Buy Prime Plus in Pubg with Easypaisa – A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a PUBG enthusiast looking to enhance your gaming experience?

If so, you may have heard about Prime Plus and its exciting benefits.

From accessing elite missions to enjoying increased daily rewards and discounts on purchases, Prime Plus offers a range of perks to players.

We will guide you on how to purchase Prime Plus using Easypaisa, along with alternative payment methods like JazzCash, credit/debit cards, and net banking.

Stay tuned for tips on ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get elite missions, increased daily rewards, and discounts on purchases with Prime Plus in PUBG.
  • Purchase Prime Plus with Easypaisa by creating an account, adding funds, and selecting Easypaisa as the payment method.
  • Other options for purchasing Prime Plus include JazzCash, credit/debit card, and net banking. Use a secure internet connection and double check payment details for a smooth and secure transaction.
  • What is Prime Plus in PUBG?

    Prime Plus is PUBG Mobile’s premium membership plan which adds a additional perks to the free Royale Pass system. Items last until the Prime Plus membership expires.

    Added features include:

    1. Collect 20 UC daily for a total of 600/month
    2. Get 50% off the first classic crate everyday (requires BP or Battle Points to open a randomized crate with a chance of winning a random item)
    3. Coupon name card

    To get Prime Plus on PUBG Mobile, go to Shop at the lower section of the PUBG main page and choose the Royale Pass on the right side in the yellow column. On the top right ‘Find Out More’ tab, you should see the options for Prime and Prime Plus.

    What are the Benefits of Prime Plus?

    The benefits of Prime Plus in PUBG pay with Easypaisa are as follows:

    1. Get UC for 72 consecutive days. With Prime Plus, you get 5 UCs for the price of 5 dollars every month. with prime plus, you get 6 dollars for 600UC and Spend 300UC to buy prime Plus in the store. this will automatically provide you 288 UC over 34 days in small installments
    2. Receive Daily Reward. After completing the purchase of prime plus, you will receive 10RP points daily.
    3. Get discount In Store Purchase Rates. Premium clothes in a store can be bought with at least a 20% discount.
    4. Get a ccess to RP Mission. You can also extract extra rewards and appreciate new missions after subscribing to prime plus.

    Access to Elite Missions

    You must have an Easypaisa account to purchase an Elite Royale Pass. Easypaisa is a mobile wallet and payment tool developed by Telenor, the second-biggest mobile operator in terms of users in Pakistan. The Easypaisa app requires registration which then provides numerous services to users such as online payment for a variety of services and online shopping, bill payments, easy loading/recharge of mobile phones, etc.

    Services which any of the 85,000+ Easypaisa agents throughout Pakistan can help with are also supported by the app. Easypaisa even offers shopping deals and has an Easypaisa virtual debit card which makes online banking secure and convenient. Easypaisa is available on Smartphone operating system iOS and Android and only simply download the app from the Telenor site, input the required details, and you will be ready to avail the payment related services of Easypaisa.

    Increased Daily Rewards

    Upgrade to Prime Plus for 60 UC to receive increased daily rewards. This is the daily reward tier for the standard Elite Pass membership without Prime. The most notable increase is that over the course of 30 days, members earn an additional 300 kills back. UC purchases made with PUBG Prime Plus cost 10% less and players receive daily redeem codes for free crates with in-game items. There are also time-limited discounts on items to be taken advantage of.

    Discounts on Purchases

    There are no discounts given on Prime Plus subscriptions or any other premium items in PUBG. If you are looking for a discount on future Prime Plus subscriptions and other in-app purchases, you can check for discounted Google Play or Apple Store Gift Cards. Various online and brick-and-mortar retailers can offer a percentage off the value of Google Play gift cards, which will allow you to purchase PUBG items and subscriptions at a discount.

    How to Purchase Prime Plus with Easypaisa?

    You can purchase Prime Plus in Pubg Mobile with Easypaisa by following these steps. Check that you have the payment equivalent of the Prime Plus subscription to avoid the need to top up in emergency resources as you may lose the deal while topping up.

    1. Open the Easypaisa app on your mobile.
    2. Tap on the Pay Bills option on the home screen.
    3. Click on Maymar.
    4. Scroll down to the Games & Apps section and click on it.
    5. Look for the Pubg Mobile option; click on it (if not found in the list, check in the Recharge section).
    6. Enter your Prime Plus membership ID in the Business ID/Reference Number field.
    7. Select the correct amount by clicking on Show All and selecting the amount accordingly against the slot.
    8. Click on the advertisement check mark and then tap on Continue to move forward.
    9. Confirm the purchase and that you are logging in to the correct PUBG account.
    10. Enter your MPIN and confirm the amount you pay again so that it matches the exact amount mentioned on your Pubg Mobile pop-up.
    11. You will receive a confirmation message from Easypaisa on obtaining your Prime Plus membership in Pubg Mobile.

    Prime Plus in PUBG Mobile refers to a more premium option with exclusive rewards beyond the regular Pubg Mobile Prime. It costs Rs 497 (approximately $3) and physically purchases an advance Royal Pass for a future season granting access to the current season’s Prime rewards such as exclusive in-game shopping, purchasing extra tournaments, access to the Elite missions, and even free subscriptions for friends.

    Create an Easypaisa Account

    To use EasyPaisa to buy Prime Plus in PUBG Mobile, you first need to create an EasyPaisa account. Visit the company’s website and select the Open Account option. The subsequent procedure for opening an account is fairly straightforward, and the only items required from the user include an active mobile number and an address.

    The user must wait for an EasyPaisa representative to arrive at their registered address in order to activate the account. This individual will collect an appropriate national identity card (NIC) from the user allowing the account to be opened.

    The initial requirements for this process are ultimately determined by geographic factors, and different requirements may apply depending on the country and region of the individual’s location.

    Users in Turkey should have an EasyPaisa Wallet in order to make in-app purchases. Once in possession of an EasyPaisa account, the user can open an EasyPaisa Wallet via the Android or iOS EasyPaisa App by simply following the instructions. A personal identification number (PIN) and Turkish identification number are required to be on hand.

    Add Funds to Your Easypaisa Wallet

    Prime Plus is a membership plan with benefits for more advanced PUBG Mobile players such as Daily RPT (Rapid Production Technology) collecting, double BP (Battle Points) for every game, and a 50% discount on changing the appearance of the players’ profiles. To buy classic plus, you first need to buy UC (Unknown currency) which is the currency in the game. It offers a lot of benefits for which classic plus is not needed, such as buying outfits, opening crates, or buying RP (Royal Pass) etc.

    To add funds to an Easypay wallet you will need one of the following Mobile Account, Debit or Credit card, EasyPaisa shop from which you can deposit money into the wallet. To add funds via bank account using Easypaisa, go to, click on send now, and then enter Easypaisa’s IBFT number 094395621 and click next. Then select the bank and enter your bank’s username and password and then add the account’s information such as account number and recipient’s number. Finally, enter the amount to add the funds and click submit.

    Launch PUBG Mobile and Navigate to the Prime Plus Section

    After topping up the account (step 2), access the payment option in PUBG Mobile. To do this, open PUBG Mobile and return to the main lobby screen. In the lobby screen, click on your profile on the top left of the screen in the middle. This is next to the three lines that open up the in-game shop when clicked. You will see a list of some statistics when the Inventory, Achievements, Clan, Title, Progress Missions, or Loadout buttons within the profile screen are clicked. Click on Upgrade to Elite within the secondary menu.

    In this screen, you have three options for RP passes and members: Elite, Elite Upgrade Plus, and Prime Plus. Select the Auditor General of Pakistan’s badge for Prime Plus. The screen to purchase a Prime Plus membership with EasyPaisa or another payment method will now appear. Your Prime Plus membership term may be selected, and users can adjust the number of months they desire. If you have more than one payment method saved, you can select from them.

    You also are given the options to add a new payment method, or select one of four different packages. The cost for different packages is as follows:

    • 1 month – 157.50
    • 2 months – 356.40
    • 3 months – 555.00
    • 12 months – 630.90

    Select Easypaisa as the Payment Method

    First you should enter your Character ID and click the Confirm button after entering the Easypaisa recipient’s information. When the PUBG payment confirmation page is shown, the PUBG Company will call the user’s Easypaisa number with the amount you need to complete the sale of the purchase. The company’s message on your mobile will include the official PUBG NE registration number (21911500009893) and a reference number which the users will need to communicate to the Easypaisa agent which appears on the mobile screen.

    Enter Your Easypaisa Mobile Number and Confirm Payment

    Enter your Easypaisa mobile number in the field provided, and then tap confirm payment.

    1. You will receive a request for payment confirmation.
    2. Enter your Easypaisa PIN, and tap the pay now option.
    3. You will receive an updated message from PTA confirming the successful payment of Prime Plus Bundle.
    4. You will now get a message from 35901 (PTA) welcoming you to JAZZ Monthly Prime Plus.
    5. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the month, so be sure to have at least 2250 PKR in your account if you wish for it to continue.

    According to the Easypaisa website, there are three different monthly price points for the bundle, which are 325 PKR, 190 PKR, and 199 PKR.

    What are the Alternatives to Easypaisa for Purchasing Prime Plus?

    The main alternatives for purchasing Prime Plus and UC in PUBG for Pakistan players are to pay via credit cards from Pakistani banks or from debit cards such as those available via the JazzCash mobile wallet. Other options use international payment methods such as PayPal or using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or debit cards from banks outside of Pakistan that have licenses that allow them to be used on the wider internet.

    Most of these options carry the need of a VPN to access, as well as possibly unstable currency exchange rates and additional fees, further making them unattractive. So for simple, easy, and commission-free PUBG UC payment mechanisms tailored to the Pakistani audience, Easypaisa and JazzCash remain the best choices.


    JazzCash is a mobile wallet and a unique over-the-counter (OTC) payment system Jazz launched in 2012. It allows any Pakistani mobile phone subscriber to create a secure mobile account and conduct financial transactions utilized via USSD service.

    JazzCash operates its own mobile account and can be used as a Gateway to Prime Plus via the PUBG Mobile site. JazzCash is a competitor to EasyPaisa but has more tools for online purchase and transaction if you are interested.

    To purchase Prime Plus, simply register an account with JazzCash online, connect it to your mobile number, and find an authorized online or over-the-counter retailer for the amount of the purchase. It is important to note that, as of October 2021, the official JazzCash website states that one cannot connect an account with the intent of personal use, so you will need to inquire with customer service about how this works given the protected nature of private information for transactions like these.

    People can either buy a card worth a certain amount or load up an amount onto their account. The official documented directions for how to purchase Prime Plus using JazzCash don’t seem to be available online in official JazzCash interpretation. But from their article about how to deposit funds in the account, the basics involve following sending “PP” to 616 and then navigate through the code and purchase options presented by the dialog popped for selecting Prime Plus. Then dial *321# to proceed towards jazzcash or jazz load.

    Credit/Debit Card

    Buy Prime Plus for PUBG Mobile with a credit/debit card after following these instructions. Launch PUBG Mobile and Make sure your FB/Twitter account is linked to the game. Tap the UC icon. If you have logged in with Facebook or Twitter, then tap “Prime Plus” in the in-game currency top-up screen. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, go to Settings > Basic and follow the “Link” process under Account. Credit and debit card payment is the next option to use.

    Net Banking

    Telecommunications are advanced in Easypaisa’s home country of Pakistan, with more of the country being connected to the internet in the past 12 months than ever before. As a result, more people have access to e-commerce technology to purchase Prime Plus in PUBG using e-banking technology built by financial institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank, Habib Bank, and MCB Bank. Most Pakistani banks and e-commerce platforms, including Easypaisa, provide compatible bank accounts to make these types of transactions smooth.

    Good net banking providers, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), should have strong anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) controls in place. Controls to restrict access to user information and accounts, as well as robust logging, monitoring, and reporting tools are required. Strong private and communication channels, as well as regular users to update their PINs and never share their sensitive information (broadly-defined as their SSNs, bank accounts, and security challenges).

    Tips for a Smooth and Secure Transaction

    GuideMehelp emphasizes the following 4 tips for security and ease during any transaction with Easypaisa.

    1. Ensure your name and email address match exactly whether entering it digitally or verbally. This is an important measure to prevent fraud.
    2. If you plan to make a purchase involving meaningful sums, protect your payment information either by covering the card number and security pin with your hand (for in-person purchases) or keeping the information private and secure (for online purchases).
    3. Ensure that the login credentials are highly secure to prevent hackers or unauthorized users from accessing your payment information and making illegal transactions.
    4. For the additional security layer, verify the payment ID that is sent on your bank-issued ATM card’s screen, terminal or mobile device. This alerts you at the point of purchase if the cash register has been compromised.

    Use a Secure Internet Connection

    By making purchases on a secure network connection, you avoid the risk of personal data or financial information being stolen. Shockingly, a recent study found that 18.3% of consumers have experienced telephone billing fraud, according to the Consumer Sentinel Network’s 2020 data book. A secure connection will help prevent this.

    Secure Wi-Fi connections can be identified by their password requirement. If the connection requires a password, it is secure. Connections open to the public or with weaker security are marked as unsecure.

    Double Check Payment Details

    Double-check your payment details to ensure that all the information is accurate and that the purchase will process smoothly. Here are the details you will need to make sure are correct before confirming your purchase of Prime Plus in PUBG with EasyPaisa:

    1. Your daily or monthly subscription choice is correct
    2. The amount you are paying for is correct
    3. Your EasyPaisa phone number is correct
    4. Your EasyPaisa password is correct
    5. Your gift card details are correct (not required)

    If the payment details are correct, click “Confirm” to proceed with the payment. Confirmation may require an EasyPaisa PIN as part of their two-step authentication system. As long as the payment details are correct and the account has enough money to cover the transaction, the in-game purchase of PUBG’s Prime Plus subscription with EasyPaisa will then go through smoothly. If the payment details are incorrect, click “Cancel” and return to the payment details screen to correct them before confirming. A small fee will be charged. Make sure you have that value in your EasyPaisa wallet. Remember to use a secure and stable internet connection while conducting the transaction.

    Keep Your Easypaisa Account Secure

    To use Easypaisa successfully to purchase Prime Plus in PUBG, you must make sure your Easypaisa account is secure. Ensure the account is tied to your mobile number. Be careful as private information should not be shared on public forums and with random websites. According to Easypaisa, users should not set Easypaisa PIN similar to the mobile or CNIC number for security reasons. The PIN must ideally be hard for others to guess with a minimum of 6 characters. Reaching out to Easypaisa support to get blocked immediately if the account is being used suspiciously is advisable. Easypaisa also advertises a partnership with Cybernet to manage any issues.

    If your Easypaisa account is used by another person without your permission, at least immediately call the help line to have your account blocked to prevent any inappropriate transactions. Petroleum Division offers use of Easypaisa to avoid any payments in physical cash and hence try to keep the ID & purchase process quick and improve safety at retail petroleum outlets post-COVID-19 S.O.Ps. Moreover, Easypaisa app also offers Cash-in feature which allows customers to easily deposit cash at Easypaisa agents across the country.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Prime Plus in Pubg and how do I buy it with Easypaisa?

    Prime Plus is a subscription service in Pubg that offers exclusive rewards, discounts, and other benefits. To buy it with Easypaisa, follow these steps:

    2. Can I use Easypaisa to purchase Prime Plus for my friend’s account?

    Yes, you can use Easypaisa to buy Prime Plus for anyone’s Pubg account as long as you have their game ID.

    3. What are the benefits of buying Prime Plus in Pubg with Easypaisa?

    By purchasing Prime Plus with Easypaisa, you can enjoy discounted rates, exclusive rewards, and other perks such as free UC.

    4. Is it safe to use Easypaisa for buying Prime Plus in Pubg?

    Yes, Easypaisa is a secure and trusted payment method accepted in Pubg. Your personal and financial information will be protected.

    5. Can I cancel my Prime Plus subscription if I purchased it with Easypaisa?

    Yes, you can cancel your Prime Plus subscription at any time. However, keep in mind that you will not receive a refund for any remaining days in your subscription.

    6. Are there any additional charges for using Easypaisa to buy Prime Plus in Pubg?

    No, there are no additional charges for using Easypaisa to purchase Prime Plus in Pubg. You will only be charged the amount for the subscription.

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