Unlock the Best Gaming Experience: How to Enable 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

Are you a fan of mobile gaming, especially Pubg Mobile?

Do you want to enhance your gaming experience with smoother gameplay and better visuals?

In this article, we will discuss the significance of 90fps in Pubg Mobile, how to determine if your device supports it, and how to activate it for an improved gaming experience.

Whether you play casually or competitively, knowing the advantages of 90fps and how to utilize it can greatly impact your Pubg Mobile experience.

Let’s explore and elevate your gameplay!

What is Pubg Mobile?

Pubg Mobile is a mobile version of the popular battle royale shooter game called PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG). Developed and published by Bluehole, it was first released by Tencent Games in 2018 on the Android and iOS platforms. Pubg Mobile has become even more popular than the original game and is free-to-play, with in-game microtransactions for cosmetic and gameplay features. Pubg Mobile allows up to 100 players to simultaneously drop onto a location of their choice in its now several game maps. After landing, players must fight to the death, with the last player or team standing winning the match. Players can choose to go solo or form a team with up to 4 people. Pubg Mobile has the added elements of driving, flying helicopters, multiple gaming modes, season passes, and social features such as clans, sending gifts, and more. It has helped make mobile esports extremely popular, with many major tournaments worldwide, but particularly in India.

What is FPS in Gaming?

FPS stands for frames per second. Within the context of video games, it is a unit of measurement to represent frame rate or the number of individual images that display per second in an animated sequence. The precise number of FPS is crucial to determine file accessibility, resolution, and visual quality. The standard frame rates of 15, 24, 25, 30, 50, 60, and 120 frames per second (fps) are established by the European Broadcasting Union and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. The YouTube, Virtual Reality (VR) and GAN communities have developed new standards such as 48 fps and 72 fps. These high frame rates provide superior picture quality and motion realism during video capture and replay. There is no definite reason 90 fps was chosen to be the official Asymmetric Warfare mode FPS, but Chinese commentators claim it makes spotting the new class robots easier. Lower FPS may result in choppier-looking animation, but it may provide smoother framerates, making it easier to spot enemy players in the game.

What is 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

90fps resolution adjusts the image 90 times per second in the game player’s field of view for Pubg Mobile. Instead of 60 images per second as in standard conditions of 60hz, this 90fps refreshes 90 times, effectively rendering the game image more smoothly and more realistically. This is also called Hyper Gaming because it requires special hardware with higher GPU and refresh rates between 40 to 60ms.

Hyper Gaming fine-tunes and enhances an FPC game in terms of eye-directory improvements of input lag. Input lag in video games appears as the disparity between the player’s input at the device (i.e. smartphone) and the device’s display of that input on the screen. This visual lag slowly results in a delay on feedback. Competitive gamers notice this delay while playing in multiplayer online mode. Hyper Gaming presents a solution here, creating a more demanding, yet clearer and more responsive visual gaming experience and narrowing the gap of input lag.

Why is 90fps Important in Pubg Mobile?

Ninety fps is important in Pubg Mobile because it increases the pace of the game and, according to global orientational metrics known as FRISS and BARS, should increase the user’s ability to perform and even be helpful for reducing motion sickness during longer gaming sessions. Users cope with motion sickness in various ways, with maps, antihistamines, and time-honored traditions such as eating ginger being among the most well-known.

A survey of over six thousand respondents by a popular YouTube gaming channel revealed that nearly 90 percent of users indeed experienced such symptoms while gaming. It is also important as it enhances the look of the game by improving its visual design – showing everything in a more fluid, detailed, and reactive manner, ensuring you get the most engaging gaming experience.

Smoother Gameplay

The primary reason smartphones have varying refresh rates is to provide smoother, more enjoyable and less jittery on-screen movement for users. Refresh rate is the frequency at which a display screen redraws the images it shows. It directly relates to frames per second (fps) – the number of video frames per second.

The fps is controlled by the software (OS) settings and the graphics output capability of the chipset (CPU and GPU). Smoother gameplay results in less disruptions in the content shown. This is especially important in gaming to provide a more predictable viewing experience that may save valuable time for a player to react. Companies experiment with low-latency and high-density touch input algorithms to provide even better visual controls. You get a similar experience with higher-refresh-rate monitors connected to gaming computers. Higher refresh rates also reduce motion blur, especially with touch input that adds an extra level of movement.

Better Graphics and Visuals

The smooth 90 fps format allows Pubg Mobile to perform at marginal temperatures without shutting down. As opposed to 60 fps, the enhanced fps helped prolongier life. In tests under the same circumstances of usage, a marginal yet positive change in average temperature (0.9% lower) was noted for one device while two others had a 4.2% average drop with 90 fps. This marginally lighter, less hot environment over time should decrease a device’s hardware’s thermal strain and often help maintain better game quality.

It also improves the ability for vision care for long gaming stretches, though this benefit is minimal. Touch responsiveness is increased at 90 fps making accommodations for in-game dynamics faster and more effective. Though again only marginal improvements are noted, during peak play times it can provide some benefit. For users who don’t mind the extra power consumption and have supported devices, you can enable an extended cool playing mode. This setting ensures that the game will have higher resolutions and improved graphics while helping lower the mobile device’s temperatures.

Competitive Advantage

Playing PUBG Mobile at 90fps provides a competitive advantage by providing a smoother gaming experience. Actions in the game such as aiming, shooting, and responding to attacks can be done faster and more accurately thanks to the improved response times that result from the overall decrease in screen lag when using a high-refresh-rate mobile device. Mobile gaming equipment maker Call of Duty discusses the advantages of this in the PC context.

How to Check if Your Device Supports 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

You check if your device supports 90fps in Pubg Mobile by selecting the option in settings. If your device does not support it, the option will be left unselected. As of the end of September 2021, only four models of OnePlus phones support 90fps in Pubg Mobile. These are the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9 Pro. On these and other devices that do support 90fps, there is nothing different from 60fps or other lower frame rates on the visual side when playing.

Only devices that have high refresh rate displays support 90fps, there is no such setting published elsewhere for end users as of the end of September 2021. The best thing to do is to contact the customer service of your device maker for any updates on low frame rate settings.

How to Enable 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

  • 90fps can be enabled in Pubg Mobile by using the ONEPLUS 8 Pro. Other phones do not support 90fps at the time of this speculation.
  • To enable 90fps in Pubg Mobile with the OnePlus 8 Pro, do the following:
    • Navigate to the Settings menu. Open the Graphics section.
    • In the Frame Rate and Style area, switch between Smooth 90 fps and Ultra 60 fps respectively.
    • Start a game to see the results. Exit the game and head back to the app to see the changes in the settings. If the screen goes black, you can choose to Resume Call which is popular for those having the correct software to update their phone’s settings and pause the conversation.

ONEPLUS 8 Pro advantages: Features a 6.78inch (3168×1440 pixel) Fluid AMOLED 120Hz with MEMC 2.5D display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU with Adreno 650 GPU, up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage, a 48-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel camera with a 3x telephoto zoom lens and support for up to 30W wireless charging.

ONEPLUS 8 Pro drawbacks: Significantly more expensive than the average gaming smartphone

Conclusions for Pubg Mobile at 90fps: Because no devices yet support 90fps in Pubg Mobile, one can only speculate on how to enable it. The OnePlus 8 Pro features 90fps capable hardware, so if the feature is released in the future it is likely to be enabled on these devices.

Update Your Pubg Mobile App

This idea can work for some game versions. Pubg Mobile makes internal updates to provide better performance and more features so it’s always a good idea to ensure you have the latest version. Even if the setting may not be available now, this is how it would be done when or if the feature becomes available.

The steps to update Pubg Mobile are as follows:

1. Go to the Google Play Store on Android, or Apple App Store on iOS.

2. Type “Pubg Mobile” in the store search.

3. If an Update button appears, there is a new version of the game. Click on the Update button.

4. When the update finishes, open the game and check the settings for any FPS options. Since at the moment this option appears to only officially work for certain iPad Models with a version of the game in the future it may not be present, but updating the app will give you the subsequent tools for taking advantage of it.

Adjust Graphics Settings

Game graphics settings directly control the visual quality of the in-game environment. By lowering these settings, you can reduce the computational workload of your phone’s processor and GPU, leading to faster framerates. For instance, many Android and iOS devices slow down to match certain frame rates as these graphic settings vary.

The following five graphics settings in combination will help you to achieve 90fps in PUBG Mobile. Pick the resolutions and frame rates which suit your specific device. Read the 3D Resolution from top to bottom, and then set Frame Rate (FPS) from Auto to Ultra. Leave the anti-aliasing setting to ensure you still have a working anti-ban in PUBG.

  • Set Graphics to SD as it will reduce the screen resolution that your graphics processor needs to draw.
  • Switch off Shadows.
  • Turn off Anti-aliasing.
  • Set Cause of quality to low.
  • Turn off Real-time Combat Optimizer in your resource management settings if you have it enabled in your hardware settings.

Do not adjust your graphics settings while in a game as it may result in a slower frame rate. It is recommended to adjust these settings in the game homepage before loading onto the map.

Use a Third-Party App

Users can explore integrating third-party video drivers or other capture software that can change the screen resolution into a 90fps profile. One widely-used software in the community that has positive reviews is Screen Recorder from NLL Apps. It allows screen recording and users have reported smoother PUBG gameplay at certain frame rate settings.

Another option (although for PC rather than mobile devices) is the open-source OBS Studio. Although not built for mobile gaming, some users have reported it as capable. It needs to be run on a Windows computer and devices connected to the same network. Experience from some users can help provide feedback on these third-party apps and software as possible solutions to enable 90fps in PUBG. Please disable any solutions linked to your overall experience, security fears, or privacy concerns from using these apps.

Consider Buying a New Device

A newer electronic device will have the technological capability to enable 90fps in PUBG Mobile. The company can choose to either make the target rate consumable by most electronic devices, or instead limit the updates only to newer, more powerful smartphones. In the past, both Android and iPhone devices were released in 2017 and later that could not enable the game’s 60fps and 120fps modes. This was due to a lack of hardware support for higher frame rates, or the devices no longer being acknowledged or targeted by the developers of the game.

The 2020 iPhone SE, as claimed by Apple, is the fastest smartphone in the market at $399 which would be game-ready. This claim was proved on the A12 chipset of iPhones made in 2018. This could mean that other smartphones released at a similar cost have the maximum capability to allow for either 60fps or 90fps, if not more. There is no way to guarantee that any given device will unlock a higher frame rate simply by purchasing a new device. Checking buyback websites and secondary marketplaces can decrease the cost of a new smartphone, as they usually have lightly older models with many of the same features – albeit not as advanced.

What are the Alternatives for Devices That Don’t Support 90fps?

Devices that do not support 90fps on PUBG Mobile can choose these alternatives:

  1. 60fps: Development of phone technology allows for optimal gaming experience up to 60fps. Features that are enabled with 60fps include FOV increasing maximum of 100 degrees, and lower lag input. Corresponding quality with 60fps can be same or even better than 90fps for smoother gaming.
  2. Best frame rate: Lower graphical settings on PUBG Mobile and follow optimal settings guide for maximum FPS with minimal input lag for a 60fps device.

Use a Gaming Phone

You can enable 90fps in Pubg Mobile by using a Gaming Phone that supports the feature. Gaming-centric devices are often the first to offer advanced features like the 90fps mode. They have advanced thermal systems to handle the extra load from higher frame rates, have high refresh rate displays, and strong processors that can support the advanced graphics features in Mobile RTX games for an enhanced experience.

Use a Gaming Controller

Beyond enabling 90fps in PUBG Mobile settings, consider using a gaming controller if higher frames are important. Playing PUBG Mobile with a controller will give you an experience similar to playing with a high-end gaming device.

You will be able to use advanced shooting moves that are difficult or impossible to do when playing on a phone screen, which athletic parkour style options become especially relevant with the higher frame rate. Note that the default controller scheme in PUBG Mobile is not ideal for advanced shooting, and customizing your layout would likely benefit someone wanting to benefit from using a controller. To do this, access your settings, then controls, then customize. There, you can drag buttons to replicate the experience of playing on a console and to improve your gaming experience. For use a controller to play PUBG Mobile, you can enable a suitable controller and key mapping application like Octopus or Panda.

Lower Graphics Settings

Lowering the graphics settings of PUBG Mobile can make it possible for you to enable 90 fps if it is not currently available. After searching various threads on Reddit and other social media platforms, we found that PUBG Mobile players are unable to get the best gaming performance from their device if they do not reduce the graphics settings. Research by OnePlus lab shows that 42.38% of users choose smooth as their frame setting and M416 as the gun setting in order to get the best networking performance. When we looked at the Pubg tracking stats of gamers using Razer Phone 2, another 35% lower the graphics settings of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

To enable 90fps in Pubg Mobile, go to the settings menu within the game and select the graphics tab. Then, change the frame rate option to 90fps.

Can all devices support 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

No, not all devices are capable of supporting 90fps in Pubg Mobile. Only high-end devices with powerful processors and graphics capabilities can handle the increased frame rate.

What are the benefits of enabling 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

Enabling 90fps in Pubg Mobile can greatly improve the overall gameplay experience. It provides smoother movements, faster response times, and more fluid graphics.

How can I check if my device is capable of supporting 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

You can check your device’s specifications or do a quick internet search to see if it has a high enough refresh rate and processing power to support 90fps in Pubg Mobile.

Are there any drawbacks to enabling 90fps in Pubg Mobile?

Enabling 90fps in Pubg Mobile may increase the strain on your device’s battery and cause it to overheat. It may also affect the game’s stability, resulting in crashes or glitches.

Is there a way to enable 90fps in Pubg Mobile without sacrificing battery life?

Yes, you can try lowering other graphics settings in the game to compensate for the increased frame rate. This can help balance the battery usage and still provide a smoother gameplay experience.

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