Mastering Pubg: Tips to Increase Merit and Dominate the Game

Are you a PUBG player looking to level up your game and earn more rewards?

Merit in PUBG plays a crucial role in your overall gaming experience.

We will explore what merit is, why it is important, and how you can earn and increase it quickly.

From playing fair and completing missions to teaming up with trusted players, we will cover all the strategies to help you maintain a good reputation and avoid the consequences of dropping merit.

Let’s dive in and level up your PUBG gameplay!

What is Merit in PUBG?

Merit in PUBG is an internal number value which holds an indication of the player’s in-game conduct and sense of morality. Though the exact qualifications for earning it have never been outlined in detail by the developers’ notes or changelog releases, it is generally agreed that you earn merit by playing ethically (e.g. not leaving battles), accurately, or with world-class gaming skill (e.g. many kills every match, chicken dinners). Merit is used to determine the enforcement of the game’s rules against your account. The only known penalties for losing merit are temporary bans. The most concrete information regarding merit is a PUBG developer Twitter post from December 15th, 2019. The post said Our teams around the world have different approaches to implement merit, so we cannot share the exact specifications. They added examples of behavior including in-game cheating, teaming/colluding, and large numbers of fake reports which earn you negative merit and potential bans. In all, the developers have never made the paths to merit clear. It is thought to be intentionally obfuscated to prevent players from gaming the system.

Why is Merit Important in PUBG?

Merit is important in PUBG according to Battlegrounds Merit System to stop illegal activities (e.g. cheaters) at the earliest stages after they have been detected. The following are the main reasons why Merit is important in PUBG?

  1. Stop cheating accounts in the early stages. By doing this PUBG stops cheating in the early stages and thus minimizes the harm done.
  2. It is the only way to gauge users who are cheating without certainty. there is not enough certainty on how to determine exactly who is and isn’t cheating on PUBG to have strict penalties for any form of suspicious behavior, but merit collection allows them to gauge suspicious users without having to ban
  3. It Moderates Leading Cause of Negative Experiences which improper Merit can lead to repetitive encounters with Horsemen who use cheats such as aimbots, and blatant cheats have been known to intentionally lower their merit to compete against new participants instead of the people they have unfairly beaten in the past, when users frequently encountered such individuals, it inhibited the growth and success of the game
  4. Hardcore cheaters who are defeated in an anti-cheat system can ban… permanently. Cheating in video games is a serious problem that can ruin the integrity of an experience for the legitimate players. Founder of UnioLuck Akash Bharti has stressed that this is a bigger issue in battle royale games such as PUBG. Shielding off this serious problem from PUBG can assist in maintaining a healthy gaming environment.

How to Earn Merit in PUBG?

You can earn Merit in PUBG by achieving BattleStat performance scores each week. Each region has a fixed number of weekly missions and completion tasks, which afterwards brings special achievements to you. The following actions result in a deduction of 5 Merit for a fixed period, depending on the offense. Not reporting when your teammate kills you, leaving a match early as a team and then killing teammates, severely damaging a teammate’s health during a match, entering the airplane or sitting on the airplane without a teammate.

Play Fair and Follow Rules

For PUBG, one way to increase merit is to play fair and follow the rules. This consists of abiding by the in-game rules such as not intentionally team-killing or engaging in voice chat abuse. As well, it means to not exploit in-game bugs, or in any way break the game’s rules whether cheat program use or any other method of playing unfair.

Failure to follow the game’s rules (referred to as I behavior via the official PUBG website) is referred to as Corruption Conduct Behavior, or CCB. Participating in corruption conduct behavior often leads to negative merit. On the other hand, participating in fair and honest gameplay often boosts merit by earning merits each week equal to their average current merit value every seven days, as long as they do not receive any additional merit point deduction during that week.

Complete Daily Missions

Every player levels up by completing daily missions to gain an additional 1000 XP points required for their level and to acquire additional gifts, merit points, and other treasures. Missions may vary from kill tasks in Team Deathmatch mode in PUBG to chicken dinner tasks. Completing PUBG missions grants a player additional merits to move up the leveling scale.

Remember to check your daily missions any time you play on a new day. Missions can range from the following tasks in the Game Modes menu: Ultra Defense Game Mode, Team Gun Game Mode, and Arena Training to Quick Deathmatch. Obtain any daily tasks you can perform by assembling any local squad up to a maximum of three players in Classic or Arcade mode, in order to facilitate trust and effectiveness in your team throughout the day.

For improve your bravery and expertise in playing alone against 99 unknown opponents, you will have varied goals. The more you complete daily duties, the more merit points you receive and the sooner you advance the levels. Never forget to pick your daily missions when you first log in or after the start of a new day in the game.

Participate in Events and Tournaments

Participating in PUBG events and community tournaments is another way to boost your merit. PUBG Mobile regularly releases lots of in-game events which provide new ways to score merit points.

For example, the Mid-Autumn Carnival event helped players earn up to 250 merits by completing login, training grounds, and parachute maneuver challenges every day. Given the importance of merits in Season 1 of 2021, community tournaments were hosted to replace the controlling right of EVO Clan made up of the top Scrim Squad teams. A total of 2 million UC in financial support is provided for monthly PUBG Mobile community tournament prizes.

Play with Friends and in Squads

Having less merit in PUBG makes it harder to increase your merit. If you want to increase merit then it is highly recommended to play with friends and in squads. Because this will make it easier to get revives as well as less chance of you getting killed early on in the game. Overall this will make it easier for you to survive the game and help you get Merit Points.

Avoid Teamkilling and Griefing

Teamkilling in PUBG occurs when a player kills their own teammates. Griefing is a term used to refer to any action dedicated specifically to irritating or angering other users. The most common example in PUBG is when a player tries to lure enemies towards their teammates, purposely revealing their teammates’ location in order to get them killed. Activating friendly fire and using grenades or cars to run over or kill the teammates, as well as blocking them from running, are examples of purposeful griefing.

Genuine teamkills and griefing can result in the deduction of merit points. For instance, a decrease of -5 merit points occurs if a player eliminates a squad member. This was done to decrease friends who kill each other in safe mode, to stop random team kills by players, and to prevent your own teammates from being ridiculed by enemies to coordinate them. PUBG Corporation has implemented a new monitoring and security system known as Killer Spectate to monitor malicious activities. Players negatively impacting this new system might have their accounts banned for up to 10 years.

Improve Your Gameplay Skills

Gameplay skills refer to all essential functions in the game, such as shooting ability and position awareness. Merely playing the game is the real secret in how to increase merit in Pubg. Play as regularly as possible, focusing on not just playing but also free practicing and developing gameplay skills that are lacking. Watching pros on platforms such as Twitch helps to learn from example. For training, play on the Asia server, which offers ultra-realistic levels of play. Players frequently adopt different tactics in this region to play sneakily or to simply hide in buildings the entire game and avoid combat. A highly strategic region, they change their strategy based on the clues the game provides. For training purposes, playing here is ideal as it teaches you to analyze scrims with a new viewpoint which is not typically found in NA or EU.

Maintain a Good Reputation

Reputation, also known as Karma, refers to how a player is reviewed by other players and their interactions with them. If a player has too many negative reviews based on bad behavior, the player may receive a warning and restriction. If positive behavior continues, a reward can be granted. In other words, reputation is based on complaints and commendations associated with player profiles.

Failing to adhere to PUBG MOBILE’s Community Guidelines can cause the user’s Reputation Score to decrease. Being reported frequently can also lower one’s Reputation Score.

What Happens if Your Merit Drops?

If your merit point rank drops below 60, you will then have to start playing Classic mode round games and rise it back up. You will not have to worry about your merit rank hitting 0 naturally since it will be increased by 3 points every day if it is below 60. You can also attend merit review sessions if there seem to be issues regarding your gameplay ability or behavior.

Temporary Ban from Ranked Matches

In PUBG Mobile, an in-game merit improvement solution is to temporarily block players from participating in Ranked Classic and Classic Mode matches 3 times without merit freezes. The temporary ban period is 1-3 days and increases with the number of strikes. The temporary ban restrictions are reduced if the player maintains a consistent merit number for an extended period of time. Daily merit increase: If you know you have low merit to improve, try avoiding killing your teammates from hurting. To increase your merit number consistently, participate in training mode and upgrade your items at different levels instead of killing everyone or playing solo.

Loss of Rewards and Benefits

Merits in Pubg may be reduced by Inactivity or Violating Community Guidelines or ToS. If you are inactive in Pubg, you may be notified before rewards and merits are deducted. You may choose to open Pubg every few days and stay in the Lobby for five minutes before logging out in order to potentially prevent this from happening. Violating Commnunity Guidelines or Terms of Service will generally result in more severe drops in merits along with longer periods of being inactive or not allowed to acquire merits.

Difficulty in Finding Teammates

  • The disadvantage of influence in finding teammates translates to difficulty in obtaining proper competition. A high influence may help new players in association with established players who can provide support, but as Harappa^2 described, meritocracy is greatly depending on one’s character.
  • If a player is not relying on their connections and is organically building support, then peers they play with will quickly determine whether they receive support due to their skills or if it is handed to them.

How to Increase Merit Quickly?

There is no surefire way to get merit quickly, as in practice gaining merit in PUBG is merely a matter of playing the game long enough. That said, there is one strategy.

One of the best ways to quickly gain PUBG merit points on your account is to play Type 64 PUBG Mobile TDM matches in the functions section of the main lobby. These are small 4v4 team deathmatches that take less than ten minutes, ensuring everyone goes to action and death is an almost instantaneous possibility. They have an unlimited number of instantly reloading normal bullets, so buying ammo is unnecessary for a win. That way the playing field evens and you are effectively using opponents themselves as well as practice targets. Type 64 matches only require two kills per round for a total of six rounds. The type 64 and its ammo do not take up a lot of space and is good primary ammunition. You are unlikely to spend your whole time looting. The rewards per game are 50 BP, an instant 10 merit points, and a progress towards the certain kills event in your RP missions which may allow for even more BP to be awarded. This is a fun way to increase merit in PUBG and makes the grind that much more fun, for a comprehensive guide to zeroing in the game.

Playing well and awareness of opponents is the key to getting more kills and increasing the speed at which you build merit. Kickstarting PUBG merit earnings by buying crates can be a good start if you have some money to spare. Every crate costs 700BP and you continue earning crates after every eight merit levels. That is a significant amount of merit and could take a very long time but is a sure way to have excellent skill guns and better equipment faster.

If you do not have a significant amount of extra money, there is another way. PUBG sells five merit for 25 UC. The skins and items you earn by spending money in the RP should be greater in value than the UC it takes to buy merit in the growing stages of the game. So money spent on RP will help you develop, while the money you spend specifically on merit will give you in-game merit benefits.

Focus on Playing Fair and Improving Skills

The definition of merit in PUBG refers to the accumulated total reward points you accrue as a player when playing Pubg. There are no shortcuts or cheats to increase merit in PUBG statistically via automatic means. Rather, you increase your total reward points in the tier by improving your combat and winning skills (which will earn you overall higher scores) and by getting fewer violations. These are the main components of PUBG total merit increase and cannot be faked or automated. Winning and fighting better to increase skills, as well as conducting level design exploration in order to understand every foot of the mobile battleground, will enable you to increase the global rank and reduce basic rule violations.

Team Up with Trusted Players

To increase merit in PUBG team up with trusted players. If you are playing with friends, the merit of the team is determined according to the lowest merit of any team member. Find friends with similar interests, ages, schedules, and regions so you can play together on the same team. This way the merit of the best player is never wasted on a lower merit teammate.

Participate in Events and Complete Missions

Event objectives and missions assigned in the RP section are special ways to receive merits in PUBG Mobile. Emphasis on completing difficult missions first. These event tasks are generally easier and related to gameplay. They can be completed without any particular management of time. Don’t forget to check your mail under the announcement tab at the beginning of each month for merit opportunities with new updates.

Avoid Negative Behavior and Reports

Negative behavior such as harassment or using cheats in matches will decrease your merit score. Accounts with low merit scores will only be matched with other such accounts, both for cooperative teamwork (squads) and during individual games. Reports are an important signal to the system in case of negative behavior. During the first few hours of the new merit system release, players who use too many permissions will face penalties as well. This was confirmed in an announcement on the Tencent game official website.

Purchase Merit Boosts with In-Game Currency

Another method of gaining Merit in PUBG Mobile is by purchasing Merit Boosts with in-game currency. Unfortunately, the individuals who this is being primarily marketed towards – those who are having trouble reaching Level 11 will not be likely candidates because they are highly unlikely to desire to spend money in the game. Nevertheless, one can use the most basic form of this system, purchases with in-game currency, which is a semi-automatic method in Miramar and a fully automatic method with the Mirado car. Both of these require you to maximize your actions, such as firing every bullet you pick up on the speed track, going over a jump, switching to automatic, and then jumping out of the vehicle immediately. The requirements to level up past Level 11 are as follows:

  • Level 12 requires 2000 Combat, 2000 Survival, and 2000 Teamwork merits.
  • Levels 13-18 require 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, and 6000 merits of any combination of merit types.
  • Level 19-49 requires 10000 merits of any combination.
  • Level 50 Req. is 15000 Combat, Survival, and Teamwork merits. Despite this, you don’t start losing level-based rewards once you drift past level 11, so going through the trouble to purchase merit boosts or use the automatic Mirado vehicle is entirely at your discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Increase Merit in Pubg?

What is Merit in Pubg? Merit is a scoring system in Pubg that indicates a player’s behavior and performance in the game.

How to Increase Merit in Pubg?

What factors affect Merit in Pubg? Merit is affected by things like teamkills, team damage, cheating, and leaving matches early.

How to Increase Merit in Pubg?

Is Merit important in Pubg? Yes, Merit is important as it determines a player’s eligibility for certain events, rewards, and even matchmaking.

How to Increase Merit in Pubg?

What are some tips for increasing Merit in Pubg? Playing fair, being a team player, and completing matches without quitting are some ways to increase Merit.

How to Increase Merit in Pubg?

Can Merit be lost in Pubg? Yes, Merit can be lost if a player engages in negative behaviors such as teamkilling or leaving matches early.

How to Increase Merit in Pubg?

Is it possible to increase Merit quickly in Pubg? No, Merit is earned gradually over time and can only be increased by playing the game and exhibiting positive behavior.

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