Mastering the Revive Technique in Pubg: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a fan of PUBG but unsure about the ins and outs of reviving yourself and your teammates in the game?

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about reviving in PUBG. From the importance of reviving to the risks involved, we will also provide you with tips on how to revive faster and what to do after successfully reviving.

So, grab your gear and get ready to master the art of reviving in PUBG!

Key Takeaways:

  • Reviving is crucial in PUBG as it allows players to get back into the game and continue playing.
  • There are different methods for reviving in PUBG, including using first aid kits, med kits, and revive syringes.
  • When reviving in PUBG, it is important to consider the risks involved and take precautions such as using cover or having a teammate assist.
  • What is PUBG?

    Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer game developed by PUBG Corporation according to the vision of Brendan Greene who is more well-known by his game moniker PlayerUnknown.

    Unlike typical shooting games, the aim of PUBG is survival, not necessarily the most kills or damage to other players. PUBG’s original and most popular format is a battle royale in which 100 players compete against each other in a high-risk, high-reward competition of wits around one of a variety of small islands or other terrains.

    The map size is 4×4, 6×6, or 8×8 kilometers, and players must choose the optimal location for their landing, scavenge for weapons, armor, vehicles, and resources and then face off against other players as well as all odds in the environment in an ever-decreasing game zone. Clans of friends or family members can make the game even more intense.

    Almost 200 million copies of PUBG have sold on PC, Xbox, and PS4 platforms since its initial release on Microsoft Windows in 2017. As well as the original version, there are lighter mobile and lite versions of the game. PUBG was the first popular battle royale game and its success helped set the stage for the current popularity of the genre in eSports.

    What Does Revive Mean in PUBG?

    Revive means bringing from death to life in PUBG. In the context of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it specifically applies to when a player is down but not out, meaning they require another player’s help to revive them in order to get back to fighting. If trading this video game out for a different one and maybe even a new genre appeals to you, you can try getting over one of these love-related difficulties by getting into Stardew Valley.

    Why is Reviving Important in PUBG?

    Reviving is important in PUBG to keep the team size intact during the storm of opponents. If a player is injured but not killed, their teammates can rush to the player and help him by trying to heal him with health kits, regenerating his health and then ensuring that a revival is within grasp to continue playing.

    While important during the game, revivals are even more important if they take place on time. Delayed revivals can lead teammates to disadvantages and the storm of opponents might grow exceedingly potent. The teammates’ chances of recovery should not be underestimated, regardless of how few teammates remain.

    Winning of matches in PUBG requires a player to directly come in contact with other players on the map and eliminate them. And keeping the teammates alive is very vital for your survival and to overcome the storm of opponents in the game. This is why you should focus on learning how to play as a unit and how best you proceed when one of your team members goes down.

    How to Revive Yourself in PUBG?

    To revive yourself in PUBG, you must be knowledgeable about how the game calculates player health and about how much boost you have. You gradually revive naturally any time you are above 0 HP and below 75 HP. This allows you to restore a significant portion of your health at the lower end of the scale. On top of that, using booster items is an effective way to improve your player health over time.

    Use a First Aid Kit

    In PUBG Mobile, the first one-shot revival option available is to use a First Aid Kit. A first aid kit is used to treat wounds on your body. Make sure the health level does not drop to 0 HP, otherwise the use of the first aid kit will not be helpful. When using the first aid kit, the health points of the player are restored by 75 points. The first aid kit takes 5 seconds for use, and within this time the player cannot partake in any actions like walking, running, or jumping.

    To revive over time without using any items and whilst still being able to perform actions, players can lie down in a secluded location. By lying flat in areas with grass or a secluded corner off the road, PUBG characters can lie down and automatically regain health points over time. The Let’s Play PUBG Mobile YouTube channel made the following video to show where how characters can lie on the ground to help revive their health.

    Use a Med Kit

    If you default to a med kit, you can revive a downed player in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by holding down the fire key until the revive is complete. Med kits provide the biggest health bonus in the game, allowing for a responsible amount of health restoration to both team members.

    NOTE: Moving while reviving a teammate is canceled and the process will restart if not attempting to prone to take cover or walk during the process.

    Use a Revive Syringe

    If you have a Revive Syringe in your inventory, you can use that to revive in PUBG. The revive syringe is a new item that was added to PUBG Mobile in the version 1.1.0 update. The revive syringe is used to revive yourself and allies when they are knocked down. You can restore 100 health to the knocked-down teammate and bring them back to life. The revive syringe is an essential feature that brings life-saving opportunities to the game.

    The revive syringe is only available in Classic Mode. To get the revive syringe, hit the revive icon on the bag you see in the bottom right corner of your screen which will open your revived teammate’s loot. They will have the syringe in their bag. Once in possession of the syringe, target the ally you want to revive, set the range, and perform the revive action. At this early stage of implementation, PUBG has not yet clearly set how often or how much revive syringes may be found, though it is expected this information will become available in patch note updates.

    How to Revive Teammates in PUBG?

    Teammates can be revived in PUBG by going to their knocked-down body and either using Medical Supplies to bring them back, or using the Get-Up Mechanic to bring them back to breakable states, followed by picking them up and using Medical Supplies.

    The most important aspect of reviving a downed teammate is ensuring you can do so without encountering similar fate. If they have been downed behind enemy lines, swiftly taking cover behind the nearest safe area and employing smart fire tactics might give their teammates enough time to revive them. When lacking Medical Supplies and in an open area, it is best to use the Get-Up Mechanic to bring them back into a breakable state before you them to safety. If they are knocked directly outside the perimeter of the enemy squad, it is best to hold back and reassess the situation before jumping into the open.

    Use a First Aid Kit

    If you took 75 or more points of damage and are in need of reviving in PUBG, a First Aid Kit can help you to heal up quickly after a gunfight. These kits can only be used once and help to heal you over the 75 point mark, up to a maximum of 75% health (assuming it does not exceed their original total health minus one point of damage).

    Using aid kits in PUBG make the user immobile for 8 seconds while it is used. If you were brought close to being knocked, it would be smart to move to a safe and defensible position before using a First Aid Kit. The External Internal Mechanisms research source states that between 5-20 seconds is the ideal duration to wait before moving after having been brought close to being knocked in older versions, and likely 4-12 seconds is optimal in the present version of PUBG. Here is how the use of a First Aid Kit works in PUBG:

    1. Press the 7 key on a PC.
    2. Press the 0 (zero) key on a PC for an insurgent(First Aid Kit) and a public health item.
    3. Opt to use the First Aid Kit.
    4. Wait for it to heal you and then move quickly to a safe spot.

    If you are close to being knocked, take a First Aid Kit before making a hasty retreat to a better location. But if you haven’t been brought down yet, it’s best to find a safer location before using a First Aid Kit.

    Use a Med Kit

    A med kit is an item in PUBG that can be used to restore full health from any percentage point of health equal to or greater than one. Med kits heal over a total of eight seconds, which means they grant up to 0.375% health per second, allowing for a maximum health regain of 50%.

    Med kits are most effective when a quick revive is not vital. In case you are in a safe spot to be revived by a teammate, med kits can provide you enough health to survive the rest of the match.

    Use a Revive Syringe

    A Revive Syringe in PUBG is a rare medical device rarely picked up. If you find one, switch to your hands and press 7 to use up to 75% in power to revive yourself. Stand still and out of the way when reviving teammates. Opposing teams camp on crates and first-aid center drops and protect them. Once switched to the revive syringe and the revival process is about to begin or in full swing, the user can go back to his/her weapons to protect him or herself while changing tactics against camping players.

    What are the Risks of Reviving in PUBG?

    The risks of reviving a teammate in PUBG include both the increased exposure that comes from a standing torso, plus the time and resources losses that come forgoing a fight for a revive. After a player is knocked down, they are more exposed to danger because they are no longer behind cover. Additionally, reduced vision and lack of combat awareness increase the likelihood of getting attacked by an enemy team. When reviving, the player, or the reviver, becomes open to suppression or even being finished off. This is why it is so important to understand what is going on in the battlefield and whether or not it is the right time to start the revive. This can mean that if there is an enemy attack during the revive, the reviver can be quickly killed. In this case, it may have been better to just continue the battle to have a chance at the opponent.

    Exposing Yourself to Enemy Fire

    Exposing yourself to enemy fire means you let opponents shoot at you while trying to revive a teammate. Surviving a fight might be a priority in PUBG to maintain competitiveness within a match.

    Survival in PUBG is also a minor concern for maintaining a strong team. If your teammate is killed, you will have a more difficult time maintaining your footing on the field. Of course, you should never stand still completely and try to avoid enemy fire, but giving it up entirely for the sake of a teammate can backfire. This can cause unnecessary damage and reduce your team’s chances of winning, so removing yourself and your downed teammate from enemy fire zones is important.

    During the revive, someone should keep an eye out for enemy activity and raise the alarm if they notice another team trying to get near or if the revive player is targeted. Make sure you are safe while reviving by hiding behind walls, using smokes to mask advantageous areas from foes, and ensuring the immediate vicinity is clear and empty.

    Using Up Valuable Resources

    Players will be using up their valuable resources if they choose to revive in Pubg instead of play it safe and engage in combat only when absolutely necessary. Reviving one of your fallen teammates uses up the resources that may be better spent on helping you win the match. Time spent reviving could instead be spent looking for better gear, maneuvering into a better position, or healing up from previous combat encounters. All of these actions require resources and increase your chances of survival. Choose reviving wisely based on the specific situation in which you find yourself in a match.

    How to Revive Faster in PUBG?

    To revive faster in PUBG, you must have a teammate who is performing the revive who is alive and always hiding cautiously. Shooting between your teammates while you are downed will slow down their revive process until it finishes, at which point they can finish it without penalty. As the reviver, you should have part of your body behind cover and cleared of obstacles, so you don’t have to awkwardly reposition and stop the revive.

    If you are reviving an ally, according to a PUBG guide released by the developers, the faster you do this the bigger the health bonus will be for the downed ally. Being downed for 5 seconds could result in you not being able to be revived due to bullets still in the digital magazine that had already been fired by the shooter. Your mileage may vary with the unknown factors of how often your allies will be downed, and what will happen to them in the looooong 5 seconds you won’t be able to help them. According to PUBG developers, there is no further factor in determining if a player can be revived.

    Use a Revive Syringe

    You can only use a Revive Syringe when you have reached Tier 4 (100%) of a player’s health gauge. The syringe will not revive them but will move their health back up to close to what it was before they got knocked out. Hopefully, they will have got to a relatively safe place in order to use it during this time.

    Medicine in PUBG: Medicine can get you back on your feet quickly. A Revive Syringe is an item which automatically heals the user to 100%, but it can only be used by a player to revive a downed teammate. A First Aid Kit is an item that restores health to 75%.

    You can only use a Revive Syringe when you have reached Tier 4 (100%) of a player’s health gauge. The syringe will not revive them but will move their health back up to close to what it was before they got knocked out.

    Have a Teammate Help

    If you have a teammate( or two or three counting more than one) playing together, during a match of PUBG Mobile rather than a random player, there is always the option of asking your teammate to revive you. Your teammate must have the ability to crawl to your incapacitated body within the 100-second revival window (PUBG Corp., 2021).

    You can view in your menu whether your teammate is playing together with you. If your teammate is not in your squad, the character may appear dead, meaning they either have gone off in some other direction, or they have been killed in the battle. If you are able to alert your teammate, your teammate needs to approach you (Smartphone handles crawl function with auto run/point the camera automatically to the player running faster) and revive you as they would normally (smartphone adult controls revives in PUBG Mobile with press appears to revive button.).

    Use Cover

    The post-revive period of PUBG is not fun to play because the player can only revive if they are uninjured and in safe conditions. I.e., a player dies just when some action sees happening and they are excited and participant in it. To avoid getting a different reality from the new one, the PUBG guide teaches players to use in-game environment cover to find new opportunities (aside from new loot) and revive if the above criteria are achieved.

    What to Do After Reviving in PUBG?

    After reviving in PUBG, pick up any dropped loot, congratulate your teammate, discuss strategy, and then play as normal. Upon reviving in PUBG, pick up any loot you had before being knocked since a defeated opponent generally helps themselves to any loot left out in the open to aid themself and their team when they are downed. After reviving, some players like to raise such loot from fallen teammates to ensure they or another teammate do not use in battle against them.

    Whether you do that or not, the reviver and revived player should stay together for a little longer until the revived player has some gear. If they both have arms, then they can split apart and continue playing as normal while making sure they are within calling distance. If need be, aid each other with cover fire, backup maneuvers, and by assisting each other in locating loot.

    For complete information on the subject of revival in PUBG we recommend you watch this short summary by popular PUBG YouTuber wackyjacky101.

    Heal Up

    To revive in Pubg from near death, the most important step is to heal up with medical items. While only first aid kits and healing boosts are necessary to health, energy drinks and painkillers can improve map awareness through increased movement speed and are helpful to ensure that excessive play does not lose fine control of aiming abilities.

    The most helpful and fastest healing item in the game is the med kit, a consumable that increases the player’s health by 75 points for eight seconds. The most common and abundant medical healing item is the bandage, but unlike the med kit, the bandage only heals by 40% over 7.5 seconds. Another way to regain lost health after a firefight is through the injection of painkillers (picked up from the floor) as it restores 60% of health over a 40-second period which when combined with the effects of the first aid med or med kit can quickly rebuild a player’s health.

    Regroup with Teammates

    To be resurrected in PUBG, if you have the luxury, group back up with your teammates. They can provide coverage, increase the time until you actually die, potentially make the kill worthless or a lost loot drop, and apply meds. The longer you stay alive, the greater your chances, as a medkit, stim, or even a defibrillator can be applied.

    Disclaimer: The defibrillator is not an actual item in regular PUBG modes but is a modded item in some community servers.

    Continue Playing

    Players can continue playing and enjoy the game even after their character has died in player unknown’s battleground (pubg). This happens when players switch their perspective after being killed instead of waiting for a revive timer or returning to the lobby itself. As of season 7, players can actually leave after being knocked out by their opponent, but this is only to watch the results of the game if they so wish. However, the amount of xp and survival points that the surviving player earns for making such an achievement i.e. not quitting at being knocked down, is debated. Many players think that it’s intentional to keep the community engaged. Thus many players continue playing after death so they can enjoy that very moment once their opponent gets knocked down.

    While player unknown’s battleground does not provide a count of how many matches have been played or how many victories have been achieved, they are definitely possible to continue playing after death and be an active viewer of the game. This is something that Fortnite includes as part of their system as well. In pubg, the player is ejected into a ghillie island lobby area to change their outfit and observe subsequent game actions without having their previous match be available to play. This option to continue playing requires that the player not open any menus or click the lobby button or they will not be able to continue watching but will instead skip to the next match.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to Revive in Pubg?

    To revive in Pubg, you will need a teammate to revive you. They can do so by approaching your knocked-out character and holding the revive button when prompted.

    2. How does the Revive process work in Pubg?

    If your teammate successfully revives you, you will be brought back to the game with a reduced health bar. You will need to heal up with first aid kits or bandages to get back to full health.

    3. Can I revive myself in Pubg?

    No, you cannot revive yourself in Pubg. You will need a teammate to revive you or you will be eliminated from the game.

    4. What happens if no one revives me in Pubg?

    If your teammates are unable to revive you before the timer runs out, you will be eliminated from the game. However, they can still grab your loot and use it to continue playing.

    5. Is there a time limit for reviving in Pubg?

    Yes, there is a time limit for reviving in Pubg. You have 90 seconds to be revived by a teammate before you are eliminated from the game.

    6. Can I revive an enemy player in Pubg?

    No, you cannot revive an enemy player in Pubg. Reviving can only be done between teammates in the game.

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