic discussions during the game.

How to Impress an RP Team and Get Accepted?

You can impress an RP team and get accepted by displaying excellent game skill and excellent teamwork and communication skills during ranked matches with them. Make sure you are following all RP older player guidelines, such as age requirements, no bullying, discriminatory language, etc. motivitate other RP users and to help the entire team to win RP missions to progress the team faster.If you are known to be chill and sociable during gameplay then you will be looked at positively when trying to join an RP team.

Showcase Your Skills

The first requirement to join the Rp Team in PUBG is to showcase your gaming skills. To do this you can create a YouTube gaming channel where you can stream your PUBG sessions or gaming experiences. The channel can encompass all aspects of the game, such as how to’s (such as picking/switching the right scope, vehicle jump tips, etc.), game discussions and reviews, as well as tips about things that could help viewers do better in PUBG by providing tactical strategies, among other things.

Competitive gaming platforms such as GameBattles (MLG) allow you to play against other people and teams, where if you do well enough you may get noticed and be offered a position. Eslgaming and FACEIT are similarly large eSports platforms, where players can participate in PUBG community tournaments or create their own. After winning or performing well in these tournaments and attracting an audience, you may have a chance at being sponsored or signed by a gaming team. Gaming Tournaments are another way to hone your gaming skills and gain visibility among other players and gaming audiences.

Be Active and Reliable

Activity and reliability are two important qualities that you must have to join a RP team in Pubg. The North American Mercury 7 eSports Team found this quality important when they pioneered an experiment that challenged the strict requirements LAN Esports put on pros for practice and boot camps. This eSports team has players spread around the US, interconnected in a whole different way. The Mercury 7 M7 network is comprised of the best of the best professional esports athletes that aren’t able or willing to live in a team house or at an academy. More than that, it also brings in adjacent casters and analysts and semi-pros and mythic players to play with and against the main teams for practice. The experiment is going well so far, with the results of high-caliber practice to their detail viewers goes into the main team’s strategy. activity is high, with the average viewer watching M7 content 5 hours a week.

Communicate Effectively

Once you have joined an RP team in PUBG, communicating effectively is essential to ensure full engagement and that every team member understands their role and goals. Team chat is at the bottom of the screen in the left corner on mobile and the same place on the PC version except it will be below the matching status as shown. This is where constant communication ought to take place. Remember to engage in a moderate, conversational, emotive, and active way during team communication.

Do not under any circumstances communicate important information in a monotone voice. Utilize the map feature, walking speed, and the lean function. Furthermore, do force players to log in as frequently as possible to practice your teamwork and communications, because this can be a significant advantage over another squad during matches.

Follow Team Rules and Strategies

Rp Team members will have specific rules posted in their discord to ensure the community remains friendly and respectful for all members. Because of problems with poor behavior among members, the Rp Server in Camila’s discord now requires unwritten rules such as taking care of the locked premises, being polite in chat, even not locking doors. Following these rules is expected in order to be able to join the Rp Team. Apisit0202 reports that special tactics are planned during games and playing with the team helps in improving both the individual and the team. They say that when you communicate with these rp team players, both to play normally or to play by the rules and enjoy the match more, they will have other tactics and strategies as a collective and friendly team through using the rounds done by experienced rp players. These are some basic rules and strategies to follow when playing as part of the Rp Team.

What Are the Dos and Don’ts of Joining an RP Team in PUBG?

The dos and don’ts of joining an RP team in PUBG are based on Tencent Community Standards and Reuleaux Gaming rules which regulate conversation, player behavior, server locations, and promote a fair gaming experience that all participants can enjoy. These are the tangible and intangible actions you should and should not do when joining an RP team in PUBG:

  1. Do follow the rules of PUBG wrts.ag. If you join an RP team, be prepared to follow a number of rules to ensure thousands of hours of player time aren’t wasted by cheating, inappropriate behaviors, or violating game parameters. For example, wrts.ag’s rules recommend to always make sure that your social media profiles, stream descriptions or anything else public-facing does not link itself or give out information for players to find your profiles and join your team.
  2. Do have fun. The most important thing for all of these RP teams is to have fun. This is the reason they are opened in the first place – so opponents could socialize in a more interesting way.
  3. Do use the pubg-w-rts XSL-MUSICENTRY command.
  4. Do abide by pubg-w-rts dress code.
  5. Unless authorized by the group or team-leader, Do not share private information.
  6. Don’t be impolite. Be respectful to all and helpful where possible.

Do: Be Respectful and Positive

This one is self-explanatory. If you are joining an Rp Team or are looking to join one, remember to be respectful and positive. While the theme can be anything PvE (no-kill runs), acting, or whatever realism you like, it’s always going to be a positive experience if the gaming environment is supportive and light. No one likes to feel like they’re in the heat of a battle while trying to coordinate a fun or creative game. It doesn’t matter how many funny stories you tell or funny role-playing was done. If the atmosphere or language itself is disrespectful or positive, then this all goes down the tube.

Enjoy the conversation or game and try to adjust it so that you’re genuinely enjoying the company, even if you hardly know your fellow coaches, ze helps, or rpers. Enjoying the interplay is one of the major purposes of joining a well-known group. In addition, it is a fantastic way to fulfill one’s social requirements during any time of isolation or even to improve one’s international perspective simply by talking to different people around the world.

Don’t: Be a Toxic Teammate

While there are no official PUBG rules against toxic behavior, not being a good teammate is likely to be received poorly by other players, and is one of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from getting onto a competitive Roleplaying team.

DON’T be a toxic teammate if you join an rp team in PUBG.

Toxic behavior can include making offensive jokes, using bad language (obviously), shouting into your microphone, being racist, or sabotaging match play in ways including killing your own teammates or putting them in dangerous situations.

As with any other online game, some amount of toxic behavior exists. However, in competitive and team environments, people are chosen based on skills and how well they work with others, so avoiding the team is key.

2021 is the age of working together, and this includes the gaming community too. Make PUBG a sparkling community where its users are known for their good manners, kind and helpful commentary, and ability to restrain themselves and think of the gaming community as a worthwhile support network.

Do: Be Open to Learning and Improving

Russian pubg esports is competitive. You need to constantly improve your game to ensure you can support your team. On a basic level, this means good aim, clear thought, precise communication. According to Rainbow Esports LLC in Idaho, improving mechanics and game knowledge should be your primary focus as a new player. With time invested, you will become a valuable asset to your team by providing huge advantages, playing situations properly, winning gun engagements, and knowing when to engage or disengage during firefights.

Don’t: Be a Lone Wolf

Teammates in PUBG are a strategic resource. They are there to provide cooperation and support in order to help win the game. In most cases, they will be more experienced than you are and will be paying more attention to better alert you to enemies or strategic situations. By trying to kill enemies on one’s own, an individual can easily be killed leaving the entire team in a disadvantageous situation.

Being a lone ranger in PUBG YouTuber p3nn‘s words is the worst thing for a team. Communicate & Listen to your team. Provide fire, smoke or cover as requested. You don’t win the war in Afganistan on your own. You need your team. Solos might get you more kills or make you enjoy the game more until you get that chicken dinner but at TEAM RP, it’s not just about you. If you want to be an individualist look for other guilds or e-sports teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join an RP team in Pubg?

To join an RP team in Pubg, you can either create your own team or join an existing one. You can create a team by clicking on the “Create Team” option on the main menu. To join an existing team, you can search for available teams in the “Join Team” section or ask your friends if they have a team you can join.

2. Is there a limit to the number of players in an RP team in Pubg?

Yes, there is a limit of 4 players per team in Pubg. This means that you can have a maximum of 4 players in your RP team, including yourself.

3. Can I switch RP teams in Pubg?

Yes, you can switch RP teams in Pubg. However, keep in mind that you can only switch teams once every 7 days. This is to prevent players from constantly switching teams and causing disruption to the team’s gameplay.

4. What are the benefits of joining an RP team in Pubg?

Joining an RP team in Pubg can bring several benefits, such as having a more coordinated and strategic gameplay, learning from experienced players, and potentially winning more matches and earning more rewards.

5. Do I need to have a certain level or rank to join an RP team in Pubg?

No, there are no specific level or rank requirements to join an RP team in Pubg. However, some teams may have their own preferences and requirements, so it’s best to check with the team leader before joining.

6. How can I improve my chances of getting accepted into an RP team in Pubg?

To increase your chances of getting accepted into an RP team in Pubg, you can showcase your skills and experience in your profile, try to make connections with players in the game, and communicate effectively with the team leaders during the application process.

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