Mastering Minecraft: Learn How to Repair a Bow in 6 Easy Steps

Do you enjoy the thrill of bow combat in Minecraft but find your trusty weapon in need of repair?

In this article, we will guide you through the materials needed to repair a bow, how to obtain them, and the step-by-step process to fix your bow.

We will explore alternative methods for bow repair and provide tips for maintaining your weapon’s durability.

Keep reading to ensure you’re always ready for battle in the world of Minecraft!

What Are the Materials Needed to Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

The materials needed to repair a bow in Minecraft are usually the same as it takes to craft a bow: 3 sticks and 3 strings. These items have to be placed in the repair slot of a player’s own crafting interface and then reordered the ways shown in the crafting recipe pattern for a bow in the upper-right slot of the crafting interface.

Assuming a 2 durability penalty per repair, repairing a bow with zero durability will cost 6 materials. For a bow which has fired once, it will cost roughly 3 materials. With the bow now repaired, its durability is now full once again and can be fired or broken and repaired again. Put anything into the repair slot of your crafting interface aside from a bow and sticks and strings and then close the slot multiple times until the correct materials appear.

If the Repairs form of the Grindstone enchantment is used on a bow, a player can repair a bow there at a single time over 100%. This means that should they have a Power/Flame/Punch bow with only one durability left which has low durability, it can get more than a durability rating. The bow can also be combined with fully repaired bows during a Anvil if the resulting bow power has no less than total 6 enchantment levels in its total for a Mending enchantment.

Crafting Table

A bow is repaired in Minecraft by using a crafting table, enchanted books, or another bow. The following materials are used to repair bows according to the following methods.

  1. One item of another bow repairs 25% of a bows max durability.
  2. Repairing a bow with 9 string in a crafting square restores the bows durability to maximum.
  3. One Enchanted Book of mending combines permanent durability of the base bow with increased enchantments from the enchanted book. Mending enchanted books are the only way to put the mending enchantment onto a bow. This method will not completely repair a bow if the bow is in the player’s main hand or if the bow is in the off-hand while mending. Experience orbs, which are purple-colored balls of light, are required to repair the item. The orbs will go away while the item is mended, but since it does not stack like with durability, the smallest quantity of mending will still require a lot of orbs.

By using Grindstones, players can remove unwanted enchantments or even combine enchantments. Each use removes one enchantment and also gives a small amount of experience back to the player. With anvil, when an enchanted book is placed into one slot and a bow in the other, the two items are combined to create an enchanted bow. New enchantments added to a tool will receive some experience orbs. This will add only the combined durability plus increase of enchantments to the item. But throughout the process, the enchanted bow would have to be placed in the player’s off-hand or main hand, thereby not allowing it to be completely mended.

  1. Replacing the targets on your reclaimed old crossbow so as to reduce damage against which the crossbow can be used
  2. With a new wooden board, replacing the stock of a reclaimed flintlock

The stock of the reclaimed flintlock is heavily damaged. In the case of this weapon, the stock is a central part of the lock mechanism whereby the primer ignition is transmitted. The new piece should fit well to fulfill this important additional function and provide a stable grip that helps ensure a good aim. Using steel screws to drill holes in the new limbs will help to secure them more solidly and can give you an appealing modern appearance too..

Wood Planks

The wood planks repair method is the cheapest and easiest, but it is also the least effective as it repairs only 2 durability points per item. To repair a bow with wooden planks, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your Crafting Table interface.
  2. Place the damaged bow in the first top-left slot.
  3. Place the Wooden Planks in the remaining slots.
  4. Proceed to the Crafting Table’s output slot on the right, and pick up the newly repaired bow.

There are five Minecraft wooden plank types, and all of them in addition to their three derived types (fences, walls, and slabs) can be used. To repair a bow made of the cheapest material, wooden oak planks, just a single piece is required.

2 (out of a maximum of 384) durability points repaired are worth in the following amounts of resources: 6 wooden oak planks (2 logs + 2 crafting steps), 8 spruce wood planks (2 logs + 2 crafting steps), 12 birch wood planks (2 logs + 2 crafting steps), 4 jungle wood planks (2 logs + 2 crafting steps), 8 acacia wood planks (2 logs + 2 crafting steps), and 12 dark oak planks (2 logs + 2 crafting steps).


String is obtained from grass, which means it is renewable from both wandering traders (up to two per trade) and used fishing lines. You can give two strings to a wandering trader, and in exchange, he will give you a fresh bow that is roughly 1/4th of the way toward repairing itself. This isn’t particularly cost-effective, but can be an option for players who frequently trade with wandering traders and have a stockpile of string.

For most players, the easiest way to get string is to kill spiders. They only have a 1/3 chance of dropping string, so you will have to kill roughly 12 spiders to get enough string to repair a bow. This relatively high cost means that the best sources of string are spider farms, such as the grinder at Gnembon’s modified quad spider farm, if you have one available.

How to Obtain the Materials Needed for Repairing a Bow?

The materials needed for repairing a bow in Minecraft varies depending on the method you choose. The main options are as follows:

  1. Combine it with another bow in a crafting table;
  2. Use an anvil to repair it with matching materials; or
  3. Use the Grindstone to combine one enchanted bow with another bow, which may also include combining it with one to offer a slight repair without enchantments.

Bows can be crafted from 3 sticks and 3 strings. They can be obtained either by killing almost all types of passive creatures, spiders, or strays. The exception is villagers and mobs created by spawn eggs or mods which generally do not drop bows.

Crafting a Crafting Table

  1. A crafting table is used to combine items into more complex, useful items, or to convert complex items into simpler items.
  2. All new players in Minecraft get a crafting table, which is also available in the creative inventory for gameplay.
  3. For crafters that do not have one in their possession, four wooden planks of any type of wood can be used to create a crafting table as shown by the image.
  4. New players in Minecraft start with one.

Obtaining Wood Planks

A third and quite straightforward way to repair a bow in Minecraft is by utilizing any type of two wooden blocks and getting a plank of wood.

Grind any tree till it drops a wood block, which can generally be found after 5 to 10 strikes with an axe. Press the Furnace button to open the furnace window. Drag the wooden material from your hot bar to the oven grid. Place one bow into an empty area of the primary craft area.

A plank will appear to the right. Drag the plank of wood into your own stock after you’ve repaired your bow.

Gathering String from Spiders

String can be obtained by killing spiders in the daytime when they detect your presence.

In more traditional Minecraft settings, spiders can be located in the dark, particularly in naturally-generating caves and abandoned mine shafts. This means that cave exploring is also an alternative to expand your material inventory after you have used up all your current resources. That said, because of the large number of dangerous creatures in Minecraft caves that can easily occupy the same space as Tom, we would recommend finding another way to gather the necessary resources, for Tom’s personal safety.

In Minecraft Earth, you can use a Spawn Egg to create spiders in the daytime on an easily accessible rooftop and try to farm them by securing string with a higher success rate of never-ending spiders.

Steps to Repair a Bow in Minecraft

These are the steps to repair a bow in Minecraft:

  1. Select Anvil block from the toolbar
  2. Once constructed, open the Anvil
  3. Locate the Bow which will be in the player’s Inventory, in Equipment Slots, or in the Hotbar
  4. Click on the Bow, then click on the output slot
  5. Select and place Arcane Tomes on the Anvil (if using enchanted items), or other Bows (if using non-enchanted items) in the second slot
  6. Once the cost for fixing the bow appears in the output slot after placing desired items in the second slot, click on the bow. The cost is measured in Experience and the amount is mentioned in the output slot. The cost is deducted from the player’s Experience after the repair
  7. Take the Repaired Bow from the Anvil
  8. Exit the Anvil. The Repaired Bow is now ready

To repair a bow in Minecraft, you have to place it and another damaged bow in the Anvil. The Anvil will now tell you the cost in experience points of the repair job. If you have enough experience points, the bow on the right side will be combined with the bow on the left to produce a new bow which is the combination of features you liked in both or which is new if both are damaged bows.

Place the Crafting Table

The main step to repair a bow in Minecraft is to extract its components. To perform this activity, you need to first put down your crafting table. Simply press E if you are a PC player or the bottom button on mobile to access your inventory, and drag your bow and crafting table into the empty boxes of a 2×2 matrix, then remove it back into your inventory. A bow and string are the components that you can use to repair the bow. Generally, it is cheaper to produce a new bow, but if it has additional qualities that you find valuable, then give it a try post-repair. Regardless, the weapon repair option will now include the bow.

Open the Crafting Menu

The second step in repairing a bow in Minecraft is to open the crafting menu. You can do this by right-clicking on a crafting table block.

The crafting menu consists of a two-by-two crafting grid where players can arrange items in a pattern that mirrors those of the different types of items available in Minecraft. To repair a bow, you will drop the bow needing repair into any of the crafting squares. You then drag or shift-click an identical bow into the square the damaged bow is occupying. You now have a bow that is the sum of durability of the identical two bows minus one (assuming that both are the same durability).

In the crafting menu, you can also enrich or enchant bows. Once a bow is shiny from the enchanting process, that is a clear sign that it is enchanted and you cannot add any further enchantments. The most efficient way to repair enchanted bows is to combine two bows and thereby save one of your unique enchants from both bows. Players often keep an expensive-to-enchant bow with one good enchant and several low-quality bows that are combined to repair them.

Checkpoint 2Find or Create Crafting Menu. You will need two identical bows.

Arrange the Materials

Arrange the materials for Minecraft bow repair. You need to go to the enchantment table to see if you have any enchanted bows and compare them to your damaged bow. Without breaking gold or stone pickaxes into pieces, unequipped enchanted bows are rare. You can easily check by clicking the bow in your hotbar, which is the quick-select row at the bottom of the screen. When the item is displayed, you can see atall of the enchanted effects on it. If the number at the bottom left of the square shows xx durability, where xx represents the maximum durability, you know it has never been used.

The most basic bow in Minecraft needs to be created from three parts. The 3 crafting grids are common to all shapes of a 22 durability bow, which can last for 385 shots. If you do not have the three sticks, you can make those from any type of wood, including roots and the wood dropped by the avenger adversary.

The 2 materials required for a stronger bow reinforce its ability to fire farther with simply an optional glow. The bow starting durability is determined by each type of material and what gives the bow extra powers. In some instances, enchantments might be able to help a bow.

However at most, the levels for the bow of Flame and Power are each limited because they are mutually exclusive. To find out the performance impact of numerous Looks, explore HayzeNinja’s topic about Minecraft’s top 10 enchanted archery combos. (2022, January 25), and to obtain assistance in collaborating internationally, visit their links.

Repair the Bow

If you have the items necessary to repair your item and the ability to do so, simply move the undamaged item to the middle square of the 3×3 crafting window. Enter your map’s name and, then click on the arrow that outputs a bow called Advanced Bow. If the bow’s durability has been reduced significantly, this alternative may help.

Upon receiving a bow with a random enchantment of mending, combine it in your crafting window with the damaged bow. The damaged bow regains some of its durability when this happens. If you have enough bow repair kits and min-bows, and if the ability exceeds the durability of the target bow, then the kits are the most useful.

They can be purchased for 300 credits in Windows 10 or on mobile phone operating systems from the author Minecraft. Web pages such as Minecraft 101 provide test kits to identify and situated where a system is required with the amount of string and wood in Minecraft.

Be sure to update when you are logged in to maintain your advancement and get your credits. Right-click to access the attached ender dragon head on any bow. Endurance Bow, Advanced Bow, Swift Bow, or any other available feature can be utilized to deplete health more rapidly by doing so.

It may be a better decision in some circumstances even though its available usage is declining rapidly. Instead of permitting the bow to break and incur higher costs to repair, remove the mending bow from the secondary slot on the anvil and add it again.

Alternative Ways to Repair a Bow in Minecraft

The following are alternative ways to repair a bow in Minecraft. They do not involve an anvil and follow the standard methods. These are the materials needed to repair a bow in Minecraft and their associated repair costs according to the method you choose.

  1. Wooden Bows (Crafting Table)
  2. Bows and an Expensive Repair Cost (Grindstone)
  3. Using Bows and Either a Lesser Expensive Repair Cost or Partially Repairing a Bow (Crafting Table then Grindstone then Crafting Table)

Enchanting the Bow with Mending

Mending is the most reliable way to keep a bow from breaking. Using the Enchanting Table or an Anvil with an Enchanted Book on a bow will randomly grant either Unbreaking or Mending. One only needs a single piece of Experience (EXP or XP) points to heal the bow while these enchantments are active.

An enchanted bow with Mending has a higher probability of being repaired than one with Unbreaking. Mending is utilized at a piece for each hit while Unbreaking is used for every action performed. So as harsh as it may seem, one could say that Mending is the best way to repair a bow during combat.

Combining Two Damaged Bows

  1. Collect at least two bows. You want a spare to combine with the one you want to repair.
  2. Open an anvil. No additional materials are required for this step, but you must have the levels to cover the cost of the repair.
  3. Select the damaged bow from the weapon slot. The more damaged bow should be placed in this slot.
  4. Select an undamaged bow (costs equal levels as the cost of the original repairs).
  5. Collect the repaired bow. Diamond, Netherite, and enchantments will all be combined onto this bow.

Combat a bow by adding any two used bows together. You can even combine bows of different types or combine with tridents, though then you lose enchants altogether.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bow in Minecraft

Maintaining your bow in Minecraft relies on getting the best enchantments you can to reduce the frequency at which it needs repair. The following are my tips for maintaining your bow in Minecraft.

  1. Use Infinity and Mending Enchantments: The Mending and Infinity enchantments must be obtained in the beginning to maximize the bow’s lifespan. As long as the player has the proper XP levels, the Mending enchantment on a bow would allow for infinite bow repairs. The Infinity enchantment, when combined with a Mending enchanted book kept in the offhand, means your bow will never run too low to repair, as additional bows are able to be mended. These enchantments can only be placed on a bow when it is brand new.
  2. Fortune Enchantment for Bow Repair: The Fortune enchantment applies a percentage-based chance for rarer item drops when an equipped tool is used. If an enchanted book is obtained with the Fortune enchantment, players have the option to enchant it with a used or even broken bow. This will increase player chances of reclaiming the neccesary items (mainly string that repairs bows) and not lose the better parts of their weapon in the Minecraft world upon repairs.

Avoid Using the Bow as a Melee Weapon

Minecraft does not show visible damage bars for tools and weapons, so players often do not know how much damage a tool has taken. Thus, to prolong the life and effectiveness of a tool, one should not use it excessively outside of its intended function.

The default function of the bow in Minecraft is as a ranged weapon, but the game allows the bow to be used as a short-range melee weapon. This is less efficient than using a sword. Tools, weapons, and and especially for armor lose effectiveness and take damage if used in the wrong way frequently. Using the bow does not deal additional damage i.e., it deals the same harm to opponents inhabitants of Minecraft world regardless of whether used as a distance tool or as a weak melee weapon.

Use Unbreaking Enchantment

Alternatively, if you have difficulty keeping a mending bow repaired, try using unbreaking on your bows. Although the probability is still random, any mending-wielding tool having both mending and unbreaking enchantments means the tool is more probable to repair itself as opposed to take up durability points.

The level of Unbreaking determines the percentage of the time it will avoid taking durability points when the random test is made.

Keep an Eye on Durability

Previously mentioned but worth reiterating is that up to 10% of max durability bars can overlap in order to repair a bow in Minecraft. Being below the 10% threshold means that the damaged bow can utilize anywhere from 1 to 3 of up to the repair pool’s current 6 (possibly more with a grindstone) item limit in order to restore to full durability. Concurrently, once the bow has maxed out all the overlapping durability bars at the base item’s durability (64 for a wooden bow, 384 for diamond tool), it will stop utilizing additional items even if they have one. Max durability can be determined by doing simple division to the tool’s item name damage value (e.g., bow damage values are all out of 385). Additionally, equipment with Unbreaking enchantments will repair other overlapping bars ahead of the unbreaking bar, so a partially repaired tool with Unbreaking’s “+” feature is more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

To repair a bow in Minecraft, you will need an anvil and materials such as another bow or string.

How do I use an anvil to repair my bow?

Place your damaged bow in the first slot of the anvil and the material you want to use for repairing in the second slot. Then, click on the anvil to repair your bow.

Can I use any material to repair my bow?

Yes, you can use another bow or string to repair your bow. However, using a bow will only repair a small amount, while using string will fully repair it.

How do I get string to repair my bow?

You can get string by killing spiders or breaking cobwebs. You can also craft string using nine pieces of string.

How can I see the durability of my bow?

To see the durability of your bow, hover over it in your inventory. The number below the bow icon represents its durability, with a higher number meaning it is in better condition.

Is there a way to repair a bow without using an anvil?

No, an anvil is the only way to repair a bow in Minecraft. However, you can also combine two damaged bows on a crafting table to repair them.

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