Mastering the Art of Going Offline in Pubg: A Complete Guide

Are you a PUBG enthusiast looking to enjoy the game offline?

We will discuss the various ways you can disconnect from the online world while playing PUBG.

From turning off your internet connection to creating private rooms, there are several methods to consider.

We will also explore the benefits and drawbacks of playing offline, as well as how to seamlessly switch between offline and online modes.

Stay tuned to learn more about the possibilities of being offline in PUBG!

What Is PUBG?

The acronym PUBG stands for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which is an online multiplayer video game. It is a battle royale game that pits up to one hundred gamers against each other on a large map. With a variety of weapons, vehicles, and varying terrain, the last person or team standing is victorious.

PUBG was developed by PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of the South Korean video game company Bluehole, Inc.. It was used with the permission of the original creator of the game concept, Brandon ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene. Greene serves as Creative Director for PUBG Corporation, based in Santa Monica, California.

Following the success of the original PC version, the same game was later launched for popular gaming consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation 4, and for iOS and android devices as PUBG Mobile, a free-to-play version with optional in-game purchases. PUBG grew rapidly in popularity due to its great graphics and realistic nature. It makes short bouts of gameplay between players who are online with one another easy, as well as developing strategies that help players improve their gaming skills. PUBG Global in 2018 ESPORTS represents 50 nations competing against one another in squads of four, all using controllers in front of their screens. Although presently not available, an offline version of PUBG to be played without internet connections used to exist. This version was removed by the developers of the game in an unannounced manner.

Why Do People Want to Be Offline in PUBG?

People want to be offline in PUBG to avoid dealing with game notifications, alerts, forums, and social elements.To avoid distractions, some people would like to continue playing games like PUBG while not particularly needing to stay online in the full version of the game. In the very online PUBG, even if you are playing solo, you start off in Town Hall when you are offline for the very first time. You have other people on your block from every other game around.

Chepsangle, the creator of Cheatrise online therapy, identifies not wanting to be disturbed as the most often repeated motive for disabling online status on Snapchat. In the same manner, other game players utilize offline mode simply because they neither need nor desire the headache associated with a potentially continuous flow of disruptions.

They are additionally turning on the do not disturb mode on PUBG to get even more lost in the game to escape a hectic life. There is a self-treatment situation as well. Nursing and encouragement, or at the hardness of the negative public views, are frequently demanded if someone gets offline during gaming. Encouraging a new player can cause them to go on such an exit without losing and thus assist in boosting their morale.

What Are the Ways to Be Offline in PUBG?

  • Imagine DHCP of a wireless router broke, boot into a solo match, keep moving all the time, don’t minimize and don’t do anything. You will be killed, and shown as a video to see what is happening. You are unknowing yourself under possible scrutiny. If you are shot outside the game, you are shown in a video so that your system is offline.
  • Go to the PUBG preferences, turn the camera or sound effects off while you record yourself by playing solo mode. If you forget the camera the only way to stop is to find a corner underground to prevent observation and record blind. If blind, sound effects will give you away.
  • The most crude way of how to show as an offline PUBG player is to disconnect and play offline mode. The way to solve this is to boot into a solo match and remove the power of the ethernet device. This produces the exact same effect as turning off the router.

Turning off Internet Connection

In the Google Pixel with stock Android Nougat version 7 or later, open Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Mobile Data. If you plan to use the Wi-Fi from the same device or another, also disable Wi-Fi under the same Settings menu. Locate the Mobile Data Always Active under Mobile Data and toggle it to turn it off. Please note that It may vary based on the version of Android or model of phone.

If you’re not sure, just look for the Sim Card/ Service icon or the Wi-Fi icon in the upper corner of your phone. If the circle (Sim Card) or the Wi-Fi icon is colored, there is an active network or Internet connection. If they change to grey, the connection is lost and you are offline.

You can test if you are offline or online by turning on Airplane Mode on your mobile device. If the SIM icon or the Wi-Fi icon is greyed out there is no active network connection, which means you are truly offline.

Using Offline Mode

Offline mode is used to go offline when you are playing Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) so other people cannot send you notices or confirm messages to team, clan, or crew invites when their notifications are turned on. Offline mode can be toggled on and off.

  1. To go offline in PUBG, click on your Profile located on the top right of the main lobby.
  2. Then click on Basic Information located under your name.
  3. A list of options for toggling will appear. The fourth one down is an Additional Setting option. Click it.
  4. The second option down is the Offline Info Display toggle switch, which will allow you to manage whether other players can see your PUBG information when you are not online. Simply toggle the switch to your desired setting.

If you’ve toggled off the Show on Game Channel option people you share a team, clan, or crew with will not be able to receive or send you messages, notices, or confirmations.

Playing Custom Matches

Once rejoined, Custom matches tend to automatically select the Team game mode, which is best modified by the organizer to Solo if they do not wish players to interact with anything they’ve built or grown as a team so far during their game.

A custom match will let you to acquire the familiarities of a game map, as well as attempted tactics for winning without the tension of confronting global adversaries and only the people you know within your custom room. Winning is a main motive for many in PUBG, so owning a Custom match might persuade a player to be offline because it doesn’t matter from the outcome, they or someone they manipulate is always victorious. A minimum of four players are required for a standard Custom match, and summoning five friends after a loss to play in the Custom Match is when this method to be available in the mobile battle royale game.

Normal gameplay rules should be deactivated while in a custom match to emphasize teamwork over battling real enemies. Personal relations improve as players cooperate in completing objectives to defeat the enemy. A prerequisite for the offline success in a custom match is an active PUBG account with admin status to invite offline friends or family to play. This form of connection with the internet underlines that this mode of playing PUBG must occur offline.

Creating a Private Room

You can be offline in PUBG by creating a Private Room. Players can create private rooms in PUBG to practice with buddies, participate in a tournament organized by PUBG Mobile or any other agency, or for an unofficial competitive game.

Custom room settings allow the settings of the match to be changed according to the requirements of players. For example, for practice players can create a private room with maximum loot spawn settings so that more time can be spent on inventory management and weapons practice, and communication with other players without the risk of dying from enemies.

PUBG public room cannot be chosen offline because of the requirement for all online players during a session. PUBG Private allows you to choose those with whom you play and you have the luxury of practicing and communicating smoothly. To create a PUBG Private Room, follow these steps:

  • Open PUBG Mobile, on the home screen select the Mode option on the bottom left.
  • Choose Create Custom Room on the upper right of the screen
  • Select the type of match you want to organize and customize the room settings for the match.
  • Click Create Room after configuring the room. Now a room has been successfully created and you can send a message with a room ID and password to your friends so they can join.
  • To enter the room team members have to join the match by following the Custom Room Invitation steps, or you can alternatively use the PUBG > Friend Option > Custom Room friend invitation to invite your friends. Players can now have a match, casual communication, and enjoyment in a private environment which they have created.

Creating a private room includes having control over the server settings. ARC Publishing: Private Rooms, Update 1.1 PWS, Update 1.3 AFT explains that you can switch the server, number of players, and whether to allow guns or bullets. You can create matches in classic mode with a specific duration, allow spectators, set killing or loot/respawn preferences, and play with either custom or normal weapons.

What Are the Benefits of Being Offline in PUBG?

The benefits of being offline in PUBG include ensuring one saves battery life when actively playing, avoiding continuous irradiation from cellular networks (electromagnetic radiation from cell phones induces oxidative stress and neuronal injury in the brain), and receiving private family time for parents and their children. For privacy and focus, airplane mode forces a strict separation from all Internet uses, as social media wallowing and other time-wasting digital customs are eradicated.

Avoiding Distractions

If one wants to be offline in Pubg, they should first ensure they are not being distracted by factors that could limit their ability to play at a high level. Make sure that your computer, phone, and music players are all closed and out of reach to reduce distractions and prioritize in-game sound. Invest in a good gaming chair to protect from physical distractions.

Ensuring one’s gaming setup remains just a gaming setup is vital to success, as it gives oneself the best chance possible to focus, improve, and have a good time while playing Pubg.

Ensure your friends and family understand that you need to focus during Pubg sessions and try to avoid talking to them while a session is ongoing. If you must keep your phone nearby during these times, mute all group chats and ensure your phone is in “do not disturb” mode.

Practicing Skills

Besides focusing on PUBG Mobile offline to come up with chicken dinners, you can try other strategies to help you better control your guns and develop other gaming techniques. One of the best ways to practice skills offline is by visiting Training Grounds. In this zone, there are many weapons to practice, targets to refine your shoot, cars to practice driving, and terrain to practice overall game control. Without sharing space with other competitors, you can spend your time learning how to refine all your gaming skills.

Playing with Friends Only

PUBG Mobile does not allow users to be intentionally offline. The closest thing is playing with friends only. Players can remove random players from their games as friends by going under the chat window and selecting Team up, then selecting House, and finally selecting any friends to invite. Here, players fix their statuses to appear offline for the rest of the world while maintaining easy Chip channel engagement.

What Are the Drawbacks of Being Offline in PUBG?

The biggest drawbacks of being offline in PUBG include preventing regular participation in Minimal Maintenance Loading matches, missing new feature and content updates, and not helping the developer improve the game using closed beta feedback.

A report by PUBG Studio presenting Minimum Maintenance Loading pointed out that below 10 Mbps user devices are categorized by their significant network lag and recommendations for players to avoid suboptimal performance. Equally significant was the freeze view in MML matches which subjected both offline and online players to the frustrations of being killed in the middle of playing. Offline players would never have the opportunity to access bonus items in crates that came as part of new releases. Additional content, such as new maps, performance improvements, and weapon skins, would not be available to them. As mentioned on PUBG Discord and Techcrunch articles, they would not have the opportunity to provide feedback during closed beta on ways to improve the games.

Limited Content and Features

Be happy and satisfied with less. Games that are designed to be online, like PUBG, are going to have more content and features because the developers can update them and add new content without releasing a new game. Offline games, especially battle royale games that are not actually designed to be offline, should be still be enjoyed for what they are.

PUBG has a continually updating list of content to keep the game fresh and has the backing of the developers to keep the game fast, stable, and reliable. Offline games will always be behind in terms of content, so limited interaction is a reasonable expectation. Offline designs that provide some limited interaction with the internet are trending, such as those with partial cloud synchronization like Project Mineral.

These games are fast and lightweight whether you have an onboard GPU or dedicated GPU according to the assistive technology website There is no traditional long download, but a limited internet connection will optimize the downloading of limited files from set game maps giving some limited experience and content. Even in countries with fast mobile and wifi, many people today have limited, distracting, and expensive internet. To stave off distractions, enjoy offline games, or make your online game experience more focused and organized.

Inability to Earn Rewards

The following text from PUBG Mobile’s official document was used to broaden the understanding of the scenario. Upon disabling the PUBG setting called Enable Ability to Earn Rewards, players will not earn any rewards. Other gamers will not see your accolades in the PUBG live stream like sanhok records and arena results. However, a player should be able to switch to wired gameplay from mobile in the offline mode with these PUBG options settings.

Not Being Able to Play with Random Players

By going offline, you will not have the ability to play with random players in PUBG. When you are offline in PUBG, the invite friend feature, the local team, the create room, the chat, and many other in-game features will not work. The game can still be played solo, and the company has special emulators which allow for large-scale local competitions during their PUBG mobile star challenge.

At the official product launch at the Dubai mall ice rink, everyone was united together in an offline game of PUBG as part of the PUBG mobile game’s official launch, which was played in an offline local game mode. While they are not as commonplace, some other mobile games in the battle royale genre like Free Fire and Call of Duty allow for offline gaming with friends offline in a Lan mode or via Bluetooth. Free Fire even allows as many as 32 players in multiplayer mode.

How Can Someone Switch Between Offline and Online Mode in PUBG?

Someone can switch between offline and online in PUBG by following these steps:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Click on the Profile image at the main issue on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Logout from the game. If you previously started the game offline, this will switch you to the ‘online mode’.

If a player logs in to play and the game is showing the ‘sever does not respond’ error, they should:

  1. Wait for a while and try again. It could be due to an issue with the system or network connection.
  2. Troubleshoot both the network and gaming system. If this doesn’t help, the problem may be on the side of the PUBG servers. Users experiencing the same problem will have to wait some time until the issue is fixed by PUBG technicians.

If a user’s connection is too slow or they are in a bad area to play a multiplayer game, they should try offline mode by changing their network settings from 4G LTE or whatever network they are using to Wi-Fi or Mobile/Wi-Fi. The ping will drop and the game will switch the settings to offline mode. This will provide slightly better gameplay with minimal interruptions. The above steps will allow you to change the mode of PUBG from online (multiplayer) to offline mode, where you can play training, explore, target, or the game’s various challenges.

Changing Settings in the Game

Players can disable online status in PUBG Mobile by entering their profile settings and making modifications to the status privacy settings. This solution is not available in the game’s current version. In prior versions, PUBG Mobile players were able to alter their outlet privacy settings in the game’s profile settings. Doing so would stop anyone from viewing your progress in the outlet and from seeing you playing the game. As of the current version though, these changes cannot be made.

Restarting the Game

If you notice any change in the game that suggests a pubg game loop accessory is interfering with the game, quickly restart the game. This should allow the main menu to load, at which point you can remove the accessory before proceeding to the playing interface. A manual reset could fix this issue by disabling game accessories until you manually permit the game to communicate with them. This will ensure that the pubg mobile game plays only on-phone and remains offline. Game hacks and add-ons generally will not be active before the game allows them, regardless of permissions. If you deny the game permission briefly by manually terminating the connection, the game may automatically set the bypass to “offline” after a brief grace period and it will not reinterpret the signal.

Reconnecting to the Internet

Even if you went offline deliberately, there are situations where you have to reconnect to the internet. The most common one is that if you get a phone or network message from some other app, the game will request to reconnect automatically. You will simply click on ‘Reconnect’ or area with no need to leave and send the game.

If the game causes a problem by freezing and you hope to fix it by reconnecting, you need to go to the Home Screen of the device and swipe the home screen. By clicking on the settings button, you can then turn on airplane mode. Click on the settings button, turn the phone into airplane mode, then click off. There is no guarantee that it will be unfrozen, but it usually works.

If you want to reconnect because you just got internet back and want to continue playing, you will see an ‘Offline Mode’ message on the PUBG screen. This message goes around the screen with a large orange band. Click ‘Yes’ to continue playing in Offline Mode. You will receive a series of messages after clicking ‘Yes’. Continue to click on ‘OK’ until you return to the main PUBG screen and play the game. There will be a small ‘Disconnect’ message on the top right of the screen. If you click this button by accident, you will be forced to log back in to the game.

Is It Possible to Be Completely Offline in PUBG?

Yes, it is possible to be completely offline in PUBG once you have downloaded and started the game. Going offline means changing your device’s internet and data settings so that it is not connected to a network. Since PUBG is an online multiplayer game, you will not be able to play with other players. The game will load bots for you to shoot, and you will not have access to all the features such as customization options and changing avatars. The experience will be the same otherwise. You will still gain access to all the weapons, maps, and earn coins. Only players who have fully downloaded PUBG can access the offline mode.

Yes, but with Limitations

To be offline in PUBG, the only way one can accomplish this is to disable data and Wi-Fi functions on an Android phone while play mode is active. Log into the game at daily tasks time or near bedtime when you do not need to be online. Try your best to finish playing your match even if the notification comes up. You can pause and unpause PUBG, then exit when you are done. There is no option for playing PUBG when completely offline, except for selecting training mode where there is no competition.

Once in training mode, you are able to play offline and interact with the game’s weapons and various mechanics.

No, Some Online Features Will Still Be Available

When a player truly wants to be offline while playing PUBG Mobile (and is not using third-party systems to spoof PUBG’s servers), they typically have to avoid most game modes. Language options are in the game settings and can only be altered before a match is started. To avoid chatting with random teammates (similar to text chat with other players), disable Team Voice Chat or complete the Game Guide in Classic Mode. If possible, players looking to be offline should join a game where they have muted or blocked other players in the past to ensure they retain prior mutes and to avoid all in-game communication.

Safe Till Dawn Mode is where players will find the most peace from online features they are looking to escape. Though there are not many options to turn off the chat during the battle, the mode overall keeps the game output private and offline, making it by far the most private way to play. Even in this mode there are not many ways tabs on communication or profiles. However, during the day players can turn on and off one additional function to be more truly offline. They can turn Avoiding Mode on or off which can identify Non-Playable Characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Be Offline in Pubg?

1. Can I play Pubg offline?

Yes, you can play Pubg offline by selecting the ‘Single Player’ mode, which allows you to play against bots without an internet connection.

2. How do I appear offline in Pubg?

To appear offline in Pubg, you can go to your profile settings and toggle the ‘Appear Offline’ option. This will prevent your friends from seeing you online.

3. Is there a way to hide my online status in Pubg?

Yes, you can hide your online status in Pubg by changing your in-game settings to ‘Appear Offline’, which will make you invisible to other players.

4. Can I still receive invites while appearing offline in Pubg?

No, when you are appearing offline in Pubg, you will not receive any invites or notifications from your friends. They will see you as offline and will not be able to contact you.

5. Will I still earn rewards and XP when playing Pubg offline?

Yes, you will still be able to earn rewards and XP when playing Pubg offline in the ‘Single Player’ mode. However, these rewards will not be counted towards your online profile.

6. How do I switch back to appearing online in Pubg?

To switch back to appearing online in Pubg, simply go to your profile settings and toggle the ‘Appear Offline’ option off. This will make you visible to your friends again.

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