Mastering Pubg: Learn How to Join a Clan and Dominate the Battlefield

Are you a PUBG player looking to take your gaming experience to the next level? Joining a clan might be the perfect option for you.

In this article, we will explore the concept of clans in PUBG, the benefits of joining one, how to find the right clan for you, what to consider before joining, and the process of joining and leaving a clan.

Whether you’re looking to play with friends, improve your gameplay, or participate in tournaments, joining a clan could be the key to enhancing your PUBG experience. Let’s dive in!

What is a Clan in PUBG?

A clan in PUBG mobile is a group of players who play under the same name. Clans allow the members to easily team up when playing with friends and tag their name with the clan’s initials to represent the clan. Some clans maintain their own leaderboard score, provided through the CLAN SYSTEM by PUBG Mobile.

Why Join a Clan in PUBG?

Joining a clan in PUBG has advantages over just teaming up with strangers or remaining a solo player. The most notable one is that you are surrounded by reliable friends and SIM cards who will play with you. Your chances of winning will significantly increase, making your time playing PUBG more enjoyable. Clans foster good relationships among the members and there are even cases where long-term friendships began through PUBG clans.

To Play with Friends

To join a clan in Pubg, start by just playing squads with friends you want to join a clan with. You can only be in one clan at a time, so to play with your friends in a squad, they will need to be members of the same clan as you. When you play with friends, you are more likely to be successful, which will help raise your ranking in pubg. This will improve your chances of being accepted in a competitive or casual clan, or forming your own.

If you do not currently have friends in Pubg, add some good team players and become friends with them. Squadding with them consistently and making Pubg social will increase your chances of forming a clan with them. My friend Ziya Ziya in this short going viral Pubg clip gives you an idea of what meeting good and loyal teammates can look like.

Being able to play with friends is important in Pubg, as it can make it easier to communicate and learn from each other to get better.

To Improve Gameplay

Forming a PUBG clan can significantly improve your gameplay as competitive gaming has a positive effect on concentration, problem-solving, teamwork, social interaction, and strategic thinking. Because a clan is a group of people who share similar goals and engage in a variety of different activities within the game, players find it easier to learn the techniques and strategies of survival, resources and medicine locations, and other useful tricks from other clan members.

To Participate in Clan Events and Tournaments

Pubg Mobile organizes tournaments that participating clans can take part in as well as sponsoring tournaments hosted by other organizations. These competitions range in scope from local open-to-the-public events to international tournaments with massive prize pools. Some clans do not play at this competitive level and do not participate in the tournaments.

Clan members have a role in deciding whether to participate in such events. Members wishing to register their clan to participate in one of these tournaments must communicate with the clan leader to ensure that the clan is signed up prior to the deadline. When deciding whether to participate in tournaments, the clan members weigh such factors as time investment vs real-life schedules, the expected competitive level at the tournament compared to their own team, and the desire to be promoted into the upper levels of the competitive clan scene which often have entry requirements based on tournament performance.

Clan tournaments organize similar events but following their own rules.

How to Find a Clan in PUBG?

There are many ways to find a Clan in PUBG. New players often ask in-game immediately after playing with a group that they enjoyed playing with; otherwise searching the web will turn up lists of player and clan directories where they can search through and contact players that have similar playing styles, time availabilities, and goals for the game.

PUBG has organized recruitment drives, contests and events such as the PUBG Mobile Recruitment Challenge where they have designated dates and times where interested clans can participate. They win various perks and, most notably, get access to a published list of top and wins leaderboards so they can further refine their searches of potential members and find new applicants for their clan by starting conversations with those who similarly stand out in performance. PUBG Mobile also conducts custom room championships and league-style games. These are competitions between multiple organized 4-man teams and thus are an excellent resource to meet new organizations who are a good fit for your style of play and choose one to join.

In-game Clan Search

PUBG has an in-game clan search function used to find and join a clan. This feature is only accessible to players who are interested in a specific clan based on the clan tag or name and want to join it immediately. The number of available clans to join can vary from zero to tens of thousands depending on your country, region, or language preferences. Always enter the full clan tag when searching by clan tag. Click the go button after entering your search criteria to see results.

When searching for a clan via the clan search feature, research and choose from the clans that have the best characteristics for your goals, such as region, play style, open enrollment status, and number of members. The method of joining a clan via an in-app clan search is typically as follows one the PUBG app is open on your device: Click on the clan icon located under your profile. Under the search option, type in the name or clan tag of the clan that you want to join. Press enter.

Select the clan you wish to join. Click the application button and wait for your application to be accepted by whoever the clan leader has designated as being in charge of accepting new applicants.

Online Clan Databases

Visit online clan databases such as PUBG Clans, PUBG LFP, and PUBG Dream to find and join clans. These sites are primarily used by the mobile versions of PUBG but contain numerous desktop clans as well.

The PUBG Clans website is a rich resource with hundreds of clans around the world, listed by platform with continuous new locations. Clans in almost every country are available including some with team colors, stickers, logos, and names, although posting may be slow with only a few new entries per day.

The PUBG LFP website has over 1200 listings where players looking for clans can post their profiles, and clan representatives can post listings for their clans. The PUBG Dream website is less active but still provides an option for joining clans. Be aware that males and females can post in the LFP area of PUBG Dream, but once inside a clan, PUBG’s own security policies will ensure nobody pretends to be someone they are not.

Social Media Groups and Forums

You can join a PUBG Mobile Clan on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the audio app Clubhouse, or internet forums like Reddit, Quartz, and PCGamingWiki. Use hashtags such as #pubgclans, #pubgmclans, or #pochinkiantiliars to find Instagram and Twitter posts.

A simple Google search of "PUBG Mobile Clans Forums" and similar keywords will direct you to online communities where these caily types may have already been organized.

What to Consider Before Joining a Clan?

Consider Clan Leader, Time commitment, Communication style. Some players may not wish to join clans or teams on Pubg for fear of the social obligations such groups imply. At the highest levels of competition players may receive financial compensation and it is more like a job or at least a commitment to the organization to which you belong. The effort required and the commitment levels vary between clans so you should think about how much energy you actually want to put into the group in order not to disappoint the group and to ensure you don’t feel trapped in a bad situation.

Play with your clan mates at least every other day to maintain your communication efficiency and understanding of the team’s strategy. Otherwise you risk losing your performance on the battlefield. In order not to disappoint the group and to ensure you don’t feel you are trapped in a bad situation, you need to adapt your playing style to the requirements of your team and of the game. Therefore, you must take a little time to understand the requirements of both.

Clan Requirements and Rules

Before considering how to join a Clan in PUBG, check that you meet their requirements. These can be about ranking, age, nationality, gender, Discord membership, streaming activities, or other factors. Certain requirements can be especially strict in military-like clans to give a more realistic experience.

You should also review the Clan’s rules to make sure you agree with them. Many Clans are highly organized and have a lot of rules in place about when and how often members play, conduct in games, what to wear, etc. Again, this can be especially strict in the more military-style Clans.

When you are assessed for entry into a Clan in PUBG, the official Program narrative of the official PUBG website recommends providing your most up-to-date and league rating, letting them know your position, experience, and your preferences, and the type of membership you would seek such as casual or competitive.

Clan Culture and Atmosphere

A clan’s culture and atmosphere define its members’ moral and intangible qualities and norms within the clan. It defines how members are expected to interact with each other, their competitors, and members of other clans both in-game and out. Pubg requires a high level of teamwork and diversity of thought to achieve the desired results, and there must be a positive, supportive environment available in order to meet those needs. Clan culture is a vital factor that can foster an inclusive community to support those needs. Mystical Gamin (MG) is a fine example of a supportive environment, being the first and only female pubg clan in India to offer a home for classic gaming enthusiasts and be a huge network of female gamers altogether. It all started with just a bunch of friends. They decided to collect all the female gamers out there to give them recognition they thought is long overdue. And so, in 2019, from their first and only clan of a handful of female pubg players was born, a brand that grew into a massive network of female gamers helping out each other and playing together – Mystical Gaming. Vallari Shah, founder of Mystical Gaming, describes their clan’s culture by saying, “It’s about the recognition and enablement of female gamers here. Celebrating the strengths, power, and courage of a woman who is failing patriarchal beliefs.”

Time Commitment

Clans in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are demanding to join, but they offer flexible time commitments based on their members’ ability and interest to have. Clans are demanding because they expect members to regularly play as a team, meaning one needs to practice even if one doesn’t want to.

Even the smallest clans with a handful of players are quickly arranging times to come connect. Their official battleground discord channels (as well as those used by rival clans for battlegrounds) have players regularly playing, and if someone wants to develop wins for the group, they need to make time for this. In terms of who is on the team, it is frequently up to the members of the clan to choose the players they wish to compete with, so they will likely seek out participants who are around at the same time.

It’s worth noting, though, that the top battleground clans (especially affiliated with a YouTube or Twitch channel), including the trendy professional gaming teams (often with “PUBG Mobile Club” at the end of their name) such as 7SeaRoyals Esport Pubg Mobile Club, Yellow Claws BG of Brothers Pubg Mobile Club, ReVxGods PubgM Club, Future X Gaming Pubg Mobile Club, Orang Esport Pubg Mobile Club, and many more differ in that they often have specific practice times and mandatory attendance.

How to Join a Clan in PUBG?

To join a clan in PUBG, complete the following steps from your mode of choice, PUBG Mobile or PUBG PC, to connect to like-minded players you can play and compete with.

  1. Open the setting from the main screen, then click on Basic.
  2. From Settings – Basic, look for the Clan option to the right of Screen, Language, Crosshair Color, or something else similar.
  3. Click on Clan, then click on Join Clan at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on the plus icon (+) next to Search Clans to see a list of clan groups.
  5. It may take some time to search, depending on how many groups are available. Once a group is found, browse the list to find one that fits your gaming style.
  6. After joining a PUBG clan group, approach other members for an entry ticket to the clan.

Use the PUBG Mobile UI to join a clan on your phone, PUBG PC Lite, or one of the Steam launch options. Access the PUBG Clan Application on the mobile phone version of PUBG by clicking on the Clan banner. On Steam, one must search for the location of “Search for Malware in the Clan”. Clans support groups of people who wish to play and compete together. Joining a PUBG clan typically involves seeking them out on social media sites, PUBG-specific Reddit, Discord, and Steam.

Applying to a Clan

Here is information on how to apply to a gaming clan Budikus Clan (Public) in Pubg. Most clans have requirements to join – these may be strict or they may be informal. Before applying you must meet these criteria. There are three ways to formally apply to a Pubg clan.

  1. If the Clans SNS page has an official application Registered with Tap
    1. Download and Install Tap
  2. If the clan has listed an official website for applications, complete and submit the online application form
  3. Directly message the clan leader on the clan’s SNS page stating the request to join. Include brief information about what the applicant feels he could contribute to the clan

After application submittal wait to be contacted. This may take minutes or days or longer. If approved they will let you know and a few formal steps such as creating in-game profiles under the Clan’s Name with appropriate signatures may be required. Tip: Players who are unsuccessful have no direct complaints. They are up against many players wanting to join and like a job they haven’t been selected. Players can just message the clan leader with a brief inquiry if desired. If the clan leader is unresponsive or disorganized you likely will be too discouraged.

Accepting an Invitation

If you have received an in-game or social media invitation to join a PUBG clan, click on the link and accept the invitation. If you are in-game, find the clan recruitment area, open the details about that clan, and click to join. If you are invited to join through social media, the person who has invited you, a current clan member, or administrator of the clan should inform you about next steps for joining.

Clan members and administrators should be available through the appropriate platform to guide you through how to join. The person who invited you may be able to assist with the process, but for more information reach out to your clan members or administrators.

Completing a Trial Period

Some clans may require shall probation periods to judge the worthiness and loyalty of a new member. This is more commonly required for competitive e-sports clans than casual clans, though this is not exclusive to either.

The trial period allows the clan to see the potential future member interact with existing members and individuals, providing a better tool with which to judge whether the new member aligns with the clan’s views of friendship, loyalty, and social interactions. Once admittance is complete, the new member will have instant access to any forums, meetings, or events that may not have been available during the probation period.

What to Do After Joining a Clan?

After joining a clan, members can access the Clan Challenge, Clan Shop, and Clan Online components. Coins and Supplies can be earned by completing various Clan Challenge missions, which are tasks or recommendations for the players of a given Clan. These challenges can include play survival games with your clan members, add friends, or upgrade your skill level. Supplies/boxes with special supplies are given as rewards to Clans during Clan battles overseas. In Clan Online, Clans can schedule matches with each other and compete against one another.

Introduce Yourself to Clan Members

After joining a PUBG clan, ensure that you make a good impression by introducing yourself to the clan members. You may have your own style of introduction, but remember to be respectful and convey your interest in not just playing for wins but to socialize and become a better player with the clan members.

Before introducing yourself, ensure that you spend some time in the PUBG clan’s chat room to understand who is online and who is not. Once you know this, write a polite and brief introduction to the clan explaining who you are, what gear you mostly use, your playstyle, your country, and when you are usually online.

Participate in Clan Activities

Joining a clan in PUBG is a two step process. The second step requires users to participate in all the activities their new clan regularly does. The purpose of meditation is to meet others, and clan activity meets the informal obligations of a group. Plato, Aristotle, Diogenes, The Queen of Versailles, Kropotkin, DuBois, McPherson, Hegel, C Wright Mills, Tocqueville, Kniffin, Coutu, Putnam, social neuroscientists, organizational behaviorists, polling of the US Marine Corps, and Virginia Tech athletics are among the researchers who have found that people have a need to belong to a group that comes with differing rewards and obligations. Group belonging can lead to greater happiness, greater cooperation, increased trust in institutions, and a breaking down of unhealthy social barriers between societal factions.

Once you are in your clan chat or on your discord you will be able to organize events between your clan members. Teamwork and social interaction are keys to clan building according to MidFail. Clans are likely to ask members to participate in spontaneous games or e-sports competitions hosted by streamers, so it is necessary to be available whenever these activities start in order to know who the regulars are. There will also be people looking to play-capture the moment, or will be eager to switch roles occasionally if someone is willing to lead in the game or provocative discussions are asked. If you are an active participant pubs activities can be considered a stepping stone to getting a lot of free BP or UC (Use Your Credit).

Follow Clan Rules and Guidelines

After you join a PUBG Mobile clan, it is important to adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the clan. These rules range from mandatory participation in clan events to required communication methods during matches to how to report issues or violations.

Nivi says adherence to clan rules is critical behavior after you join a clan because if you are too casual with the expectations of the clan you may be kicked out. She says, For example, if the clan has set rules about being present in the game for 3 hours daily, then they should either meet it or provide a valid reason for not meeting it (ie. working hours, exams, and so on). Clans may have weekly or biweekly tournaments and competitions. These may range from competing with other clans in matches or organizing events such as quiz competitions, tournaments, or activities related to in-game missions or other games that clan members enjoy.

How to Leave a Clan in PUBG?

You can leave a CLAN in PUBG easily. Here are instructions for how to leave a CLAN on PUBG MOBILE and PUBG for PC/console.

  • In PUBG MOBILE, tap on the Clan button at the left bottom corner of the main menu. From the General tab, tap on the Manage tab. At the bottom right, you will find a red Leave button. Tap it and confirm by selecting Exit.
  • In PUBG for PC, console, and Stadia, at the left of the main menu, select Clan. Go to your profile by selecting Member. From the popup, go to the Personal Info > Member Info tab. At the bottom, you will find the Leave button. Confirm by selecting Exit.

There is no restriction on rejoining another clan if you can contribute the 200 clan PK points. Please be aware, you are essentially abandoning your PUBG clan pals, so the courteous thing would be to inform them so they can prepare. Start with an email or message in the clan chat.

Communicate with Clan Leaders

There is currently no way to create or maintain clans in PUBG. The feature will be sunset at some point when the clan system is stable, so the ability to create a clan in the marketing version will be removed. In the meantime if you join or create a clan now you will still be connected to the backend so it will still work after it is taken down. According to PUBG Support in Reddit the entire leader system is being redeveloped to make it easier for clans to manage themselves.

Follow Clan Leaving Procedures

Pubg Corp encourages players to leave clans that they do not want to be a part of. A Leave Clan button is available when you access your profile. Clan members who want to leave due to inactivity may use the in-game clan chat to inform the leader or other members. We recommend that you do this after you are sure you are not returning to the game and in the best circumstances, give the team a heads up. In some out of game discord, teams even allow others to remain as non-playing members if you are just not active in the game but hang out socially.

Find a New Clan or Play Solo

If interested in different games or game formats or simply wish to finds others to play with, you may want to find a new clan. You can leave your current clan by going to your clan list and choosing Leave Clan. Then you are free to find new clans or play solo. Becoming accepted and finding new clans depends on the clan leader’s preferences and willingness to accept you. Check the search function within your PUBG Mobile app for other interests and demographics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join a clan in Pubg?

In order to join a clan in Pubg, you will need to be invited by a current member of the clan or apply directly through the in-game clan feature.

2. Can I join more than one clan in Pubg?

No, players are only allowed to join one clan at a time in Pubg. You will need to leave your current clan before joining a new one.

3. How do I find clans to join in Pubg?

You can search for clans through the in-game clan feature, or you can join a clan through a friend’s invitation.

4. What are the benefits of joining a clan in Pubg?

Joining a clan in Pubg allows you to connect and play with a group of like-minded players, participate in clan events and challenges, and earn rewards and bonuses.

5. Do I need to meet certain requirements to join a clan in Pubg?

Some clans may have specific requirements such as a minimum rank or level for members. Make sure to check the clan’s description before applying or accepting an invitation.

6. Can I create my own clan in Pubg?

Yes, players can create their own clan in Pubg by reaching a certain level and spending BP. However, this feature is only available for PC and console players, not on mobile devices.

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