Mastering the Art of Gifting in Pubg Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Curious about how to send gifts in Pubg Mobile from your inventory?

We’ll guide you through the steps to send gifts to your friends in the game. From opening your inventory to selecting the right item and confirming the gift, we’ve got you covered.

We will also discuss the restrictions for sending gifts, how to receive gifts, the benefits of sending gifts, and alternative ways to share rewards with your friends.

Let’s dive in and level up your gifting game in Pubg Mobile!

Key Takeaways:


  • Pubg Mobile has an inventory feature where players can store and manage their in-game items.
  • 2.

  • To send a gift from inventory, players need to open the inventory, select the item, choose a recipient, and confirm the gift.
  • 3.

  • There are restrictions for sending gifts in Pubg Mobile, such as being limited to friends only, certain items, and a certain number of gifts per day.
  • What Is Pubg Mobile?

    Pubg Mobile stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. Pubg Mobile is an online multiplayer royal battle game developed by the Korean company Bluehole Studio, now known as Krafton, Inc. It is the mobile-optimized version of the PC/console game Pubg. It was first released in China in March 2017 under the name Pubg: Exhilarating Battlefield and was later released worldwide in the following months. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

    What Is the Inventory in Pubg Mobile?

    The inventory in PUBG Mobile refers to the list of consumable and throwable items that players may use during a match. It commonly includes smoke grenades, petrol containers, med-kits, Molotov cocktails, bandages, spikes, and food items. Every new player generally comes into the game with a default kit to use during a match.

    This default kit is what is referred to as the inventory. It is possible to change inventory settings and select a different default kit. This is typically the backpack capacity. The backpack is present in the inventory, and the products added in the inventory give players the freedom to select what they need during the matches. How to access the inventory on PUBG Mobile? To go on PUBG Mobile inventory, players can refer to this symbolic image showing the inventory button at the bottom right part of the screen. Clicking on this button will bring up a list of user inventory settings.

    PUBG Mobile makes it very quick and easy to send gifts to friends using the Gift Inventory feature. PUBG Mobile does not label the screen explicitly as the Inventory, they use the descriptive term Gift Center for the same function. The player may access the Gift Center by going to the friend list (the person icon at the top right of the lobby screen, which shows your friends online in the game). The tab at the top labelled ‘Gift’ will appear. This is the Gift Inventory screen where players can send PUBG Mobile gifts to friends or receive them.

    How to Send Gifts in Pubg Mobile from Inventory?

    You cannot send gifts in PUBG Mobile. There is no method to gift items from your inventory to other players in PUBG Mobile and there no plans to introduce this feature. You have to find out ways if you want to get gifts for players on special occasions. These can include going to a trusted external website, purchasing items, and then gifting the received code to the desired person, or having the user enter a loyalty program points system where they can buy something from the store and then deliver it to the desired player field. For the vast majority of users, the only option is to take a screenshot of the gifting promo message which is meant to be shared.

    Step 1: Open the Inventory

    Opening the inventory is as simple as clicking the Inventory button at the bottom of the game screen. After clicking Classic, you can immediately see all your items. Choose the item you desire to send and click the Send button located under the icon.

    PUBG Mobile allows you to send three types of items to your friends: Royal Pass, Crate Coupon, and Gun Skin. All three types of gifts can be found in your inventory. You may select the drop-down menu under the filter. The following sub-tabs will appear: all, items, duration, others, tags. You may locate gift items under items.

    Step 2: Select the Item to Send

    • If you scroll down in the Gift Inventory section, you will see that all items that have Send as Gift functionality have a Send as Gift button.
    • For items such as emotes that can only be gifted in the Royale Pass section, the Send as Gift button will have a Bind Now pop-up if the item is not first bound to the player’s inventory.
    • Items that are not available for gifting will instead have a Bind Gift button that the player can use to attach that item to any gifts they are sending.

    To gift an item from your inventory after entering the Message Gift system, just tap the item. That will open the item’s spot on the Gift Inventory page.

    A player can also view their inventory by tapping on the dropdown menu at the top right of the My Inventory page. Players will see that eligible items tagged with a Send as Gift button near the drop-down carat (v) in the upper right corner.

    For items that can be gifted, the Send as Gift button will appear next to the item in the inventory, allowing the player to choose the item they would like to send.

    Step 3: Choose the Recipient

    After selecting the Gift Shop in PUBG Mobile and the item you want to gift, you immediately see different friends you can select as the recipient based on who is currently in the game. Friends who are not online you can still send to, but you will have to time the gift to them in the real world when they are in the game.

    Regardless of choosing who the gift recipient is, the option to pass along a video message congratulations along with the gift button will follow you around the gift shop, so you and the gifter can go on record with your thanks and best wishes for the season.

    If the friends you want to send a gift to are not on the list, simply click on send to a friend. This opens up a list of regular PUBG Mobile players along with a recommend send option on top based on who PUBG Mobile recommends. Simply search for the friend you want to gift and click on Send next to them.

    This opens up one more screen that says this item will be gifted to name of friend and if you want to personalize the gift or say something to them at this time, you can record a video a and send a message (must be 8-15 seconds long). After this, click Confirm and the gift will be sent.

    Step 4: Confirm the Gift

    After configuring the gift message, click Continue (for UC) or Send (for purchase). You will now see a summary of your gift intended to be to the receipient. Click Confirm. For services which require additional link sharing to confirm gifting, share the generated link without additional apps by pressing the Copy icon on the newly generated link. This link can be inserted into any messaging system in use or can be sent by email, SMS, or other messaging methods.

    What Are the Restrictions for Sending Gifts in Pubg Mobile?

    The following are the restrictions for sending gifts in PUBG Mobile:

    1. You must be at least level 21 to send gifts.
    2. You can only have one Gift Receiver at a time. You can make requests to new players after the current receiver purchases the requested gift.
    3. With the same players, you can only accept up to 3 gift requests. After 3 days without a response, your request will automatically be declined.

    Limited to Friends Only

    You cannot send gifts from the inventory in PUBG Mobile to someone you are not friends with. This is because the game developers PUBG Corporation have specifically designed the system this way to prevent the abuse and fraud that characterizes transactions from strangers. Among the most obvious use cases is two players using bogus Google Play or Apple/iOS accounts to gift to each other in a coordinated manner intended to cut down on the cost of spending UC, silver, or RP. These types of fraudulent accounts are typically spammed in WhatsApp groups where unscrupulous retailers make games available at discounted rates.

    Gifting PUBG UC, battles pass, and silver to anonymous, unfamiliar players could lead to fraud and in the worst cases, contact with people with malicious intent. Therefore to use the gift system users must have each other as in-game friends with advantageous criteria specified to help prevent cheating.

    Limited to Certain Items

    Gift sending in PUBG Mobile from the inventory is only available for Skins and Royale Passes. This applies to sending from the inventory to friends, to send safely even if they are not in the same room or crew. When trying to send coins or BP, you won’t find the send gift option. It seems the most universal gift to give is a skin since everyone appreciates a unique skin, while skins cannot give any unfair benefits.

    Limited to a Certain Number of Gifts per Day

    The number of gifts that a player can send per day from the inventory in PUBG Mobile is technically not capped. However, in practice it is limited to three gifts for in-game use and no more than 30 classic crate coupons per month, according to reports from players and the game’s subreddit. Players mentioned they cannot send gifts after hitting a daily or weekly limit. Customer support likely does not offer experience-based answers on the number of gifts that can be sent per day but will forward the feedback to the development team, according to a post by Redditor u/anya_maee in 2019.

    The system encourages players to collect classic crate coupons. The number of classic crate coupons is limited to 60 per month according to some YouTube PUBG Mobile influencers. There are a maximum of 200 credits hidden inside each crate, with 1 premium crate requiring 10 coupon usages to unlock, so some players save their coupons for a longer period. As they are rewarded to players for regular play (if obtained as a part of a Royale Pass or one of the large collections of items packages that one can buy at the current level), players may not worry about hitting the limit before their coupon count remains high.

    Both Classic Crate Coupons and Trials Card can be seen in the special rewards interface, just like UC and Silver Fragments.

    I screenshot pop-up interface that shows Trials Card and Classic Crate Coupon alongside UC and Silver in special rewards interface graph. This is unchangeable in the normal inventory interface.

    How to Receive Gifts in Pubg Mobile?

    At the time of this writing, you cannot send gifts in PUBG Mobile from the inventory. Instead, you can only give gifts using the Lucky Spin, Fortune Spin, Royal Pass Gift, or Elite Pass Gift features. These can be accessed through the Wheel of Fortune or in your player profile present in the game’s social page.

    More gifts can be given and won by participating in events which require UC for participation. Presently, instruments to gift directly from the Inventory to other players do not exist. Players can only share gifts hidden inside the crates or can gift UC. However, gifting UC to any player except for Royale Pass, Elite-Pass, or changing appearance is not possible at the time of writing, according to the PUBG Mobile website.

    Step 1: Check Your Mailbox

    Share the gift in PUBG MOBILE from your inventory by first clicking on the mailbox icon at the top of the screen. Even though some players say they are unable to find the feature as it has been removed, the mailbox is where all of your received and sent gifts are stored. Official feedback from PUBG MOBILE indicates that updates are coming and it will still be possible to use the mailbox feature in the future.

    Step 2: Claim the Gift

    To receive a gift in PUBG Mobile, you must first Claim it after checking your Mail. After receiving the gift notification in your Mailbox, find it by tapping the Mail Icon on the lobby screen or tapping the three dash icon to open the menu and then the mail icon. Your gift will be in Message. Click it and then open the unique messages you received. After downloading the gift message, click Claim and it will go to your Inventory or Soldier Crate.

    What Are the Benefits of Sending Gifts in Pubg Mobile?

    The benefits of sending gifts in PUBG Mobile are that it allows you to share your inventory items with friends as a gesture of appreciation. Friends can receive classic crates, premium crates, and top tier UC crates for free when you send them a gift. This helps you create a social bond and show your approval towards someone you respect and enjoy gaming with via the gift system.

    Additionally, in PUBG Mobile, if you like collaborating with a friend who has a specific outfit or weapon you want, you can request it from them as a gift as opposed to showing us your items. This way, it can be mailed to you and you can use it without spending your own UC (Unknown Cash).

    Strengthening Friendships

    Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School, writes in The Scientific American that a colleague’s work shows that company employees develop hobbies outside of work to demonstrate their psychological resilience and extended survival capacity even in adverse circumstances. It has been noticed that in organizations where employees socialize outside of work or which provide opportunities for employees to maintain social networks, employees are more productive and satisfied.

    In a personal context, the fairer sex’s use of service gifts in a game where it’s less expected (such as gifting crates in PUBG Mobile) can tactical advantages with respect to business bond-making as well.

    Gaining In-Game Rewards

    Plus receiving a Royal Pass or Coupon as a gift, These in-game rewards can be earned through the following tasks. Use “redeem code” in “buy UC” to enter real cash for credits and use these credits for payout. Many basic and advanced tasks can be checked on the “mission” appendix from the top of the settings. Regular logins for a week in a row offer the chance to receive in-game gifts including Orange BP Treasure.

    Showing Appreciation

    Gifting is a good way to show appreciation to others in PUBG Mobile. If you appreciate that your friends helped you out during a difficult challenge and if they provided you with support, you can express your appreciation by sending them gifts. Of course, another way to show your appreciation in PUBG Mobile is to send gifts to those who deserve them as a surprise.

    In Classic and Arangel 2.0 maps, players can gift teammates while not engaged in matches and the latter is truly a simple way to surprise friends and offer appreciation. In some cases, sending gifts may necessitate the request to spectate the player (if privacy available) to who the gift is to be sent.

    What Are the Alternatives to Sending Gifts in Pubg Mobile?

    The alternative to sending gifts in PUBG Mobile is a daily free (due to the ability to earn credits in the game) supply crate containing different free loot as well as advertisements gifts such as special UC price bundles or flyers. During my research, the credited ‘Supply Crate’ was the only alternative to sending gift aside from Edison Mail’s occasional pings friends system through an email gift link which does not pertain to gameplay.

    Trading Items

    Trading items are gifts that can be sent by transferring inventory items. Players can send these items in one of the following two ways.

    1. Player to player: This can exist in the form of official trading events. As of October 2019 PUBG Mobile does not have official trading events. But trading could happen when a player sells or gift out personal virtual items in exchange for real-world items. For example, a sword from PUBG in exchange for real-world money.

    2. One-time rewards to friends: This is applicable for items that cannot be traded repeatedly. For example, an ongoing player event where ten mobile phones need to be gifted to friends in order for a mythical legendary item to be unlocked. In this case, players receive mobile phones in inventory that they can pass to friends to meet the event requirements.

    Gifting Royale Passes

    Once in a while, if someone has not been able to purchase the pass due to monetary issues, you can gift them a Royale Pass as a means of saying thank you for supporting our team. To send a Royal Pass to a friend follow these steps.

    1. After logging into the PUBG Mobile lobby, click on the Royal Pass button at the top of the home page to go to its page.
    2. Click on UC Purchase (the box with Buy 600 UC at 79 INR written on it).
    3. The New Royal Pass Purchase window opens. Click on the Gift to Friends button.
    4. Add your friend’s player ID to the ID box. You can choose to send them a note by typing it into the note box.
    5. After selecting the switch to the desired quantity, click on OK. The purchase screen for the Royal Pass will then display. Make the purchase.

    To view the progress of your Royal Pass, click on the inventory, then click on the Royal Pass. Under My S10, click the Go to My S10 button. You can then select the pass you want to gift by clicking the Gift button.

    1. Type your ID and your friend’s ID. Then choose whether to add a short note. Click on Send Immediately.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I send a gift to my friend in Pubg Mobile from my inventory?

    To send a gift to your friend in Pubg Mobile from your inventory, you can follow these steps:

    1. Open the Pubg Mobile app and go to your inventory.
    2. Select the item you want to gift and tap on the “Send as Gift” button.
    3. Enter your friend’s in-game name or ID and tap on the “Send” button.
    4. Your friend will receive the gift in their in-game mail after a few minutes.

    Is there a limit to how many gifts I can send from my inventory in Pubg Mobile?

    Yes, there is a daily limit to how many gifts you can send from your inventory in Pubg Mobile. Currently, players are only allowed to send one gift per day.

    Do I need to have a certain level or rank to send a gift in Pubg Mobile?

    No, there is no level or rank requirement to send a gift in Pubg Mobile. As long as you have the item in your inventory, you can send it as a gift to your friends.

    Can I send a gift to a friend who is not on my friend’s list in Pubg Mobile?

    Yes, you can send a gift to any player in Pubg Mobile, even if they are not on your friend’s list. You just need to know their in-game name or ID to send the gift.

    What happens if my friend doesn’t receive the gift I sent in Pubg Mobile?

    If your friend doesn’t receive the gift you sent in Pubg Mobile, make sure that you entered their in-game name or ID correctly. If the problem persists, you can contact Pubg Mobile’s customer support for further assistance.

    Can I send a gift to myself from my inventory in Pubg Mobile?

    No, unfortunately, you cannot send a gift to yourself from your inventory in Pubg Mobile. The “Send as Gift” option is only available for sending gifts to other players.

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