Learn How to Anonymously Hide Your Name in Valorant

Have you ever wondered why someone would want to hide their name in Valorant?

We will explore the reasons behind this choice and provide a step-by-step guide on how to hide your name in the popular game. By following a few simple steps in the settings menu, you can keep your identity concealed from other players, match history, and leaderboards.

We will also discuss whether hiding your name is against the rules and explore alternative methods, such as using a smurf account or a name change token. Stay tuned to find out more about this intriguing aspect of Valorant!

Why Would Someone Want to Hide Their Name in Valorant?

One might want to hide their name in Valorant for a simple change of pace, to try something new, or match the playing environments of other multiplayer games that offer this as a feature. Personally, agents the runtime exposes to hide my name results in me playing on another level. You have this sort of veil of anonymity that separates you from the game and results tend to be better due to a more relaxed mind.

Blocking out the distractions of toxic and hostile lobbies is critical. One way to achieve this is to hide your name. You will not inadvertently learn another player’s name and be added to their friends’ list to be harassed. Riot has provided a way for its players to disable all forms of chat, but with only a top-down view of progress, you might miss your teammates’ essential guidance. You are also left with no way to decipher players’ strategy and are forced to move forward in solitary.

How to Hide Your Name in Valorant?

You hide your name in Valorant by entering a command into the chat. According to some game experts, opening the chat console and typing ‘/note [YourNameHere]‘ followed by pressing enter effectively lowers your multiplayer profile. Your real name does not disappear from the leaderboard but in-game it can be hidden just as easily as the darker default profile settings (see top logout/switch user picture on head of this page).

Step 1: Open Valorant and Go to Settings

Navigate to the Valorant icon and open the game. After logging in, access the game settings by selecting the gear icon in the top-right corner. Whether you are a PC or Mac player, this is where all Valorant settings can be customized.

While logged into a Riot Account, a player’s Riot ID can be represented on their in-game nameplate inside any Riot Games title, including Valorant. Simply set up or log in to a Riot account and customize your Riot ID to your liking. There is no way to completely delete your Riot ID, and it is displayed and associated with all Riot accounts.

Step 2: Click on the “Account” Tab

Once you are logged into Riot Games with all of your proper credentials, you will be taken to your account page. You will see multiple tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. The second tab should be labeled Linked accounts (or Security in case they have updated the interface). Next to this tab, there should be a Personal info tab. Under Personal Information, you should see a Edit selection.

Step 3: Change Your Display Name

Changing your display name is the last step in hiding it in Valorant. Once you change your display name, all interactions will show your new display name instead of your Riot ID.

  1. Open Valorant
  2. In the top right corner, click on your name
  3. Click on Riot ID underneath your Valorant name
  4. Type in your password if prompted
  5. Change your Riot ID by entering a unique and casual name that no one can easily relate to you
  6. Tap Check to see if the name is available
  7. Click on Save Changes

Step 4: Save Changes and Restart Valorant

Ensure you save all the changes you have made to the SharedSettings.json file, close the file explorer, and restart Valorant. Assuming you have already hidden your name based on the previous steps when you start the game again you should see that you are always shown as undefined in game. Other steps for how to hide name in Valorant are documented by users but generally result in never showing a name or in showing a name of someone’s choice. If you want to learn more about these additional, partial steps or are interested viewing how to show a custom name, try the following below:

  1. Never show a name
  2. Try Santino Mancini’s method that displays only the number 23961710 in place of a hidden name. This is the same as setting it to undefined according to the game’s code.

  3. Show a custom name
  4. There are numerous third-party tools that allow players to play with customized names including the Valorant Name Customizer and The Forced Name Changer.

What Happens When You Hide Your Name in Valorant?

When you hide your name in Valorant, nothing happens aside from your name is now missing or replaced with the default name in the scoreboard and throughout games. This does not avoid penalties for surrending early, but some players hide their name to not be targeted. You still see your custom name, and other players on your team see it, as well, so useful communication in the game is not inhibited even if your custom name disappears from other player’s views.

Your Name Will Not Be Visible to Other Players

Your Valorant display name will not be visible to other players, nor on platforms like Twitch or Mixer. This is the method of hiding your display name that is most recommended for maintaining your anonymity, as it ensures that any videos or screenshots taken while you play will not contain that information. In fact, the only place where your display name will be shown in Valorant is in your account settings and on your friends’ list.

Your profile’s Current Status thumbnail will display both your ranking and your username, while only displaying your username in other locations. See the screenshots for examples of where your hidden username will and will not be shown. At launch, player names were displayed on game murdercams when the player who killed you was shown. But in a game fix, the names overhead icon for the killer was removed to tighten up clarity in the murdercammers perspective according to Riot Games developer Greenily. This is how players look in Valorant when their name is hidden.

Your Name Will Not Be Visible in Match History

Match history in Valorant can be accessed by pressing Esc on the main screen and selecting the table icon on the right sidebar. People who spectate you either in-game or via screen share, or by viewing your individual match history, will be able to learn your name. However, after the match has ended, you can hide your name from the match history, so there is no chance of anyone discovering it since your name will not appear at all in the match history.

Your agent name will be visible if you keep your name hidden in all lobby types. Please note that this method does not guarantee complete privacy, as Riot can still discover your name if they decide to access the data.

Your Name Will Not Be Visible in Leaderboards

Your name in Valorant will not appear in the Leaderboards section of Competitive matchmaking. When you have hidden your name, not only teammates and enemies in the match itself but viewers of the match on competitive matchmaking watching anonymous players and anybody looking at past matches on the Valorrant website will have only “Player #XXX” with no player name to associate with.

You still will have a rating, average combat score, and average damage per round but those will be associate with your agent ID number (for example, #9182). iMissing will make sure that if you wanted your identity hidden, that will happen but not quality of the game experience.

Is Hiding Your Name in Valorant Against the Rules?

Yes, hiding your name in Valorant is against the rules. The game’s Rule 3.4 (A) reads – Playing Examples of Disruptive Behavior include… changing your identity, including by anti-cheat evasion or falsely representing skill level. Riot wants everyone to play Valorant equal terms, including equal name exposure.

According to Riot’s Rule 13 Addendum issued in September, 2020, players found guilty of changing their name in violation of these rules could have their rank, seasonal rewards, Honor levels, and/or access to own purchased content restricted. In other words, players can receive anything from a slap on the wrist to a temporary or even permanent ban.

Players found guilty of hiding their name in order to commit any of the bannable acts involving disruptive behavior such as smurfing, cheating, or toxicity could face even more serious consequences. The best practice is simply to not hide your Valorant name. Not only is it against the rules, but it is completely unnecessary as Riot’s new display privacy settings provide several legitimate options for players who do not want others to see their name.

For the safety of your account, community reputation, and great gameplay, show your name in Valorant by using one of the legitimate ways to maintain your privacy without needing to hide it.

Are There Any Other Ways to Hide Your Name in Valorant?

No, there are no other ways to hide your name in Valorant. According to Riot’s 5.7 FAQ How do I hide my name in Valorant, they have decided to remove the simple method of hiding your name because they felt it was not good for the game overall and players can use other methods if they are desperate to hide their names in Valorant.

These other methods to hide your name include contacting Valorant’s support team to request a name change or creating a new account and suing a VPN.

Use a Smurf Account

Players worried about having their real name publicly displayed permanently in their Riot ID service, might consider utilizing a Smurf account. Valorant Smurf accounts are additional Riot accounts gamers create on the side to play games under different rankings.

The accounts are supposed to be for playing against easier opponents than the main carrying roster, which in turn allow people to try new characters or game styles without jeopardizing their main account rank, or take a break from the main gameplay field to relax and enjoy casual games. Eventually, a player will have the same hidden identity as the original account, but only during the games played using the secondary account. To ensure they do not utilize the secondary accounts to distribute mass amounts of hate speech from an anonymity shield, Riot uses SMS confirmation and checks to ensure that a players’ Smurf accounts are properly linked and are not infringing upon its usage policy.

Use a Name Change Token

Unhappy with the name that you are currently registered with? Any player can obtain a Name Change token by purchasing it in the Store for 1,025 Valorant Points. These are regularly available and not limited in supply this means all players can hide their name as often as they wish and there is not shortage of how many times they can.

Name change tokens gives the option to pick their own name or have one allocated by Riot. These tokens require players to be at agent level five before using them and can only be redeemed once every first thirty days of the new username. They do not hide one’s name permanently but do provide a way for a user to have a name hidden before an admin randomly removes it for actions deemed abusive.


Hiding your name in Valorant lets you stay hidden while you play. You can change your player name in-game for free, but players can still see who you are by looking at your agent. The only way to go completely hidden is to use a generic Russian name which prevents players from knowing your sex. As Riot does not provide any support for changing privacy settings, the only semi-private option is to play with friends in a custom game, and make sure that the game is protected with a password and that outside users are required to click Request access. This will give the greatest anonymity. As always, make sure you understand and comply with Riot’s terms of service and rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Hide Name in Valorant?

Valorant is a popular online game where players compete against each other in intense matches. However, some players prefer to keep their identity hidden while playing. If you’re wondering how to hide your name in Valorant, we’ve got you covered. Check out our FAQs below for more information.

What is the purpose of hiding your name in Valorant?

Hiding your name in Valorant can offer a sense of anonymity and privacy while playing the game. It can also prevent other players from recognizing you and targeting you specifically.

Can I hide my name in Valorant permanently?

Unfortunately, there is currently no permanent option to hide your name in Valorant. The game automatically displays your chosen username or your game ID during matches.

How can I temporarily hide my name in Valorant?

You can temporarily hide your name in Valorant by creating a custom game and selecting the option to hide players’ names. This will only apply to that specific match and will not carry over to other games.

Will hiding my name affect my gameplay in Valorant?

Hiding your name in Valorant should not affect your gameplay in any way. You will still be able to play and communicate with other players normally.

Is hiding my name in Valorant against the game’s terms of service?

No, hiding your name in Valorant is not against the game’s terms of service. However, any other forms of cheating or exploiting the game are not allowed and may result in consequences.

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