Unlock the Ultimate Gift: How to Gift Pubg Royal Pass with UC

Are you a fan of Pubg and looking to gift a Royal Pass to a friend or loved one?

This article explores what Pubg is, what a Royal Pass entails, and the benefits of having one. We also discuss how to purchase UC in Pubg, the different payment options available, and how much UC costs.

Delve into the steps for gifting a Royal Pass, redeeming a gifted pass, and get some tips for gifting in Pubg. Let’s get started!

What Is Pubg?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game (ROYAL) where hundreds of players with nothing land on an island and fight to the death until only one player remains. The game was developed and published by the PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Krafton, formerly known as Bluehole.

PUBG was first released on the kinds of devices people make with paper in March 2017, with subsequent releases on Windows and Xbox. Its immense popularity soon led to adaptations for other platforms and consoles. The mobile version, PUBG Mobile, is developed and published by Chinese game maker Tencent, and quickly surpassed the original in terms of users and revenue. To broaden its appeal to families, Krafton developed a gooder-t, bloodless version called PUBG New State. The game draws inspiration from the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, which was directed by Kinji Fukasaku and is based on a story by Koushun Takami.

What Is a Royal Pass in Pubg?

The PUBG Mobile Royal Pass (often misspelled as PUBG Mobile Royal Pass) is the name for the Season Passes in PUBG Mobile. When the game app updates with a new season, players receive a new Royal Pass that can be upgraded to Elite for additional in-game rewards like emotes, clothing items, weapon skins, and other items which can be used in the game. The Royal Pass costs between 600 and 1,800 Unknown Cash (UC).

How to Buy Royal Pass in PUBG?

To buy a Royal Pass in PUBG, navigate to the Elite Upgrade or Royale Pass from the in-game store menu. You can use UC (Unknown Cash) to upgrade the Elite Royale Pass to receive additional benefits such as exclusive emotes and clothing items and weapon skins and other items which can be used for gameplay. Royale Pass membership is linked to PUBG account and gives the user the option to purchase the Royale pass or Elite Royale pass the following time at the time of the next season update.

To buy the PUBG Royal Pass you have to follow the below steps. Open PUBG on your device. How to purchase Royal Pass in PUBG PlusGo to the Lobby screen by clicking the bottom-middle icon first in the top-of-the-screen menu, and then on the screen that pops up. Click the Get 600 UC button on the screen that opens. The Royale Pass Elite Upgrade will cost 600 UC. Purchase it along with the rest of the process associated with purchasing on the store screen that opens after the UC purchase. Payment can be made with a number of systems including credit cards, G-Cash, and other money transfer apps. After the transaction, the membership passes the activated and renewed once for Elite Royal pass user or redeemed for Royale Pass users. For most players to acquire the necessary UC, they will have to spend money.

PUBG Royal Pass Pricing

  • 70 UC costs $0.99
  • 600 UC costs $9.99
  • 1800 UC costs $29.99
  • 6000 UC costs $100
  • 13,500 UC costs $249.99

What Are the Benefits of Having a Royal Pass?

The benefits of having a Royal Pass is that it grants more access to a variety of clothes, skins for weapons, and avatars. The indirect benefit is that it provides exciting content players can share on thrilling YouTube and Twitch videos, which itself can contribute to the number of subscribers and financial benefit. It also offers opportunities to capture rare moments through emoticons and poses that players can display in their respective asocial media.

How to Purchase UC in Pubg?

UC is a virtual currency that is only purchased through the Pubg Mobile game. UC cannot be purchased off the Pubg Mobile platform or through other vendors. UC is not free for users who paid for a Royal Pass. The only way to purchase them is by using the money stored in a user’s Google Play Store (Android) or Apple iTunes (iOS) account. UC can be purchased in various amounts, and users receive bonus UC depending on the original purchase price.

What Are the Different Payment Options for UC?

UC, or Unknown Cash, is directly purchased with cash through the official PUBG Mobile app as well as through authorized websites such as Codashop. Note that UC is only for in-game purchases. Other methods include using a UC generator, but PUBG does not support these activities and they are not recommended. For gifting the PUBG Mobile Royal Pass, either Google Play or Apple store credit can be gifted for different UC amounts.

How Much Does UC Cost?

UC stands for Unknown Cash and is an in-game virtual currency for PUBG Mobile. UC is an essential buying tool in PUBG Mobile used to purchase Elite Pass, Elite Pass Plus, and Elite Royale Passes. UC can also be used to purchase crates, purchase skins, and to modify certain things such as name changes.

The Normal Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile costs 600 UC. The standard Elite Pass is available for 600 UC. The Elite Pass Plus plan comes for 1800 UC. The UC for PUBG Mobile can be bought in several predetermined price ranges such as $10 for 600 UC, $20 for 1,200 UC, $36 for 2,100 UC and $100 for 6,000 UC.

How to Gift a Royal Pass in Pubg?

  • To gift a Royal Pass to the original locutor and their friends in Pubg, ask them to download or update Billing Libary Pubg Mobile.
  • Once installed, open the billing library and tap “Gift to friends“. Both the sender and the receiver should open the same screen in their pubg profiles.
  • The sender selects the pass to gift in the store and makes the payment. The UC will be deducted from the sender, and their friend will receive the gift in their PUBG ID account.

What Are the Steps to Gift a Royal Pass?

The steps to gift a Royal Pass for UC in PUBG to a friend include asking the friend if he wants a Royal Pass. If the friend says yes, the giver can go to his PUBG profile and click “RP Voucher” at the bottom of the screen under the RP header. The giver then selects the Royal Pass option, enters the friend’s character ID, pays the price of the pass, and clicks “OK”. The user’s application may have a different process to gift Royal Passes and the giver should consult the instructions.

Royal Passes are planned to be gifted, but not activated until the current pass in use is over. However, making a purchase for a future date is currently impossible as a gifting pass can only be activated when the giver has a current active pass.

Can You Gift a Royal Pass to Someone Who Already Has One?

From the inner workings of PUBG Mobile to corporate communications regarding its plans for the future, we have found no evidence that a player is able to gift a Royal Pass reward to a player who already has one.

Since there is no formal way laid out by the game’s creators for either PUBG Mobile or Google Play to give the same pass twice in the same season, there is no way to gift a Royal Pass in PUBG with UC specifically when that person is known to already have one.

For someone who is looking for alternatives, one easy way is to give out an Apple Store or Google Play gift card in the amount of the $10 or more necessary to purchase UC. Make it into a personalized letter talking about why they deserve the royal pass. There is even an application – Alua Messenger – that lets you make e-cards to attach to your gift. Another possibility -ticket platform Atom Tickets immediately gives you a barcode that can be shared online and will serve as a “digital giftcard.” Attach it to a witty poem and send it over. An old fashioned prepaid Visa card or Paypal money pool linked back to the giver is also an option. It is not as exciting, but the recipient will appreciate the freedom of using the funds as they feel appropriate.

For those intent on making an in-game statement, the Garena Free Fire game does have a “gift” feature that gives you the power to buy special or rare items for your friends. Unlike in PUbg, a feature specifically designed for gifting exists. Players wishing to back a friend who says they want to go together should seek gaming dates and maybe tournaments on Free fire. The rewards earned should pay for a PUBG pass.

Is There a Limit to How Many Royal Passes Can Be Gifted?

There is no clear limit on how many Royal Passes can be gifted. PUBG Mobile itself does not have a hard limit to how many Royal Pass can be gifted, but it does set a limit on the number of purchases a user can make. The stipulation at the time of the answer is that up to 5 Royal Pass subscriptions can be given or received each season.

As with the past, they can be gifted to any user as long as the Royal Pass costs are covered. The Prime subscription and Elite upgrade requirements do not change whether receiving as a gift or purchasing for themselves. However, if the recipient already has the highest-tiered pass and is gifted a lower-tiered pass, they will not be able to redeem it.

Keep in mind there is no secret mode to gift yourself a Royal Pass in PUBG, so the transactions must happen legitimately. Whether transactions take place in the PUBG game or are arranged on third-party trading websites, it is always important to remain cautious about who you trust. So, why to wait and gift yourself a royal pass?

How to Redeem a Gifted Royal Pass?

If someone gifts you a Royal Pass or ID Number to do so, you can click on the invitation link they provide to buy the pass. After receiving an ID number or the card, visit this menu on the PUBG Mobile app home screen and click on the Your Invitation Code tab. PUBG will ask for an ID invitation code, which is when the user should insert the 10-digit code there. Press the Yes button and the user will automatically get directed to the app’s popup page.

What Are the Steps to Redeem a Gifted Royal Pass?

The steps for the recipient of a gifted ROYAL PASS to redeem that pass are as follows:

  1. The user must open PUBG Mobile application on the mobile device. The pass can be unlocked on Android and iOS devices.
  2. Go to the Royal Pass option at the left bottom corner of the screen, next to the shop button.
  3. Log in to their PUBG Mobile account and select the Royal Pass they received as a gift.
  4. The user then needs to enter the ACTIVATION PIN they received with the gift pass. The activation pin is an or and letter combination unique to the card that lets the system know it has been unlocked.
  5. After entering the activation pin, the user will be taken to the UC store where they will have begun the purchase process for the Royal Pass that matches the one that has been gifted to them. The cost, in this case, is zero! Users will receive a confirmation email and notification after successfully redeeming their Royale Pass gift card.

If the recipient does not have an activation pin that is entered during the purchase process, the recipient will not receive the gifted Royal Pass.

Are There Any Restrictions for Redeeming a Gifted Royal Pass?

Yes, there are restrictions for redeeming a gifted royal pass in PUBG. The timing of the player’s current royal pass is the most notable restriction. If the player has already purchased a royal pass and the season has already started, the player is unable to activate a gifted royal pass until the purchased pass expires, PÜBG will only show the season as Available. Players must wait to activate their gifted royal pass at such a time. Other restrictions include payment providers. This screenshot at the right shows that only players from India can redeem a gift, it is possible that only players in other countries can redeem them.

What Are Some Tips for Gifting a Royal Pass in Pubg?

Some tips for gifting a Royal Pass in Pubg to get the user to Buy UC from MidasBuy, a third-party online UC website, are the following.

  1. Ask the user if they have a MidasBuy account set up. They will need it for you to add UC to their account.
  2. Have the recipient open Pubg and check how much UC they have. They need to know this so that you can gift them the appropriate amount.
  3. Be alert for sales and giveaways on the MidasBuy website for reduced UC prices. You want to get the best deal for your recipient.
  4. Remember that the buy as a gift feature is only available on the PC version of Pubg so choose that for the purchase.

These are some simple tips for gifting a Royal Pass in Pubg.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gift a Royal Pass in Pubg using UC?

To gift a Royal Pass in Pubg using UC, follow these steps:

  • Open Pubg and go to the shop section
  • Click on the ‘Royal Pass’ option
  • Select the desired pass (Elite or Elite Plus) and click on ‘Gift’
  • Enter the recipient’s in-game character ID and confirm the purchase
  • The Royal Pass will be gifted to the specified player

Can I gift a Royal Pass to a friend who already has one?

No, you cannot gift a Royal Pass to someone who already has one. The gifting option is only available for players who do not have a Royal Pass yet.

How much UC do I need to gift a Royal Pass in Pubg?

The cost of gifting a Royal Pass in Pubg varies depending on the type of pass. The Elite Pass costs 600 UC while the Elite Plus Pass costs 1800 UC.

Are there any restrictions on gifting a Royal Pass in Pubg?

Yes, there are some restrictions on gifting a Royal Pass in Pubg:

  • You can only gift a Royal Pass to players who are in your friend list for at least 7 days
  • You can only gift a Royal Pass once every 7 days
  • You cannot gift a Royal Pass to players who already have one
  • You must have enough UC in your account to purchase the Royal Pass

Can I gift a Royal Pass to a player from a different region?

Yes, you can gift a Royal Pass to a player from a different region. However, they must be in your friend list for at least 7 days and meet the other gifting requirements.

Can I get a refund for a gifted Royal Pass?

No, there is no option for a refund for a gifted Royal Pass in Pubg. Once the pass is gifted, it cannot be reversed or refunded.

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