Mastering Pubg: How to Join a Room and Dominate the Game

Are you a fan of PUBG but not sure how to join a room in the game? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the steps to join a room in PUBG. From selecting the game mode to customizing room settings, we have got you covered. Discover the benefits of joining a room, learn the rules and regulations, and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. Get ready to level up your PUBG experience!

What is PUBG?

PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a video game originally developed and published by Bluehole Studio Inc., a subsidiary of PUBG Studio. A massive, globally famous online multiplayer battle royale game, players compete against each other in a high-intensity last person standing to the death match. It is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. The beta version 1.9 has introduced PUBG as a metaverse with new modes allowing players to interact in a mobile space, among other things.

How to Join a Room in PUBG?

You can join rooms in PUBG by following a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the PUBG Home Screen and tap on Rooms.
  2. At the top of the Rooms window, there will be a button that says Create Room. Do not click this, instead tap on the downward-pointing arrow next to it to show options. Here you can select whether you want to see an inviting friend or joining as a team or as a standalone user.
  3. Find the room that your friend is in and tap on the room. If the room is full you may get a message that you could not join this room because the room is full. If the room is not full, a room link will pop up in the middle of the screen, and tap on the Join Room button to enter.

This process is for Unified PUBG Lite. Additional information or step variations may be required for different PUBG versions.

Open the PUBG App

Open the PUBG mobile application on your device whether a phone or tablet. Once the application fully launches, you will be sent to the login screen where you can input your username and password to login. On the smartphone app, the user interface will look similar to what is shown above with the NEW icon at the top of the screen allowing players to set up their own rooms and hail friends to join.

Select the Game Mode

With the lobby selected, the user now must choose Squad, Duo, Solo or Exterminate. Squads are for groups of friends who want to play together, duos are for two members who chose to play together or for those who desire to be randomly assigned to a random teammate that meets their desired ranking, solos are for individuals who want to play by themselves and compete against others without any teams, and exterminate is PUGB’s rapid entry and play style for already ready-to-install players. Once you have chosen one of the options Telegram will display a password that grants access only to those users who have permission from the room owner.

This password can be used to enter the room on Facebook or through a direct link. Facebook users will log into the PUGB Lite Room, click on Enter to navigate to the Room, then type the room password into the rectangular bar to enter it. This password can be distributed like the room ID for Easy Room Identification purposes as well. While there is some similarity to the process of accessing an online dating chat room via Telegram, the PUBG Room environment is strictly based on ensuring privacy and security for the room.

Click on the Room Button

After you have verified that PUBG Team Finder is running, open your PUBG Mobile app. Tap on the Rooms icon located at the top of your screen, to the right of the Shop icon. You will receive a prompt that will open the Room Joining Channel in PUBG Team Finder as seen and/or described in steps with additional help as needed.

It is possible that the following error message will display: No Join Room Request is available in PUBG Team Finder. In this case, use the Search button in PUBG Team Finder and message a prospective Room Leader to invite you to their team.

Now you will join a room for a chicken dinner or at least for PUBG team building. Happy hunting!

What is a Room in PUBG?

A Room is a private gathering in PUBG Mobile or PUBG PC that lets you compete with friends instead of random strangers. PUBG Rooms have the advantage of being password-protected, which keeps out unwanted participants. During private rooms gameplay conditions can be modified in certain ways. For instance, the number of players can be increased or decreased.

Private Rooms

Private rooms are not a feature of PUBG Mobile or the main PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game on PC and console. When players want to meet up, they are instructed How to add friends?. Friends are members of a player’s broader PUBG community who can quickly and easily join matches when the player is looking for buddies. Alternatively, some players are already in a virtual community, like a high school or sports team, that uses the game as a social hub. In these situations, players can create a squad with members of their community, the PUBG match against other members of that community who are on another team, or face off in a more traditional match.

Public Rooms

Public rooms are available for everyone don’t require an invitation to join and don’t even require hosting access from a current participant in the room. Tasobya’s September 2021 public poll on where to find PUBG rooms found them here

  1. Under the clan’s discovery tab, click on the clans available tab to find rooms or clan rooms for specific purposes
  2. Click on the profile picture of any player who is currently in a room, click join room, and randomly join a public room
  3. Use the PUBG room search option and then join a public room at random

These are specifically for PUBG Mobile. It may be challenging to always enter a public room if you do not have hosting rights to another room. If you exit a PUBG mobile public room to change rooms or adjust settings, you will be unable to re-enter the room.

If you want to join a random public room, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PUBG mobile home screen and tap the room on the right. Once you are in the room section look for create room at the top right.
  2. Tap on the map and on the left minimize the difficulty and level so you see only a certain number of rooms.
  3. Wait until the more room tab appears and click it to find more rooms. This method will allow you to find public rooms that you can join randomly.

How to Create a Room in PUBG?

The following are the steps to create a room in PUBG to play with friends and customize the game settings:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile, click the Mode Selection button above the START button on the main screen.
  2. It will give you a choice to create a room in Classic or Team Deathmatch mode.
  3. Select the mode you wish to play. PUBG classic is the standard mode, the other is a TDM where the team that earns 40 points first is declared the winner.
  4. Click on the Create Room button at the bottom of the screen. You will now be prompted to enter the settings you want to use for the room you are creating, as well as a name for it.
  5. Edit the parameters that appear in the new settings screen. You can adjust settings for the Room Type, Date and Time, Region, Game Mode, Map, Password, Room Settings such as weapons, tournaments parameters, etc.
  6. After you are done, click on the Create Room and confirm it. Your very own PUBG room will have been created for you and your friends to play in.

When you create your own room, you can decide the game and server settings to create a uniquely fun match. For example, you can choose to have a sniper-only deathmatch or use a specific map and weather setting.

Select the Mode and Map

After clicking on Enter Training Camp, select the game mode and map you would like to play in. You can go for standard practices by choosing Classic under the Mode section and Erangel under the Map section.

Select Composition under the Mode section for entry-level to intermediate recoil control. After getting used to recoil control, either stick with TDM or transition to the Watch game mode which mirrors the aggressive gameplay seen in monthly tournaments.

Customize Room Settings

These are some of the Room Customizations when creating a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile.

  • Room Name:

Simple word or phrase that differentiates it.

  1. Room Mode:
    • Normal Mode – Current PUBG game mode.
    • Advanced Custom Room – Custom room settings. For example, change all circles to 1.0 speed, increase air drop items, decrease heal item spawn rate. There are many possibilities.
  2. Map
  3. Map Type:
    • Explore – PUBG’s training map where players can practice.
    • Warfare – A 10-minute match with 28 players that is waged on a small, landlocked area of Erangel or Sanhok.
  4. Team Type:
    • Weapons Pick-up – Players are not assigned to different teams and instead must acquire weapons themselves. Room ID should not be shared with internet strangers!
    • Create Team Room – Create a room where players can log in using Room ID or a QR code you provide and play against each other.
  5. Password:
  6. Pick-up Weapons and Host Login
  7. Room Access:
  8. Royal Pass Entry
  9. Air Drop Frequency and War Mode Parachute Settings

There are plenty of options available in PUBG Mobile’s Custom Room Feature through which room admin can personalize the room based on their preferences.

Share the Room ID and Password

When in the lobby with the Room ID and Password, communicate these details to the players who want to join. If the Mic is on and the PUBG host player wants to explain the room ID or password by talking, they can do that. If mic usage is turned off, the host player must type the Room ID and Password into the chat dialog box so that friends can see and join the room.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Room in PUBG?

    The benefits of joining a room in PUBG include being able to participate in private or special events, play with a specifically invited group of friends, or join a community of similar players. Since you can create custom rooms, there are settings that can be a bit different from the standard game. You can create your own rules. Games may require players to do certain things or impose restrictions.

    For example, they can create a room where the circle position immediately closes to get players together or private matches where teams are balanced by game settings. Different from other games, even if a player has voice chat turned off so they don’t have to communicate with random teammates, Discord can be used to help teams. Additionally, they are helpful for training in unique environments. They are environments where you can learn to play the game together, learn new gameplay tactics and become even better as a player.

Play with Friends

One way to join a room in PUBG is to Play with Friends. Playing with friends allows the player to create a room with a custom room id. This is a simple but effective method of joining a room because players with a specific custom room id can join immediately or at a later time after the room has been created.

Here is how to create a custom room on PUBG Mobile to join with friends:

  1. Click on Room at the lower right of the screen.
  2. Click on Create Room.
  3. Select the Region/Map/MODE.
  4. Click the Create Room button at the bottom.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Modify the room id if preferred, then click the Create Room button.
  7. Then click on Invite Friends.
  8. Copy and share the ROOM ID with friends.

However, PUBG is no longer available in India and there is a risk of losing data and your account if an unlicensed version is played.

Practice and Improve Skills

One solution is to find an available room to practice skills. It is often daunting to practice movements and control when they are not applicable during matches. Entering a Pubg room while awaiting your buddies is a great method to keep your skills sharp.

Players’ rooms are not frozen when they are not in use. Pubg allows other players to use the room during this time. Players may join the room while they are waiting for their own to be filled or are unable to join other rooms. During their multiplayer games, they do not bother anyone since the available rooms are separate.

Another advantage of having useable rooms in Pubg is when players cannot join other rooms for any reason. They may want to play alone in a Pubg room. Yet they are not in the mood to play against genuine bots in the training space. As a result, practicing in a room before a game using stimulators seems to be an appropriate choice. Depending on the player’s needs, this can be offline with genuine players or alone. Just remember that productivity comes with practice. So locating an accessible pub room to practice abilities is a good way to keep exercises effective.

Join Tournaments and Competitions

Compete in PUBG tournaments or competitions to join and create rooms with specialized settings. The PUBG Mobile Esports website offers details about how to participate and view PUBG Tournaments (PMT XP). Competing is the second type of battleground (Room ID Type-2) pioneered by the game to allow players to access fixed room IDs directly. Room IDs allow the player to join the specified room with the help of the room ID.

To enter a tournament, game developers often offer users the organization and customization of gaming room matches as rewards. The in-game PUBG Room ID is revealed once they are connected to a tournament. Once you have successfully joined the tournament then you can create a room for PUBG Mobile which might be helpful to your progress in the competition.

This method of engaging with customized PUBG rooms is great for those who are interested in watching professionals play PUBG. Watching professional PUBG rooms and bugging equipment during and after the game to improve one’s strategies could be very beneficial.

What are the Rules and Regulations in a PUBG Room?

The rules and regulations for a PUBG room or PUBG private room are the same as for a public match. Each game mode such as Classic, Arcade, and Training Ground has its own set of rules depending on specific parameters. In games like Team Deathmatch (TDM), players are randomly assigned to blue and red teams and must kill as many opponents as possible within a stipulated time.

PUBG Room also includes several options for players to tailor-make their room settings according to what they think will make for an entertaining game. Rules in a PUBG room can range from only melee weapons or sniper-only to additional safety zone speeds or required loot multipliers.

A PUBG room that is private is generally available for private, practice, or small competitive purposes. Rules and regulations for entering a PUBG private room are generally looser than regular public matches. The facilitators of the private room set the majority of the rules and parameters of the match.

Once settings have been set in a private room, the facilitator sends invites to all who can compete in it. It is important to only allow the entrance of approved friend contacts as they may try to share the room ID with others and then allow them to participate.

Respect Other Players

A Room Card is required in order to join a room in PUBG Mobile. 1.2.0 is the cheapest version available. If a player wishes to play in his own private project while having seamless match ups, they invite friends/players they wish to engage with over chat to form a group to enter a match with one another. Random players may form teams and join private rooms of their own to play and compete against one another.

Having respect for other players is another important step when joining a room in PUBG and these tips should be adhered to:

  1. It is better to mute players or leave games immediately if another player is being disrespectful towards you during gameplay. Being respectful can prevent this from happening. Excessively loud background noises, arguing with your family or friends, and background interruptions should be minimized. For gameplay instructions, using the text-based chat option, non-violent audio levels, and non-verbal communication are the best approaches. This can hinder the enjoyment of gameplay to communicate with someone.
  2. Leaving the game before it is over or team killing is not advised. Do not leave the game when your team is in a difficult situation as this can ruin the game for your other team members.

Follow the Room Creator’s Rules

After tapping either the Add Room Code or Join Room Code option, PUBG Mobile will take you to the Enter Password prompt. Enter the password sent to you by the Room Creator in step 1. After entering the password, you will join the Room. Here you should follow the Housekeeping Rules put in place by the Room Creator.

After joining a room in PUBG Mobile, the Room Creator may have certain rules and regulations in place. Common rules set by Room Creators include, but are not limited to:

  • Play fair, no hacks, and share replays in case of disputes
  • Respect teammates, even if they are playing for fun
  • Turn up your microphone volume so teammates can always hear you
  • No unnecessary shouting or loud music over the live mic
  • If you don’t have a strong internet connection, don’t get angry if your platform experiences issues

Room Creators expect players to be familiar with the rules and regulations they have put in place and to abide by them. For example, in many PUBG Mobile rooms avatars should have matching names. Not following rules which include repeat offenses can lead to expulsion from the room as set out by the Room Creator. Understanding and abiding by the Room Creator’s rules is the second step after entering a room in PUBG Mobile.

No Cheating or Hacking

In PUBG, players cannot join a room and spectate a match if they are involved in any of the following activities, which are prohibited by Section 5.2 of PUBG’s User Agreement.

Levelling up the PUBG Character with inappropriate methods. Selling, renting, distributing, broadcasting, manipulating, altering, and assembling the Game (including account) inappropriately. Using cheats and hacks.

If any of the people you are trying to spectate during a match fits into one of these categories, you will need to join another room to spectate. Or you might simply want to avoid associating with someone who breaks the rules while playing.

How to Troubleshoot Joining a Room in PUBG?

You may need to troubleshoot joining a room in PUBG if you are experiencing issues such as game lag, long loading times, a slow network connection, or common connectivity issues such as having a network signal but no data; getting errors like Unable to connect to the server, network error, please check your network connection & try again, error 154140712; or not having a stable internet connection at all.

To troubleshoot, you can restart your device and reconnect your internet connection. If this does not work, you can try switching to a different connection. Ensure that your game and mobile device software are all up to date, and then restart your PUBG game. After you have done this, try again to see if you can join a room.

If you have done all of this and are still experiencing issues, make sure to contact PUBG Mobile or have a technical expert on the issue look at your gameplay settings to see if there may be an issue with a program or alternative issue. Oftentimes, the issue is with the PUBG servers themselves, and futhermore the issue has to be waited out. So, it never hurts to check news on social media to see if others are experiencing a similar issue for the same reason.

Check your Internet Connection

Before following steps you need to make sure that you are connected to the internet on the device using which you want to join a room. If you are on Wi-Fi, you can check whether too many users are saturating your broadband. You can connect to another network, or disconnect in a smartphone and check if the PUBG app reports any issues related to the quality of the internet connection.

If you have another device with the same internet using which you can browse well, you can check whether the game servers are down on the server tracking website Select the PUBG servers, and check if there are any reports in your region. If there are, this means there is a server issue with PUBG and the option to join a room may be turned off till the issue is fixed.

Update the Game

Launch PUBG Mobile and let the game update. Ensure PUBG Mobile and the underlying game engine are fully upgraded to the latest version, which will add new features and potentially eliminate software bugs. Updates tend to bring new issues with them so if you wait a week or so any major bug with a newly released version may have been discovered and resolved.

Newer engine versions of PUBG for eerie devices have more capability when it comes to troubleshooting issues and resolving bugs. PUBG has a dedicated Mechanic in the game who uses TikTok and YouTube to update fans on any fixes reported for the newest bugs in the game. Search him out to know more about changes coming on this front.

Restart the App

If you are still having trouble joining someone or having trouble joining matches and teams in general you can try restarting the app. This is particularly useful in cases where the PUBG Mobile login server down or you are having other server connection problems with PUBG Mobile. This will ensure that all background processes are stopped and a fresh and brand new connection is established with the PUBG Mobile servers.

Contact Customer Support

If you still can’t figure out how to join a room in PUBG or have any other questions, the final solution is to look for room join instructions on the Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) corporation’s website. Their customer support team will be able to tell you the exact steps for the specific device you are using.

Battleground PUBG is a game that has numerous issues with the controls, particularly on smartphones. Sometimes specific actions are moved around, so a button / process goes missing. The PUBG mobile game does not include a forum system that allows users to ask questions directly or search for solutions. Where PUBG corporation’s customer portal can help connect you to experts to resolve your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join a room in Pubg?

To join a room in Pubg, you can either be invited by a friend or join a public room through the lobby.

2. Can I join a room with players from different regions?

Yes, you can join a room with players from different regions, as long as they are in the same server as you.

3. What is the maximum number of players allowed in a room in Pubg?

The maximum number of players allowed in a room in Pubg depends on the game mode. For classic mode, the maximum is 100 players while for Arcade mode, it is 28 players.

4. Can I join a room if I don’t have a team?

Yes, you can join a room as a solo player or with a team. If you join as a solo player, you may be matched with other players to form a team.

5. How can I create my own room in Pubg?

To create your own room in Pubg, go to the lobby and click on the “Create Room” button. From there, you can customize the room settings and invite other players to join.

6. Is there a limit to how many rooms I can join in Pubg?

No, there is no limit to how many rooms you can join in Pubg. However, it is recommended to focus on one room at a time to avoid confusion and ensure a better gaming experience.

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