Mastering the Art of Landing in Pubg: Tips and Tricks for Ultimate Survival

Looking to improve your landing skills in PUBG?

Learn about different ways to land, factors to consider when choosing a landing spot, strategies for a successful landing, and tips for safe descents.

Mastering the art of landing can give you a competitive edge in the game, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player.

Get ready to elevate your PUBG gameplay with valuable insights and techniques.

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds known as PUBG is a battle royale online multiplayer survival shooter game developed and published by the South Korean video game company KRAFTON, Inc.

PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of KRAFTON, developed and managed the game before it was merged back into KRAFTON. PUBG was launched as a Steam Early Access game on March 23, 2017, for Microsoft Windows. Later, it was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 20, 2017, and iOS and Android on March 19, 2018.

After it was fully launched, it sold over 70 million copies by December 2020 and achieved 201.2 million monthly active users. PUBG is fictional and is notably acclaimed for its realistic graphics and physics engines that affect gameplay. The game takes place on the fictional island of Erangel with randomly scattered items, vehicles, and weapons.

The game has three maps, Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. The core gameplay of PUBG revolves around survival. In each game of PUBG, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding being killed themselves. The area available for the gameplay decreases in size over time, providing more intense and shorter matches.

What are the Different Ways to Land in PUBG?

The different ways to land in PUBG are fast, slow/distant, unique, and exclusive. You can utilize follow jumping and gliding when landing to reach distant locations. There are three different landing maps in PUBG of Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Erangel 2.0 can be considered as a new and unique landing because it consists of a variety of areas and buildings that are not present in the previous Erangel. Exclusive and new landing strategies to PUBG come from each unique location added in subsequent updates.


Once the PC or mobile player leaps from the plane, the person parachuting has control of their direction and speed, which can significantly affect travel time and selection of a strategic landing environment. The PUBG player can use the `W` for forwards, `A` for left, `S` for backwards, `D` for right, and the`Shift key` for speed up. brake movement to navigate their parachute flight in PUBG. Touch the screen and move the joystick left or right to control direction. Pull the joystick backward to slow down or downwards to speed up the vehicle to control speed.

Optimizing parachute movement can be referred to as parachuting in a flexible pattern. To further provide data supporting the use of different PUBG parachuting movements after jumping aboard the plane, the PUBG game’s use of different locations and centers of area markers can be divided into three types of land area divisions: land areas with many buildings, land areas with a small amount of buildings, and shiny gold danger (rare items).

Parachuting in a flexible pattern:

Parachute driving can be controlled in a simulation style. Parachuting in a flexible pattern in PUBG can be divided into control according to speed stigma and control according to distance movement.

Control according to speed stigma: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players will brake momentarily by holding the `S` key shortly after jumping out of the plane. The ultimate reduction of the PUBG player’s speed can occur as low as 800mph per second, at which point their speed will stabilize.

Control according to distance: Someone playing PUBG should angle their descent so that when they open the parachute at around 200-250 MPH, they maintain a heading speed of around 7.2 meters per second. Players will get a heading speed of 377.72 at 27 meters per second of vertical drop while playing PUBG.


Gliding in PUBG means jumping keeping your camera perpendicular to your direction of travel. Keeping forward pressed while looking straight down until you reach 126 km/h, then look straight ahead. This will allow you to make a greater distance in flight automatically, and thus reach your destination sooner.

As a general rule, you should fly in one direction and then let the vertical speed reduce to 25 km/h with normal or near-normal speed, then glide on WASD keys. This will give you good speed and a strong descent which will shorten your time of landing considerably. If you can reach the target by parachuting for more than 400 meters, then it’s not worth sitting in the aircraft for a long period of time. Jump out and start parachuting.


Free-fall refers to a bodily position in the air which slows the player’s descent. To initiate free-falling, hold your w key down as your character is dropping from the here to wherever you have designated the target location. Then whenever holding the forward direction helps in reaching the drop zone, which is when the angle of descent is not very strict and you’re still high in the air.

If you are dropping straight down, pressing the forward key will flatten your descent arc and your speed will rapidly increase until your chute timer hits zero. We wouldn’t recommend continuously freefalling. Sometimes parachuting normally will get you faster to your chosen position.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Landing Spot?

  • Distance from Circle Going to the Odder Side: The more central a good landing zone is, the better, even for the first circle. Therefore, even if the plane is going over the center area, select a landing zone just south instead of just north or a bit to the east or west of center. The exception is if the plane does not go over the center.
  • Location of the Plane’s Path to Circle: Try to land near the plane’s initial path. This will offer you a relatively small area with very few other players to potentially fight against. It gives some loot time to establish a fighting chance if desired and then to drift away somewhat to smaller groups on the way to the circle.

Distance from the Flight Path

How far to glide when landing in Pubg is entirely based on the drop distance of the player’s selected target. For aggressive play, when some enemies are likely to be following the same drop trajectory or waiting on the ground, drawing depends on how far away the target city is from the flight path. Adjusting the travel angle from the flight path while approaching your landing spot can be a consideration for extending the gliding/flying distance just before landing.

Loot Availability

Loot availability is an important point to consider when choosing where to land in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Large maps will naturally have more loot spawn points since they are larger and have more space to hide them. The smaller the map, the fewer spawn points it will typically have, so there may be less loot to go around.

How much loot varies wildly from location to location and depends on the type of items. In general, for any given type of loot, an area closer to the center of the map will have a lower density of that item than an area more towards the edges.

Upper-class residential neighborhoods have the best loot availability, with both rifles and armor. Major cities have a higher overall density of spawn points, so the number of enemies one encounters is unpredictable. Utility locations, such as boot camps and training bases, also have a high number of spawn points, though they might be more spread out. Beach locations have a high number of spawn points but have a lot of open ground which makes them risky landing locations. Farms have a low overall number of spawn points but are a good balance of risk vs. reward.

Cover and High Ground

The height of the landing area is important in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It will not necessarily keep you from the same situations where you will be detected. But if you land on a roof and hear boots on the wooden deck below you, you know someone is coming up. Similarly, if you land on an open hill between two mountains and hear gunshots nearby, you now have less cover to retreat to than if you were coming down a mountain where you are less likely to be shot by enemies below you.

Number of Players

The maximum number of 100 players are allowed in one game. However, additional modes with smaller player counts and maps are available. Arena Mode is for 64 players. Survive Till Dawn and Zombie Warlands are only for 4 player teams. Isolated is for solo play by just a single, lonely player. These alternatives allow for variation in experiences and strategies, accommodating differences in playing styles.

How to Land Safely in PUBG?

These are practices suggestions that need to be tailored and practiced depending on your chosen mode of play. If you are hoping to land safely in solo PUBG play, the following are tips that should help you complete the game with more kills and more loot.

Land in areas with open space to search for loot. Many looted items will aid you in your quest to get a kill and progress through the game. Make sure to use the open areas when you hear enemies. You will not hide, but you will have the advantage. Increase the volume of the sound so you can detect the enemy before they can detect you in order to know quickly where to put your weapon. Opting for a smaller monitor is also better. You will see enemies and targets more quickly because your eyes will have less movement to communicate with.

Aim for Buildings or Structures

Aim to land in buildings or structures because they are the easiest places to quickly find cover and resources. Structures are the buildings, shacks, and breakable covers found along the map. You can even land on structures like the Podvosto main building or Mylta Power’s above-ground power plant and still move to a new structure in near proximity. Some structures may have elevated platforms that offer a good vantage point over wider areas.

None of the Four Haystacks Complex in Sanhok are buildings, but the buildings nearby are so close that they are worth landing at. Billboards and bell towers are some real-world examples of great structures to land at. They are tall and easy to locate, and can be searched for items immediately upon landing.

Other structures include Stalber’s warehouses in Erangel, the Observatory’s telescope complex and nearby buildings at eject point B in Sanhok. The Monument complex in Sanhok is a great destination as well with many highly trafficked tall structures to scope out and good loot locations. Hot Drop areas are not recommended for beginners until they feel comfortable quickly and effectively accessing basic and advanced in-game skills.

Use Parachute to Slow Down Descent

To land quickly in Pubg, parachutes provide both deceleration and the ability to adjust horizontal velocity, which can be utilized to get that tactical positioning one needs during the landing phase, saving players from unseen backshots during the flight.

To parachute in Pubg efficiently, players can get a feel for setting the correct distance and aim directly for their chosen location after dropping (e.g. if they want to deviate 300-400m to the left or right to avoid danger, open the parachute sooner when dropping from the plane).

From impossible-to-kill-on-ceiling camps on Sanhok to choke points on Vikendi, and open fields in Erangel, properly parachuting provides the players the required tools to get into their desired locations quickly and efficiently.

Keep an Eye on Other Players

When you land, keep an eye on other players – especially if you notice their names appearing just as you land or when there is someone smoke-sniping you. Be particularly cautious when you hear the flapping of someone’s parachute nearby. The other player may have landed sooner and come to shoot at you while it appears they are still in mid-air. Once you are safe, you can also try and engage to eliminate the dishonest player.

What are the Different Strategies for Landing in PUBG?

The three general strategies are to utilize methodical planning, drop early with slower descent and more economical flight paths to loot and fight early and often, or jump into high-tier locations with more valuable goods and use high looting speed with different utility items to loot quickly and establish a good foundation. Regardless of approach, you can always adjust your strategy to stay in buildings slightly further away with small odds of encountering others to give you a better chance of success.

Hot Drop

Hot dropping refers to jumping out from the plane at the first or second possible stations on its route path. Then you immediately begin looting. Early hot dropping will generally lead to a large player count in a confined area. Many of these players are not yet armed and are therefore unprepared for an assault. Early hot dropping is the recommended method for players with poor shooting skills that want to increase their chances of winning.

Cold Drop

The cold drop is the opposite of the jump drop method. When you are closer to the center of the map you fly straight down by pushing the nose of your character towards the ground. The character speed will rise to around 234 km/h until the parachute straps release and your speed skyrockets.

If playing FPP mode, choose where you want to land before gliding rapidly above a city, knowing the exact journey you need to navigate from the air. This landing strategy for pubg mobile is effective for players that have 2-4km to their destination as well as jump-dropping players who change landing locations at the last moment.

If the plane is flying north directly over Pochinki, and you want to drop there but leave at the last moment, just auto-drive your character to rise high over Pochinki, knowing that you will land there one way or another. You can take advantage of those precious few seconds to map and fare your immediate landing location and whether you should hit it or quickly move towards where you really intend.

Split Drop

A Split Drop is when squads separate at the beginning of the jump and continue to loot different areas. This tactic is used for increasing a team’s loot output while minimizing the risk of loss.

Splitting up is not recommended for beginner and intermediate level players due to the increased difficulty and risk, but it can be done. Players in pairs or semi-professional teams might consider these approaches to looting as more coordination and initial looting with good kits is encouraged for them.

What are Some Tips for Successful Landings in PUBG?

Tips for successful landings in PUBG include picking the right landing targets and parachuting strategies, ensuring you are clear of terrain that could prevent you from gliding safely to the ground, and planning your initial looting strategy during the descent. In general, when parachuting to your landing zone, PUBG recommends leaning forward using the Q and E keys for PC or the left stick controller for console.

If you notice you’ve drifted too far in the early part of your descent, wait until later in your flight to redirect. Alternatively, if you’re too high in the sky, fly as straight as you can with a slight lean to maximize your distance.

According to highprofile86, by 750 meters, some players may still be trying to catch up with you, depending on where you are coming from. By this point, most players have already picked their exact landing zone so they will not be changing direction in the air. This will give you a clear idea of where the safest drop zone is based on the flight path of the other players or if you’re still too high in the air and want to reduce the odds an enemy on the ground will spot you.

According to Blue, choose your targets with the assumption that you’ll get looted up right away. However, if the initial building you land on is poorly equipped and/or not suited for the strategy you’ve decided on, be willing to move more quickly than you planned so you can maximize your loot in the beginning.

Practice Parachuting and Gliding

Technically, PUBG mobile and the PC version does not have gliding. In PUBG Mobile you float down while in the PC version you fall slightly quicker. For both versions, parachuting and gliding are essential to honing landing skills.

When you skydive, you will have less control than you would if you were strafing. Strafing is what you do when you are cruising in an Airplane waiting to jump out. You will be able to fall quicker while steering in different directions. Getting to the ground faster might mean you don’t have to be out in the open long.

Know the Map and Popular Landing Spots

PUBG has four PUBG maps: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin. They contain different biomes, environments, and building densities, so understanding the particular properties of the map you are playing on can help with parachute landing strategy. For instance, Sanhok and Karakin are relatively smaller and feature more vegetation and open space, making cover scarce and not ideal for landing in the outskirts. In contrast, Erangel contains a good mix of dense forests, open fields, and urban environments with varied terrain. Strategies differ significantly among the maps.

Because not only do the maps have different features for cover but also different vehicle densities, popularity, and building densities, it is crucial to adjust your landing strategy to the map you are playing on. The Pro Settings from recommend the following popular drop locations of classic PUBG maps for maximum loot.

  1. Bootcamp Military Base in Sanhok: Good for a fast-paced game
  2. Pochinki in Erangel: Good training spot since it is the most popular map so always close to the plane route
  3. Power Plant in Erangel: Good for skilled players who want to drop in a challenging location for top loot
  4. Mylta Power in Erangel: Good even spread of loot and tactical positioning spots
  5. Georgepol in Erangel: Good for interesting strategic defenses

Pay Attention to the Flight Path

  1. In PUBG, players land via the Flight Path. The flight-path is a straight line across the map that the plane follows, allowing players to strategically land according to their plans.
  2. The flight-path is at intervals of 1km, 0.5km, and 0.25km. Players jump out of the plane very close to the 1km line, those who jump out at 50% of the map distance jump out at the 0.5km line, those who jump at 27% of the total distance jump out at the 0.25km grid square. It is important to pay attention to the flight path and also measure when to drop out.
  3. The flight path runs from the SE to NW. It is significant because only 3/12 of the map area is used by the flight path. These areas are the northern half of the eastern half of the map, the southern half of the western half of the map, and savannah area (middle area).

Communicate with Teammates

When playing in Squads or Duos, communicating with your teammates can help you get a better feel for where to land near the beginning of the match. Alternatively, if you prefer to land where no other players likely are, other players are often placed by the game in the same area of the map as your teammates after deciding to play with them. Communicating with your teammates can help to increase the chance that all teammates actually land near each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Land in Pubg?

What is the best strategy for landing in Pubg?
The best strategy for landing in Pubg is to aim for areas with good loot, such as buildings or high-value locations.

How to Land in Pubg?

Should I always aim for the center of the map when landing in Pubg?
It’s not necessary to always aim for the center of the map when landing in Pubg. It’s important to consider factors such as the flight path of the plane and the location of other players.

How to Land in Pubg?

Is it better to land in a remote or populated area in Pubg?
It depends on your playstyle and strategy. Landing in a remote area may give you time to gather loot and avoid conflict, while landing in a populated area can provide more action but also more competition for loot.

How to Land in Pubg?

What is the parachute technique for landing in Pubg?
The most effective parachute technique for landing in Pubg is to drop straight down until you reach a speed of 234 km/h, then level out and glide to your desired location.

How to Land in Pubg?

How can I improve my landing accuracy in Pubg?
To improve your landing accuracy in Pubg, pay attention to the mini-map and use the free look feature to scout out potential landing locations before jumping. Also, practice your parachute technique to control your descent.

How to Land in Pubg?

What should I do if another player lands in the same location as me in Pubg?
If another player lands in the same location as you in Pubg, quickly gather weapons and defend yourself or try to escape and find another location. It’s important to stay aware and be prepared for potential confrontations when landing.

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