Unlocking Immortality: Mastering Valorant’s Secrets

If you’re a fan of the popular tactical shooter game Valorant, you know that staying alive and achieving immortality in the game is crucial for success.

This article explores the different ways to achieve immortality in Valorant, the benefits of being immortal, strategies to stay alive, tips to improve your aim, and common mistakes that can lead to your demise.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these tips will help you dominate the battlefield and become a force to be reckoned with in Valorant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immortality in Valorant can be achieved through various ways, such as using agent abilities and effective positioning.
  • Communication, proper aim, and avoiding common mistakes like overextending and not checking corners can significantly increase your chances of staying alive in Valorant.
  • To improve your aim in Valorant, practice in the shooting range, adjust your sensitivity and crosshair placement, and learn from watching professional players.
  • What Is Valorant?

    Valorant is a 5v5 First Person Shooter (FPS) game launched by game developer Riot Games in 2020. The game is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), combining the strategies of the objectives and agent characters of Overwatch, combat, in-game purchasing, and economic management.

    The goal is to plant a device (the Spike) as the attacking side, while the defenders take up positions to prevent it from detonating. The majority of characters possess various abilities, so the game is not based solely on gunplay.

    Valorant is a free-to-play game and received Mixed or Average Reviews according to the gameplay aggregator Metacritic, with an aggregate player score of 5.5/10.

    What Is Immortality in Valorant?

    Immortality in Valorant is the ability of the agent Yoru to be unkillable when using his ultimate ability Dimensional Drift. Simultaneously, the term expanded to refer to any top performer in a game of Valorant who is difficult to kill and who significantly outperforms the level of other players. To actually be unkillable in Valorant, an agent must deploy their veiler known as an Ultimate Ability, which is charged by a player’s performance during a match. In a tactical FPS like Valorant, using an ultimate that makes you invulnerable to outmaneuver the enemy is in a way the epitome of hard counterplay as it makes you very hard to predict and target.

    From a competitive perspective, ScreaM offers a simple rule of thumb for people seeking new heroes to use in Valorant. People are free to use who or which hero they want Guys should watch pros play and then think, okay I want to be this guy or have a playstyle like him, then just go play and learn from that. Benefiting from his experience so as not to stress too much outleveling opponents.

    What Are the Different Ways to Achieve Immortality in Valorant?

    The different ways to achieve immortality in Valorant are by being selected as a card in an Episode Player Card, appearing in the History of Kingdoms anime series, or being memorialized digitally on a Graffiti art piece in Valorant maps. Players selected for an Episode Player Card are given the card for free and get to see it in their profile lineup during a scene they are a part of in the radar detective universe. The selection is made via an application form available during runs of a series, and Riot members choose who is included based on the story’s development.

    Graffiti art immortals are players who were selected by the community to be digitally immortalized in Valorant with artpieces created by members of the community. They do not receive any form of compensation and are not informed upon creation. To achieve graffiti immortality, some or all of the other types of immortality are necessary beforehand. Four of the immortals earned their place after obtaining one of the special badge pieces given to members of the Fantaray tribe. Another immortal was eligible for this form after also being selected for an Episode Player Card. Reaching the edepaodvipxunofvipxuegod level in chessboxing and achieving five and six card combos respectively are the most surefire ways to achieve the graffiti form of immortality.

    What Are the Benefits of Being Immortal in Valorant?

    The benefits of being immortal in Valorant include the ability to improve skills by training at a higher level, networking with higher-tiered players, higher status within the larger Valorant community, the capacity to impress friends and get potential recruits, and of course greater respect for their impressive graffitied splattergun tag on the leaderboard. According to Estelle Heonsäo, a competitive mobile and PC shooter player and streamer known as Witchtroll, Immortal is a possible last stop for players intending to increase their rank. Further improvement can only be achieved by entering the top 0,5% of players in Radiant. This means that matchmaking begins to struggle at the top tier, with players of various ranks playing together.

    Semit Philan, a competitive African esports player in CS: GO, VALORANT, and APEX is tempted to improve his rank. User Review C R A D O R says he is really close to immortal and plans to improve his rank. For these reasons, being immortal is the best rank in the game for most players. Read more about the benefits of being immortal on the Techsounded blog.

    What Are the Strategies to Stay Alive in Valorant?

    The following are strategies to stay alive in Valorant from in-game performance elements such as crosshair placement and game awareness to behavioral and analytics-based elements.

    1. Assume the next corner has an enemy and position yourself accordingly. The best way to stay alive in Valorant is to engage the enemy on your terms and from your advantageous position. If you wait until you are close to a sensory input that you need, you have waited too long.
    2. He who sees the enemy first, kills the enemy. Element six of the Crosshair Watcher’s guide. Activator, predominant destination, corners, chokes, and the most likely positions all determine where you need your crosshairs to be slightly off the wall or floor as you move through a level.
    3. Take as little damage as possible, even if this means conceding space. The first element of Spiker’s guide concentrates on corners but it is more general than that. At its heart, it’s about being efficient. Engaging an enemy in a shooting match, when they have an advantage is not efficient.
    4. Peek corners quickly and efficiently with as much information as possible. The fifth element of the Crosshair Watcher’s guide.
    5. Develop a game sense. Know the most likely positions an enemy could be located so the information you get from your senses is confirming a presumption you already know to be likely.
    6. Download a recording program for post-tournament or post-game review. Recognize inefficiencies, limitations, and sub-optimal tendencies showing remarkable consistency over time? You can then drill these in practice in a targeted manner.
    7. Listen for auditory cues.
    8. Minimize exposure and control your vision to where you are most likely to find an enemy.
    9. Team with the right agent skills. Selecting agents whose abilities enhance the chances of your survival is critical.
    10. Utilize the Buddy System. Always play with at least one other person.

    Use Cover and Positioning Effectively

    Riot’s description of immortality in Valorant refers to improving the agent’s effectiveness by manipulating agents’ movement, area control, and positioning. Both movement and area control are vital in increasing the life expectancy of an agent. Regardless, proper agent positioning is as important as movement as it provides them with the chance to take control of their agent when they get caught. Utilize cover by strafing behind it when an agent has low health, and utilize positioning by creating a safe distance to enable healing abilities to take effect or creating sufficient space to enable fighting off attackers more effectively.

    Communicate with Your Teammates

    Only one of the developers’ Yoru strategies linked above suggests the importance of communication during a match, but it is really key to using Yoru properly as one will see in more current youtube videos about how Yoru is used. One can exercise the ability to be immortal – by surviving during a match, by letting a high value agent like Sage revive you, or by winning the round despite certain death – based on the information provided by teammates on enemy positions and intentions.

    Utilize Agent Abilities

    Utilize agent abilities for a guide on how to be effectively immortal in Valorant. Each agent in Valorant has 4 unique abilities. These abilities can aid in minimizing damage taken, acquiring information, dealing damage to opponents, and overall making the player’s presence more daunting in the eyes of their opponent. The best use of agent abilities to achieve a high level of survivability in Valorant is through their use as escape utilities, outplay abilities, and impact damage tools.

    There are no agent abilities that work to achieve immortality in and of themselves. Having access to the Skye Regrowth ability or bringing you back in time like Tracer from Overwatch would be too overpowered. That’s why the game has a combination of elements that must be brought to life to be immortal in the game. And when used in the right way at the right time under the right circumstances, they are effective in keeping a player alive. Here is a brief explanation of the top 3 methods which are specific to certain agents, which will help you understand how to utilize their respective tools.

    How to Improve Your Aim in Valorant?

    You can improve your aim in Valorant by playing more Deathmatch rather than the main or unranked games. Deathmatch is a match type where players fade into a map, kill all enemies you find, then respawn after you are killed. Deathmatch greatly improves the sensitivity and aiming accuracy of a player. It also generalizes them to all types of weaponry by giving you the opportunity to try weapons that are randomized in each round while simultaneously sharpening your skills.

    Practice in the Shooting Range

    To be immortal in Valorant, there is no simpler nor more meaningful step than to practice in the shooting range. Every player in Valorant plays the shooting range when they start the game. Pros play like they’re in the shooting range all the time with split-second shots and movements akin to dodging swarms of bullets. Practice in the shooting range is instrumental to improving one’s aiming skills and the ability to get those instant shots in order to become immortal in Valorant.

    There are a number of focusing exercises that can improve player skills throughout the shooting range. These include tracking the bots moving along the field while shooting, training the player’s flick aiming capabilities to give them alternatives to tracking and shooting, and controlling full-auto and burst guns. Beyond these exercises, practicing smokes, flashes, pellets, mollys, and running jump shots is crucial in order to become immortal in Valorant.

    Since its launch, Valorant has been benefiting from regularly released update packages that eliminate bugs, introduce new features and address common players’ needs. Among the most beneficial features introduced by these updates is a feature called XRONA Lite Version. This allows players to access a range of activation services and micro profile services, thereby allowing the game to run more smoothly by eliminating jerks and maximizing device performance. Make sure to remain aware of new features such as XRONA and other Valorant tools and services as they are introduced to help you move one step closer to becoming immortal in Valorant.

    Adjust Your Sensitivity and Crosshair Placement

    Sensitivity settings in the crosshair placement when scoped in should be familiar enough that you can make the necessary body adjustments without overshooting. You can find the right settings by following other successful players but ultimately you know your own muscle memory best. Keeping your crosshairs at head level is the best way to hold common angles according to the article on Valorant’s problem with peeker’s advantage by journalist Alina Sotula. Keep crosshair placement central to the screen when not looking at somewhere specific to shorten your reaction time, but move the crosshairs away from center in order to shorter your reaction time.

    Watch and Learn from Professional Players

    Professional Valorant players know the game at an extremely high level and regularly use new techniques to successfully defeat their opponents. One of the best channels to watch for professional Valorant content is the Esportsland Youtube channel. The channel covers news from a variety of games, including Fortnite, CSGO, CoD, LoL, Overwatch, and of course, Valorant. This video from the Esportsland channel highlights 3 superhuman Korean professional Valorant players, all the agents they use, and provides game highlights from Foxes Brinks, Damwon Ga, and Team Secret.

    Teams and organizations with talented professional Valorant squads worth frequently watching are TSM, Cloud9, Sentinels, Version1, Vision Strikers, Gambit, and Team Liquid. You can find them playing in low and mid-tier leagues to farm experience which many times directly applies to high-tier realities. You may even see some teams from local competitions in your region shine with professional level plays since limits are often just social and economic rather than actually based on real competitive potential.

    What Are the Common Mistakes That Lead to Death in Valorant?

    Common mistakes that lead to death in Valorant include bad crosshair placement, peeking too much, getting shot while moving, making too much noise, and not checking corners. These are some of the most common mistakes that players make when playing Valorant.

    Crosshairs: When aiming at an opponent, players should always be aware of head height to adjust the crosshair position properly and smoothly to avoid having to aim downwards or upwards while engaging with an opponent. Similarly, fixing the crosshair positions at corners and predicted pathways will give players first-shooter advantage when tackling opposition.

    Peeking: Peeking corners to check for opponents should always be tactful and done in bursts with timing to maximize cover. It is one of the biggest factors that affect a player’s survivability in Valorant.

    Moving: Walking instead of running (except for quicker positions) is recommended because movement noise can give an opponent’s position information. Running is also recommended only when a player knows that there is no enemy present to exploit the noise they are making. Players can walk or crouch to minimize risk and moving noise when unsure of the enemy’s presence.

    Corners: Checking corners means keeping an eye out for enemy movement before proceeding into a new room or situation. It can greatly increase how protected or opportunistic a player is, giving them an idea of what actions to take when engaging with the opponent.

    Playing immortally in Valorant involves paying close attention to preventing these common mistakes. This means making sure opponents are at eye level and have enough cover when peeking, minimizing movement noise, and regularly checking corners.

    Overextending and Isolating Yourself

    Overextending is the act of crossing too far into enemy territory. This occurs when you leave your team trying to take points and frag enemies. Overextending is different from flanking but often leads to the same result of being isolated and getting taken out. It is often done by smurf players or professionally trained players who are attempting to use it as an offensive tactic to distract or eliminate strategic defensive layers or to surprise flank attack the opponent team. Amusingly, smurfing can actually make one immortal as they are smurfing in lower ranks with other imbalanced pro players who are used to this banned competitive gaming environment or robots.

    Isolating yourself means getting away from your team members so far that you have no cover when attacked by an enemy from any direction. Isolating could happen by accident or by not staying close enough to the team to give support when needed against an enemy onslaught. For example, on the Bind map, Phoenix getting separated when peeking Hookah / Garden from U-Hall. Isolating yourself regularly will seriously diminish your ability to learn what strategies/color combos are working and put you at a higher risk of getting taken out by the enemy team while on the attack.

    The opposite of overextending and isolating yourself is definitely the key to being immortal in Valorant. The best players know how to strike a balance between attacking the enemy while keeping their movements strategic and maintaining presence in supportive locations for optimal team support. This will be the most difficult to master and know when to push up or when to fall back. This balance in a team will make it time-consuming and nearly impossible for the opposing team to defeat your team and take over the battlefield.

    Not Checking Corners and Angles

    Checking corners and angles is essential in Valorant, although it is not the only element of winning in the game. Over time, players can become confident in their Weapons, maps, and abilities. Corners and angles must still be checked as careless play leads to unnecessary advancement of opponents.

    There are three common mistakes players make that can make it difficult to check corners and angles. Mistake number one is to run with the knife out. Running while holding a knife boosts movement speed by 50%. But players should always have their rifles or pistols out to be prepared to shoot if any opponents are found. Mistake number two is not to be ready for jumping. Players must be prepared to shoot if opponents are jumping as players have reduced health mobility as they jump and it is harder for them to aim.

    The third mistake is to be aiming too high and not checking corners and angles. Players should always be aiming slightly downward when moving to be ready for quickly checking a corner or angle should an opponent be present.

    Not Managing Economy and Buying Wisely

    Players can be immortal in Valorant if they are not managing economy and buying properly. While participating in early rounds, players who spend their funds unwisely and do not manage their spending will be immortal in Valorant. Saving up for the full shield and weapon buy during crucial rounds can turn the game around.

    According to Valorant stat tracker blitz.gg’s Chrizz Playz, the following weapon buying guide is one of the best ways for players to manage the economy and win rounds in Valorant:

    • Light shield: Do not buy when you will be buying the next round
    • Shotgun, Judge, Classic Pistol: Inexpensive weapons to use when the economy is bad or to build economy when the opponent is low on funds.
    • Ghost, Sheriff, Stinger, Spectre: ideal if you have the money (with or without the shield) and want to buy the next round.
    • Bulldog, Guardian, Bucky: Optimal with the shield and other essentials. A good mix of price and firepower.
    • Phantom, Vandal, Operator: Strong weapons, even without armor, with sufficient money.
    • Ares, Odin: Not recommended except for fun and ruining the enemy team’s happiness by *HOLOSPRAYING* the entire map.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does it mean to be immortal in Valorant?
    Being immortal in Valorant refers to achieving the highest rank in the game, known as “Immortal.” This rank is reserved for the top players who have achieved a high level of skill and consistency in the game.

    2. How can I increase my chances of becoming immortal in Valorant?
    To become immortal in Valorant, you need to consistently perform well in ranked matches. This means having a high win rate, earning a high kill/death ratio, and contributing to your team’s success.

    3. Is it possible to become immortal in Valorant without a team?
    While it is not impossible to become immortal in Valorant without a team, it is highly recommended to have a consistent and skilled team to play with. This will make it easier to communicate and strategize effectively during matches.

    4. What are some tips for improving my skills in Valorant?
    To improve your skills in Valorant, it is important to practice consistently and analyze your gameplay. Watch tutorials and guides, study maps, and experiment with different agents and weapons to find your strengths and weaknesses.

    5. How important is communication in becoming immortal in Valorant?
    Communication is crucial in any competitive game, and Valorant is no exception. Good communication with your team can lead to better coordination and execution of strategies, ultimately increasing your chances of becoming immortal.

    6. Are there any specific agents or play styles that can help me become immortal in Valorant?
    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming immortal in Valorant. However, some agents and play styles may suit certain players better. Experiment with different agents and play styles to find what works best for you and your team.

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