Simple Steps to Delete Your Pubg Account Permanently

If you’re a PUBG player and thinking about deleting your account, there are several important factors to consider. From losing interest in the game to privacy concerns and technical issues, there are various reasons why someone might want to delete their PUBG account.

Before taking that step, it’s crucial to understand the process and what occurs after deletion.

In this article, we’ll look at how to delete a PUBG account, what happens afterward, whether a deleted account can be recovered, and alternatives to consider before reaching a final decision.

Let’s explore and learn more.

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds a.k.a. PUBG was a battle royale shooting game in which various players fight each other, individually or as teams, to be the last alive or the final squad in a large online multiplayer arena. It was originally launched in March 2017 by the now widely recognized gaming company Krafton, Inc. An abbreviated version for mobile play called PUBG Mobile followed, and within months it had over 50 million daily users. It was particularly popular in India where more than 2 million users were actively engaged daily in the real-time strategy game. PUBG Mobile was abandoned after being banned by the Indian government in September 2020 and PUBG, which by then had a record 1 billion downloads and was the top…`

Why Would Someone Want to Delete Their PUBG Account?

Players may want to delete their PUBG account because they have decided they no longer have time to play the game, because they no longer enjoy the game, because they have a new account or game they would rather play, because they have identification or privacy concerns, and because they want to ensure their information is not leaked due to the ongoing controversies of the game.

Deleting your PUBG account removes all of your gameplay credentials associated with the account. However, account deletion is not always written into the PUBG user agreement, and even a deactivated account may still have some of the associated user information on file and accessible.

Here is an example of withdrawing consent from PUBG’s section Consent Withdrawal:

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Information at any time, subject to any requirements for the retention of said information imposed on PUBG by applicable laws.

No Longer Interested in the Game

If you do not want to play Pubg anymore because you are no longer interested or you do not have the time, you can simply uninstall the app from your device, stop paying for the game, and stop logging into the game account.

If, as a result, you forget your account data or just want to have your account erased from the game servers, you can do so. However, be sure that you are simply not interested in the game before erasing your account from Pubg as the account deletion process is not reversible and all the account data associated with your account will be deleted.

Privacy Concerns

Another option cited for wanting to delete PUBG account was privacy concerns. PUBG users can choose to stop using their current account. In general, these are the ways in which you grant access to personal information when using the game.

Optional. Refers to the data you give when installing the game, like email, name, or mobile number just for keeping on in a better manner. However, the negative aspect of this is that once the data is leaked, companies like PUBG won’t take responsibility for the breach. PUBG will keep your data with yourself and will not sell or disclose it to others without your consent, but these safeguards are not sufficient for many users.

Gameplay. The game receives the data shared during gameplay to provide services to you. PUBG shares some limited information with advertising partners to show targeted ads. PUBG is immediately available all around the world, which means that the security standards in the region of the world where the server providing the service is located may differ from the one in your region. However, the company claims to be employing strict mechanisms to protect data shared.

Customer support. Users can share some data to customer support inquiries. PUBG states that they may collect personal information such as name, email address, home address, phone number, or other contact information to verify users’ identity. PUBG will collect information including details of your purchases or transactions with them, details of your interactions with their customer support agents, and information you provide in connection with participating in any surveys, contests, or sweepstakes.

Having said that, the company will not be misusing the information because having a bad reputation will affect their business both positively or negatively.

Technical Issues

There is no apparent account deletion button for those who face technical issues. A Google search shows that such issues have been experienced by other players but do not provide any context for these technical issues beyond the account disappearance issue. This indicates that technical issues may be the reason for an inability to delete an account.

If you encounter a technical issue, you can try reaching out to Pubg Mobile via their customer service channels which can be found here: Log In and Data Restrictions. A Pubg Mobile support page detailing how to load missing game data may be helpful for those facing account deletion due to technical issues.

How to Delete a PUBG Account?

PUBG game accounts older than seven days and without any associated paid product can be deleted, but determining user eligibility to delete account is tricky and PUBG does not clearly offer information or guidelines on this.

You cannot delete your PUBG account by removing it from the user control panel unless it is linked to a main user account such as Google or Facebook.

PUBG corporation offers the following guidelines on how to delete your PUBG account.

If your account is linked to your main account (Google Play, Game Center, Facebook), you can permanently delete your data by following the internal guidelines of that account. Deleting the PUBG application may not delete this account. If your account is not linked to the main account, PUBG does not mention how you can delete it. A deletion request form is available for players who request the deletion of their personal information from PUBG. From your mobile device, launch PUBG, go to the settings menu on the bottom right, go to customer service, and contact customer service and request the deletion of your account.

Contact Customer Support

As of my last update on September 7th, 2021, regarding PUBG locations in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, the only way to delete an account in PUBG without a replacement linked to the same account, was to contact customer support. According to PUBG’s response to a customer on July 9th, this was the only way to ensure a permanent account deletion in the game.

Delete Through Game Settings

This method is somewhat of an alternative to deleting the game and its data entirely, as it is designed to release your account from a game region and initiate the deletion of your account. It is a new feature introduced in Pubg with the latest season’s settings. As of mid-September 2021, you can no longer go into your game’s settings and find an option at the bottom to delete your account. Instead follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Pubg account you want to delete.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner where your Facebook profile image is, click on your name.
  3. If you are not a guest of Pubg, link your account to Facebook as this is necessary to continue.
  4. Click on Character on the left of the screen. Your account character should show up.
  5. Click on Service at the top of the screen. It should be clicked.
  6. To proceed, click the option that says Transfer Date Deletion.
  7. Read the terms and conditions. If you are sure you want to delete your account, click on the checkbox, then click the request date deletion button.
  8. Your date deletion request confirmation will appear and the account deletion over the next week has been initiated.

After Pubg has deleted your account, Pubg developers state that after this, your game account will be under investigation. You cannot cancel the deletion process and your account is not deleted until the data migration process is complete.

Delete Through Social Media Login

To delete your account through social media login (such as Facebook or Twitter), you simply need to disconnect and uninstall Sabre Pubg Mobile User. To disconnect, tap the Settings icon either next to your player name or on the left side of the Lobby screen. Tap Social, and then tap on the Toggle Switch (Facebook, Twitter) to turn off the corresponding account association.

In the Profile section of the now disabled social media account, select Settings. Click on Privacy and Security, and under App Access, you will see Active Web Apps. Click on Active Web Apps, and then click the Remove button.

Complete the Remove Account confirmation process by clicking the Remove Account button and confirming your password. Make the SUGGESTIONS choices that best describe the reason you are leaving the game, and drag the slider to 3X. After you have logged off, check that the account maintenance process is progressing, before turning the account over to your successor.

What Happens After Deleting a PUBG Account?

After you’ve followed the steps to delete your PUBG account, you will lose data such as your username, stats, progress, friends, messages, and other customization details.

In addition, any UC (Unknown Cash) balance or inventory items will not be restored after closing the account.

Your data will still continue to be stored for a certain period of time before it is fully deleted, according to the PUBG Terms of Service.

All Data Will Be Removed

All data will be removed, but this has not been confirmed as of November 2021. According to the PUBG Mobile Privacy Policy, deletion of a PUBG account only entails that all personal information of the account holder will be deleted. Data might still exist and be associated with an account holder indirectly. This underscores the point that if there are any real security worries involving one’s newer, primary account they should not delete older, less secure accounts that they would no longer use.

Details on whether data is truly removed by deletion of an account have not been examined or confirmed either by methodology of examining whether deleted data can still be collected or looked for momentary re-ups of friends list security warnings. PUBG’s developer Brendan Greene hopes to develop a system for more fully deleting player data which would apply to all accounts not just those deleted that would replace current data deletion practices similar to when one quickly deletes a chat message in WhatsApp then deletes the chat app.

Cannot Be Undone

Deletion cannot be undone unless a user takes care of their account prior to deletion. If a user logs out of their account, any saved data such as games or personal information is automatically and permanently deleted.

Accomplish this by taking the following steps on the PUBG Mobile app.

  1. Launch the PUBG Mobile app;
  2. Log in to the account you want to delete, make sure you have access to the email registered on your account, and log out;
  3. You will be logged out. Do not log back in, and the account will automatically be erased, permanently deleting all save data.

Can a Deleted PUBG Account Be Recovered?

A deleted PUBG account can be recovered only within 1 month after being deleted, but there are no guarantees that PUBG’s account recovery services can bring it back. PUBG has stated in a Customer Service Guide that it will not be able to process your account recovery requests if more than one month has passed since the account was deleted.

Users have made similar claims on forums such as Reddit. This is because the account is entirely removed from the server and activity linked to it prior to deletion is almost always lost. The PUBG corporation has advised users not to delete their accounts until they have cleared all rewards and deposits. Submitting a customer support ticket with the PUBG corporation to see if they can locate the deleted account is the recommended method to recover deleted items from the PUBG account, but given the strict one month cutoff by PUBG, there is not much to try.

No, It Cannot Be Recovered

No, a PUBG account cannot be recovered after deleting it. Ahead of deletion, users have to be informed that they cannot get their account back and agree to delete it. In its account deletion terms, PUBG states, “Please be aware that once your Account is deleted, you will not be able to recover Profile data such as game progress, including characters, rank and statistics. Additionally, the deletion process is irreversible and will immediately terminate any progress toward Rank Tiers, Challenges, and/or Premium Passes.”

Create a New Account

Creating a new account on PUBG Mobile after deleting the existing account is slightly complex and has varying procedures. If the account previously created uses social media like Facebook, Tencent Game Center’s Game Circle, or Google, the gamer must have a new email address. All three of these accounts are intertwined with their respective social media platforms and cannot be reused once the PUBG Mobile account is deleted. The deletion of the existing PUBG account that was connected with social media will remove all current data from that account. If the gamer then tries to connect the new account with the same email or social media, it will also become connected with the remains of the old account and automatically recreate the old account. This means that even if the gamer’s new account is connected with the same email, it will result in a new account with the old data. If the new account is connected via a phone number or Twitter or Guest, there will be no problem and the account will be created as a new empty account.

What Are the Alternatives to Deleting a PUBG Account?

The alternatives to deleting a PUBG account are to quit playing PUBG Mobile, to change the account region, or to merge two accounts.

If you do not want to play PUBG anymore but do not know how to permanently delete your account, one solution is to quit the application. This will not remove your account or its data from PUBG servers, but you will not be able to access your account without logging in from a new device. Do not attempt to send a request or message if you want to use your account later; this could trigger the account deletion process.

If you want to create a new account on a different server, a PUBG Mobile account can easily be moved from one region to another. The process of changing the region of a PUBG account requires a VPN and an address from your new region. If you would like to have one account for multiple regions, you can have one of your accounts permanently transferred to the other region. To achieve this, attach an e-mail or Facebook account to the old account, and then uninstall the game after closing it from the background. Reinstall onto another device, and link it to the same e-mail or Facebook account. This will be the new device for your old account. Then open PUBG on an old device, and delete it. DO NOT OPEN THE GAME ON THE NEW DEVICE.

Take a Break from the Game

In case you want a PUBG account delete because of any of the previously mentioned reasons, you should take a break from the game rather than delete the account.

Not playing in an addictive manner is really the only line that can not be crossed when playing any game, including PUBG.

A cohesive way to judge whether you should delete the account versus just taking a break is to notice the primary reasons that you are seeking the permanent account deletion. These would likely include but are not limited to better concentration on other responsibilities, adverse effects on physical health, adverse effects on mental health, or lack of enjoyment of the game. If these are the reasons you are seeking to part ways with PUBG then simply not playing while you try to reevaluate your life would be the most appropriate course of action.

If you deactivate a PUBG account, it will prompt players to log back in when they want to play. So the best way to ensure you maintain space from the vice is to request a ban from the game for the time being using the support service (if this is not possible, they can inform you of the easiest way to remove your account).

Change Privacy Settings

You can delete your PUBG account by changing your privacy settings. In the PUBG mobile app, you can choose who to allow privately and gaining access to yourself. Here’s a quick guide on how to personally select who sees your activity or posts or who can send you friend requests or messages.

After logging in to your PUBG account, tap on Settings (Gear Icon). This icon is located on the upper right hand that is visible as soon as you launch the app. Now you will see the Account section. Here you can change your profile settings, control game and community settings, and also take actions like changing your ID or deactivating the account. Choose the privacy option. You will be able to lock the account for visibility from strangers and friends both, or prevent people from sending you friend requests or messages.

If you do not want to play PUBG, I suggest again the step is to limit access to a tiny audience. This way your friends and family can still interact with you on an esport battleground. Deactivating the account as a whole may prevent your friends from pursuing your gaming actions without you having to think about the drama of being a famous player generally we need to remove fame and recognition from our lives. This is why we recommend playing Miracle Sudoku to keep the brain engaged. Visit our PUBG page for more information on account deletion procedures.

Start a New Account

Reinstall and start anew. If you do not want to wait for PUBG support to delete your account, you can merely delete the game and reinstall it. Starting the new account ensures that the previous account associated with the old username is lost. If you restarted the game this way on your cell phone, a new account is created, and you will automatically be unlinked.

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