Mastering the Techniques: How to Get Ag in Pubg

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Understanding the concept of Ag (Agora) in PUBG is essential for achieving success in the game.

Learn about the significance of Ag in PUBG, how to earn it through various methods such as playing matches, selling items, and participating in tournaments, as well as the best ways to spend Ag on skins, cosmetics, upgrades, and more.

Get valuable tips on efficiently earning and spending Ag in PUBG!

What is PUBG?

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Grounds) is a highly popular battle royale game developed by the South Korean company Bluehole Corporation which later became Krafton. The game was released for Windows in March 2017, but is now available on several platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile devices. It was created by Brendan Greene after his similar game concept in ARMA II was popular. The game can be downloaded for free on mobile devices.

What is the Importance of Ag in PUBG?

The importance of AG (Agoran Gold) in PUBG is that it is the in-game currency and one of the two forms of currency within the Agorapolis game economy. AG is traded on the real world Agora global currency exchange as a cryptocurrency, while APD is not. Agorapolis is an expansion being developed within the existing PUBG New State game that adds financial and governance mechanisms to the game’s existing shooter gameplay.

AG can be used in AG-gaming activities such as participating in contests and tournaments within Agorapolis. PUBG’s global nature allows for Agorapolis to grow into a global virtual stadium hosting global tournaments where the winner is the top player in the game with a level of professionalism that allows them to earn a living playing it. The APD system will provide this functionality in the real world.

What is the Use of Ag?

AG (Advance Journey) is a new standalone season-based progression system in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS to provide players with the opportunity to make their experience in the game even more engaging and rewarding without affecting the balance of the main game. Players can continue playing and earning XP to open free AG crates. Players will earn one free AG crate per level until level 60, after which players will earn an AG crate every even level (levels 62, 64, 66, etc.), according to the PUBG Website.

Players can also buy additional AG crates, as well as purchase AG with real money, if they wish to accelerate their upgrade process. There is no change in gameplay from the main PUBG match, and there is no way of winning battles using AG acquired items or outfits, as they are only used for the personal style and skin of the player’s character.

How Does Ag Affect Gameplay?

Ag in PUBG does not have a direct effect on in-game player gameplay. Ag is used to buy in-game items and purchase UC to exchange for loot crates or even RP. However, RP does not affect the in-game play directly, meaning users do not have an advantage in the game just because they have a higher rank. What it shows is that the user has spent money on decorations for their appearance digitally. So does RP affect gameplay? No.

However, Having RP significantly higher than their rank (e.g., a conqueror player with a gold badge or a silver employee) can cause some players to target them. This is counteracted by ditching the business theme and simply disguising as iron. In general, RP might have some psychological effect on their opponents, even if there is no direct correlation between RP, looks, or items. For example, players with high RP are seen as a greater threat and are relentlessly hunted in the game.

How to Earn Ag in PUBG?

Earning GB in PUBG is effectively the same as earning AG. The video game, responsible for the chicken dinner meme and growing PUBG Mobile eSports scene, is a free-to-play battle royale game that allows users to purchase optional in-game items like costumes, gun skins, rip houses, Parachutes, etc from its virtual in-game store. Battle points (BP) also referred to as GB or GP are an in-game currency used to purchase unique items and cosmetics in PUBG. They are relatively easy to earn.

According to a guide on How to Turn Automatic Shooting on in PUBG, players can earn BP based on their skills during the game. Having good players, who frequently win games, are rewarded with a higher amount of BP each game. You can find the rewards for placing in a skirmish, classic, or the current Survivor Pass in their respective sections to see the average BP you can receive. Players can also coach players and receive BP points. An older technology that has since disappeared, BP were originally used to improve weapons through weapon enhancements for AG, but this has since gone out of use as the game developers shifted to a monetized model.

Playing Matches and Completing Objectives

The primary way on How to get AG in PUBG mobile is by playing Classic matches, completing weekly objectives, and daily challenges. PUBG awards players with AG upon completing objectives like making it to the final few circles, searching buildings, looting weapons, reviving teammates, and firing shots.

The completed objectives are presented in the form of progress bars which guide the player on how close they are to the goal. AG coupons are awarded based on the player’s ability to complete these objectives during matches and their progress completion speed.

Selling Items on the Marketplace

You can sell items obtained in Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Raji shop marketplace where RU, AG, and UC can be obtained in return for your items. Unique Items, Supplies, and Outfits can all be found in the marketplace. The following money is required to list accessories under each category on the Raji shop marketplace.

  1. Supplies: 2,000 BP
  2. Outfit: 6,000 BP
  3. Emporium: 15,000 BP
  4. Basic: ALL RS +5%
  5. Midrange: ALL RS -5%
  6. Premium: ALL RS -30%
  7. Top Tier: ALL RS -50%
  8. Outfits: AG +5%
  9. Emporium: ALL RS -50%
  10. Basic: AG +5%

Participating in Tournaments and Events

Plus being the Ultimate Life & Death Fight game, PUBG is home to the World’s Game, with countless amateur and professional tournaments in countries across the globe that can win participants many prizes and boast impressive statistics.

One of the most well-known national professional PUBG tournaments is the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO), which sees teams from regions including Asia, America, South America, Europe, Middle East & Africa compete for a piece of a $5 million prize pool. Teams from India have performed particularly well in the PMCO. PMCO Fall Split 2019 was won by Indian team Entity Gaming, and the PMCO India Spring Split 2020 title was won by Indian team TeamIND.

Other notable PUBG Tournaments include:

  1. World Electronic Sports Games (WESG). A competition for team-based titles including CS:GO, DOTA2, HAHA, and StarCraft2.
  2. Maharashtra Derby, a professional PUBG Mobile event in India.
  3. India Today Gamers Cup, also in the Indian market.
  4. PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC), which is scheduled to take place in November 2021 will see top teams from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and others.

Using Ag Boosters

Purchasing Ag Boosters gives players 10% additional Ag with every match they play. Ag Boosters can be purchased from the shop with real money or AG coins. The boosters can be bought under the category tab. Multiple purchase options are available from a 1-day booster for $0.99 USD to a 60-day booster for $53.99 USD. The greater-value options provide a bonus of extra UCs in addition to the Ag chips. The Ag Booster provides a 10% supplement throughout the duration of action.

What are the Best Ways to Spend Ag in PUBG?

  • The best ways to spend Ag in PUBG are to purchase Classic crates and their keys, Premium crates and their keys, and ID features.
  • Classic crate and key drops are relatively high at 70-100 required breaths’ worth of play, so these items are accessible to anyone that plays PUBG regularly. Premium crate and key drops are higher at 180 breaths but again are feasible through regular play.
  • Given that they cost around the same as classic crates, Premium crates are slightly more valuable as they can contain rarer items that can be sold for more UC or AG.
  • ID features are items that make your in-game appearance (like poses, and vehicles) look cooler and many require AG instead of just being purchasable with real money. ID features can range in price from about 100 AG to over 2000 AG.

Purchasing Skins and Cosmetics

You can get AG in PUBG by purchasing a wide variety of Skins and Cosmetics. These range from level badges and weapon skins to hats, boots, parachutes, and shirts for your character. PUBG sells many of these items for AG in their in-game store, allowing you to purchase as many expensive items as you need. Both premium and regular in-game store supplies are added twice a week, so it is also easier to find items with varying costs.

Buying Battle Passes

Another way to get AG in PUBG is by buying Battle Passes. The Battle Pass is a tiered reward system that gives unique items, emotes, and currency to players once they fulfill its requirements. The only way to access it is through the Elite upgrade.The basic version costs 360 AG and its elite upgrade is an additional 600 AG, which takes the total cost to 960 AG.

You earn back 120 RP within one week of gameplay, which will take almost 5 weeks to recoup the total 960 AG expenditure. Players also get rare and unique items worth a lot of UC that they would otherwise have to pay for, which is sometimes another source of them saving additional UC currencies as well.

Upgrading Weapons and Vehicles

When you level up your armor in vehicles and weapons, you will get AG Currency as a reward. This can be a good way to earn additional AG, but for the most part you will have to collect and then level up just so you do not have a godawful low armor rating.

You can accelerate the time you spend on upgrading by using AG but not on necessary upgrades as AG should be saved when it comes to this.

Investing in In-game Currency

Besides earning currencies in-game, you can exchange your real money for currency by spending on Premium Crates, Lucky Spins where you have to buy spins for each item, Fortnite V-Bucks, in Pubg, or AG in Pubg. In PUBG, AG is the top-most purchase. It is earned at ‘PUBG Mobile Shop,’ where players can purchase Royals Passes that cost a variable amount but come in at an average of $9.99 per season. Players can purchase and purchase all the way up to the 600 CP threshold.

Parameters increase as the pass is increased starting the season with 300 AG, which is enough to purchase the ‘Elite Pass’. With the exchange rate from Uber-Picks average of $31 for 600 AG, this isn’t too bad of a purchase to get additional AG. Premium Passes unlock future arenas and one often unlocks ammo for weapons that are rarer. Subscriptions serve a similar function and allow players to access more items but on a subscription basis.

What are Some Tips for Efficiently Earning and Spending Ag in PUBG?

These are some of the best tips for efficiently earning and spending Silver (Ag) in PUBG. Ag can only be earned at the time of a weekly activity when there is a weapon to be purchased or upgraded. So you should spend time playing daily contracts, especially completing weapon-specific objectives in Contracts, to acquire AG the quickest. So you should invest in weapon-specific objectives to generate the maximum rewards if your daily challenge awards you money, such as upgrading a gun or killing a certain number of opponents with that particular weapon.

You can use Red Tickets to purchase shirts and gun skins and redeem them. And it’s best to use tickets for levels 1 and 2, as every drawing costs 300 BP at levels 1 and 2, and 500 BP at level 3. The cost of your Silver purchases depends on the rarity of the product and on where you obtain your rewards. You receive silver when competing in weekly activities or erasing RP missions. Factors That Impact Spend:

  • Generous Shopper: Players who play for long durations and purchase more can receive more AG because they qualify for more missions and contests.
  • Encore Performers: Fans who maximize their Silver spending in every activity can receive more AG because they qualify for rewards often.
  • Dedicated Collector: If players get more rewards in the form of BP, they have more to spend in the store and get more AG.
  • Quick Risks, Quick Getaway: Players, who play games with an aggressive playing style, find more winning goodies and, therefore, more chances to collect BP to spend.
  • Stay-in-lobby Activities: Players are in the lobby for fun, where the only way to win items is via lucky draws. This is done by opening loot crates for products for which players have already missed the weekly prize pool.
  • Great Contender: Players standing out in competitions routinely succeed in having their results in top positions.
  • Stay active and participate often: By playing games, opening weapons boxes, finishing RP missions, opening loot crates, and partaking in weekly challenges, players can get more silver rewards. Reaching Millennium points quickly can also result in greater silver incomes by battling co-players. More silver rewards can also be earned.
  • Playing Skill: Regular playing results in better proficiency in handling the play. This could result in more success and therefore more rewards in silver. Not playing often results in the opposite, resulting in losing silver.

Focus on Completing Objectives

In Battle Royale mode, players choose a drop zone and must quickly find weapons, vehicles, and take out targets on the battlefield. If you locate one, you will typically get enough 10mm ammo (or any ammo rating above it) to be able to use it. When you find a submachine gun early, you are much more likely to get kills. The submachine gun’s higher drop chance guarantees it will be in every building. Most good players will opt for the submachine gun if they see one available because of its easier-to-use automatic firing. Here is a list of four easy-to-spawn places where you will likely find submachine guns:

  1. Bootcamp on Sanhok
  2. The roof of the Apartment building in Pecado, Miramar
  3. The five warehouses in South Georgepol, Erangel
  4. The two-story building in Novorepnoye, Erangel

Adaptive Gain (AG) is not mentioned, but for players struggling with granularity, the high volume of ammunition you can find in such submachine gun sites may be the perfect opportunity to practice how to play smoothly and quietly to be successful with higher granularity items later.

Participate in Tournaments and Events

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) offers the opportunity for players to obtain ag from tournaments and in-game events. A recent BGMI tournament in August hosted with Nordic Thug Esports offered a grand cash prize of 200 thousand INR and the top 5 teams in every match received as much as 5678 ag. These events and tournaments are common and announce through their social media channels and in-game news section.

Be Selective with Purchases

Only essential items should be purchased as the ABAY weakens quickly in pub champion. The Advanced Attachment Bundle is expensive at 1,200 UC (₹1,000), so players should plan how to use them effectively. Remember that there are usually multiple in-game missions to earn UC (Unknown Cash or PUBG’s premium in-game currency), so many purchases can be avoided if necessary. Review this link, which shows the cheapest and most powerful guns of Trovo Live.

Save Ag for Important Upgrades

One of the important uses of AG in PUBG is upgrading weapons and armor. Complete the weapon and armor upgrade trees to pass missions more quickly, particularly the early missions when you are trying to raise your rank in the game.

Converting AG to UC gives you the opportunity to get a weapon skin or character set from the lucky draw, opening up the possibility of winning a grand prize like the Mythic AKM Glacier. The best time to use your UC in the Royal Pass is when there is a sale special at the beginning of the season when UC is bundled for free with your purchase and spent at any time.

Save up AG for the final circle battles by not spending it during the pre-final circles when you can get by with no grenade or when there is a small gap to cross in minutes before or during the final circles when there is an ultimate fight.

You will still be spending AG on this utility when there is a huge gap to cross or to show off skill in a grand final circle battle that could spell the end of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Ag in Pubg?

1. What is Ag in Pubg and why is it important?

Ag is the in-game currency used in Pubg to purchase cosmetic items and unlock premium features. It is important for players who want to customize their characters and have access to exclusive content.

2. How do I earn Ag in Pubg?

There are several ways to earn Ag in Pubg. You can complete daily missions, participate in events, and sell duplicate items in your inventory. Playing and winning matches also rewards you with Ag.

3. Can I buy Ag with real money?

Yes, you can purchase Ag directly from the in-game store using real money. However, this is not the only way to obtain Ag and it is not necessary to spend real money in order to get Ag in Pubg.

4. Are there any limitations on earning Ag in Pubg?

There is a daily limit on Ag earnings for completing missions and participating in events. However, there is no limit on earning Ag through playing matches and selling items in your inventory.

5. Can I transfer Ag to other players?

No, Ag cannot be transferred between players. It is tied to your individual account and cannot be given or traded to others.

6. What can I use Ag for in Pubg?

Ag can be used to purchase cosmetic items such as clothing, weapon skins, and vehicle skins. You can also use Ag to unlock premium features like the Royale Pass and Elite Pass, which give you access to exclusive rewards and challenges.

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