Mastering PUBG: Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro Player

Are you looking to improve your skills in PUBG and boost your chances of winning? This article covers basic tips to advanced strategies, catering to both beginners and seasoned players. Mastering sniping, using grenades effectively, and knowing when to engage in combat are key skills that can help you succeed in this popular battle royale game. Keep reading to enhance your PUBG gameplay!

What is the Objective of PUBG?

In PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG) the objective is to be the last individual or team survivor out of up to one hundred players on an isolated map. The map area players start on is always a function of a probability density function (PDF) on the most recent safe zone which is still contracting and constantly moving.

The game is a battle royale which is a variation of real-time strategy gameplay where players are eliminated on a map until all combatants are dead, with only one person or team being the winner. The shrinking combat area differentiates it from the similar last man standing game mode not currently offered by PUBG but common to battle royale games. Plus the ordinary player versus player (PvP) mode, there are practices and training modes designed to develop the player’s PUBG skills.

How to Win in PUBG?

The most important steps to winning in PUBG are as follows:

  1. Land well and prioritize being well-equipped. Start aggressive and prioritize finding as much loot as possible. An early kill is worth less than an extra vest, helmet, increased ammo, or increased meds
  2. Maintain strategic positioning. Smart players will choose exploitable terrain (ridgelines, high ground, buildings) and utilize the full extent of wherever they place themselves. Stay inside the edge of the white circle. Also, avoid the center, as there are too many angles to cover to successfully ward off attackers.
  3. An important part of winning at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is mastering the art of obstacle-hopping. Do not travel in a straight line where enemies waiting can see exactly where you are headed. Regularly change angles of approach, take windings by running around rocks, trees, buildings, vehicles, etc. This will make it harder for enemies to snipe or kill you

There are various other game mechanics which together are essential to gaining the upper hand while playing PUBG. These include using grenades, turning off chat, opening doors to confuse enemies, or correct usage of barbed wire to prevent them from entering the building you are in.

Basic Tips for Playing PUBG

These are basic tips to be good in PUBG when starting out:

  • Tag along with fellow soldiers for quick XP-boost kills.
  • Land at schools or military bases to gain combat experience.
  • Run the circle when you start
  • Get as much field and hangar looting done as you can

Gain YTubers, streamers, and other content creators to continue to better understand the game without having to learn through trial-and-error.

Choose the Right Landing Spot

Choosing the right landing spot in PUBG is not only crucial but also underrated. A bad drop – a term referring to when a player parachutes into a bad landing zone – will frequently lead to a player’s quick elimination meaning they get no practice or chance to experience the end game excitement. Picking the place closest to the action on the map will not only allow a player to find enemies quicker and sharpen their aim but also allow them to practice looting tactics, positioning, and strategic decision making.

To be good at PUBG, be ready for action quickly after dropping from the plane, and secure weapons as rapidly as possible. In addition, it is best to choose a landing zone with higher-grade weapons more conducive to how you wish to play the game. If you intend to play inside buildings, it is a good idea to land near large towers. If you are more interested in outside combat, larger, flatter areas are preferable.

Pochinki is one of the game map’s most commercially dense areas and guarantees heavy action early in the game. Conversely, the maps Sosnovka and Stalber see less action, but are ideal for beginners because they allow them time to adjust and practice without risking rapid elimination.

Gather Weapons and Supplies Quickly

You should establish a specific order in which you grab your drop items to gather weapons and supplies quickly in PUBG. A aday uses the order of body armor, primary gun, sights, backpack or helmet, secondary gun, first-aid, energy drinks, etc, as he explains in a post.

The following summary bullet points come from his analysis, with approximate stats for PC, PS4, and mobile. He says Helmets 1 and 2 and Body Armor 1 protect against 55% of bullet damage while armor 3 plus a helmet 2 and a picked-up Spetznas armor gets you covered against 66%. B and other players believe helmets and body armor are certainly more useful than focusing on more powerful weapons. Keep in mind that after BP 3, the impact of higher-level armor is much lower.

He also explains the Vector SMG should be engaged with Armor 1 for 2 seconds, against Armor 2 for 3 seconds, and against Armor 3 for about 4 seconds. Ad hop on mobile suggests you are ready to practice socializing and picking up items when you encounter enemies. He suggests keeping the phone on when driving or looting, this way you can even join quick fights. You need to develop the ability to multi-task which gives you the advantage of reacting quicker against adversaries. Try to continue playing in the same manner on the standard and advanced maps. There are various ways to get loot and they can make you learn rotation strategies and help you reach out to various parts of the advanced maps effectively.

Use Headphones for Better Audio

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) audio cues such as footsteps, suppressor shots, and even the direction of the engines from vehicles can provide key information essential for top-tier decision making. They can tell you that enemy personnel are in the vicinity as well as the scope of how close they are, and which direction they are moving.

Items with more continuous sounds which play a greater role in early to mid-game can provide insight into activities enemies and teammates are engaged in such as searching for supplies, looting dropped enemies, and strategizing their next move. These audio cues can be the difference between life and death in PUBG game play. As a result, audio recording earphones or headphones that very specifically permit you to accurately identify exactly where the noise is coming from, are essential for every gaming session.

Be Aware of the Safe Zone

The safe zone marks the place you need to be because all other areas of the map will be covered soon by a blue toxic cloud that damages your health.

By being aware of the safety zone, you can buy yourself valuable seconds by not only knowing where to go, but also knowing when the best time to go there is. Early on in the game, it can be beneficial to enter the blue confines of the circle to establish a prime position for the endgame. However, with every passing circle you’ll find yourself inward more, which means even if you think you are safe, you’ll likely have to fight other players off different angles. In other words, you are never safe, so you cannot predict the level of danger you’ll encounter. This means that you really need to be on your toes, both literally and in a metaphorical sense.

The first and second safe zone has the least amount of damage, with each tick starting at one damage and occasionally increasing by one with each new safe zone onto a maximum of seven-damage per second (by the fifth circle).

Use Cover and Move Strategically

Cover is an important tool you can use to protect yourself from incoming fire. It is temporary and highly situational, but it can be used for more than merely protecting your figurative behind. Integrate it into your movements and use it strategically so you are prepared to fire on an opponent or two as you maneuver. Be aware that high health objects such as concrete hold up to a lot of fire, while smaller boxes may not allow that. At 100% health bullet damage from PUBG guns is the following in different body areas:

  1. 0.45 ACP or 9mm Handguns: 30-33 damage
  2. 5.56mm M416, SCAR-L, or QBZ95 Assault Rifle: 36-38 damage
  3. 7.62mm AKM, DP28, M762, Kar98, or R1895 Assault Rifle: 49-52 damage
  4. 5.56mm AUG or M16A4 Assault Rifle: 26-28 damage
  5. 7.62mm SKS or Mini14 DMR: 25-27 damage
  6. 7.62mm MK14 Assault Rifle: 59-62 damage

Heavy weapons such as shotguns, submachine guns, and snipers have extremely high damage per shot (DPH), while AKM and 7.62mm drum-fed machine gun both come with large magazines, good initial bullet velocity, and drastically lower recoil. Keep in mind that a larger amount of ammo is needed because the recoil is harder to manage. This important detail did not fit with the focus of damage assigned to Calibre categories so it is best used in a paragraph all to itself.

Practice Aiming and Shooting

Aiming and shooting are PUBG skills which players must continue to grow as they progress. The key to improving aiming and shooting is to decrease bullet spread and increase the number of shots that hit an enemy. This requires a player to steadily use weapons longer, to get a feeling for how far a gun will spray when its trigger is pressed. This again requires a player to stay calm during battle situations. Players must avoid the tendency to wildly spray enemy targets.

Communicate Effectively with Your Teammates

Communicating effectively with your teammate is one of the most important skills to have in PUBG Mobile. Success in a game like PUBG depends on your coordination, teamwork, and awareness of your own and your comrades’ positions. Effective communication is needed to achieve this. Using the in-game voice chat and hand gestures will make you a more effective member of the squad. If you’re playing intensively or playing as a team where coordination is crucial with a more established team, using external communication tools, such as Discord or WhatsApp, is also recommended.

While communicating, avoid idle talk or meaningless banter, as it will distract you from listening for real value information. Try to know your teammates’ play-style, whether they are aggressive or passive. Relax if things are becoming too intense. Keep communication clear and quick when engaging enemies. And during the quieter periods of the game, try to keep communication to an absolute minimum, as this makes it easier to identify enemies.

Advanced Strategies for Winning in PUBG

Sandbagging success

Another advanced strategy is sandbagging. Sandbagging is a term used to refer to malicious slowdowns of one’s company for self-interests. When applied to PUBG games, it refers to a trick which involves in managing the constructive layout of one’s company for manipulating engagements by using adverse terrain, managing the angle of attack, establishing long-range relationships with the sniper team in order to increase survivability during a risky engagement, manipulating thickenings away from their area of influence, or creating synergy between the geometries for launch and shutdown.

Master the Art of Sniping

Sniping is an important part of the PUBG experience, and winning turns out to be much easier when sniping at long distances. Level three sniper attachments give better ammunition loads so that you can produce more hits, especially if your target is on the move. 8x and 6x scope attachments are powerful long-distance options, while PMII and 4x scopes combined with suppressors are effective at the medium range without giving away your position.

You should become familiar with PUBG sniping’s technical aspects to improve your chances of being good in PUBG. Although the PUBG map size is the same – sniping is different on each map. Practice and Choose the weapon that fits you best for all scenarios. Sniping rifles such as AWM or KAR98K should become your rifles of choice, but if you are a beginner M24 or Mk14 are easier to use.

Utilize Grenades and Throwables

Smoke grenades are the best throwable item to use when revived of enemies, for revives and escape from close combats. Smoke grenades are useful in providing tactical advantage when looting or when taking on the enemies with scopes in open fields. Use them in squads to provide cover for downed allies or to cover vehicles during repositioning or retreat. Casualties often become when ambushed during vehicle movement, therefore, the Ironsight Gaming tip of using a smoke grenade while repositioning or in retreat can deter the attackers till an exit is secured. After trying more with different bullets, frag grenades are the best item to use when needing to kill or down enemies inside buildings. This is because frag grenades have a larger initial blast as compared to other throwables. It would be for the best to carry at least a couple of frag grenades to effectively clear dangerous buildings. {frag-granado}

Use Vehicles Strategically

The most important tactical rule you should adopt in PUBG is to always have transportation to your back or immediate escape. Early-game, stick around vehicles so that if you take hits you can escape, and consider a booby-trap where your pubg character sits in the car, pretending to drive so that your opponent comes closer to your position before you pop out for an easy kill.

Mid-game, be driving or piloting at full speed towards the center of the white-circle to avoid getting caught running in a bad position. Late-game, use vehicles for concealed movement to the center rather than up-close battles because that is when the extra audio like engine noise and potential explosions will give away your position to other players.

The exception will be if you have really poor long-distance weapons and will have to get into medium to close-quarters gunfights — only at that point do you pull the vehicle trigger for the audio giveaway. A quick Be Good at PUBG Guide bonus tip: mind the gas. Remember to always focus on the amount of gas you have. If you have just above little, consider only using it during emergencies.

When you want to be good in PUBG, the tip of using vehicles strategically comes in the earlier stages of the gameplay, by using the vehicle sound of PUBG strategically to block the view of the positioned enemies, and benefiting your next destination quietly.

Know When to Engage in Combat and When to Avoid It

In PUBG, the best players choose carefully where and when to fight. Use the Noise Meter shown at the lower right of the game screen to detect the sound of Footsteps, Vehicles, and Guns. Combat draws attention to you. If you cannot see your opponent or do not need to engage, stay hidden. Once you have ambushed someone, kill them and leave before you are killed after announcing your location to other players.

Be Mindful of Your Inventory and Loadout

Your inventory and loadout are tactical choices that affect your ability to be good in PUBG. Your loadout is your selection of weapons, clothes, grenades, heals, and other loot earned around the map. Try to obtain the highest-quality helmets, armor, backpacks, healing items, and grenades. If you get caught in a field with only a shotgun, you may have difficulty fighting at longer ranges. Increase visibility in dark scenarios by opting for gloves and dark clothes like the balaclava. Be sure they provide good situational awareness, are best for camouflage, and hide you in the environment. Inventory concerns are related to how weapons and equipment are handled. Always reload before entering hot areas and after fights. Make a list of half-gens, utilities, grenades, and first aids. Ensure you are ready to fight and heal by having the correct equipment out, ready to use.

Learn from Your Mistakes and Keep Practicing

Everyone has to start somewhere. Building a foundation of basic and intermediate skills will make understanding higher level PUBG strategies easier when you get there. Overall, practice, reflection, and then more practice are the best and fastest ways to become good in PUBG.

After a match ends, take note of what could have been done differently. Maybe the player should not have gone inside that building, maybe they should have switched to a shotgun at a closer range, or maybe they should have run and come back to fight later. Always ask “what could I have done better?”

No two PUBG matches are the same. The last circle of one match will never be the same as another, and moving into the final circles is when the freshest decisions are required. This necessitates extensive practice in order to better understand enemy movements and prepare for different scenarios. Furthermore, learning from death is an effective way to capitalize on mistakes. Practice, fail, and then make a mental or even physical note of what not to do. This is the foundation of improving a players gameplay in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Be Good in Pubg?

To be good in Pubg, you need to have good weapons, strategies, and skills. It also helps to have a good team and communication during the game.

2. What are some tips for improving in Pubg?

Some tips for improving in Pubg include practicing in the training mode, learning the maps, and analyzing your gameplay to identify areas for improvement.

3. How important are weapons in Pubg?

Weapons play a crucial role in Pubg as they determine your chances of survival and winning fights. It is important to have a variety of weapons and know how to use them effectively.

4. Is teamwork essential in Pubg?

Teamwork is vital in Pubg as it allows players to cover each other’s weaknesses and work together to achieve a common goal. Good communication and coordination can greatly improve your chances of winning.

5. What are some strategies for winning in Pubg?

Some strategies for winning in Pubg include choosing a good landing spot, looting efficiently, staying in the safe zone, and adapting to different situations during the game.

6. How can I improve my shooting skills in Pubg?

Improving your shooting skills in Pubg requires practice and understanding the different mechanics of each weapon. You can also watch tutorials and analyze your own gameplay to identify areas for improvement.

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